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高考英语写作How to write a survey(图表类写作)

How to write a survey ---- write about the data

I. Read the following passage and underline the useful phrases and patterns: Recently a survey was made among Senior 3 students on physical training. According to the survey, only 35% of the surveyed students do sports. As the data shows, half of the students say they have too much homework and have not enough time to do exercise while 30% of them complain that they have no places where they can relax themselves and that there are not enough training facilities. 10% feel that they live too far away from the places and some even don’t know how to take exercise. Because of the lack of physical activities, many students are in poor health. We should realize the importance of taking exercise and measures should be taken to improve the present situation.

II. Accumulation:
Group A.根据题目要求点名表格/表格所反映的主


1. 图表/调查/数据显示: The survey/ data shows that…

The table indicates that…

2. 根据调查数据:
According to the survey/data, As the data/ survey shows, 3. 从调查/表格中我们可以看出: It can be seen/ indicated from the data that… As we can see from the data,

Group B. 根据表格分析与对比,可用短语:
go 1. 表示增加: up to /by, rise to /by, increase to/by, grow to /by 2. 表示减少: to/by, go down to/by, fall drop to/by, decrease/decline to/ by

eg: The number of traffic accidents has grown by 3% to 22%. “了” “到”

Group B. 根据表格分析与对比,可用短语:
quickly / rapidly / sharply / dramatically 慢: slowly / gradually/ slightly 快: 稳定:steady/ steadily, stable/ stably

Group B. 根据表格分析与对比,可用短语:
3. 表示层次理由: On the one hand,…on the other hand,… For one thing,… for another thing,… As a result, … 4. 表示对比: while/whereas: “而” on the contrary/however/but just like/ unlike… compared with…

Group C. 归纳总结或发表评论,常用短语:
In brief, In short, In conclusion, In a word In general, Generally speaking To sum up, All in all, On the whole, Therefore, it can be concluded from the data/ survey that… 补充:引出你的情况: As for me (至于我), As far as I’m concerned, In/With regards to sb/sth: 关于…的情况

Group D. 数据结果表达的常用句型: 1. 有50%的学生选择经理做为他们的理想职 业。 Half of the students choose manager as their ideal job. 2. 48%的女生以电影明星为偶像,35%的男 生以体育明星为偶像。 48% of the girls favor film and TV stars, while 35% of the boys like sports stars best. whereas

3.父母在女生的偶像排位中列第三。 Parents rank the third for girls.

rank the second/ fourth 4.很少男生想做老师(只有5%) Few boys want to be teachers, with a percentage of only 5%. cf: 很少男生想做老师和护士,分别只有 10%和5%. … , with a percentage of 10% and 5% respectively(依次).

5. 男女生以伟人为偶像的比率相等。
The percentage of the boys choosing “great figures” as their idols is the same as that of the girls. The percentage of … is the same as that of …

III. Practice 2007年广东高考作文题 上周, 我们以 “谁是你的偶像”为题在2600名学 生中进行了一次调查(survey)以下是调查数据:
偶像 伟人 女生 18% 男生 18%


父母 影视明星 体育明星 没有偶像

25% 50% 6% 1%

11% 14% 48% 9%

写作内容 1. 调查时间,调查问题和 调查对象 2. 男女生在以明星为偶像 方面的差异 3. “父母”在男女生偶像中 的 排序差异 4. 男女生在以伟人为偶像方 面的异同 5. 你的偶像及理由

参考范文 Last week, we did a survey among 2,600 students on “Who Is Your Idol”. The survey shows that half of the girls choose film and TV stars as their idols, while 48% of the boys favor sports stars. As the data shows, “parents” ranks the second for the girls, but the fourth for the boys. However, the percentage of the boys choosing “great figures” is the same as that of the girls. As for my self, Thomas Edison is my idol because his inventions have greatly changed our life.

高三英语调研考 “基础写作”
调查内容 初中生 高中生

阅读数量 37% (5本以下每年) 喜欢的阅读 材料 学生阅读量少 的原因 调查结论 漫画杂志 幽默故事 没兴趣


通俗小说,经典作品 科幻小说 作业太多没时间

1. 要鼓励学生更多地开展阅读 2. 给予学生更多课外阅读的时间

写作内容: 1. 开展调查的时间, 调查的对象和目的 2.初高中学生每年阅读量的发现 3.初高中学生所喜欢阅读材料方面的差异 4.关于初高中学生阅读量少的原因 5.调查结论带给我们的启示

为了更好地了解中学生的课外阅读习惯,我们 在2000名学生中进行了一次调查 基本句型: Recently, we __________ a survey among _________ on __________.

to (不定式) in order to/ so as to

Recently, we made/ conducted/ carried out a

survey among 2000 students on their reading

Recently, we carried out a survey among
2000 students to/ in order to/ so as to know

more about their reading habits. Recently, in order to know more about their
reading habits, we carried out a survey among

2000 students.

阅读数量 (5本以下每年)




The data/ survey shows that… From the survey we can conclude/find that… As the data shows, … As we can see from the data, … It can be seen/ indicated/ concluded from the data that…

数据结果表达 37% of both junior and senior students read fewer than five books per year. 37% of junior students as well as senior students read fewer than five books per year. 37% of junior students read fewer than five books per year, and so do the senior students.

喜欢的阅读 材料

漫画杂志 幽默故事

通俗小说,经典作品 科幻小说

表示 “喜欢,感兴趣”的词或短语 like/ love/ prefer/enjoy/favor… be interested in… have/ take/ show (an) interest in… be fond of/ be keen on…

表示 “对比、比较”的连词 while, whereas…

学生阅读量少 的原因



说明 “原因”的句型

The reason why… is that… When asked the reason why… They don’t read enough because…

As for/ With / In regard to /Regarding…


1. 要鼓励学生更多地开展阅读 2. 给予学生更多课外阅读的时间

表达 “总结和得出结论”的句型 In a word/ To sum up/ All in all… In conclusion…
On the whole…

From what has been discussed above, …
Therefore, we strongly suggest/ recommend that…



有做…的习惯: have the habit of doing sth
形成做…的习惯: form the habit of doing sth 爱好;兴趣: hobby 杂志: magazine

病句纠错 1. There are 37% junior and senior students read fewer than 5 books per year. 2. The reason why they read not much is that they don’t interested in it. 3. Most of the junior students like read novels. 4. …while senior students complain that they have so many homework to do. 5. From this survey we know firstly, we should encourage students to read more, secondly, give more time to them to read.

佳作欣赏 Recently, in order to better understand the reading habits of middle school students, we did a survey among 2000 middle school students.

The data shows that 37% of both junior high
school and senior high school students read less

than five books per year.Junior high school
students are more interested

in cartoon magazines and humorous stories while

senior high school students show more interest
in novels, classic works and science fictions.

The reason why junior middle school students
don’t read enough is that they are not interested

in reading and as for senior high school students,
their reading time is mostly taken up by homework. Therefore, I strongly recommend that we should encourage students to read more and give them more time to read after school.

Recently we conducted a survey of 2000

junior and senior students in order to learn
more about students’ reading habits. We

found 37 percent of middle school students
read fewer than 5 books per year. With regard

to reading material, it is shown that junior
students prefer cartoon magazines and joke books whereas senior students prefer popular

novels, classic works and science fiction. As for why students read so little, some of the junior students said they had no interest in reading while some of the senior students

complained that they had no time to read
because the had so much homework to do.

The findings suggest we need to encourage
students to do more reading and give them

more time for reading after class.

正确运用时态 特定时间用过去时 经常出现的情况或自己的评述用 一般现在时

正确形式 habit classic经典的 magazine 误写(误用) habbit hobby classical古典的 mangazine


英 语 周 报 第 十 三 期 基 础 写 作

科目 语文 数学 英语 X科 计算机 音乐 体育

女生 86% 68% 83% 54% 75% 91% 60%

男生 83% 89% 81% 75% 93% 76% 93%

1. 调查的时间, 问题, 对象 2. 男女生在最喜欢的科目上的差异 3. 语文在男女生最喜欢的科目上的差异 4. 男女生在选考科X方面的异同 5. 你最喜欢的科目及理由

最近, 我们以 “你觉得幸福吗?”为题, 在1000名中学 生中进行了一次调查.下面是调查结果.
调查结果 幸福: 36%; 还可以: 42%; 一点也不幸福: 22% 不幸福的主要原因 面临许多问题: 来自老师和父 母的压力; 太多的作业; 太少 的自由. 写作内容 1. 调查时间,问题和对象 2. 调查结果 3. 部分中学生感觉不幸福的主要原因 4. 从教师,家长和学生自身方面, 就如何让更多 的中学生感到幸福, 谈谈你自己的看法

高三英语调研考 “基础写作” 高三(4)班 参考人数
平均分 12分-13分 9分-11分

10分 6人 32人



高三英语调研考 “基础写作” 高三(3)班 参考人数
平均分 14分-15分 12分-13分

10.75分 2人 12人




步骤一:认真审题, 准确提炼要点
步骤二:整合信息, 单句直译

步骤三:组句成篇, 连贯流畅

完整, 语言是否准确, 内容是否连贯)

切记: 工整书写, 保持卷面整洁



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