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高考英语一轮提能训练:外研版必修1 Module6(附解析)




Module 6

The Internet and Telecommunications
能 力 闯 关

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The jar is large enough to c________ ten glasses of water. 2.The only a________ to that ancient castle is along a muddy track. 3.His company c________ last year,leaving him nothing but debts. 4.We were late because our car had a b________ on the motorway. 5.The sound came from an unknown s________,far aw ay in the distance. 6.This island is a________ only by boat. 7.In China,the ________(百分比)of the people who carry a mobile phone is increasing. 8.The ________(平均)time the teachers in countryside middle school spend in teaching is more than 11 hours a day. 9.Don’t ________(犹豫)to ask us for help. 10 . Sandstorms are ________( 频繁的 )in the spring of Beijing , which do great harm to the environment. 答案:1.contain 2.access 3.crashed 4.breakdown 5.source 6.accessible 7.percentage 8.average 9.hesitate 10.frequent Ⅱ.单项填空 1.They went to the zoo on foot ________ by bus. A.instead B.instead of C.without D.but 解析:句意“他们步行而不是坐车去了动物园”。instead of 取代。 答案:B 2.The beauty of Venice ________ largely in the style of its ancient buildings. A.is consisting B.consists C.is consisted D.is being consisted 解析:“Venice 的美关键在于她古建筑的风格。”consist in 在于(不用进行时和被动语态)。 答案:B 3.There is too much noise outside;I can not ________ my attention on my book. A.fill B.connect C.flat D.concentrate 解析: 句意为: “外面噪音太大; 我不能集中精力看书。 ”concentrate my attention on my book 表示“把精力集中于书”;fill“注入”;connect“连接”;flat“平的”。 答案:D 4.Mr. Brown is a man of difficult ________. A.touch B.access C.contact D.deal with 解析:句意:“布朗先生是一位难接近的人。”考查词义辨析: touch“接触,触摸”; access“接近”;c ontact“接触,联系,联络”,作名词应是 be in contact with;deal with 是动词词组“处理,应对”。 答案:B 5.—Have you ________ some new ideas? —Yeah,I’ll tell you later. A.come about B.come into C.come up wi th D.come out with 解析:本题考查 come 短语的辨析,come about 发生,产生;come into 进入;come out with 与??出来,都不符合题意,只有 come up with 提出(想法、意见等)。 答案:C 6.—Excuse me,did you notice wheth er our head teacher had gone by?



—Not ________ I’ve been standing here. A.while B.when C.since D.before 解析:while 表示“在??期间”,谓语动词必须延续;when 表示“当??时候”; since 表示“自从??以来”,后面用过去时;before 表示“在??之前”。根据句意 A 项最佳, 表示“我站在这里这段时间”。 答案:A 7.Xu Beihong is known ________ the world ________ an artist ________ his “horses”. A.to;as;for B.as;for;to C.as;to;for D.to;for;as 解析:be known to 意为“为??所知”;be known as 意为“作为??而为人所知”;be known for 意为“因??而为人所知”。该句表示“徐悲鸿作为一名画家以他画的‘马’而 为世人所知。” 答案:A 8.The book ________ forty maps,________ three of Great Britain. A.contains;includes B.is containing;includ ing C.includes;contains D.contains;including 解析: contain 意为“包含; 容纳”, 侧重内容; include 意为“包括”, 侧重组成部分; including 为介词“包括”。contain 和 include 都不能用于进行时态。书中含有 40 幅地图,侧重书的 内容,所以第一个空 contains;第二个空应用介词 including,后面接宾语,表示“包括”。 答案:D 9.I wanted to catch ________ early train,but couldn’t get ________ ride to the station. A.an;the B./;the C.an;/ D.the;a 解析:考查冠词。the early train 为特指,意为“早班车”;get a ride 为固定搭配,意为“搭 车”。 答案:D 10.The production of grain rose by 25% ________ the first three months of last year. A.comparing to B.compare with C.compared to D.to compare with 解析:compared to/with 与??比较,在句中作状语。 答案:C 11.The task is not difficult as ________. A.expect B.expected C.expecting D.to expect 解析:该题句意为“这项任务不像预料的那么难。”as expected 相当于 as it was expected。 答案:B 12.—May I move your bag a little and take this seat? —________. A.Do it please B.Go ahead C.It doesn’t matter D.I don’t mind 解析:由于受汉语思维的影响,易误选 C。根据英美人的语言习惯,鼓励对方去做某事, 或同意做某事,往往用 Go ahead。 答案:B 13.The car is too expensive for ________ family. A.a usual B.an average C.a normal D.a rich 解析:a usual family 一个平常的家庭;an average family 一个普通的家庭;a normal faimly 一个正常的家庭;a rich family 一个富裕的家庭。 答案:B 14.Nokia,________ world’s l argest mobile phone producer,is going to found ________ new research center in China. A.a;a B.a;the C.the;the D.the;a 解析:句意:诺基亚,世界上最大的手机生产厂家,将在中国建立一个研究中心。 world 作“the body in space on which we live;the earth(世界,地球)”讲时,常与定冠词 the 连用, 如:the world’s tallest bu ilding 世界上最高的大楼;第二空表示泛指,要用不定冠词。 答案:D 15.It is not socially ________ for parents to leave children unattend ed at that age.



A.accessible B.adorable C.adaptable D.acceptable 解析:句意:“在那个年龄父母把孩子丢下没人照顾是社会上无法接受的。”本题考查词 义辨析,accessible“易达到的,易接近的”;adorable“值得崇拜的”;adaptable“可改编 的,能适应的”;acceptable“可接受的”,根据题意答案是 D。 答案:D Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.去花园唯一的途径是穿过厨房。(access) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.这本书里包含你所需要的所有信息。(contain) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.你见过图书馆的最新设计图吗?(design) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.他专注于自己的工作。(concentrate) ________________________________________________________________________ 5.初学者的画不能与专家的画相比较。(compare) _______________________________________________________________ _________ 答案:1.The only access to the garden is through the kitchen. 2.The book contains all the information you need. 3.Have you seen the latest designs for the library? 4.He has concentrated on his work. 5.A beginner’s painting can’t be compared to/with that of an expert. Ⅳ.完形填空 When I was a college student,I did a lot of traveling abroad.That was because a professor __1__ me to do so.She said, “Now is the time for you to travel around the world,__2__ your knowledge through actual experiences and have fun!” I __3__ her. Since I started to work for a __4__ company,however,I have done most of my traveling through the Internet.By using the Internet,I have seen the __5__ of many cities on my computer screen.And I have r eally made business __6__,too.With the help of the Internet,I have also got __7__ about food in different countries. Therefore,I was beginning to feel that actual tries were __8__ necessary when I happened to read a famous chef’s(厨师)comment on the Internet.He said, “It is very difficult to have real Italian food in a foreign country,because we enjoy food and the __9__ around us at the same time.So why don’t you fly over to Italy and enjoy real Italian __10__?” Those words reminded me of my __11__ advice.As information technology __12__,you might be able to do without making some real trips.But this also means that you will miss the various __13__ you can get from traveling. Today there are people who __14__ direct communication with others and spend much of their time on the Internet.It is not surprising to see a group of people __15__ not with each other but into their micro phones.It seems as if such people are __16__ by an invisible wall.They seem to be losing out on a good chance to __17__ and talk with other people.I do not think that they are taking good advantage of information technology.We should use information technology as a tool to make our daily __18__ more fruitful.However,we should never let it __19__ our time for facetoface communication.Let’s make sure of information technology more __20__,and have great fun in experiencing the actual world. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇议论文,讨论信息技术给人们的日常生活带来的利与弊。试题 有一定的难度,解题时不仅要注意句子中的词语搭配,更要从整体上把握文章的结构,按照 文章的行文逻辑进行合理的推断。 1.A.promised B.allowed C.hurried D.encouraged 解析:根据下文可知,“我”的一位教授鼓励“我”这样做。 答案:D 2.A.build up B.use C.practise D.exchange 解析:build up“逐渐获得,建立”。通过真实的经历建立自己的知识体系。



答案:A 3.A.agreed with B.learned from C.followed D.obeyed 解析:agree with sb.“同意/赞成某人(的话)”。 答案:A 4.A.computer B.food C.clothing D.machine 解析:根据下文“I have also got __7__ about food in different countries.”可得出答案。 答案:B 5.A.life B.rivers C.sig hts D.houses 解析:sights“风景、景色、名胜”,符合语境。 答案:C 6.A.plans B.bargain C.progress D.trips 解析:与上文“I have d one most of my traveling through the Internet.”相对照。 答案:D 7.A.information B.taste C.cooks D.feelings 解析:在因特网的帮助下,“我”获得了不同国家有关食品的信息。 答案:A 8.A.even more B.no longer C.much D.actually 解析:由第二段可知通过 Internet 便可浏览到所需信息,所以作者觉得实地旅行“不再”是 必要的。 答案:B 9.A.people B.drink C.atmosphere D.environment 解析:atmosphere“气氛”,我们在享受食物的同时也享受周围的气氛。 答案:C 10.A.shoes B.dishes C.custome rs D.situations 解析:上文讲述的是关于品尝意大利美食的事情。此题与之相对应,故选 dishes(菜)。 答案:B 11.A.friends’ B.parents’ C.professor’s D.boss’s 解析:根据第一段可知是“教授”提的建议,其他几项文中均未提及。 答案:C 12.A.produces B.advertises C.forms D.advances 解析:随着信息技术的进步/发展(advance)。 答案:D 13.A.news B.pleasures C.troubles D.places 解析:从旅行中能获得许多乐趣。 答案:B 14.A.avoid B.keep C.lose D.enjoy 解析: 根据下文中“spend much of their time on the Internet”和“It is not surprising to see...but into their micro phones.”可确定答案为 A。 答案:A 15.A.meeting B.talking C.communicating D.traveling 解析:根据下文“...not with each other but into their micro phones...”可选出答案 B。若选 C 项 ,communicating into...phones 为错误搭配。 答案:B 16.A.stopped B.met C.surrounded D.hurt 解析:这样的人好似被一堵看不见的墙所包围。 答案:C 17.A.look at B.employ C.travel D.meet 解析:人与人之间好像没有机会见面和彼此交谈。 答案:D 18.A.communication B.study C.work D.action 解析:与上下文相对应,这一段讲的是人们的交流情况。



答案:A 19.A.spare B.increase C.reduce D.make use of 解析:虽然信息技术能使我们的日常交流更有成效,但是,绝不能让网络技术减少我们面 对面交流的时间。 答案:C 20.A.wisely B.correctly C.or less D.slowly 解析:我们应更加明智地利用信息技术。 答案:A



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