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【2012 全国卷 II】⒏That evening, ___ I will tell you more about later, I ended up working very late. A. that B. which C. what D. when 【答案】 【2012 安徽】29. Alot of language learning, has been discovered, is happening in the first year of life, so parents should talk much to their children during that period. A. as B. it C. which D. this 【答案】 【2012 重庆】29. Sales director is a position ______communication ability is just as important as sales skills. A. which B. that C. when D. where 【答案】 【2012 北京】26. When deeply absorbed in work, ______ he often was,he would forget all about eating or sleeping. A. that B. which C. where D. when 【答案】 【2012 福建】23. The air quality in the city, _____ is shown in the report, has improved over the past two months. A. that B. it C. as D. what 【答案】 【2012 陕西】14. It is the third time that she has won the race, ____ has surprised us all. A. that B. where C. which D. what 【答案】 【2012 山东】 23. Maria has written two novels, both of ___ have been made into television series. A. them 【答案】 【2012 湖南】34. Care of the soul is a gradual process ____ even the small details of life should be considered. A. what B. in what C. which D. in which B. that C. which D. what

【2012 天津】7. I wish to thank Professor Smith, without ____ help I would never have got this far. A. who 【答案】 【2012 江西】28. By 16:30, ____ was almost closing time, nearly all the paintings had been sold. A. which B. when C. what D. that B. whose C. whom D. which

【答案】 【2012 四川】13. In our class there are 46 students, _____ half wear glasses. A. in whom 【答案】 【2012 浙江】9. We live in an age ______ more information is available with greater ease than ever before. A. why 【答案】 【2012 浙江】17. Ellen was a painter of birds and of nature, _____, for some reason, had withdrawn from all human society. A. which 【答案】 【2012 江苏】22. After the flooding, people were suffering in that area, ____ urgently needed clean water, medicine and shelter to survive. A. which 【答案】 B. who C. where D. what B. who C. where D. whom B. when C. to whom D. on which B. in them C. of whom D. of them

【2012 安徽】27. The limits of a person’s intelligence, generally speaking, are fixed at birth, but ________he reaches these limits will depend on his environment. A. where B. whether C. that D. why 【答案】 【2012 重庆】 34. Evidence has been found through years of study______ children’s early sleeping problems are likely to continue when they grow up. A. why B. how C. whether D. that 【答案】 【2012 全国】24. It is by no means clear the president can do to end the strike. A. how B. which C. that D. what 【答案】 【2012 北京】 24. Jerry did not regret giving the comment but felt ______ he could have expressed it differently. A. why B. how C. that D. whether 【答案】 【2012 福建】35. We promise _____ attends the party a chance to have a photo taken with the movie star.

A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever 【答案】 【2012 陕西】20. As many as five courses are provided, and you are free to choose _____ suits you best. A. whatever B. whichever C. whenever D. wherever 【答案】 【2012 山东】25. It doesn’t matter _____ you pay by cash or credit card in this store. A. how 【答案】 【2012 湖南】26. Everyone in the village is very friendly. It doesn’t matter ___ you have lived there for a short or a long time. A. why 【答案】 【2012 天津】 9. It doesn’t matter ____ you turn right or left at the crossing—both roads lead to the park. A. whether 【答案】 【2012 江西】25. It suddenly occurred to him ___ he had left his keys in the office. A. whether 【答案】 【2012 辽宁】 34. The newcomer went to the library the other day and searched for _____ he could find about Mark Twain. A. wherever 【答案】 【2012 四川】17. Scientists study ____ human brains work to make computers. A. when 【答案】 【2012 浙江】 4. I made a promise to myself ____ this year, my first year in high school, would be different. A. whether 【答案】 【2012 江苏】27. The notice came around two in the afternoon _____ the meeting would be B. what C. that D. how B. how C. that D. whether B. however C. whatever D. whichever B. where C. which D. that B. how C. if D. when B. how C. whether D. when B. whether C. what D. why

postponed. A. when 【答案】 B. that C. whether D. how

【2012 全国卷 II】⒒ I had hardly got to the office ___ my wife phone me to go back home at once. A. when B. than C. until D. after 【答案】 【2012 安徽】30. When for his views about his teaching job, Philip said he found it very interesting and rewarding. A. asking B. asked C. having asked D. to be asked 【答案】 【2012 重庆】30.—Coach, can I continue with the training? —Sorry, you can’t ________you haven’t recovered from the knee injury. A. until B. before C. as D. unless 【答案】 【2012 全国】25. I don't believe we've met before, I must say you do look familiar. A. therefore B. although C. since D. unless 【答案】 【2012 北京】21. —Look at those clouds! —Don’t worry. ______ it rains, we’ll still have a great time. A. Even if B. As though C. In case D. If only 【答案】 【2012 北京】35. Don’t handle the vase as if it ____ made of steel. A. is B. were C. has been D. had been 【答案】 【2012 福建】 30. It is hard for Greek government to get over the present difficulties ______ it gets more financial support from the European Union. A. if B. unless C. because D. since 【答案】 【2012 陕西】18. Hot ___ the night air was, we slept deeply because we were so tired after the long journey. A. although B. as C. while D. however 【答案】 【2012 陕西】 25. All the photographs in this book, _______ stated otherwise, date from the 1950s. A. unless B. until C. once D. if 【答案】 【2012 山东】27. He smiled politely ____ Mary apologized for her drunken friends.

A. as 【答案】

B. if

C. unless

D. though

【2012 山东】32. A number of high buildings have arisen ____ there was nothing a year ago but ruins. A. when 【答案】 【2012 湖南】28. _______ I always felt I would pass the exam, I never thought I would get an A. A. While 【答案】 【2012 湖南】32. ______ hard you try, it is difficult to lose weight without cutting down the amount you eat. A. However 【答案】 【2012 天津】14. Everything was placed exactly _____ he wanted it for the graduation ceremony. A. while 【答案】 【2012 江西】31. You can borrow my car ____ you promise not to drive too fast. A. unless 【答案】 【2012 辽宁】30. Leave your key with your neighbor ____ you lock yourself out one day. A. as long as 【答案】 【2012 四川】10. If you happen to get lost in the wild, you’d better stay ______ you are and wait for help. A. why 【答案】 【2012 江苏】30. One’s life has value _____ one brings value to the life of others. A. so that 【答案】 B. no matter how C. as long as D. except that B. where C. who D. what B. even though C. in case D. as if B. if C. in case D. as long as B. when C. where D. though B. Whatever C. Whichever D. Whenever B. Once C. If D. Until B. where C. before D. until


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