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高 ‰n 、单词拼写


SB2 units3--4
1. In a crowded city street, a bicycle is often more c________ than a car. 2. To make the 2008 Olympic Games the best eve

r, some more important stadium are under c____________. 3. The meeting was put off as a result of the a________ of the president. 4. The mother sent the child to the best school in the country with the i________ of giving him the best education. 5. Can you r_______ someone for the job? We are really in need of someone who are good at computer skills. ‰5 、语 词汇 识

1. When it comes to how to keep a healthy diet, the girl often has a great ____ for snacks which are often referred to as junk food. A. advantage B. preference C. process D. proposal 2. Whether by accident or by ____ , he arrive too late to help us. A. purpose B. aim C. design D. chance 3. When you are ill, you can’t taste __, and even the food you like the best tastes__. A. proper, bad B. properly, bad C. proper , badly D. properly, badly 4. My new house is very ____ for me as I can get to my working site in five minutes. In fact this is the very reason why I decided to buy it weeks ago. A. reasonable B. comfortable C. convenient D. available 5. ---The heart transplant operation will begin. Can you ____ the pain? ---Sure. A. stand B. hold C. carry D. support 6._____ by his words, all the audience clapped now and then until his address came to an end. A. Impressed B. Impressing C. To be impressed D.Having impressed. 7. His first speech as a president made a strong ____ on his audience. A. attention B. depression C. intonation D. impression 8. People are often advised to _____ some money for their old age. A. pick up B. set aside C. put off D. give away 9. Reading is to the mind __ exercise is to the body.A. if B. whenC.what D. unless 10. I began to learn how to surf the internet with the ____ of getting some new information in my field. A. destination B. interview C. contribution D.intention 11. I am glad to ___ Miss May to you. She’ll go to you school to teach spoken English next week. A. suggest B. agerr C. instruct D. recommend 12. The prosperity of tourism is sure to ____ the development of the economy in the area and create more jobs. A. object to B. stick to C. conttibute to D. refer to 13. With the weather worsening, they have __the flight from London to Beijing. A. called off B. called in C. called out D. called for 14. The mother ___ the children so that the house might be quiet, because they are too noisy.

A. sent out B. sent for C. sent up D. sent away 15. Near the table ___ a poor dog, who desired to satisfy his hunger with ___ fell from the table. A. laid , something B. lay, that C. laid, that D. lay, what 16. However much ___, it will be worth it. A. does the watch cost B. the watch will cost C. costs the watch D. the watch costs 17. Eating too much fat can ___ heart disease and cause high blood pressure. A. stick to B. attend to C. contribute to D.devote to 18. The doctor had almost doubted whether the patient could live through a week, but the man finally ___. A. pulled out B. pulled through C. pulled up D.pulled over 19.---Are you ready to leave? ----Almost. I will be ready as soon as I ____ putting the clean dishes away. A. get through B.give up C. go on D. set about 20.___ rich centain natural resources may be, they cannont replace themselves and surely to be used up in time. A. However B.Whatever C. How D.No matter 21.Busy as I am every day, I try to ___ time for my family and myself in order to live a balanced life. A. take up B. set aside C. share in D. put away 22. ____ delicious, the food in this market was sold out soon. A. Tasting B. Tasted C. Having been tasted D. Being tasted 23. ____ of danger in the street at night, she had to go home with a friend ___her. A. Warned; followed B. Warning; following C. Having warned ; following D.Having been warned; following 24. _____ the high payment given by the employers, the good working conditions and colorful cultural life there are also factors that appeal to so many young job hunters.A. Other than B.Rather than C. Regardless of D. Apart from 24. Ever since my childhood, my father has been trying to ___ on me the value of credit for one’s success. A. impress B. express C. affect D. strike 25. Despite being disabled, he could not stand ____ him as a norml person just like others. A. his fellow workers didn’t treat B. his fellow workers not treating C. his fellow workers not to treat D. his fellow workers don’t treat 26. The Internet games are to some teenagers ___ drugs are to drug-addicts. This is why they are so addicted to them and neglect their studies. A. this B. that C. what D. which 27. I don’t know it right for the teacher to have a ___ for any of his or her students. A. purpose B. prefrernce C. choice D. taste 28. The service provided by the hotel is really bad. Would you like to ___ me a better one? A. introduce B. remind C. recommend D. suggest 29.Those flowers were ___ for your mother on her seventieth birthday, but as she is away, I would be glad if you accept them. A. intended B. produced C. devoted D. supplied 30.---Let’s go for an outing this weekend? ----____ It is my favorite. A. Why not? B. Take your time.C. Forget it D. Look out 31.Though ___ to stop, the __ speakers kept on talking at the meeting. A. being told ; exciting B. telling ; exciting C. to be told ; exciting D.told;excited



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