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Grammar and usage
Transitive verbs and intransitive verbs 及物动词和不及物动词 By Yu Qin

What is the difference of “begin” in the two sentences?
Class begins! Today I’ll begin our lesson with a question.

Learning aims:
We will…… ?know about the differences between vt. and vi. . ?learn how to use them. ?focus on some testing points about them.

Task 1

Discuss the forms of verbs and their usage in pairs. 1. To everyone’s surprise, he contributed $5,000 to a local charity._____ +______ Vt. O(宾)
2. On my birthday she gave me a mobile phone as a gift. _____ +______ +_______ O (间宾) O (直宾) Vt. 3. This will soon make DVDS things of the past. Vt. O (宾) Oc (宾补) _____ +______+________

4. More challenges lie ahead of me. S + _______ Vi. 5. Many different people contributed to the development of TV. S + ______+______+ O Vi. Prep.

Task 2
宾语 1. 及物动词后必须接_________ ,可以有三种构成形式: (1) ____________________ Vt. + O(宾)

Discuss the differences between vt. and vi. in groups.

Vt. + O (间宾) + O (直宾) (2) _____________________ Vt. + O (宾) + Oc (宾补) (3) ______________________
不可接 2. 不及物动词________宾语,如后接名词或代词必须在不 及物动词后接___________. 介词

3. 大多数及物动词有__________语态,而不及物动词则 被动 _____________. 没有 不及物动词 4. 有些动词既是_______________,又是_______________, 及物动词 需根据具体语境判断.

Task 3 Usage

Testing point 1: Vt. or Vi.选择
1.Read aloud Part A on P.9. and then decide whether the underlined verbs are Vt. or Vi. 2.Finish Part B on P.9. and find out the meanings of the words or phrases that you choose in pairs. Vt. or Vi.选择依据: 句义和句子结构的要求

Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the given words offer 1. Who can be possibly kind enough to _________ me a bowl of water?( provide/ supply/offer) promise 2. My mother didn’t _______ me to chat online, because she was very busy then. (allow/ promise) raised 3. The teach had his voice ______ to make himself heard. (rise/ raise) 4. On arriving at the hotel, they called their parents. _______ (arrive/ reach)

5. If you arrive early, you can ________ yourself casually. seat (seat/ sit)
washes 4. This kind of cloth _________well, and I usually have it _______ every week. (wash) washed

Testing point 2: 动词语态的选择 ●大多数__________有被动语态,___________则没有被 及物动词 不及物动词

●有些动词用作不及物动词时表示_________________, 主语本身的性质
_______形式表示被动意义。 主动
类似的动词:write/ sell/ tear/ close/ open/ lock/ shut/ …

Right or wrong: ? I spent a whole day locked in my study yesterday. lock ? The door won’t be locked.

Testing point 3: 从句引导词/关系词的选择 Discuss the following in groups. 1. This is the very village where I spent my _____ childhood. 2. Do you still remember the holiday __________ we (which / that) spent in that village? 3. It is thinking that make ______ we read ours. what 4. Talent and intelligence is not where the key _____ to higher grades only lies.
解题思路:从句类型---- 从句所缺成分--- 词义辨析

Testing point 4: 省略句中的应用 1. —Would you like to see the film with me? —Yes, I’d very much like __________. A. to B. to see C. × D. see 2. --- I usually do my homework at the last minute. ---Actually, I would rather _______. A. not to B. not to do C. not D. not do

Task 4 Practice

Discuss the following in pairs.
Right or wrong: 1.When was the accident occurred? did occur 2.His novel sells well so that most of the novels have been sold out. 3.We should try our best to serve for people. people 4.The fresh air will benefit you you. from 5.Her parents wanted to marry her to a rich man but she wanted to marry withclassmate her her classmate.

Discuss the following in groups:

1.What is it that __________ her so much? (interest) interests
2.It is your ability ,rather than where you are from, matters that _________.(matter) 3.There is a picture __________ on the wall. (hang) hanging

4. That is just ________ we disagree. (where/ what) where
5. However you dress, I like you best. ________ however) dress (whatever/

vt. 给…穿衣服 dress sb./ oneself vi. 穿衣服

Task 5 Summary
1.Differences between Vt. and Vi.

2.Testing points:
1)Vt. or Vi.选择

3)从句引导词/关系词的选择 4)省略句中的应用

It appears that whether the verb is Vt. or Vi. is not important , but lots of difficult grammar knowledge is based on it, such as clauses, non-predicate verbs or sense and voice.

1.Period 5 / 6 (CX); 2.Preview Project.

promise VS


She promised me to attend my wedding.

His mother didn’t allow him to keep in touch with that girl.
promise sb. to do sth. Vt. + O (间宾) + O (直宾)

allow sb. to do sth.
Vt. + O (宾) + Oc (宾补)



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