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2015年高中英语 Unit2 Working the land单元测试2 新人教版必修4


Unit 2《Working the land》单元测试 2

I. 单项选择 1. —Shall I open the window to let some fresh air in? —No, _____________. A. I'd rather not B. I'd rather y

ou not C. I'd rather you didn't D. I'd like not to 2. Vitamin B and C help to _____________ your resistance. A. set up B. give up C. build up D.stand up 3. He got completely _____________ when he saw both Luc y and Lily, who are twin sisters. A. confusing B. confused C. confuse D. confuses 4. The professor referred to _____________ yesterday. A. come B. came C. coming D. comes 5. He insisted that he _____________ from heart trouble, but I didn't think so. A. should suffer B. has suffered C. suffers D. was suffering 6. It is generally considered unwise to give a child _____________ he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever 7 —What happened to your shoes? — They want _____________ . A. to mend B. being mended C. mending D. mended 8. —What do you think made Mary to upset? —_____________ her new bicycle. A. Losting B. Lost C. As she lost D. Because of 9. The officers narrowly escaped _____________ in the hot battle. A. have killed B. to kill C. to be killed D. being killed 10. The students are listening to the teacher with their eyes _____________ the blackboard. A. fixing on B. fixing to C. fixed on D. fixed to 11. Did you find ___________ impossible for him to tell the truth? A. this B. it C. that D. what 12.You but he _____________ the prizes to these gifted students at the meeting. A. is hanging out B. are handing out C. are to hand out D. is to hand out 13. I will appreciate___________ if you paid in cash. A. that B. you C. this D.it 14. If I ruled the world, I would _______ the world ______ everything that is bad. A. get rid of; by B. b e rid of; by C. rid; of D. get rid; of 15. As is known to all, oranges are _______ Vitamin C. A. rich in B. poor with C. short of D. good for 16. We found several _______ of rice near the hole. The mice may have stored a lot

of _______ in the hole. A. grain; grain B. grains; grains C. grain; grains D. grains; grain 17. Only then____________ how much damage had been caused A. did she realize B. she realized C. had she realized D. she had realized 18. —It's five years since I worked here. —_____________? A.Where do you work now B. Have you worked here happily C. How long will you work here D. Do you want to here longer 19. Three days _________ enough to finish the work. Let my do it. A. are B. was C. is D. were 20. Progress so far has been very good. _____________ , we are sure that the project will be completed on time. A. However B. Otherwise C. Therefore D. Besides II 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36—55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。 安妮,一个被纳粹杀害的女孩,用日记记录下了纳粹的罪行和对美好生活的向往。安妮如花 的笑靥历经 60 年岁月,依然是那么灿烂。 She died at the age of 15 in one of history's greatest tragedies. __32__ her spirit lives on to this day through the diary in which she recorded her __33__. Though she was touched by despair and terror, the message of __34__ in her words has inspired many. Anne Frank, the most famous __35__ child of World War Ⅱ, is indeed a symbol of the Holocaust(大屠杀). Her secret writings, later published __36__ “The Diary of Anne Frank ”, __37__ of two years in the life a young Jewish girl hiding in Nazi-controlled Amsterdam. To mark the 75 th anniversary of her __38__, on June 12 this year(2004), www.annefrank.org is to __39__some rare photographs and a short film of the girl taken when she was 12. Born in 1929, Anne Frank was a German-Jewish teenager who was __40__ to go into hiding to __41__ being arrested by the Nazis. She and her family, along with four __42__, spent 25 months in a few small rooms above her father's office in Amsterdam. The family was __43__ founded by the Nazis, and forced to go to a concentration camps(集中营). In March 1945, nine months after she was arrested and shortly __44__ the camp was liberated, Anne Frank was killed. Her diary, first published in 1947, has become one of the world's most __45__ read books. It has been translated into 67 languages. The following is the most __46__part of Anne's diary. “It's __47__ for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos(混乱), suffering and death. __48__ see the world being slo wly transformed into a wilderness. I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too. I feel the __49__ of millions. And yet, when I look up at the sky, I feel that everything will change for the __50__ , that this cruelty shall end and that peace will __51__ once more.” ----July 15, 1944

21.A. 22.A. 23.A. 24.A. 25.A. 26.A. 27.A. 28.A. 29.A. 30.A. 31.A. 32.A. 33.A. 34.A. 35.A. 36.A. 37.A. 38.A. 39.A. 40.A.

Though birth success hidden for speak death announce lucky miss rest finally after politically famous unable You happiness worse remain

B. But B. death B. victory B. lost B. by B. tell B. birth B. report B. asked B. fight B. another B. hardly B. before B. slightly B. difficult B. impossible B. They B. suffering B. harder B. disappear

C. Instead C. experiences C. hope C. beaten C. as C. say C. leaving C. declare C. forced C. avoid C. others C. almost C. when C. widely C. important C. sorry C. I C. enjoying C. better C. go back

D. While D. happiness D. pleasure D. caught D. of D. talk D. disappearing D. publish D. invited D. protect D. remaining D. nearly D. until D. gradually D. necessary D. sad D. We D. pleasure D. happier D. return

III、阅读理解 A The very wealthy English Baron Fitzgerald had only one child, a son, who understandably was the apple of his eye. His wife died when the child was in his early teens. So Fitzgerald devoted himself to fathering the kid. Unfortunately the son died in his late teens. Meanwhile, Fitzgerald's wealth greatly increased. He spent a lot on art works of the masters. Later Fitzgerald himself became seriously ill. Before his death, he had carefully prepared his will as to how his wealth would be settled-to sell his entire collection at an auction(拍卖). Because of the large quantity and high quality of his collection, a huge crowd of possible buyers gathered for the auction. Many of them were museum directors and private collec tors eager to bid(出价). Before the auction, the art works were shown, among which was a painting of Fitzgerald's son by an unknown artist. Because of its poor quality, it received little attention. When it was time for the auction, the auctioneer gaveled (敲槌) the crowd to attention. First the lawyer read from Fitzgerald's will that the first art work to be auctioned was the painting of his son. The poor-quality painting didn't receive any bidders. . . except one-the old servant who had served the son and loved him, and who for emotional reasons offered the only bid. As soon as the servant bought the painting for less than one English pound, the auctioneer stopped the bidding and asked the lawyer to read again from the will.

The crowd became quiet, and the lawyer read from the will: “Whoever buys the painting of my son gets all my collection. ”Then the auction was over. 41. The English Baron Fitzgerald was __________. A. a museum director B. a master of art C. an art collector D. a n art dealer 42. Why did the old servant bid for the painting of Fitzgerald's son? A. He was devoted to the family. B. He saw that no one bid for it. C. He knew the content of the will. D. He found it cheap for him to buy. 43. Fitzgerald's will showed __________. A. his desire to fool the bidders B. his invaluable love for his son C. his sadness at the death of his son D. his regret of having no children to take over his wealth B 2004 was a good year for American farmers. Total farm earnings were estimated (估 计) at 74,000 million dollars for the year. That means the average(平均的) farm income was about 71,000 dollars, or a gain of about three percent from the year before. However, the growth in earnings depended on the size of the farm. Large farms had increased earnings of six and one-half percent. Smaller farms saw growth in earnings of less than three percent. Part of American farm income came from the federal ( 联 邦 的 ) government. The Department of Agriculture reports that about thirty-nine percent of farmers accepted some kind of aid(援助), or subsidy in 2003. Reports say the total amount of farm aid paid last year is estimated at 15,700 million dollars. An organization called the Environmental Working Group keeps information on all farm subsidies paid by the government. The group examined subsidies between 1995 and 2003. It says ten percent of farms received seventy-two percent of government subsidies during that nine-year period. The group says big farms that are organized as corporations (公司) or partnership businesses receive the most aid. It says the big farms receive more aid, even when they are more profitable(盈利的) than smaller family farms. Critics(评论家) say farm subsidies are costly and wasteful. Critics also note that subsidies go only to growers of widely traded crops, like corn, cotton, wheat and soybean. But many farmers, including the ones who only receive a few thousand dollars a year, support the subsidy programs. They say small farming communities in states like Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota would not survive without the aid. 44. What is the prob able number of American farms? A. 10 million. B. 1 million. C. 10 thousand. D. 100 thousand. 45. Why was 2004 a good year for American farmers? A. American farmers' earnings increased a lot in 2004. B. The federal government gave American farmers more aid in 2004.

C. Big farms were organized as partnership businesses in 2004. D. The federal government reduced farmers' taxes in 2004. 46. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. All American farmers can get the government aid. B. Only big farms can get the governmen t aid. C. Only profitable farms can get the government aid. D. F armers growing crops like corn and cotton may get the government aid easily. C Have you ever heard your own voice? “Of course,” you say. Has anyone else ever heard your voice? Again you say, “Of course.” But that's not quite true. Nobody else has ever heard your voice—the way you hear it. When you talk, you set up sound waves. The air outside your head carries the sound waves to your outer ears. But, of course, the sound of your voice begins inside your head. The bones of your head pick up the sound waves, too. They carry the sound waves straight to your inner ears. You get the sound from the outside and the inside too. Other people get just the sound waves from the outside. That is why they don't hear your voice the way you do. 47.You ________ hear your voice the same way others hear it. A . can't B . seldom C . sometimes D.always 48.Sound travels in the form of __________. A.bones B.air C.waves D.voice 49.When you talk, sound waves are set up inside _________. A . your inner ears B . your outer ears C . your head D.your head bones 50.The underlined phrase “pick up” here means _________. A . to raise B . to gain C . to select D.to pull 51.The passage is mainly about __________. A.waves in the air B.the way you hear your own voice C.voice spreading far and wide D.the different way people hear their voices D Monkeys are very similar to us in many ways.Most have ten fingers and ten toes, and brains much like ours.In fact,Charles Darwin's theory of evolution says that monkeys and humans share a common ancestor.We enjoy watching them because they often act like us,and we also love to use many expressions about monkeys in almost every language This is why many monkey expressions are about tricky people or playful acts. Monkeyshine is one of these expressions to show tricks or foolish acts.The meaning is clear if you have ever watched a group of monkeys playfully chasing each other: pulling tails,stealing food,doing tricks.

Monkeying around with something means that you do not know what you are doing.When you feel like doing something but have no firm idea of what to do,you are monkeying around. It is just a way to pass the time. Monkey business usually means secret,maybe illegal activities You may come across a news report that there is monkey business involved in building the new airport, with some officials getting secret payments from builders. Monkey suits are common names for clothes or uniforms soldiers wear.In earlier years in many American cities, you would find men playing musical hand organs on the street.Dancing to the music would be the man's small monkey that was dressed in a tight—fitting,colorful jacket similar to a military uniform.So,people began to call a military uniform a monkey suit. 52.Which of the following is NOT true about the similarities between humans and monkeys? A.Most monkeys have ten fingers and ten toes. B.Monkeys have the same brains as humans. C.Monkeys often act like humans in many ways. D.Monkeys are humans closest relatives in species. 53.According to the passage,an idle wander(徘徊)on the street can he described as A.monkeyshine B.monkeying around C.monkey suit D.monkey business 54.Monkey suits are commonly used to call military uniforms because they . A.are created particularly for soldiers' uniforms B.are originally designed for American soldiers C.share typical features with military uniforms D.make American soldiers look like monkeys 55.Most monkey expressions are . A.used only in western cultures B.used on some formal occasions C.about tricks and naughtiness D.about terrible funny behaviors E 56. A study of art history might be a good way to learn more about a culture than is possible to learn in general his tory classes. Most typical history courses concentrate on politics, economics, and war. But art history focuses on much more than this because art reflects not only the political values of a people, but also religious beliefs, emotions, and psychology. 57. In addition, information about the daily activities of our ancestors – or of people very different from our own — can be provided by art. In short, art express the essential qualities of a time and a place, and a study of it clearly offer us a deeper understanding than can be found in most history books. 58. In history books, objective information about the political life of a country is presented; that is, facts about politics are given, but opinions are not expressed.

Art, on the other hand, is subjective: it reflects emotions and opinions. The great Spanish painter Francisco Goya was perhaps the first truly “ political” artist. In his well- known painting The Third of May 1808, he criticized the Spanish government for its misuse of power over people. 59. In the same way, art can reflect a culture's religious beliefs. For hundreds of years in Europe, religious art was almost the only type of art that existed. Churches and other religious buildings were filled with paintings that depicted people and stories from the Bible. Although most people couldn't read, they could still understand biblical stories in the pictures on c hurch walls. 60. By contrast, one of the main characteristics of art in the Middle East was ( and still is) its absence of human and animal images. This reflects the Islamic belief that statues are unholy.

V、单词拼写。根据下列句子及所缺单词的首字母或汉语意思,写出单词的正确形式。 (共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) 61. The new from the front is very (令人不安的). 62. There were several new forms of ________ (细菌) and nobody knew how they would affect humans. 63. Air e when heated. 64. If you blood (循环)badly, your hands and feet will get cold easily. 65. This food provides the ________(营养) your dog needs. 66. The average ________(产量) of the factory is 20 cars a day. 67. We e______ rice but import wheat. 68. I bought the shirt because its price was r______ by 40%. 69. Give me a s______ of your report—I have no time to read right through it. 70. The soldiers were e with the lastest weapons. IV、根据汉语意思完成句子。 1. , his face and arms and his slim, strong body are just like those of millions of chinese farmers, he has the past five . 的确, 他那被太阳晒得黝黑的脸庞和手臂,以及他那削瘦而又结实的身体,就跟其它千百 万的中国农民一样,过去 50 年来,他一直在努力帮助他们。 2. his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests as before. 多亏了他的杂交水稻,农民们种出的粮食比之前多一倍。 3.Dr Yuan quite his wife. However, he doesn't being famous. 袁博士很满意他的生活。但他对自己的成名并不关心。 4.Dr Yuan his dream producing a kind of

rice that could feed more people. 袁博士从梦中醒来,希望能种植一种可以养活更多人的水稻。 5. They keeping their soil rich and 他们主要是想坚持土壤肥沃且免受病害。 6. I that I cannot help you. 很抱歉,我不能帮你的忙。


参考答案: 一、单项选择: (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1-5 B C B B D 6-10 B C A D C 11-15 B C DCA 16-20DAACC 二、完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 21-25 B C C A C 26-30 B B D C C 31-35C A B C A 36-40B C B C D 三、阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 41-43 CA B 44-46 BAD 47-51 A C C B B 52-55BBCC 56-60 DFEBA 四、单词拼写。 (共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) disturbing bacterium expands circulates nutrition output reduced summary equipped 五、根据汉语意思完成句子。 (共 30 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 15 分) 1.Indeed; sunburnt; for whom; struggled for; decades. 2.Thanks to; twice as large. 3.is satisfied with; care about. 4. awoke from; with the hope of. 5.focus on; free of. 6.regret to say.



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