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高考英语一轮提能训练:外研版必修2 Module2(附解析)




Module 2

No Drugs

能 力 闯 关
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The ________(入室盗窃)in the area have risen by 5%. 2.It is ________(违法的)to drive without a license. 3.Would ________(参赛者)in the next race come forward? 4.We should help the boy ______ __(沉迷)to computer games. 5.The best ________(疗法)for a cold is to rest and drink more water. 6.She came home so thin and weak that even her own children hardly r________ her. 7.I was for the plan,but he d________ to it. 8.Smoking is b________ in some public places,such as on the bus and at the cinema. 9.The old soldier used all he had to buy a pack of c________. 10.They’ve r________ the prices in the shop,so it’s a good time to buy. 答案: 1.burglaries 2.illegal 3.participants 4.addicted 5.treatment 6.recognized 7.disagreed 8.banned 9.cigarettes 1 0.reduced Ⅱ.单项填空 1.________ about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. A.So curious the couple was B.So curious were the couple C.How curious the couple were D.The couple was such curious 解析:此句的语序应该是 The couple were so curious about wild plants that...,可以把 so 置于 句首,后面引起倒装,所以要选 B。the couple 意为“夫妇”,作主语时,谓语动词用复数 形式,可排除 A 和 D,此句是 so ...that 结构,所以选项 C 也可排除。 答案:B 2. Ronaldo was ________ to win the 100meter hurdles race, but he fell to the ground and missed the chance. A.possible B.probable C.likely D.maybe 解析:possible 和 probable 作表语时,主语只能为 it 或事物,而不是人;maybe 为副词,它 只能作状语,常常位于句子开头;likely 作表语时,主语可以是人,也可以是物。 答案:C 3.Actually,Bungee is a kind of sport ________ one is easily addicted. A.to which B.in which C.to that D.by which 解析:句意:“实际上蹦极是一项人们很容易着迷的运动。”本题是一个定语从句,但实 际上考查 be addicted to...“迷恋??,对??着迷”。 答案:A 4.—Are you content with her lecture? —Nowhere near that.It ________. A.may have been good B.couldn’t have been worse C.can’t be better D.m ust be better 解析: 句意:“你对她的报告满意吗?”“一点都不满意,报告最糟了。”Nowhere near that.“根本不,远远不。” 答案:B 5.We always pay attention to the weather because it ________ so directly what we wear,what we do and even how we feel. A.benefits B.affects C.concludes D.attracts 解析:句意为“我们总是关注天气,因为它直接影响我们穿什么衣服,做什么事,以及我 们感觉如何”。benefit“有益于”;affect“影响”;conclude“总结”;attract“吸引”。



6.The deadly accident ________ his careless driving. A.resulted in B.resulted of C.resulted from D.led to 解析:本题考查词组用法辨析。句意为“那次可怕的事故起因于他的粗心驾驶 ”。A、D 两项都为“导致??的结果”,可以说:His careless driving resu lted in(led to)the deadly accident.此处表示“起因于??”。 答案:C 7.—The cars give off a grea t deal of waste gas in the streets. —Yes. But I’m sure something will be done to ________ air pollution. A.reduce B.remove C.collect D.warn 解析:本题考查动词辨析。reduce air pollution 表示“降低空气污染”。 答案:A 8.I agree with most of what you said,but I don’t agree with ________. A.everything B.anything C.something D.nothing 解析:若紧紧抓住“I don’t agree with...”为否定句,就会死抠“anything 用于否定句和疑 问句”这一语法规则, 就会步入误区而选 B。 该题应依据上文中关键词语“most of what you said”,借助“not everything”这一“部分否定”确定正确答案。 答案:A 9.The woman used to ________ a hard life,________ she? A.live;hadn’t B.live;didn’t C.have;hadn’t D.have;didn’t 解析:used to live a hard life 表示过去过着艰苦的生活。used to do 反义疑问句有两种表达 方式:didn’t she?或 usedn’t she? 答案:B 10.I was still sleeping when the fire ________,and then it spread quickly. A.broke out B.put out C.came out D.got out 解析:根据“and then it spread quickly”可知空格要填“(火)着了”。break out 指战争、火 灾等突然发生;put out 释放出,产生;come out 长出,出现;get out 离开,逃脱。 答案:A Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.他父亲是如此激动,以至于忍不住流下了泪水。(so...that) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.医生迅速地用药麻醉了患者。(drug) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.他吸可卡因上瘾。(addicted) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.大火把森林烧得仅剩下几棵树。(reduce...to...) ________________________________________________________________________ 5.他们可能会对他发怒。(likely) ___________ _____________________________________________________________ 答案:1.So excited was his father that he couldn’t keep his tears on his face. 2.The doctor drugged his patient quickly. 3.He was addicted to cocaine. 4.The fire reduced the forest to a few trees. 5.They are likel y to become angry with him. Ⅳ.完形填空 “How did you do it,Dad?How have you __1__ not to have a drink for almost twenty years?” It took me almost twenty years to have the __2__ to ask my father these very personal questions.When Dad first stopped drinking,the whole family was __3__ every time he got into a situation that __4__ have started him off drinking again.For a few years we were __5__ to bring it up __6__ the drinking would begin again. “I would recite this little __7__ to myself at least four to five times a day,” Dad replied.



“The words were a __8__ and a reminder to me.They told me that things were never so difficul t that I could not __9__ them,” Dad said.Then he __10__ the poem with me.It was __11__,yet the meaningful words immediately became a part of my daily life. About a month after this talk with my father, I received a __12__ from a friend.It was a book of daily mottos with one listed for each day of the year. It has been my __13__ that when you get something with days of the year on it,you naturally __14__ the page that lists your own birthday. I hurriedly opened the book to the page of November 10 to see what words of __15__ this book had in __16__ for me.I was shocked to see the words on that __17__.There was the exact same poem that had helped my father for all these years!It is called the Serenity(平静)Prayer: God,grant me the Serenity to __18__ the things I cannot __19__,the Courage to change the things I can,and the Wisdom to know the __20__. 【解题导语】 文章讲述了父亲成功戒酒的故事,而作者由此也受到人生的启示。 1.A.decided B.tried C.attempted D.managed 解析:由文意可知,父亲已成功戒酒,故用 manage to do“设法做成了(某事)”。 答案:D 2.A.courage B.bravery C.confidence D.pride 解析:下文有提示:these very personal questions,故用 have the courage to do sth.“有勇气 做某事”。 答案:A 3.A.nervous B.anxious C.eager D.concerned 解析:由下文可知,家人怕父亲再喝酒,故紧张。 答案:A 4.A.must B.would C.could D.should 解析:would have done 指有可能发生(实际上没有),符合文意。 答案:B 5.A.nervous B.afraid C.fearful D.cautious 解析:be afraid to do“不敢做(某事)”,符合文意。 答案:B 6.A.for fear B.in case of C.as a result D.in some way 解析:for fear“恐怕”,符合文意。 答案:A 7.A.poetry B.poem C.story D.message 解析:根据下文可知此处为 poem。 答案:B 8.A.relaxation B.liberation C.freedom D.relief 解析:由下文诗的内容可知应用 relief“慰藉,宽慰”。 答案:D 9.A.handle B.do with C.get through D.go through 解析:handle“解决(问题)”,符合文意。 答案:A 10.A.read B.recited C.shared D.enjoyed 解 析:由下文可知,父亲与“我”分享了那首诗,share sth. with sb.“与某人分享某事”。 答案:C 11.A.complicated B.difficult C.simple D.plain 解析:根据后面的 yet 可以判断,这首诗很简单。 答案:C 12.A.book B.poem C.gift D.letter 解析:根据后面的 book 判断这是一份礼物,是一本书。 答案:C 13.A.motto B.experience C.chance D.prayer



解析:由下文描述可知,此处指作者的经验。 答案:B 14.A.open B.switch C.turn to D.come across 解析:turn to“翻到(某一页)”,符合文意。 答案:C 15.A.philosophy B.wisdom C.methods D.tricks 解析:由上文 a book of daily mottos 可知应用 wisdom,words of wisdom“名言警句”。 答案:B 16.A.shop B.store C.the corner D.the way 解析:in store“等待着,准备着”,符合文意。 答案:B 17.A.book B.paper C.page D.motto 解析:上文提及 11 月 10 日的那一页,故此处用 page。 答案:C 18.A.receive B.acquire C.obtain D.accept 解析:由下文语意,应是接受那些“我”无力改变的事情。 答案:D 19.A.solve B.change C.turn D.face 解析:见上题解析。 答案:B 20.A.result B.goal C.difference D.future 解析:此处指上面提到的两种情况的区别。 答案:C



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