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【给力!】 【以下是 200 个句子,涵盖了高中英语词汇 4500 个】 【英语帝天天看,效果不错】
1 .We should always bear in mind that if we are ignorant of our health for promotion,disease will gradually approach us with the help of tiredness.我们应该牢记:如果我们为了晋升而忽略了我们的健 康,疾病便会借助疲劳乘虚而入。 2.I looked for the history book because I wanted to find out when America was founded,and at last I found the dusty book in a dim room.我当时在找一本历史书,因为我想知道美国是何时建立的,最终我 在一间昏暗的房间里找到这本布满灰尘的书。 3.There are so many reference books on this romantic poet for me to choose from that I can't make up my mind which to choose.有那么多关于这位浪漫诗人的参考书可供选择,我无法决定选择哪一本。 4.It seemed that the handsome actor was not a bit worried,but in fact,he was not a little concerned about the result of the investigation,which may destroy his bright future.这名帅气的演员似乎一 点也不着急,事实上他非常担心调查结果,因为这也许会毁了他的光明前途。 5.Unluckily,the delegate felt so sleepy that he soon fell asleep without realizing that he had left his passport and the draft of his speech in the taxi.不幸的是,这位代表觉得很困很快就睡着了,并没 有意识到他把自己的护照和演讲稿忘在了出租车上。 6.It is reported that by the end of 2014,Shanghai Disney Theme Park will have been open to the tourists from all over the world formally.据报道,在 2014 年年底前,上海迪士尼主题公园将正式向全世界的游客 开放。 7.The engineer pointed out,“to some extent,the more functions a calculator has,the more likely it is to be out of order.”这位工程师指出:“某种程度而言,计算器的功能越多,它越有可能出故障。” 8.We haven't contacted each other since he left the organization but fortunately I could still recognize him in a quiz show on TV without hesitation.自从他离开这个机构后我们再也没有联系了,但 幸运的是我仍可以毫不犹豫地在电视智力竞赛节目里认出他。 9.The merry aged couple got married in 1949 and up till now they have been married for 6 decades, which was admired by many young couples.这对快乐的老夫妻是 1949 年结得婚,到现在已经结婚 60 年了, 这令无数年轻夫妇羡慕不已。 10.The young clerk expressed full of confidence that he was qualified for that demanding mission, which was beyond our expectation.出乎我们意料的是,这位年轻的职员信心满满地表达了他能胜任这个高 要求的任务。 11.He was so eager for success that he consulted a successful CEO about how to succeed in regulating a joint venture company.他很渴望成功,于是请教一名成功的 CEO 如何成功运转一个合资公司。 12.The sailor has adequate experience and he tells us his interesting experiences every time we are invited to his party.这水手有丰富的经验,每次我们受邀去参加他的聚会,他都给我们讲他有趣的经历。 13.After scrubbing the table swiftly,the waiter brought a menu to me and suggested that I should have a try at the new meal and tell him my attitude towards it.在快速擦了擦桌子之后,服务员给我 拿来了一份菜单并建议我品尝下新出的菜肴然后再告知他我对这些菜的态度。 14.The distinguished enterprise consists of 12 departments,each of which is made up of 20 people, who graduated from top universities.这家优秀的公司由 12 个部门组成,每个部门又由 20 名名校毕业生组 成。 15.The president was quoted as saying that he was deeply moved by this moving film,which was based on a real story.援引总统的话来说,他被这个基于真人真事的感人电影深深感动了。 16.The considerate wife was very pleased with her own cooking because it tasted delicious and she was sure her husband would be fond of it.这位体贴的妻子对自己做的菜感到很满意,因为菜尝起来不错, 而且她肯定她丈夫会喜欢。 17.The naughty boy lied that a hen which lay under the tree had laid 2 eggs; hence,his parents resolved to scold him rather than forgive him.那个淘气的男孩撒谎说树下的母鸡生了两个蛋。因此,他的父母决 定斥责而不是原谅他。 18.Mayor was invited to make some comments not only on what happened,including the conflict between several residents and the police,but also on what will happen,an international conference on global trade included.市长受邀所发表的评论不仅针对已发生的事件,包括一些市民和警方的冲突,也针对即将发

生的事情,包括一场有关全球贸易的国际性会议。 19.After completing too much work imposed by my boss in a much too short time,I couldn't bear the pressure so I asked for a two-day leave to adjust myself.在如此短的时间内完成了老板强加给我的那 么多工作之后,我受不了这样的压力,便请了两天的假来调整自己。 20.I used to rise very late during the summer vacation,but I am used to waking up very early because the distance between my house and the office is 20 kilometers apart.我过去在暑假期间常常起得很晚, 但现在习惯了早起,因为我的住处和办公室相距 20 千米。 21.Last year,my total income,with my reward added to,added up to 15,000 yuan,which was not in proportion to what I did.去年我的总收入,加上奖金,总计为一万五千元,这与我的付出不成正比。 22.These designers are discussing how to double the scale of the park so that more people can enter and relax themselves at weekends.设计师们正在讨论如何使公园的规模翻一番以便更多的人可以在周末游园 休闲。 23.The retired minister who likes excursion lives alone in a mountain village,but he doesn't feel lonely because he has made friends with his digital camera.退休的部长喜欢远足,他独自一人住在一 个偏僻的山村里,但并不觉得孤独,因为他有数码相机为伴。 24.—David has made so distinct progress in English recently that he can speak English fluently now. —So he has,and so have you.Congratulations on being enrolled in Harvard University. —最近 David 英语进步如此之快,他现在能流利地说英语了。 —他确实进步很大,你也是;祝贺你被哈佛大学录用。 25.According to your language ability,we can recommend 3 levels of courses ranging from elementary, intermediate to advanced.根据你的语言水平,我们向你推荐 3 种课程,分别为初级、中级和高级。 26.This respectable expert said he would rather accept a respectful student who was not temporarily successful in his study than a top student who didn't know how to respect others.这位受人尊敬的 专家表示,他宁可招收一名有礼貌但学习上还不太成功的学生,也不接受一个不知如何尊重他人的优等生。 27.The experts will take the amateur's advice into account and then decide to adopt it or not in the automatic heating system.专家们会考虑下这个业余爱好者的建议然后决定是否在自动加热系统中采用这 个建议。 28.Electronic games don't have many effects on adults but affect students a great deal; therefore, many parents make efforts to limit their children's playing time.电子游戏对成年人影响不大,但是 对学生影响很大。所以许多家长努力限制孩子的游戏时间。 29.After seeing plenty of solid evidence,the greedy thief had no alternative but to acknowledge that it was he that stole the gold watch.在看见了许多的铁证之后,这个贪婪的贼不得不承认是他偷了 金表。 30.After the committee declares that the tickets for the concert are available to the public,many people are willing to wait in a long queue to buy one.在委员会宣布音乐会门票对公众开放之后,很多 人心甘情愿排长队买票。 31.Regardless of his partner's objection,he still determined to apply for the position of manager because he knew how to apply the commercial theory to the reality.不顾他伙伴的反对,他仍决定申请 经理这个岗位,因为他知道如何将商业理论应用到实际中去。 32.By contrast,before signing the contract,this university student didn't contact his parents but make contact with his new colleague.相反,在签署合同之前,这个大学生没有联系他的父母而是联系了他 的新同事。 33.He was permitted to practice the piano no more than one hour a day,so he could not play any more than 10 songs.他被允许每天只练琴 1 小时,所以他最多只能弹 10 首歌。 34.A heavy fog resulted in a severe traffic jam and his being late just resulted from the traffic jam.一场大雾导致了一场严重的交通堵塞,而他的迟到正是因为这场堵塞。 35.This tale is well worth reading,but it is not worthy of being translated,a foreign language researcher said.这篇文章很值得一读,但不值得翻译,一名外语研究者如是说。 36.Not until his mother reminded him of tomorrow's dictation contest was he aware that he had scarcely recited the words or had any vocabulary drills.直到他母亲提醒他明天的听写考试,她才意识到他几乎还 没背单词做练习。 37.Everybody in the class except Li Ming thinks that the composition can get a high mark except for some spelling and grammatical mistakes.班里除了李明都认为这篇作文除了一些拼写和语法错误之外,可以 获得高分。 38.On hearing the girl struck by a truck has been sent to hospital by ambulance,many people volunteered

to donate blood and left the message that the driver should be arrested as soon as possible.当得 知被卡车撞倒的女孩由救护车送往了医院,许多人自发地献血并留言表示肇事司机应该尽早被缉拿归案。 39.The football team got there ahead of schedule so as to get familiar with the awful weather and food as soon as possible.足球队提前到达那里以便尽快熟悉那里糟糕的天气和食物。 40.A number of audience were present in the registration center in the morning,the number of whom was 300; nevertheless,the host had forgot to arrange temporary accommodations.许多听众一早就到 注册中心了,(数量)有 300 人,然而主办方却忘了安排临时住处。 41.No one can deny that the rise of China's economy leads China to play a more and more important role in international affairs.毋庸置疑中国的经济崛起使得中国在国际事务中扮演着越来越重要的角色。 42.Since you have recovered from the heart attack,why don't you get up and have a walk around the garden in the hospital in such a mild day?既然你已从心脏病中康复过来了,这么暖和的天,为什么不下 床到医院的花园中散散步呢? 43.There is no point in complaining about the quality of dress to the guard because he is not responsible for it.向门卫抱怨衣服的质量没有任何意义,因为他对此并不负责。 44.All the patriotic students taking pride in the motherland will raise their hands the moment the national flag is rising.所有以祖国为荣的爱国学生在国旗冉冉升起的时候都会敬礼。 45.Lately Peter is fascinated by Linda's latest dramatic story which is much better than her last one,so he is always late for school these days.最近,Peter 迷上了 Linda 最新的戏剧性小说——这部 小说比她之前那部好多了,所以这几天他一直上课迟到。 46.The obvious reason why these two companies bargained with each other over the imported products is just that they both intended to benefit from these products after estimating their real value. 这两家公司为了这些进口产品讨价还价的理由显而易见,即在评估了这些产品的实际价值之后,他们都想从中 获益。 47.Recently,many senior high school students hoped to be independent of their parents,and in the meanwhile,more and more parents began to concentrate their attention on the generation gap.最近, 许多高中生希望能不再依靠父母;与此同时,越来越多的父母开始关注起了代沟现象。 48.So many citizens crowded into the zoo to observe how the panda gave birth to its baby that no wonder the zoo had to restrict the number of people in case any accident might occur.那么多的市 民涌入动物园为了一睹熊猫生仔的过程,难怪动物园方面只能限制人流以免事故发生了。 49.Though the boss approved of this project,it had to be abandoned mainly because the firm was short of extrafinance.尽管老板同意了这个项目,但由于公司缺乏资金,项目还是胎死腹中。 50.To make herself understood,the interpreter was busy explaining carefully the terms involved in the contract and how they accounted for the profits.为了让对方明白,这位翻译正仔细解释合同中的条 款及这些条款如何带来利益。 51.He meant to take the next train to the place that he had been keen on,which meant staying here another night.他打算搭乘下班列车前往心仪的地方,这也意味着他得在此处再呆一个晚上。 52.In spite of the fact that the police had warned them of the danger in the ancient cave,these young men still made an attempt to explore it.尽管警方已警告这些年轻人洞里的危险,他们仍尝试勘探 古洞。 53.As a new advertising manager,you should adopt some means to adapt yourself to the new employees so as to make yourself be popular with them.作为一名新上任的广告经理,你要采取些措施来适应新的员 工以便他们能接受你 。 54.Since all the examination rooms have been equipped with cameras,you had better give up the plan of cheating in the examination or you deserve the punishment when caught.既然所有的考场都安装了 摄像头,你最好还是放弃作弊的念头吧,否则被抓到也是自找苦吃。 55.To our surprise,compared with the rich,even though many people devote themselves to supporting the whole family,they still can't afford to own a house.令我们惊讶的是,相比富人,很多人拼尽全 力来维系家庭,但仍无法买得起一套房子。 56.The police announced that they had arranged for a psychologist to communicate with the criminals in the hope that they could cease fire and reduce the damage.警方说他们已经安排了一名心理学家和 罪犯交流,希望他们能停火并降低伤亡。 57.The government is appealing to the citizens to use paper bags rather than the plastic ones for the sake of environmental protection.政府呼吁市民使用纸袋而非塑料袋,以便保护环境。 58.In the university,the chances are that you can select your favorite course from chemistry, geology,philosophy,photography,psychology,biology,literature,physics,politics and so on.

在大学,你很可能从化学、地质学、哲学、摄影、心理、生物、文学、物理、政治等科目中选你喜欢的课程。 59.Though he knew it was such an exciting football match that he couldn't miss it,he felt too tired to insist on watching it.虽然他知道这是场不能错过的足球赛,但他太累了以至于无法坚持看下去。 60.In order to remain in existence,any insurance company must,in the long run,produce the goods that consumers consider useful and that enable them to reduce the loss.任何保险公司若要长期生存, 都必须提供消费者认为有用的能减轻他们损失的产品。 61.The greater the population there is in one region,the greater the need there is for water, transportation,and material.一个地方的人口越多,其对水、交通和物资的需求就会越大。 62.The difference between human and animal is that the former can think while the latter cannot, but both human and every breed of animals have their origin in ocean.人类与动物的区别就在于前者会 思考而后者不会,然而无论是人类还是任何动物的物种都起源于海洋。 63.The reason why the Beatles lives up to the reputation as the milestone in pop music lies in the fact that they are capable of adding their emotions and feelings for political affairs to their songs. 甲壳虫乐队不负声名,是流行乐坛的里程碑,其原因在于他们能将自己对于政治事件的看法和情感融入他们的 歌曲。 64.Once you figure out the characters of the compound sentences the teacher explained to us,you will have no difficulty doing your homework.一旦你弄清楚老师向我们解释的复合句的特点,做作业就不 会有问题。 65.Long before children are able to speak or understand a language,they still manage to express themselves to their parents by making noises.儿童在能说或能听懂语言之前,通过发出噪声来向父母表 达意思。 66.Thanks to modern technology,we can know in advance what our house will look like before we start decorating it.多亏了当代技术,我们可以在家庭装修之前得知我们的房子会变成什么样子。 67.You can't put the blame on the newcomer because it is unfair to blame him for the fault.It is you that should be to blame.你不能责怪那个新手,因为把这个错误归结到他身上是不公平的。只怪你不好。 68.According to his analysis,the main foods eaten in any country depend largely on its climate and soul,both of which are closely related to the country's geographic position.根据他的分析,一个 国家的主食大体取决于其气候和土壤条件,这两个条件又与该国家的地理位置密不可分。 69.After being awarded the first prize,he expressed that he would rather be remembered as an ordinary artist than as an advertisement designer.在被授予一等奖后,他表达了他宁可人们记住他是一名普通的 艺术家而不是一名广告设计师。 70.Although at first Japan didn't leave a deep impression on me,I was gradually attracted by its culture and decided to stay there for another two months after graduation.尽管一开始日本没有给我 留下深刻印象,但渐渐地我被其文化吸引,决定毕业后再待两个月。 71.He has been away from home for almost one month,so he is likely to lack food for lack of cash, his father estimated.他已经离家出走近一个月了,所以他可能因为缺少现金而买不起食物,他父亲估计道。 72.The first time they went abroad,the tourists were so curious about everything that they couldn't help purchasing many goods,which made it difficult to control the budget.游客们第一次出国时会对 一切充满好奇心以至于禁不住会买很多东西,这样一来就很难控制预算了。 73.The different kinds of media make it possible that we obtain a large amount of valuable information in time.各种各样的媒体使我们有可能及时地获得许多有价值的信息。 74.Many countries are reported to be taking measures to research and develop the new sort of cars so as to face the energy crisis.据报道,很多国家正采取各种手段研发新型汽车,以应对能源危机。 75.Not until the entire river was covered with rotten fish which died from acid rain did the villagers realize how serious the pollution was.直到整条河里漂满了酸雨导致的死鱼,村民们才意识到污染有多严 重。 76.The local officials admitted that it was time for the whole city to take specific action to control the quantity of the private vehicles so as to relieve the traffic burden during the rush hours. 当地官员承认是时候全市采取行动控制私车数量,以缓解高峰时期的交通压力。 77.He hurried to the railway station out of breath,only to be told that the train leaving for Shanghai had been away for half an hour.他上气不接下气地赶到了火车站,不料却被告知开往上海的火车已经离开半 小时了。 78.While the class teacher put emphasis on the importance of doing homework independently his students still spent most of the time copying others' homework.班主任强调了独立完成作业的重要性,但学生们 仍然抄作业。

79.After a thorough inspection,the repairman gave me a disappointing report that the reason why my car broke down was that the pipe had been damaged because of the freezing weather.在彻底检查 后,修理工给了我一份失望的报告,说车子坏了的原因是由于天太冷管子受损。 80.What was it that you talked about with the girl in blue when you were crossing the street yesterday afternoon?昨天下午你在过马路时和那个蓝衣女孩在讨论什么啊? 81.It is kind of you to help us handle this tough problem in your spare time because it is very difficult for us to think of a means as feasible as yours.你能在业余时间帮助我们解决这个棘手的问题真是太好 了,因为我们很难想到和你一样行之有效的办法。 82.As we all know,ten is twice as much as five while one hundred is nine times more than ten.众 所周知,10 是 5 的两倍,而 100 又是 10 的十倍。 83.No matter what her parents said,the spoiled girl still had faith in whatever her thoughtful boyfriend told her about the odd jungle and wanted to take an adventure with him.无论她父母怎么说, 这个被宠坏的女孩仍相信她男友告诉她的关于那个奇特丛林的一切,并想和他一起去探险。 84.At last,the leader drew the conclusion that he preferred to run a risk of developing new products rather than go on producing the products that can't meet the demands of the new market.最后,领 导得出理论:他宁可冒险开发新产品也不愿意继续生产这些无法满足市场需要的产品。 85.The shy waitress apologized to me for making a mistake after she charged me 100 yuan for just one tin of coke.害羞的服务员因为一听可乐收了我 100 元的错误而向我道歉。 86.Is it convenient for you to exchange your newspaper for this newly published magazine with me so that we can share the information?你现在方便把你的报纸和这本新出的杂志交换下,以便我们共享一 下信息吗? 87.Child as he is,he has known that the more exposed he is to financial issues,and the younger he becomes aware of them,the more likely he is to become a responsible,forward-planning adult who can manage his finances confidently and effectively.尽管他还是个孩子,却已经知道越早接触到财务问 题,越早意识到它们的存在,他就越有可能成为一个有责任心、有前瞻性的成年人,能自信有效地处理财务问 题。 88.Despite the fact that many fans have waited outside the gate of the booking office,many of them will still be told that the tickets are available only to the first 100 people free of charge.尽 管许多粉丝在售票厅前等了很久,但他们中的绝大部分仍将被告知只有前 100 人能免费拿到门票。 89.Because the class teacher typed too slowly and didn't know how to input the chart into the computer, she had the important file scanned into the computer and printed out after she corrected some spelling mistakes.由于班主任打字速度太慢而且不知道该如何将图表输入电脑, 她在纠正了一些拼写错误之后找人把这 份重要的文件扫描进电脑并打印出来。 90.However tremendous the difficulty we are faced with,we will have no choice but to unite and overcome it.无论我们面对多大的困难,我们只能团结起来克服它。 91.The international company intended to establish several branches in different regions,so it would employ some mechanics, engineers, carpenters, accountants, professors, secretaries, lawyers, salesmen and architects.这家跨国公司计划在不同地区设立分店,所以将招聘一些机械工、工程师、会计、教授、秘书、 律师、销售员和建筑师。 92.As a matter of fact,as long as you can deal with this emergency well,your leader will not mind accepting your own method.事实上,你的领导可以接受你采用你自己的方式来解决这个紧急情况,只要你能 处理得圆满。 93.All these victims have just suffered the severe earthquake,so they have a keen desire for the medicine,fresh food and pure water that the government will provide for them.所有这些灾民都刚刚 遭受了严重的地震,所以他们迫切渴望来自政府所提供的药物、新鲜食物和纯净水。 94.While you are reading the novel,there is no need for you to look up every new word in the dictionary because you can guess their meanings according to the context.你在阅读小说的时候,不必去查每个新 单词,因为可以通过语境来猜测词义。 95.It suddenly occurred to him that the person who he had just chatted with was none other than the murderer who had escaped from the prison.他突然想起来那个刚才和他闲谈的人正是从监狱逃脱的杀人犯。 96.So far,any drug has more or less some side effect which will affect other organs,so scientists are making a great effort to develop new drugs to avoid the situation.目前为止,任何药物都或多或 少有着影响其他器官的副作用,因此,科学家们正努力研究新药来避免这种情况。 97.Nowadays,the whole world is facing the challenges of the pollution crisis,so people expect the new material that can be recycled to be invented to replace the old one.目前,全世界都在面临污染

危机的挑战;人们希望能研制出新的可回收材料来代替那些旧的材料。 98.Generally speaking,man's heart beats 2.6 billion times on average throughout one's life; hence, we ought to take care of our heart by taking exercise for about 30 minutes a day.通常说来,人类 一生心脏平均会跳 26 亿下;因此,我们应该通过每天锻炼 30 分钟左右来照顾我们的心脏。 99.As usual,Tom gets up at 8 o'clock,drives 30 minutes on the road crowded with cars,begins his work at 9:00 and spends 10 hours in coping with various documents and goes home accompanied by the moon and stars——a typical day for a white collar!如往常一样,汤姆 8 点起床,在拥挤的路上开半小时 车,9 点开始工作,花费 10 小时处理不同的文件,然后伴着星星和月亮回家——一个白领典型的一天。 100.I don't mind the way in which you take advantage of others' mistakes and weakness,and what I am concerned about is the result.我不介意你利用别人失误和弱点的方式,我在乎的是结果。 101.When the art master delivered the speech,he mentioned that you have to fight against the following factors such as self-doubt,failure,loneliness,misunderstanding and even threat on condition that you want to have access to achievement.当那个艺术大师发表演讲时,他提到:如果你想获得成就,你必 须和以下因素抗争,例如,不自信、失败、孤独、误解,甚至是威胁。 102.When interviewed by the journalists,the minister assured the public that all the products on display would be launched to the market and would satisfy the giant companies' need.当接受记者采 访时,部长向公众保证所有的产品都将投放市场,并满足大型公司的需求。 103.No one opposed the proposal that the star be named after the distinguished scientist in memory of the great contribution he made to space research.没人反对这个提议——以这个杰出科学家的名字命 名这颗星星,以纪念他为太空研究所做的巨大贡献。 104.The rumour spread that the ticket sales in that suburban theatre was in decline for lack of marvelous performances; therefore,many performing companies withdrew their offers.有谣言说:由 于没有精彩的表演,那个位于郊区的剧院票房销售正在下降,因此,许多表演公司都收回了他们的出价。 105.In my opinion,it makes no sense to regret spending time persuading him; what you should do right now is to prove that his previous opinions were just ridiculous.我认为,后悔花时间说服他是没有意 义的,你现在要做的就是找到足够证据证明他先前的意见只不过是无稽之谈。 106.A lot of people in poverty were infected with the deadly disease,so the experienced doctor of honour volunteered to serve the poor,and operated on them free of charge.许多穷困的人都染上了这 种致命疾病,因此那个经验丰富的荣誉医生主动救助那些穷人,免费为他们手术。 107.Although many travellers supposed that they could take the same route without the guide,only 30 percent were estimated to arrive at the destination.虽然许多旅游认为他们不需要指南手册也可以 沿相同路线出行,可是估计只有 30%的人最终能到达终点。 108.These days,all the family members,who have separated from each other for long,re-unite to th emerge in nothing but the 50 anniversary of their grandparents' marriage.这些天,彼此多年不见的 家庭成员重聚了,不为别的就为了参加祖父母结婚 50 周年纪念。 109.Her parents' aim is to prevent her from any bad impact so that she can form a good habit and have graceful manners.她父母的目的是使她不受任何坏影响的干扰以便她能养成良好的习惯和礼貌。 110.A strange phenomenon emerged that the youth struggled for a better life by earning money desperately,but they didn't find the suitable solution to release the pressure.现在出现的奇怪现 象是:年轻人为了更好的生活而拼命赚钱却没有找到减压的合适方法。 111.I was lost in thought the moment my leader introduced a new project in detail; nevertheless, I still guaranteed that I could be qualified for it.当领导详细介绍新项目的时候,我走神了,然而, 我仍然保证我能胜任这个项目。 112.—My friend's computer is very light and fashionable.I like it very much.So I decide to buy a similar one. —Which one? —The one in pink is very charming. —I don't think so.I think the one in pink is not so/as good as that in black. —我朋友的电脑非常轻又时尚,我很喜欢。因此我决定买个相似的。 —哪一款? —粉色的那款很吸引人。 —我不这么认为,我觉得黑色的那款比粉红色的好。 th 113.Late in the 20 century,the world has witness that the modest and humble Chinese people made the best use of their diligence and intelligence to reform economic structure,develop their domestic industry,improve people's living standard,provide more access to education,defense the territory

and cooperate with any peace-loving country in the world.20 世纪末,全世界见证了谦虚的中国人民充 分利用他们的勤劳智慧,改革经济结构,发展国内工业,提高人民生活水平,提供更多教育机会,保卫疆土, 和任何热爱和平的国家合作。 114.Besides carrying the original diploma,all the candidates must fill in the blank form and write down their names , addresses , educational background and the self introduction including their certificates,ambition and hobbies; however,empty boast is forbidden.所有的候选人带好文凭原件, 除此之外,必须填一张表格,写下名字、地址、学历、自我介绍(包括各类证书、志向和爱好),但是,空谈 吹嘘是不允许的。 115.To raise the service standard,the furniture shop confirms that the regular customers will gain 15 percent discount and have the chance to appreciate the classical European-style furniture.为 了提高服务标准,家具店确认常客将享受 15%的折扣,还有机会欣赏欧式古典家具。 116.Obama administration showed its sympathy for the innocent people who survived the natural tragedy, comforted them and encouraged them to rebuild their homeland with American spirit,promising that the government would continue to offer the rescue and financial support.奥巴马政府对在自然灾害中 幸存下来的无辜百姓深表同情,安慰并鼓励他们要怀着美国精神重建家园,他们承诺政府会一直提供救援和经 济救援。 117.According to the recent survey,there is a growing tendency for senior staff to put aside their salary,run into deep debt for a long time or even cancel most social activities merely to realize the dream of improving their housing condition.根据最近的调查,高级职员越来越趋向于把月收入存起 来,长期负巨债,甚至取消大多数社交活动,只为了实现改善住房条件的梦想。 118.Many overseas guests are jealous of the host's traditional Chinese decorations which are assessed at one million yuan but they are prohibited from touching anything for the sake of safety.许多海 外客人都嫉妒主人家传统的中式装修,据估计大约植一百万人民币,但是出于安全,他们被严禁接触任何东西。 119.The economic committee gave a brief but accurate description of the stable and constant increase of GDP so the public is convinced that the government is conveying the signal that the weak economy has recovered.经济委员会简短但准确地阐述了国民生产总值稳定快速增长,因此,公众相信政府正在发出疲 软的经济已经复苏的信号。 120.The senior official leaked that as a close partner,they committed themselves to taking concrete measures such as absorbing more labour force and eliminating some out-of-date products for the purpose of proceeding to exploit the potential market.高级官员透露:作为亲密合伙人,他们承诺将采取具体措 施例如吸收劳动力,淘汰一些过时的产品,为的是进一步挖掘潜在市场。 121.The embarrassed computer talent felt guilty of sending a threatening mail to the security department simply for fun as the police were appointed to search every vacant seat in the airport and plenty of flights were canceled.由于警方受命在机场搜索每个空位,很多航班被取消,哪个尴尬的电 脑天才十分内疚,自己仅仅为了好玩寄了一封恐吓信给保安部。 122.In principle,the installed software is assumed to make the accounting system more efficient but the reality is that all of us are discouraged from learning by heart so much complicated operating procedure.理论上,所安装的软件是希望用来让系统更有效率,但事实是我们所有的人都十分受挫,因为要背 熟那么多复杂的操作流程。 123.Nowadays,now that the private cars are the symbol of success,ideal life and social position, many businessmen with the driving license hold the belief that owning a luxurious car is closely linked with pursuing a high-quality life.当今,由于私家车是成功、理想生活和社会地位的标志,许多有驾照的 商人都认为拥有一辆豪华车和追求高品质生活是紧密相连的。 124.Before the lecture,the man of great wisdom put forward such an abstract concept that every one kept silent digesting the meaning but it might take a long time for them to truly master it.在讲 座前,那个充满智慧的人提出了一个很抽象的概念以至于每个人都安静地思考消化其含义,但是可能要很久他 们才能真正掌握。 125.The deaf twins looked alike and yet unlike the elder brother who had a good command of repairing the vehicles,the younger brother liked painting the pictures,which looked like photos.那对聋哑 双胞胎看起来很像,然而,不像哥哥擅长修汽车,弟弟喜欢画画,画出来的画像照片。 126.In some children who go blind,certain parts of the brain that normally control vision appear to switch jobs and focus instead on sound,a new study has found.新的研究已经发现,盲童的大脑里, 一些本应该控制视觉的部分似乎转而控制声音。 127.At the moment,the bright child from an ill-respected school can show certificates to prove he or she is suitable for a job,while the lack of certificate indicates the unsuitability of a dull

child attending a well-respected school.到那个时候,非名校毕业的聪明孩子用各类证书证明他或她适合 某个工作,而没有证书就意味着不聪明的孩子不适合读名校。 128.This defense of excellence and opportunity would disappear if examinations were taken away, and the bright child from a poor family would be a prisoner of his or her school's reputation,unable to compete for employment with the child from the favored school.如果考试被取消,对优秀和机遇的 保护就会消失,来自于贫困家庭的孩子将会因为学校的声誉而受累,不能与名校的孩子竞争就业机会。 129.To be frank,even though the central government collapsed,these civilians would preserve in fighting to the end because they couldn't endure being oppressed and motherland's being conquered. 坦率地说,即使中央政府垮台了,这些平民也会抗争到底,因为他们不能忍受被压迫、祖国被占领。 130.A confusing circumstance called “shifting of responsibility” is defined as the fact that the more people there are,the less likely help is to be given because each individual excuses himself by thinking someone else will help.一个令人困惑的现象叫做“责任转移”,定义为围观人越多,可能给 予的帮助越少,因为每个人都为自己开脱,觉得别人会帮助。 131.Poisonous liquid can cause the symptom such as flu and muscle ache so it is essential to put unique identification label on them according to the directions.有毒液体能引起诸如流感、肌肉酸痛的症状, 因此,有必要按照说明给它们贴上独特的识别标签。 132.The earnest customs officer took it for granted that he possessed the right to have a routine check of everyone's luggage but he had no idea he had offended the leader.那个认真的海关官员理所 应当地认为:按常规,他有权例行检查所有人的行李,但是他不知道已经冒犯了领导。 133.Some manufacturers,thirsty for more illegal profits,offer the fake goods,which in turn will spoil their most precious wealth——the trust for the brand and leave themselves stranded in trouble. 一些企图获取更多非法利润的制造商供应假货, 结果会毁了他们最珍贵的财富——品牌信誉, 让自己陷入困境。 134.Once the consequence of the negotiation conducted by the diplomats is disappointing,on most occasions,it seems inevitable for the governments to adopt the most extreme and frightening measure ——war at all costs.一旦外交官协商的结果令人失望,在大多数情况下,政府似乎不可避免地会采取最极 端恐怖的手段——不惜一切地发动战争。 135.Although some parts of the surface were illegible,the elaborate masterpiece in the exhibition absolutely illustrated a magnificent vivid scene in which our ancestors went hunting and resisted the wild beast.尽管部分表面已变得不能辨认,展会上,这幅精美绝伦的绘画杰作展示了一幅栩栩如生的祖先 打猎、与野兽抵抗的场景。 136.During the Spring Festival,he designed a flexible schedule where he combined the study with entertainment so that he could accomplish the academic task as well as enjoy a series of annual concerts. 春节期间,他设计一个灵活的时间表,把学习和娱乐结合起来,那么他既能完成学术任务,也能享受一系列每 年一次的音乐会。 th 137.To celebrate the 60 anniversary of motherland,enthusiastic people gathered at the square, applauding and cheering,and sent sincere wish to motherland that China would reach a new level in every aspect after they appreciated the magnificent military parade.为了庆祝祖国 60 周年,热情的 人们聚集在广场欣赏完壮观的阅兵礼后,鼓掌欢呼,送出最真挚的祝福,愿中国在每个方面都创新高。 138.Under the influence of the science fiction,the hardworking technician was stimulated to acquire more knowledge to invent a portable air conditioner containing electrical fans,which weighed only 2.5 kilograms.在科幻小说的影响下,那个努力工作的技师受到刺激学习更多的知识以发明一种带风扇的便携 式空调,重量只有 2.5 千克。 139.Anyone with the common sense will react angrily to the fact that the aggressive one who once hijacked 2 hostages was assigned to aid in a charity fair as an assistant.任何有常识的人对这个事 实的反应都是气愤, 那个极具攻击性的人曾经挟持了 2 名人质, 居然以助手的身份被派去一个慈善义卖会帮忙。 140.To accuse the government of overlooking their criticism,the natives,marching along the street, held a campaign to protest against throwing away the toxic waste on the island at the sacrifice of the natural environment.为指控政府忽视他们的指责,当地民众沿街游行,对在岛上乱扔有毒废料,牺牲自 然环境进行抗议活动。 141.If you are arriving at an international airport and are not transferring another flight,you must pass through Passport Control and Customs immediately after leaving your plane.如果你到达一 个国际机场,而且不转机,下机后你必须立刻通过入境检验和海关。 142.The man elected favourite teacher treats teaching as his lifelong career: although he is strict with students,he answers students' questions patiently,expands students' horizon,seldom scolds students,and never pretends to know what he doesn't know.那个荣获最喜爱教师头衔的男人把教书当成

终身事业,尽管对学生严格,他总是耐心回答学生的问题,拓展学生视野,很少责骂他们,从不会不懂装懂。 143.To prove they themselves were not timid,the participants dared to sail across the Pacific, even though they had predicted they had to strive against different troubles,excluding storms and injury.为了证明自己不是胆小鬼,参赛者敢于横渡太平洋,就算他们已经预计到除了风暴和受伤,他们还不得 不和各种各样的麻烦抗争。 144.Due to people's anxiety about hunger issues and shrinking farmland,more fund and technology tend to be invested in the awkward problems associated with starvation and nutrition.由于担心饥荒和耕 地面积越来越小,人们趋向于将更多的钱和技术投入令人头痛的饥饿和营养问题。 145.His departure apparently meant that he refused to undertake the career his parents had paved the way for,because he planned to create a special law agency featuring serving justice for the people in need to realize his personal value.他的离去很明显意味着,他拒绝走父母为他铺好的路而接受 那个工作,因为他计划创造一个特殊的法律中介,特色是为有需要的人伸张正义,以此来实现自己的人生价值。 146.All of us should be grateful to what nature offers us,obey the natural laws,maintain the balance of nature and ban burning any harmful l substance and giving off carbon dioxide through the chimneys. 我们应当用感激的心回报答自然的恩赐,遵守大自然的规律,维护生态平衡,禁止燃烧任何有害物质,严禁烟 囱里释放二氧化碳。 147.As a mature professional manager,he will accomplish an urgent task in time,even though he is required to solve it in the period of his vacation,which means squeezing his leisure time and pausing his holiday.作为一名成熟的职业经理人,即使要求他在休假期间处理紧急任务,他都会及时完成,就算这意 味着休闲时间被压缩,意味着休假被暂停。 148.The upset mother can't stand receiving so many nasty bills that belong to her son because she has been disturbed by them since the son altered his address without sending a notice to the bank. 那个忧心忡忡的母亲不能忍受收到他儿子这么多账单,因为自从她儿子换成了地址却没有通知银行,她一直被 这些账单骚扰。 149.While the leader in business or industry or the college professor occupies a higher social position and commands greater respect in the community than the common labourer or even the skilled factory worker,he may take pains to point out that his father started life in America as a farmer or labourer of some sort.企业的领导或是大学教授拥有较高的社会地位,在社区,他们比普通工人,甚至是工厂技工更受 人尊敬,但是,要说出自己的父亲在美国是农民或苦力出身会让他难堪。 150.While parents, particularly mothers, have always been attached to their infants, social conditions frequently made this attachment difficult to maintain.尽管家长,尤其是母亲总是和自己的婴儿联系在 一起,但社会环境常常使这种联系难以维系。 151.In the professor's view,it is totally nonsense that a man having a clear conscience dares to walk across the cemetery in view of a simple reason: having a clear conscience is irrelevant to having the courage to cross the cemetery.在这位教授看来,一个问心无愧的人敢于走过坟地的说法完全是乱说一 通;因为一个很简单的理由:问心无愧与有胆量走过坟地是毫无关系的。 152.All the paper that you write with is made from trees which are cut down after spending years growing,so if the value of your writing doesn't overtake that of the trees,then you'd better stop writing.所有供你写作的纸张都是由那些生长了好几年然后被砍倒的树木制成的,所以如果你的写作价值还不 如这些树木的价值,那你最好还是放弃写作吧。 153.The careless dumb patient just glanced at the bottle,mistook the button in it for the pill and swallowed it with the boiled water,which is fortunately not fatal.这名粗心的愚钝病人仅仅瞄了下瓶 子,错把里面的纽扣当成了药片,用开水服了下去,幸好不致命。 154.The pregnant cashier's absence from the checkout in the chain store aroused the manager's concern, and he substituted one for her in case the messy situation became worse.这位怀孕的收银员不在连锁 店收银处的情况引起了经理的注意,他用另一名员工来代替她以防混乱的情况变得更糟。 155.In despair,the violent robbers dressed in prison uniforms with powerful weapons steered a jeep along the rough valley road when the police were tracing them,wanting to oblige them to give in before they fled to urban district in panic.当警方追踪这些穿着囚服携带强力武器的劫匪,想迫使他们在慌张 地逃入市区前放弃抵抗之时,这些陷入绝望的粗暴的劫匪正沿着崎岖不平的山路驾驶着吉普车。 156.The outstanding athlete stated with an accent that he had to receive several mental therapies to ensure that he didn't feel nervous or depressed in the shadow of losing the championship and could refresh himself.这位杰出的运动员带着口音说道,他不得不接受一些精神理疗来确保自己在失去冠军的阴影 下不会感到焦虑或抑郁,并能重新振作。 157.Without any alarm,the airbus suddenly crashed into the lake when it flew over a forest,some

of whose passengers' bodies still hung on the trees around the bank,for which their relatives burst into tears and couldn't undergo such a blow.没有任何警报,这架空中客机在飞越森林的时候,突然坠入 湖中。一些乘客的尸体仍挂在岸边的树上,他们的亲戚嚎啕大哭,无法接受这样的打击。 158.After captured in the airport,the silly official was still reluctant to confess that he deceived the leader,took the bribe and transferred the tax to his own account,but he was vague about who tempted him to do so.在机场被捕之后,这名愚蠢的 官员仍不情愿承认他欺骗了领导,接受了 贿赂并把税收 转移至自己的银行账号,但是对于谁唆使他,他含糊其辞。 159.Before the traveller ended his memorable journey,he wandered the paths of the capital mixed with classical elements at ease,appreciating the landscape and talking with the polite and friendly inhabitants.在这名旅行者结束他 值得纪念的旅行之前,他在这座融合着古典元素的 首都城市的小道上惬意 地闲逛,欣赏着风景和礼貌友好的居民聊天。 160.What amazed the generous gentleman was that on such a chilly evening,the trembling teenager with just a loose sweater shook his head,whispering that he was very hungry but he didn't want to kneel and beg for the bread without dignity.令这位慷慨的绅士吃惊的是,在这样一个寒风刺骨的夜晚, 这个只穿着松松垮垮毛衣、 浑身颤抖的年轻人摇着头, 低声说虽然很饿但他也不会没有尊严地下跪去乞讨面包。 161.During the visit,the magnificence of the polished mansions inspired each volunteer to be ready for the EXPO,which will reveal the comprehensive national strength of contemporary China,and some of them even recalled the glorious moment when the Beijng Olympics began.在参观期间,这些被擦得 光亮的大楼鼓励着每一名志愿者为展现当代中国综合国力的世博会做好准备,他们中的一些人甚至回忆起了北 京奥运会开幕的光辉时刻。 162.The fierce flood by which nature take revenge on mankind caused so great distress to those civilians settling in the basin that people began seeking a harmonious way of getting along with nature to avoid the disaster like this.这场汹涌的 洪水是大自然对人类的报复。它对那些定居在盆地的 平民造成了巨大的痛苦,于是人们开始寻求一种与大自然和睦相处的方式来避免类似灾难再次发生。 163.Although the owner swore that his tame dog locked tightly around the tree would not scratch or even bite anyone,I was still alert and a little scared every time I cycled past it,especially when it was barking.虽然这只狗的主人发誓他那温顺的被牢牢拴在树旁的狗不会抓甚至咬人,但每次我骑车经过都 会很警惕甚至有一点害怕,尤其是它在叫的时候。 164.Every time the film star surfed the Internet,he would omit the articles full of praises for him and the ones filled with insult to him and just browse the content which judged him impersonally. 每次这位电影明星上网浏览,他都会忽略那些对他充满赞美或侮辱的文章,而仅看那些客观评价他的内容。 165.As soon as the clock struck twelve,the cruel intruders invaded the border of the country, and conquered the city,killing thousands of innocent civilians and the whole war zone was in flame. 时钟刚敲响 12 点,这些残忍的侵略者就对该国的边境发动了进攻,占领了城市,杀死了成千上万的无辜平民, 这个战区陷入一片火海中。 166.Although it braked,the reversing truck still bumped a woman nearby who was bending and sweeping the street,and crushed the woman's arm,which was impossible to preserve.虽然采取了刹车措施,这 辆倒退的卡车仍然撞到了旁边正在弯腰扫地的妇女,压碎了她的手臂。这只手臂不可能保住了。 167.A gifted debater should always be full of passion and vigour and never interrupts or even quarrels with his opponent,but responds rapidly with remarkable logical argument.有天分的辩论者总是充满 激情和精力,从不打断甚至与他的对手争吵,但是能以出色的逻辑论证快速作出回应。 168.Because the ice continues to dissolve,the delicate layer of ice covering the shallow lake implies that it is impossible to hold an amusing skating race.由于冰在不断融化,覆盖在这片浅湖上的这层薄 冰说明不可能在这举行一场充满乐趣的滑冰比赛。 169.A clever reader treats reading as making a dialogue with writers,inquires about their writing intention and cultivates a habit of drawing the lines under the key points and taking some notes in the margin.一名聪明的阅读者把阅读看作是和作者的交流,询问他们写作目的,而且会养成在关键处划线, 在空白处做笔记的习惯。 170.After a lunch interval,the slim secretary leant against the wall screaming for she was shocked to find someone had deleted her significant data regarding the sample of the insecticide,which meant she could hardly meet the deadline of handing in the report unless miracles happened.午饭休息过 后,这名苗条的秘书靠在墙上发出了一声尖叫,因为她吃惊地发现有人将有关杀虫剂样本的重要数据删除了。 这意味着除非奇迹发生,她很难在最后期限前上交报告。 171.As the fire pump at the corner of the narrow corridor cracked,some staff mopped the floor, and others removed the vital property such as the elegant art treasures that were not proof against

water and the director of the art museum dialled 911 for help and postponed the opening time.由 于狭长走廊角落里的消防泵破裂,一些员工拖地,一些将重要的财产,比如不防水的精美艺术珍宝移走;艺术 博物馆的馆长拨打 911 求助并推迟了开馆时间。 172.It disconcerted these adventurists who felt faint that they had been lost in the desert,so they had to hide in the shade of hill,connecting to the outside world with the satellite phone before they were drained of their energy.令这些感觉晕厥的冒险者感到挫败的是他们已经迷失在沙漠里了,所以 他们不得不躲在沙丘的阴凉处,在他们耗尽能量之前,用卫星电话与外界取得联系。 173.After hearing about the miserable fact that the respectable professor slipped on a slope of the bank,dropped into the lake and drowned when he jogged around the bank,his loyal supporters wept full of grief at his funeral.在得知这位人尊敬的教授在岸边慢跑时,在斜坡处打滑,掉进湖里淹死的悲 惨消息后,他的忠实支持者们在他的葬礼上悲痛地哭泣。 174.The homesick poet at a remote village needed several injections for he was defeated by the cold, continued coughing and sneezing and eventually had a high fever.由于感冒、持续咳嗽、打喷嚏并最终 引发了高烧,这位身在遥远村庄的思念家乡的诗人需要接受药物注射。 175.As far as the scholar is concerned,a far-sighted government should erect a democratic system where citizens' religion can be respected; everyone should possess the human right to vote and enjoy the social welfare; no body or organization is superior to law and hollow reform policies are on the decrease.根据这位学者的说法,一个有远见的政府应该建立这样一套民主体制:公民的宗教信仰应受到 尊重,每个人应该拥有选举和享受社会福利的权利,没有人或者组织可以超越法律,而且减少空洞的改革政策。 176.Since he inherited the fortune from his uncle,the childish gambler has kept betting instead of making a deposit and paying off his loan.自从他从他舅舅处继承了财产之后,这个幼稚的赌徒非但没 有存钱或者还清债务,而是继续赌博。 177.By means of the cable car,the nuclear family stood on the dominant peak of the mountain,gazing at the splendid view and the daughter exclaimed,leaping and making a victory gesture.通过缆车, 这个三口之家站在了山顶,看着壮丽的景色;女儿尖叫着跳起来,做出胜利的手势。 178.Due to the horrible weather,a warship of the USA navy went on a lump of sharp rock by accident and began to sink; some sailors grabbed the edge of the deck while others plunged into the sea and drifted on the sea.因为糟糕的天气,一艘美军的舰船意外地撞上了一大块岩石,然后开始沉没;一些水手抓 住甲板的边缘,另一些跳入海里,漂浮在海上。 179.No sooner had an old patient whose face was filled with wrinkles taken out a packet of cigarette than a considerate nurse tapped him and requested him not to smoke in the hospital.一位满脸皱纹 的年迈病人刚拿出一盒烟,这位体谅他人的护士就轻轻拍拍他,请他不要在医院吸烟。 180.In his diary,this science fiction writer hints that no one can foresee the prospect of artificial intelligence and how it will evolve,but it must be supervised and fit for human's development. 在他的日记中,这位科幻小说家暗示无人可以预测人工智能的前景以及它的发展,但是人工智能必须处于监控 中并适合人类的发展。 181.Believe it or not,although every one claims that they judge products by the quality rather than the package,attractive wrappings still have a magical effect that consumers will buy well-wrapped products.信不信由你, 虽然每个人都宣称他们判断商品是靠质量而非包装, 但是吸引眼球的包装仍有一种神奇 的效果,即消费者会买一些包装精美的商品。 182.The issues that we can't hope to solve without an increasing public awareness and concern are pollution,species extinction,increase of wilderness,loss of farmland and soil.没有日益增加的 公众意识和关注,我们是无法解决污染、物种灭亡、荒地增加、农田和土地的流失的问题的。 183.Some 2,000 cherry trees transplanted from Japan to China in 1970s as a symbol of friendship between two countries,half of which have already bloomed,are reported to be able to attract more people to smell them in late April.上世纪 70 年代,象征两国友谊的 2000 棵樱桃树从日本移植到了中国, 其中的一半已经盛开。这些樱花树将在 4 月下旬吸引更多的人来赏花。 184.The scenic park with a wide lake spotted with boats moving on the surface and a quiet tree-lined winding road along which many benches were furnished,is likely to be an everlasting place to go on a date.宽阔的湖面上星星点点的小舟,宁静的沿途有树的蜿蜒小道上,放置了许多的长凳,这样的公园可 能永远是约会的好去处。 185.Though suffering from the stomach cancer,the unselfish teacher just slightly sighed and persisted in greeting every day.尽管深受胃癌折磨,这位无私的教师只是轻轻叹了口气,并坚持面对每一天。、 186.Hardly had I realized there was a paper jam in the printer when I stopped inserting paper and dragged out the paper in the machine slowly and carefully.我一意识到打印机卡纸就立刻停止放纸,慢

慢地、小心翼翼地从机器里拉出纸张。 187.The naughty baby liked crawling on the carpet,casting his toys as well as rubbish everywhere, made the whole room in disorder,and even smashed his father's favorite vase.这个淘气的婴儿喜欢 在地毯上爬,将玩具和垃圾扔得到处都是,把整个房间弄得乱七八糟;甚至打碎了他父亲最喜欢的花瓶。 188.With the dairy drink and fried food,he took a moderate portion of the butter from a sealed bag, melted it for a moment,and then applied it over the bread that he had just baked.手头有了奶制品 和油炸食品,他从一个密封袋子中取出适量的黄油,将它融化了一会,然后涂抹在刚刚烘焙好的面包上。 189.After taking a bath,the exhausted conductor enjoys the agreeable breeze,chewing the gum, listening to the classical music and counting the stars,which are his unique ways to relax.在洗 澡之后,这位精疲力竭的指挥家享受着宜人的微风,嚼着口香糖,聆听古典音乐,数着天上的星星。这是他独 有的放松方式。 190.The boxer gave his opponent a punch on the face and his lip was split open and the blood was almost stuffed in his mouth,for which the game paused for nearly 10 minutes.这位拳击手重重一拳击 打在他对手的脸上,他嘴唇被打裂了,满嘴是血,为此比赛暂停了几乎 10 分钟。 191.The coach wearing a uniform told the new trainee that he should put on the safety belt first, start the engine,and then keep the car between the parallel straight lines.这位穿着制服的教练告 诉这位学员:他应该先系好安全带,发动引擎,然后使车子保持在两条平行线之间。 192.It is impossible to cure the disease of which the peculiar virus,smaller than bacteria,could decay the bones because so far the medical researchers haven't found an appropriate method to block its growth or isolate it.医学研究者还没有找到一种合适的方法来组织这种比细菌小、会腐烂骨头的病毒 的生长,也没办法隔离它,因此治愈这种疾病是不可能的。 193.Once he went crazy,the ridiculous mental patient regarded a piece of metal as a gold medal, and insisted that he ever took part in the Olympics on the Continent.一旦他发疯,这个可笑的精神 病人会把一块金属当作金牌,并坚持自己曾参加了在欧洲大陆举行的奥运会。 194.In this chapter of the report,we know that tuition fees are currently capped at £3,000 annually, but this will be reviewed next year and the Government is under enormous pressure to raise the ceiling. 在报告的这一章节中,我们得知学费目前的最高限额是每年 3 千英镑,但明年这一标准将被审核。迫于巨大的 压力,政府将提高额度。 195.Sometimes,the experienced captain familiar with the canal extending to the sea will not just refer to the weather forecast but follow his instinct to resolve whether to go on a voyage.有时, 这位经验丰富、谙熟这条通往大海的运河的船长不仅仅参考天气预报,但却会根据自己的直觉来决定是否继续 航行。 196.After stretching himself,the boy standing at the crossroads faced the different arrows to different directions,and he didn't know where these roads extended.在伸了懒腰之后,这个站在十字 路口的男孩面对着指向不同方向的箭头,他不知道这些道路通往何处。 197.It was too loud outside,so the class teacher had to shout aloud that students must observe disciplines and weren't allowed to wear casual clothes and gossip at the farewell partly held for their principal.外面太吵了,所以班主任只能大声说道:在为校长举行的欢送会上,学生必须遵守纪律,不 得穿休闲衣服,不得闲聊。 198.Every spring,these handy peasant women have a lot of work on the fertile soil such as sowing the seeds from the sunrise to the sunset while they stay at home and weave the cloth if it rains. 每年春天,这些手巧的农妇在富饶的土地上干很多农活,比如从早到晚地播种;但如果下雨的话,她们就呆在 家里,织布。 199.Through the conversation with the guards,these evil youngsters obtained the code and stole a heap of facilities whose price was equal to one million dollars.通过与保安的交谈,这些心怀不轨的 年轻人得到了密码,然后偷走了一批价值一百万美元的设备。 200.The article with the headline “Beijing Opera in Washington——the initial step towards enhancing cultural exchange” says the performance won a lot of claps and compliment and the organizer seized the chance to spread Chinese culture.这篇标题为“京剧在华盛顿——加强文化交流的第一步”说道,表 演赢得了许多掌声和好评;组织者抓住了这个机会传播了中国文化。



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