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【志鸿优化设计】2014届高考英语一轮复习 Module6 UnexplainedMysteriesoftheNaturalWorld 外研版必修4

《志鸿优化设计》2014 届高考英语(外研版 全国)一轮复习题 库:必修 4Module6 UnexplainedMysteriesoftheNaturalWorld
Ⅰ.完成句子 1.他声称发现了一颗新行星。 He ______ to have discovered a new planet. 2.你能使你的思想适应新的生活方式吗? Can you ______ yo

ur way of thinking ______ the new lifestyle? 3.那些不能适应环境变化的物种可能会灭绝。 Those species inadaptable to changing conditions may ______ ______. 4.他似乎想不出恰当的字眼来阐明自己的观点。 He seemed unable to think of some suitable words to ______ ______ ______ his opinion. 5.一家公司因经营管理不善而破产。 A company goes bankrupt ______ ______ poor management. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Can you tell me how long dinosaurs ______ on the earth before they ______? A.had existed;disappeared B.had existed;were disappeared C.have existed;disappeared D.have existed;were disappeared 2. (2012 四川成都外国语学校月考,8)Some people claim ______ the rumor that some Egyptians are planning a 100,000 people anti?government protest. A.to overhear B.to have overheard C.having overheard D.to be overheard 3.Jack recommended me a few foreign movies ,but ______ was to my taste. A.all B.neither C.some D.none 4.—Were you frightened at the sound of the fire alarm? —No,everyone stayed ______ and obeyed the police. A.calm B.quiet C.silent D.still 5. (2012 山西太原一模,26)Even though Mark has lived in China for many years, he still can not ______ himself to the Chinese customs. A.adopt B.account C.adapt D.accept 6.Her devotion to her research work has won her a good ______ in the field. A.expression B.model C.award D.reputation 7.A red sky in the evening often ______ fine weather the next day. A.obtains B.occur C.indicates D.impresses 8. (2012 北师大附中期中,31)I could see that there was no ______ in arguing with him. A.point B.reason C.cause D.meaning 9.The Chinese ship,Tianyu 8,was reported ______ off the east coast of Kenya in November,2008. A.to be attacked B.to have been attacked C.to be attacking D.to have been attacking 10.The dispute ______ an argument between a worker and the foreman.


A.because of B.resulted in C.came by D.grew out of 11.If we don't take steps,the Tibetan antelopes will ______ some day like dinosaurs,which is quite terrible . A.die out B.die away C.die down D.die off 12.The cakes are delicious.He'd like to have ______ t hird one because ______ second one is rather too sm all. A.a;a B.the;the C.a;the D.the;a 13.______ the latest estimates,insects account for probably 4 to 6 million of the species of creatures living on the planet. A.Owing to B.According to C.In spite of D.In case of 14.—Do you mind if I close the window?It's a bit cold outside. —______ A.Let me see. B.No,why not? C.Yes,that'll be better. D.Yes,go ahead. 15.I believe the teacher's explanation will ______ this puzzling problem. A.throw light on B.come to light C.see the light D.make light of Ⅲ.完形填空 Being deaf has never held back Karina Mitchell.As a matter of fact, it may have __1__ her to new heights.“The kid never gives up __2__ , ” said her father, Tony.“When someone tells her she __3__ do something, if she struggles to do something, it just makes her more __4__.” Mitchell will take the __5__ court at Friday night.“I like playing,” she said.“I like being seen and I like the __6__.I like it when people are looking at me.” Mitchell used to play basketball in Las Cruces, __7__ Camino Middle School in Grade 8.One summer she went to a university basketball camp, where her head coach Kevin Cook saw her play and recommended to Tony that his __8__ play point guard (组织后卫).Not only did she change __9__,she also went up north to Santa Fe to attend the New Mexico School for the Deaf(NMSD). Playing at NMSD also __10__ her to compete in athletic events outside of the __11__.Because of sports, Mitchell has travelled to many states and now Kentucky.“When I played here, no one __12__ me,” Mitchell said. “The deaf world doesn't really know about deaf athle tes that go to big schools.Now, I'm known.The __13__ world is finding out that I can play ball.” She __14__ her time in Santa Fe because there she developed the competitive spirit.“It's going to be like when I played at Mayfield,” she spoke of this weekend's tournament,“It's going to be __15__.I love that—to play the best and to go against the best.”That's what separates Mitchell—her __16__. Her mother Lora told a story about when Karina was first __17__ BMX(越野自 行车), and other children would say she wouldn't __18__ because of her lack of balance.Mitchell didn't __19__ it, practicing day and night before becoming a very good rider.“__20__stops her,” Lora said,“Nothing at all.” 1.A.permitted B.driven C.invited D.discouraged 2.A.carelessly B.immediately C.slowly D.easily 3.A.can't B.mustn't C.shouldn't D.needn't 4.A.puzzled B.interested C.determined D.delighted

5.A.football B.volleyball C.tennis D.basketball 6.A.view B.support C.attention D.help 7.A.building B.attending C.teaching D.studying 8.A.student B.sister C.son D.daughter 9.A.positions B.minds C.principles D.tricks 10.A.forbade B.persuaded C.allowed D.attracted 11.A.country B.state C.school D.team 12.A.doubted B.noticed C.decided D.recognized 13.A.dark B.deaf C.real D.bright 14.A.regretted B.wasted C.appreciated D.spared 15.A.exciting B.funny C.surprising D.frightening 16.A.strength B.confidence C.feature D.method 17.A.running B.operating C.riding D .taking 18.A.fail B.try C.stop D.succeed 19.A.make B.ignore C.believe D.promise 20.A.Nothing B.Everything C.Nobody D.Someone Ⅳ.阅读理解 Even bird brains can get to know an entire continent—but it takes them a year of migration to do so,suggests a Princeton research team. The scientists have shown that migrating adult sparrows can find their way to their winter nesting grounds even after being thrown off course by thousands of miles. The team first brought 30 sparrows to Princeton from northern Washington State, where the birds had been in the process of migrating southward from their summer breeding grounds in Alaska.Half the birds were juveniles (少年) about three months of in age that had never migrated before,while the other half were adults that had made the round trip to their wintering site in the southwestern United States at least once. After the birds were released, they attempted to resume(重新开 始) their migration,but both age groups grew disoriented(迷失方向的)quickly. “All the birds scattered at first,” Wikelski said.“It was clear that they were turned around for a couple of days.But while the adults eventually realized they had to head southwes t,the younger birds resumed flying straight southward as though they were still in Washington.” “The adults,” said team member Richard Holland,“recovered their bearings because they possess something the younger birds do not,which is an internal map.” “These birds need two things to know where they are and migrate effectively: a ‘map’ and a ‘compass’,”said Holland,a postdoctoral research associate in Wikelski's lab.“What we've found is that juveniles use their compass,but the adults also use their map.” H olland said, “The birds do not lose the compass as they age, somehow develop but the map , eventually applying both tools to keep on track during migratory flights.Scientists already have determined that the compass is based on the sun or the magnetic field,but where the map comes from remains a mystery—one that the team will be exploring in coming years.” 1.Wh ere did the 30 sparrows spend their summer? A.In Princeton. B.In Washington. C.In Alaska. D.In the southwestern United States. 2.When the birds were first released,______.

A.the adults found the right direction quickly B.both groups remained lost in a few days C.both groups flew in the same direction D.both groups joined together in their flight 3.We can know from the passage that the juveniles of sparrows ______. A.will follow the adults in their flights B.will find their destination eventually C.will lose the compass as they age D.still lack an internal map 4.We can conclude from the last paragraph that ______. A.sparrows need both a “map” and a “compass” in migratory flights B.only the adults need a “map” to guide them in migratory flights C.the map is more important than a compass D.the adults can rely on a “map” or a “compass”


参考答案 Ⅰ.1.claime d 2.adapt;to 3.die out 4.throw light on 5.due to Ⅱ.1.A disappear 为不及物动词,故无被动语态;再由 exist 与 disappear 所发生 的先后顺序可知选 A 项。 2.B claim 意为“声称”,后面应接不定式形式作宾语,可排除 C 项;overhear 意为 “无意中听到;偷听到”,主语 people 与其为主谓关系,可排除 D 项;overhear 发生在谓 语 claim 之前,所以应选不定式的完成式作宾语,表示“一些人声称无意中听到了”。 3.D 由空后的单数 was 判断应排除 A、C 项;由于有好几部外国电影,所以排除表示 两者的 neither 而选 none。 4. calm 意为“头脑冷静的; A 心情平静的; 镇定的”; quiet 意为“静的; 无声音的”; silent 意为“默默的;不出声的”;still 意为“静止不动的”。根据句意判断应选 A 项, 表示“大家都很镇定,听从警察的指挥”。 5.C adopt 意为“采纳;收养”;account 意为“解释,导致”;adapt 意为“使适 应”;accept 意为“接受”。该题应选 C 项,表示“使自己适应中国的习俗”。 6.D A 项意为“表达”;B 项意为“模型”;C 项意为“奖赏”;D 项意为“声誉;名 声”。句意:她对研究工作的奉献为她在这一领域赢得了好的名声。 7.C obtain 意为“获得”;occur 意为“发生”;indicate 意为“暗示;象征”; impress 意为“留下印象”。根据句意判断应选 C 项,表示“晚上火烧云预示着第二天天气 好”。 8.A there is no point in doing sth.为常用句型,意为“做某事没有意义”。 9. 根据句意判断, B 天裕 8 号是“受到攻击”, 并且发生在谓语动作“was reported” 之前,所以应选不定式的完成被动式。 10.D 句意:这场争执是由一名工人和工头的争论引发的。grow out of“源于”。 because of 不能作谓语动词;result in“导致”;come by“经过;得到”。 11.A 根据句意和 like dinosaurs 可知应选 A 项表示“绝迹”。die away 意为“变 弱”;die down 意为“变弱;渐渐平息”;die off 意为“相继死去”。 12. 当序数词表示“顺序”时用定冠词 the; C 表示“再一; 又一”时用不定冠词 a/an。 从句子的意思可知,a third one 表示“再吃一个”,所以用 a;the second one 表示所吃 的“第二个”,所以用 the。 13.B owing to 意为“由于”;according to 意为“根据;依照”;in spite of 意 为“尽管;虽然”;in case of 意为“以防”。根据句意应选 B 项,表示“根据最新的估 计”。 14.B 根据题意可知应该选 B 项。“why not”在这里用于对别人建议的支持和赞成。 15.A 由句意可知,此处指“使问题容易理解”,故选 A 项。B、C 两项后不能加宾语; D 项指“不把??当回事”。 Ⅲ.1.B 从后面米切尔所取得的成绩我们可以推知,耳聋驱使她达到了一个个新的高 度,所以此处要用 driven。 2.D 从文章最后一句“Nothing at all”可以推知没有什么能“轻易地(easily)” 使她放弃。 3.A 如果有人说她不能做某事,她会更加努力,此处的 can 表示能力。 4.C 别人说她不能做,这只会让她变得更加“有决心(determined)”。 5.D 根据文章第三段首句中的“Mitchell used to play basketball in Las Cruces” 可知米切尔所参加的项目是“篮球(basketball)”。 6.C 从“like being seen”和“like it when people are looking at me”可知她 喜欢人们“关注(attention)”她。 7.B 根据 in Grade 8 可知,她在那个学校上学,因此要用 attending。 8.D 结合上文的“said her father, Tony”我们很容易得知此处指托尼的女儿米切 尔。 9.A 根据上文的“play point guard”可知,那个主教练建议米切尔改变其在比赛中 的“位置(positions)”。 10.C 她有机会到其他州去打球,故选 allowed。

11.B 根据下文的“travelled to many states”可知,选 state。 12.D 从下文中的“Now, I'm known”可知,最初人们不“认识(recognize)”她。 13.B 根据上文的提示“The deaf world”可知选 B 项,指“聋人的世界”。 14.C 从下文的“because there she developed the competitive spirit”可知她 的竞争意识得到了提高,因此她很“感激(appreciated)”在 Santa Fe 的时光。 15.A 从下文的“I love that—to play the best and to go against the best.” 可知米切尔认为这样的比赛是“令人兴奋的(exciting)”。 16.B 从上文的“to play the best and to go against the best”可知米切尔有充 分的“自信(confidence)”。 17.C 从下文的“becoming a very good rider”可知她在“骑(riding)车”。 18.D 从下文的“because of her lack of balance”可以推知其他的孩子断定她不 可能“成功(succeed)”。 19.C 从下文她不断努力(practising day and night)可知,她根本不“相信 (believe)”其他孩子的话。 20.A 从米切尔的经历我们不难推知“没有什么(Nothing)”能够阻止她,另外文章 最后的“Nothing at all”也是提示。 Ⅳ.1.C 根据第三段第一句话中“from their summer breeding grounds in Alaska” 可知,这 30 只麻雀在阿拉斯加度过的夏季。 2. 根据第四段可知, B 被释放后, 这两组麻雀都迷失了方向, 结合第五段中“they were turned around for a couple of days”可知答案为 B 项。 3.D 根据第五段的介绍可知,少年麻雀找不到正确的迁徙路线,第六、七段又说明原 因,它们仅仅有“指南针”,而没有“地图”。 4.A 根据最后一段第一句 eventually applying both tools to keep on track during migratory flights 可推断出,麻雀在迁徙途中既需要“地图”,也需要“指南针”。



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