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江苏省如东县马塘中学高一英语 名词性从句导学案

一、定语 在复合句中起 作用的从句叫名词从句(Noun Clauses) 。名词从句的功能相当于 ___________________, 根 据 它 在 句 中 充 当 的 不 同 成 分 , 可 分 为 ________ 、 ________ 、 _________和___________。 ★名从口诀: 学习名从要知道; 及物动词最重要; 动词之前叫_

_____; 动词之后是______. 系动词也贼重要; 它的后面跟______; 千万不能忘介词; 它的后面跟______. 二、辨析 分析以下句中的名词性从句 1. At lunchtime, the radio weatherman reported that the mist would become a thick fog in the afternoon. _______________ 2. I’m curious about whether Yetis exist. ______________________ 3. She sensed that she was being watched by a tall man in a dark coat. ________________ 4. That we will go home tomorrow makes us happy. _______________________ 5. The problem is whether I can find my lost pen. ____________________ 6. I’m sure that I will make progress in English. _____________________ ___ 7. What he said makes sense. ___________________ 8. Whether Yetis really exist is still a mystery. _________________ 9. It is still a mystery whether/if Yetis really exist. __________________ 10. There is a possibility that Justin has been taken away by some aliens. _________________ 11. The truth is that the fog is too thick for the bus to run that far. _________________ 12. He bro ke his promise that he would help me. _________________________ 13. Word came that a building would be built here. ______________________ 三、考点归纳 一) 、语序:___________________ 1. She sensed something. A tall man in a dark coat was staring at her. (合并) She sensed ___________________________________________. 2. She wondered. Would the buses still be running? (合并) She wondered_____________________________________________. 3 他是怎么成功的仍然是个谜。 _______________________ is still a puzzle. 4 你能告诉我他住在什么地方吗? Could you tell me _____________________________? 注:I don’t know _______________________________________________. (她怎么了?) 二) 、名词性从句的引导词 a. That That light travels in straight lines is k nown to all. 补充: (众所周知)=_______ is known to all that light travels in straight lines. =_______ is known to all is that light travels in straight lines. =_______ is known to all, light travels in straight in lines. b. if/whether No one knew if /whether he lost his sight because of an accident. c. 疑问词 This is what we are looking for.

引导词的选用 (1) that 和 what 1.______ he wants is a book. 2. ______ he wants to go there is obvious. 3. The result is ______ we won the game. 4. This is _____ we want to know. 5. Is _____ he told us true ? 6. We should pay attention to ______ the teacher is saying. 7. I have no doubt _____ he will come. 8. I have no idea _____ he did that afternoon. Conclusion: that 在名词性从句中不充当任何成分,只起连接作用。 what 除起连接作用外,还在名词性从句中充当成分,可做从句的主语、宾语、或表语。 (2) 引导词 that 的省略 1. I don’t think ________ she is coming. 2. It is a pity ________ he has made such a mistake. 3. The reason is _________ he is careless . 4. The news ________ our team won the match inspired us. 5. I don’t think it necessary _________ you should read English aloud. 6. He told me __________ his father had died and __________ he had to make a living alone. Conclusion: ____________从句中 that 可省,且只有__________可省。 (3) if 和 whether 1. I asked her __________ she had a bike. 2.______ we will hold a party in the open air tomorrow depends on the weather. 3. We’re worried about ________ he is safe. 4. I don’t know ___________ he is well or not. 5. I don’t know _ _______ or not he is well. 6. The question is _________ he should do it. 7.The doctor can hardly answer the question ______ the old man will recover soon. 8. I don’t know _______ to go. 9. It hasn’t been decided ___________we shall attend the meeting. Conclusion: if 只可以用于:a. _________________ b. it 作形式主语时 (4)其它连接代词和副词的选用 我们何时举行运动会还没有决定。________ we shall hold our sports meeting is not decided. 我不知道昨天谁打破了玻璃。I don’t know _________ broke the glass yesterday. 我不知道他长的什么样子。I have no idea _________ he looks like. 这就是我忘记眼镜的地方。This is _________ I left my glasses. Conclusion: 主要根据名词性从句中的具体意义,正确的选择 who、which、when、where、 why、how 等,这些连接词既具有疑问含义,又起连接作用,同时在从句中充当各种成分。 三) 、同位语从句 1.同位语从句的格式:____________________

2.能接同位语从句的名词有:fact, idea, news, possibility, word, doubt, information, order, belief, suggestion, advice, promise 等 3.连接词通常是 that,也可根据含义选用 whether, what, when, where 等来引导同位语从 句。 1. I have no idea _________ he comes from. 2. He can’t answer the question ________ he got the money. 3. He gave us many suggestions ________ we should get up earlier and take more exercise. 4. I have no doubt ________ he will win. 5. I have some doubt ________ he will win. 6. I have no idea _________ he will be back. 7. I have no idea _________ he said. 4 同位语从句与定语从句的区别 定语从句是____________的从句, 它与先行词是______________________的关系。 名词性从句是__________从句,是对前面名词作进一步的___________________。 1)The news ___________ our football team won the match was really encouraging . 2)The news ______________________ we heard on the radio was not true . Conclusion: 定语从句是先行词的修饰语,它不涉及先行词的具体内容。定语从句中 that 不但起连接作用,而且在定语从句中_________一个句子成分,充当从句的宾语成分时 __________。 同位语从句是对中心词的内容作进一步的解释和说明, 表明中心词的具体内容。 引导同位语 从 句 的 that 在 同 位 语 从 句 中 _________ 任 何 成 分 , 只 起 连 接 作 用 , 无 具 体 含 义 , 且 ___________. 1.We expressed the hope that they had expressed. ________________ 2. We expressed the hope that they would come to China again. ________________1.The information has been announced that more middle school graduates will be admitted into university. __________________ 2.The information that he revealed at the meeting is of great value. ________________ 四) 、特殊句型 1 He gave me a suggestion that I____________ (be) calm now. 2 The suggestion is that he ___________ (keep) calm all the time. 3 He desired that he _______ (become) a pilot in the future. Conclusion: 在表示__________、__________、__________三类词的名词性从句中,要用虚 拟 语 气 , 结 构 为 sb should do, should 可 省 略 。 常 见 词 有 ________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________等。 五) 宾语从句的时态呼应 、 1 他相信他的梦想总有一天会实现的. He believes _________________________________ . 2 请告诉我你昨天这个时候在干什么. Please tell me _______________________________. 3 他告诉我他正在为考试做准备。He told me _____________________________________ . 4 他说他已离开家乡十年了。He told me __________________________________________. 5 老师告诉我们光是沿直线运行的。 teacher told me______________________________. The Conclusion: 如果主句是过去时,从句谓语动词一 般用过去的某种时态。但如果从句表达的

是客观事实、真理、自然规律等时,从句谓语通常用____________________。 六) 、一些特殊词 1 be not sure/ don’t know +____________ 2 Sb wonder _______________ It is no wonder______________ 3 doubt 怀疑: 肯定用____________ 否定或疑问用 _____________

I doubt _______ he is confident. Do you doubt _______ he will succeed? I don’t doubt _______ he will

succeed. 七) 形 式主语和形式宾语 、 It makes us happy that we will go home tomorrow. 四、巩固练习 1.It now appears ______ they are in need of help. A. that B. which C. what D. how 2.It is good news ______ they will arrive in a few days. A. which B. what C. that D. how 3.It ______ Joe drives badly. A. thought that B. thinks that C. was thought that D. is thought that 4.It ______ he is late for class. A. may that B. might that C. may be that D. might be what 5.This is ______ she was born. A. where B. which C. that D. what 6.The question is ______ we can’t go there today. A. that B. what C. which D. when 7.The question is ______ it is worth doing. A. if B. whether C. which D. what 8.The reason he has made such great progress is _____ __ he has never wasted his time. A. because B. why C. that D. what 9.My suggestion is ______ we should turn the land into rice fields. A. what B. that C. which D. where 10.His proposal is that the dam ______ at the foot of the mountain. A. build B. will build C. be built D. will be built 11.My advice is that he ______ regular house. A. keep B. would keep C. keeps D. kept 12.______ knows the truth will tell you about it. A. Who that B. Whoever C. Whom that D. That who 13.We all know the truth _____ the earth goes round the sun. A. that B. which C. what D. whether 14.We heard the news ______ our team had won. A. which B. that C. what D. where

15.The problem ______ it is right or wrong has not yet been decided. A. which B. that C. whether D. if 16.You must do well ______ the teacher asks you to do. A. which B. what C. that D. where 17.I wonder ____ you will go shopping or stay at home. A. that B. if C. whether D. what 18. This is _____ he was often late for school. A. what B. t hat C. why D. whether 19. We all know the truth ____ the earth ____ around the sun. A. if; moved B. that; moves C. why; move D. whether; move 20. ______ the baby could speak made his parents very happy. A. That B. What C. Why D. If



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