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(一) 31. In order to _____________(使我自己被听懂), I explained my point in detail . (make) 32. She is very sensitive , so you’d better ____________(别拿她开玩笑). (fun) 33. He ______________(准是迷路了) in the forest, because he hasn’t returned yet. (must) 34. Is your daughter old enough to _________(自己穿衣服)yet? (dress) 35. Tom slipped away from the back door of the classroom without ________(被注意到)。(notice) 36. ______________(你未露面)made us disappointed. (turn up ) 37. Don’t worry, we’ll ______ (为你腾地方)to park your car here. (room) 38. If the rain ___________(持续)for a week, the crops would have been ruined. (keep) 39. Only then _________(我意识到)that east or west , home is best. (realize) 40. __________(考虑了)many times, we decided not to buy such an expensive car. (take)

(二) 31. __________(使我们极为高兴的是), we passed the final exam. (delight) 32. This room is _______ (两倍那么大) of the kitchen. (size) 33. Whether we will go to the party or not ____________(要看天气而定)。 (depend) 34. The National College Games __________( 组织得很好) in Wuhan, according to the survey by the newspaper. (organize) 35. Please ______________ (注意) what I do, and then follow me. (attention) 36.Our government __________(目标是) build another bridge over the river. (aim) 37. _______________(重约 100 公斤), the stone is too heavy for me to move. (weight) 38. Today, more and more people are realizing the importance of ___________(保持生态平衡).(balance) 39. Several new railways ___________(正在建设中)in West China. (construction). 40. ___________ (依我看), teachers should get further education every four years. (opinion)

(三) 31.I can’t think of _________(好的建议) to give you. (advice) 32. Oxford is not far from Stratford, so you can easily _____(参观两处)in a day. (both) 33. Email , as well as phone calls, ________(正在起着重要作用) in daily communication. (play) 34. They all laughed. Then I wondered what _____________(我做错了什么)。(wrong) 35. In most developed countries, people __________(不必把水烧开)before they drink it. (need) 36.Dinner starts with small dishes, __________(称为开胃菜)。 (starter) 37. Let me ________ (洗完) the dishes, then I can help you. (finish) 38. It’s really cool ___________(实现你的梦想)through great effort. (realize) 39. It was disappointing tom see ________(他们的队被打败)by a weaker one. (beat) 40. Not until people know more about the situation __________(他们才会加入)protecting the environment. (join)


(四) 31. It is no use __________(与他争论) about this. (argue) 32. The film is not so exciting ____________(象我们所预想的那样). (expect) 33. They _________(正在做准备)for the final examination . (preparation) 34. I am now a college student, but this is the middle school where I ___________(学习了六年).(study) 35. The idea _________(听起来不错)but will it work in practice? (sound) 36. _____________(与他儿子相比), my son is taller and stronger. (compare) 37. _______________(灯亮着), he fell asleep. (with) 38. Put the book ____________(原处), after you have read it. (where) 39. At that time, he ________________(习惯于)to cast the net 3 times a day. (rule) 40. It is unwise to give children ___________(无论他们想要什么东西)nowadays. (what)

(五) 31.I ________(参观了) Shanghai last summer. (pay) 32. In only fifty years, English ________(发展成为)the language most widely spoken and used in the world. (develop) 33. He __________(忙于)his work last night and didn’t sleep well. (busy) 34. In the past, women _____________(不被允许)to take part in the Olympic Games.(allow) 35.___________(为了让别人听到你的呼声) you can write a letter to the newspaper. (hear) , 36. ___________(有河流的地方), there is a city. (where) 37. We should ___________(做我们能做的一切) to help him. (do ) 38. This book is a best-seller at present, but I don’t think it __________(值得一读)。 (worth) 39. My car __________(抛锚了) on my way here. That’s why I am late. (break ) 40. Without air, water and sunlight, _____________(没有)living things on the earth. (there)

(六) 31.Tom was badly bitten by mosquitoes because he ____________(忘记用) the mosquito net last night. (forget) 32.The film was a big success and since then I ____________(演了) more than 12 films , such as The Matrix and Handball. (act) 33.Jack _________(工作) in a network company now, and he likes it very much. (work) 34.“ Follow your heart whenever you ____________(不得不做出艰难的抉择)“”he said.(decision) 35.The old man said he spent plenty of time _________(钓鱼) in the East Lake every week. (fish) 36.What a fierce dog! Even the bravest boys __________ (害怕)。 (frighten) 37.The students are always busy, so sometimes they have many clothes _________(要洗)by their mothers. (wash) 38.Today, people often miss the simple but beautiful days __________________(人类与自然和谐相处的日 子) with nature. ( harmony) 39.It _____________(不可能是斯密司先生设计的) by him. Mr. Smith is now in Canada. (can) 40.__________(不管发生什么事情) ,your roots are in the village where you were born. ( what)

(七) (MS.CHENG) 31.I’m sure you’d rather he ______________________________________ (呆在家里). (stay) 32.I’m so tired that I can’t move my legs. It looks as if they ___________(粘在) the floor. (stick) 33.Only if my mother _________________________________(再活 35 年)! (live) 34.Jenny is still standing there. She ___________________________ (一定是在等). (wait) 35.If I ___________________(接受了你的建议), I would not have met so much trouble. (take) 36.______________________ (你要是碰到了) into John, tell him he owes me a letter. (should) 37.He talked as if he _______________ (做了) the work himself, but in fact Jim and Mary did most of it. all (do) 38.I wish I ________________ (知道)what is wrong with the machine. (know) 39.It’s time we ____________________________ (开始处理)the pollution problem. (go) 40.We wont’ give up even if we ____________________________________(失败 100 次). (fail)

(八) (MS.XU) 31. All the passengers except the manager ___(受到鼓励)work online at home. (encourage) 32. (有很多问题要解决) , the newly elected president is having a hard time. (with) 33. More attention should (关注发展) our education if possible. (pay) 34. More patients (被治疗) in hospitals this year than last year. (treat) 35. (远离) other continents for millions of years, Australia has many rare plants and animals. (separate) 36. (全身心地投入到) protecting wild animals, the woman scientist was rewarded a big sum of money. (devote) 37. The ball (不得不取消) because of the storm. (call) 38. Silk (摸起来既柔软又光滑). (smooth) 39. This kind of water (很适合饮用). (fit) 40. I feel it is your husband (负责任) the spoiled child. (blame)

(九) (MS.HU) 31.___________________(看来) he has told a lie. (seem) 32.___________________(是一件乐事) that you have been here. (pleasure) 33.____________________(很可能) the meeting will be put off. (likely) 34.____________________(据说) he has written another book. (say) 35. It was suggested ______________________________(每个学生买本字典). (buy) 36.___________________________(我突然想起) that he didn’t know my new address. (occur) 37.________________________(他所说的话) sounded reasonable. (what) 38.________________________(他何时跟 Alice 结婚) is still unknown. (marry) 39._______________________(他昨天为什么迟到) is clear to us. (late) 40._________________________(她如何解出这道题) is still a question. (solve)


(十) (MS.ZHOU) 31.Mr. Wang _______________ (发高烧) and was sick at his stomach. (fever) 32.When water ___________ (煮沸), it changes into steam. (boil) 33.He ____________ (肯定) that he had read it in the newspaper. (positive) 34.__________________ (你关牢) all the doors and windows? (fasten) 35.Look ,a group of reporters ______________ (采访) our sales manager now. (interview) 36.At that time, I ______________ (厌烦了) having the same food every day. (tired) 37.You got up late. The bus ____________ (开走了) early in the morning. (drive) 38.-- Hi, Peter, you look tired. --I am tired. I _________________ (一直在寻找) the lost boy. (hunt) 39.My friend, Paul said that he __________________ (永远不会忘记) that interesting and lovely lesson. (forget) 40. My little brother told me that he _____________ (弄坏) my CD player. (break)

(十一) ( MS.ZHOU) 31.Our country ____________ (经历) great changes in the past fifty years. (experience) 32. Great changes ___________ (发生) in my hometown since the new agricultural policy was carried out. (take) 33. The girl ____________(减轻体重) by 5 kilograms since she took the medicine. (reduce) 34. He said that he ____________ (完成) his homework before supper. (finish) 35. So far, hundreds of primary schools ___________ (建起). (set) 36. The witness _______ (发誓) that what she said was true. (swear) 37.Alice is said to ___________ (在国外学习), but I don’t know what country she studied in. (abroad) 38.Water ________ (变成) solid when the temperature drops blow 0 c. (turn) 39. I __________ (离开家) for school at 7 every morning. (leave) 40. He _______________ (在写信) this time yesterday. (write)

(十二) (MS. HU) 11._______________________(毫无区别) to me which side wins or loses. (difference) 12.__________________(给我印象最深的) was that the factory has very strict rules. (impress) 13.__________________(有意义) to keep sheep on the hillside. (sense) 14.______________________(令我惊讶的是) was that he should fail in the exam. (surprise) 15.It’s strange that ________________(他居然说出) such words. (say) 16.______________________(无论是谁最后离开房间) ought to turn off the light. (whoever) 17._________________________(运动会是否举行) depends on the weather. (hold) 18.___________________(碰巧) no one was in the building when the fire broke out. (happen) 19.________________________(是件很荣幸的事) that I can give you a speech here. (honor) 20.________________________(我们得不到的东西) seems better than what we have. (what).


(一) 31.Make myself heard 32. not make fun of her 33.must have been lost 34. dress herself 35.being noticed 36.Your not turning up/ That you didn’t turn up 37. make room for 38. had kept up 39. did I realize 40. Having taken the matter into consideration/account (二) 31. To our great delight 32. twice the size 33.depends on the weather 34. were well organized 35. pay attention to 36. is aiming to 37. Weighing about 100 kilograms 38. keeping the balance of nature 39. are under construction 40. In my opinion (三) 31. any good advice 32. visit both ( of them/place) 33. is playing an important part 34. I had done wrong 35. don’t need to boil water 36. which are called starters. 37. finish washing 38. to realize your dream 39. their team beaten 40. will they join in (四) 31. arguing with him 32. as we expected 33. are making preparations 34. studied for 6 years 35. sounds good

36. Compared with 37. With the light on 38. where it was 39. made it a rule 40. whatever they want (五) 31. paid to visit to 32. has developed into 33. was busy with 34. were not allowed 35. To make yourself heard 36. Where there is a river 37. do all that we could 38. is worth reading 39. broke down 40. there would be no (六) 31. forgot to use 32. have acted in 33. is working 34. have to make a difficult decision 35. fishing 36. are frightened 37. to be washed 38. when man lived in harmony 39.can’t have been designed 40. No matter what happens (七) 31. stayed at home 32. were stuck to 33. could live another 35 years 34. must be waiting for someone 35. had taken your advice 36. Should you run/If you should run 37. had done 38. knew 39. went about dealing with 40. should fail one hundred times (八) 31. are encouraged to

32. With a lot of problems to settle 33. be paid to developing 34. have been treated 35. Having been separated from 36. Devoted to 37. had to be called off 38. feels soft and smooth 39. is fit to drink 40. that is to blame (九) 31. It seems that 32. It is a pleasure 33. It is likely that 34. It is said that 35. that every student should buy a dictionary 36. It occurred to me 37. What he said 38. When he will marry Alice 39. Why he was late yesterday 40. How she solve the problem (十) 31. had a high fever 32. boils 33. was positive 34. Have you fastened 35. are interviewing 36. got/was tired of 37. drove off 38. have been hunting for 39. would never forget 40. had broken (十一) 31. has experienced 32. have taken place 33. has reduced 34. had finished 35. have been set up 36. swore 37. be studying abroad 38. turns into 39. leave home 40. was writing letters (十二) 31. It makes no difference 32. What impressed me most

33. It makes sense 34. What surprised me 35. he should say 36. Whoever leaves the room 37. Whether the sports meet will be held 38. It happened that 39. It’s a great honor 40. What we can’t get



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