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【第二轮专项精炼精析 高考复习方案】2015届高考英语二轮专题限时训练:议论文型完形填空 Word版含解析]

专题限时训练(二十五) [议论文型完形填空]
(限时:30 分钟)

(一) What are the basic elements of good manners? Certainly a strong sense of justice is one; courtesy(谦恭) is often __1__ more than a highly d

eveloped sense of __2__ play. A friend of mine once told me about a time when he was driving along a narrow, unpaved mountain road. __3__ was another car that produced clouds of __4__, and it was a long way to the nearest __5__ highway. Suddenly, at a wider place, the car ahead __6__ off the road. __7__ that its owner might have engine trouble, my friend stopped and asked if anything was wrong.“__8__,”said the other driver,“but you've borne my dust this far, I'll __9__ with yours the rest of the way.” Another element of courtesy is empathy(善解人意), a __10__ that enables a person to see into the mind or heart of someone else, to understand the pain or __11__ there and to do something to __12__ it. A man dining with his girlfriend in a restaurant was trying to open the cap of a beer bottle, but he couldn't do it because of badly injured __13__. He asked a young busboy to help him. The boy took the bottle, turned his back momentarily and loosened the cap without difficulty. Then he __14__ it again. Turning back to the man, he __15__ to make great efforts to open the bottle without success. Finally, he took it into the kitchen and returned shortly, saying that he had __16__ to loosen it—but only with a special tool. __17__ another element of politeness is the ability to treat all people __18__, in spite of all status or importance. __19__ when you have doubts about some people, act as if they are worthy of your best manners. You may also be __20__ to find out what they really are. 1.A.nothing B.anything C.something D.nobody 2.A.fair B.consistent C.significant D.positive 3.A.Behind B.Ahead C.After D.Beside 4.A.dust B.smoke C.gas D.pollution 5.A.blocked B.used C.paved D.repaired 6.A.took B.pulled C.drove D.flew 7.A.Hoping B.Seeing C.Recognizing D.Thinking 8.A.Yes B.Sure C.No D.OK 9.A.do away B.catch up C.put up D.go on 10.A.tool B.thought C.behaviour D.quality 11.A.unhappiness B.pleasure C.feeling D.attitude 12.A.maximize B.expand C.minimize D.contract 13.A.legs B.arms C.fingers D.mouth 14.A.loosened B.repeated C.capped D.tightened

15.A.seemed B.pretended C.managed D.believed 16.A.offered B.tried C.managed D.failed 17.A.As B.But C.So D.Still 18.A.alike B.separately C.warmly D.nicely 19.A.Ever B.Specially C.Especially D.Even 20.A.astonished B.frightened C.disappointed D.depressed (二) “What r u doing? I'm waiting 4 u.” It is a __21__ thing to see teenagers tapping away on their mobile phones. But parents and teachers are __22__ that a “lost generation” may grow up with great technology skills, but be unable to __23__. The Qilu Evening News, in Shandong Province, has reported that parents of primary school students are facing a huge __24__ in getting their children to improve their handwriting. Schools have set __25__ special handwriting classes for pupils. In a(n) __26__ of text messages, __27__, computer games and Microsoft World, is it any __28__ that teens view handwriting as oldfashioned as tying your feet with a long strip of cloth? I learnt to write __29__ I was five years old. Armed with a big pencil, I __30__ to make sense of the alphabet. Being able to __31__ through writing proves that we have the ability for thinking intelligently, __32__ us from animals. OK, so most teenagers will not be able to write in a few years. What's the big __33__? Well, using a keyboard all the time may be affecting the shape of your hands. A new study __34__ recently in Shandong __35__ the fingers of people under 25 years old has shown that thumbs are taking over from other fingers as the hand's most flexible and strong fingers. The Chinese __36__ view handwriting as an indication of a person's __37__. Calligraphy(书法) has __38__ been an important part of Chinese culture, but today its future is __39__. Before we lose our skills altogether, __40__ that a letter written by hand is worth a thousand times more than a quick email. 21.A.simple B.common C.foolish D.special 22.A.shocked B.disappointed C.ashamed D.worried 23.A.speak B.read C.write D.listen 24.A.hardship B.challenge C.project D.task 25.A.in B.out C.up D.down 26.A.period B.world C.time D.age 27.A.emails B.telephones C.videos D.radios 28.A.reason B.wonder C.fun D.chance 29.A.when B.until C.since D.while 30.A.realized B.wanted C.struggled D.continued

31.A.think B.communicate C.feel D.tap 32.A.dividing B.lifting C.separating D.freeing 33.A.fear B.benefit C.difficulty D.deal 34.A.picked out B.found out C.worked out D.carried out 35.A.on B.to C.for D.by 36.A.normally B.traditionally C.officially D.proudly 37.A.skill B.deed C.hobby D.character 38.A.always B.still C.often D.even 39.A.bright B.amazing C.uncertain D.different 40.A.remember B.enjoy C.choose D.learn

(一) 【文章大意】 处理好人际关系的秘诀是什么?本文告诉了你答案, 那就是“以礼待人”, 同时也提出了一些化解矛盾和冲突的具体建议。 1.A nothing more than 相当于 only,意为“只不过”,故选 A 项。 2.A 上文“Certainly a strong sense of justice is one…”出现了 justice,这里需要填一个 它的同义词,故选 A 项。 3.B 另一辆车在前面,从后面的 the car ahead 可以找到答案。故选 B 项。 4.A 前一辆车扬起了很多灰尘。本段末有提示。故选 A 项。 5.C 作者朋友的车现在正开在灰尘滚滚的没有铺柏油的山路上,所以可以推测,要开 到最近的铺好了柏油的公路上还有一段很长的距离。 paved 与前面的 unpaved 对应, 符合语境。 故选 C 项。 6.B 前面那辆车驶向路边。take off 飞机起飞;pull off 驶向路边;drive off 驾车离开; fly off 飞出,故选 B 项。 7.D 这里描述了作者朋友当时的想法(内心的一种猜测),故用 thinking。他认为那部汽 车的发动机出了毛病。故选 D 项。 8.C 从后面的 but 可以判断,汽车并没有什么毛病,故选 C 项。 9.C 在余下的路程中,另一辆车的司机要求作者朋友的车开在前面,而他自己的车开 在后面,忍受吃灰之苦。put up with 是“忍受”之意,符合语境。do away with 废除;catch up with 赶上;go on with 继续。故选 C 项。 10.D empathy 是个人所具有的品质和能力,而不是工具(tool) 想法(thought) 或一种行 为(behaviour),故选 D 项。 11. A 根据 or 提示应选用 pain 的近义词, 作同位语, 而只有 unhappiness 符合这个要求。 故选 A 项。 12.C 做些事情使痛苦或不幸减少到最小。maximize 使增至最大限度;expand 扩大; minimize 把……减至最低数量(或程度);contract 使收缩。故选 C 项。 13.C 拧不开酒瓶盖,说明受伤的部位应该是手指头。故选 C 项。 14.D 他这时又把旋松的瓶盖拧紧。故选 D 项。 15.B 他假装费了很大的劲却没有旋开瓶盖。故选 B 项。

16.C 只是用了一件特殊的工具,他就打开瓶盖了。offer to do 主动做;try to do 努力 做(不一定成功);manage to do 设法做成某事(做成功了);fail to do 做某事没有成功。故选 C 项。 17. D 语境表达“礼貌的另一个要素”, still another 是固定搭配, 意为“还有另一个”, 故选 D 项。 18.A 礼貌的另一个要素是平等地对待每一个人,不管他的地位多高,多么重要。alike 在这里是副词,意为“相同地”。故选 A 项。 19.D 这里要选用程度状语来修饰,且含有转折之意的词汇,故用 even。 20. A 你也会惊讶地发现他们的真面目。 astonish 惊讶, 惊奇; frighten 使惊吓; disappoint 使失望;depress 使沮丧。故选 A 项。 (二) 【文章大意】 本文是一篇议论文,关于青少年过多使用网络语言导致家长和老师担心他 们会因此而丧失了书写能力。文章告诉我们虽然书法前途未卜,但它一直以来都是中华文化 的一部分。 21.B 此事已引起社会的广泛关注,一定是“常见的”现象,故选 B 项。 22.D 下文一直在说人们是如何采取措施应对该现象,所以推断此事一定是令家长和老 师感到“担忧”的,而既然这是一个常见的现象,就不会使人感到震惊,故选 D 项。 23.C write 为全文中心词,选 C。 24.B 从文中可知家长和学校在改变这一现状方面有很大困难,根据文中提示词 face 和 huge 可知选 B。 25. C 根据语境, 可知本句意为“为小学生专门设立书法课”, 故选 up。 set up 意为“设 立,创办”。 26.D in an age of…意为“处于……时代”,与上文的 generation 相呼应。 27.A email 与前后的 text messages,computer games,Microsoft World 同属一个类别。 28.B 青少年这样看待书法不足为奇,故选 B 项。 29.A 当“我”五岁的时候,“我”开始学习写字。故选 A 项。 30. C 由常识可知任何一个 5 岁的孩子, 拿着一个硕大的铅笔学写字, 都很费劲。 struggle 意为“挣扎,艰难,费力”故选 C。 31.B 文章开篇的对话即是人与人的对话,同时本文最后一句有提到人际往来的信件。 communicate 意为“交往,联系,沟通”故选 B。 32.C 书写是人与动物的区别。separate…from…意为“把……与……分开”,故选 C 项。 33.D “What's the big deal?”在此处意为“问题有多严重?”。 34.D carry out 意为“实施”,在此作定语,修饰 study,意为“进行的一项研究”。 35.A 固定搭配 study on…意为“做关于……的研究”。 36 . B 本段着重说明书法是中华文化的一部分,中国人传统上很看重书法,因此 traditionally 最合文意。 37.D 中国人常说“字如其人”。character 意为“性格,品性”。故选 D。 38.A “书法是中华文化的一部分”由来已久。always 意为“一直”,最切文意。 39.C 这里前一个分句和后一个分句的内容是截然不同的转折关系,且本文的开篇就提 到人们的担忧。uncertain 意为“不确定,未知”,最合文意。 40.A 这里文章深化主题,点明我们要永远“记住”手写的书信远比 email 更有意义。


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