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Book1 unit4

Book1 Unit 4 Words
earthquake burst 1. 地震____________ 2. 爆裂_____________ 3. 废墟____________ 4. 苦难_____________ suffering ruin 5. 极度的_________ 6.损失,损害 dam

age ________ extreme 7. 破坏,消灭_________ 8.无用的________ destroy useless 9.使震惊________ 10.援救_________ shock rescue 11.陷阱________ 12.灾难_________ disaster trap 13.埋葬_________ 14.掩蔽__________ shelter bury 15.使惊吓______ 16.祝贺________ frighten congratulation 17.裁判员______ 18.真诚地_________ sincerely judge express 19.表达;表示(快车,速递)______

高频短语 1.________________ 立刻;马上 right away 2.________________ 好像;仿佛 as if at an end 3.________________ 结束;终结 4.________________ 严重受损;破败不堪 in ruins 5.________________ 掘出;发现 dig out 6.________________ 许多;大量的 a(great)number of blow away 7.________________ 刮走 8.________________ 代替;而不是 instead of 9.________________ 陷入 be trapped in 10.________________ 埋头于 be buried in


1. In the city,the water pipes in some buildings cracked and burst. burst vi.破裂;胀破;爆裂 n. 爆发;突然爆裂 (1)The boy burst into tears/ burst out crying on seeing the big dog. (2)That balloon will burst if you blow it up any more. (3) He felt he would burst with anger and shame. 他恼羞成怒,都要气炸了。

[即境活用] (1)他没敲门就闯进房间。 He _____ ____ _____ _____without knocking at the door. burst into the room (2)我走了进去,所有的人都突然放声大笑起来。 I walked in and everyone________ ________ ________.

burst out laughing/burst into laughter
(3)We all thought his heart would burst with happiness. 我们认为他心中的快乐快要爆发出来。

2. Twothirds of them died or were injured during the
earthquake. injure vt. 损害;伤害 [归纳拓展]


用injure, wound, hurt或harm的适当形式填空
(1)These criticisms have ____________ his pride deeply. hurt
harm (2)Don’t ___________your eyes by reading in dim light.

(3)Two people have been badly _________in the accident. injured
wounded (4)The robber ____________him with a knife.

3.The army organized teams to dig out those who were trapped and to bury the dead.

bury vt. ①埋葬②掩埋③隐藏④使专心
He buried his face in his hands and wept.

Since she left, he’s buried himself in his work.④使专心 She had learnt to bury her feelings.
③隐藏 ①埋葬

Both his grandparents were buried here.

[归纳拓展] bury oneself in sth/doing sth 埋头研究/专心致力于(做)某事 be buried in… bury one’s face in one’s hands 双手掩面

(1)She buried her face in 她掩面而泣。

her hands and wept.


Buried in _____ _____,he didn’t know that all the ______ _____ his study
others had left.

4. Your speech was heard by a group of five judges, all of whom agreed that it was the best one this year. judge n. 裁判员;法官;评判员

vt. 断定;判断;判决 (n.judgement)
judge sb / sth from / by... 从……来判断 judging by / from 从……上看;根据……判断

①Don’t ________a book by its cover. judge 勿以貌取人。 ② _________by her last letter, they are having a Judging wonderful time. 从她上封信看,他们过得非常愉快。


5. It seemed as if the world was at an end! 仿佛到了世界末日!

at an end put an end to

结束;终结 结束;使……终止

at the end of... 在……的末端; 在……结束时

in the end


by the end of...

make ends meet 收支相抵

①The year is at an end . The New Year is coming. 这一年到头了,新的一年即将来临。 ②The government is determined to

put an end to

政府决定遏止恐怖主义活动。 ③After many years of hard work, they succeeded_______ ________. in the end 几年的努力后,他们终于成功了。


the number of,a number of

①The number of homeless people has increased rapidly. ②A number of students want to go to college when they finish middle school. a number of......许多;大量的,后接可数名词, 谓语动 词用复数形式。 the number of...…的数目,后接可数名词, 谓语动词用 单数形式。

a number of 的近义词及其用法见课堂作业(一)

1. As you can see,the number of cars on our roads________rising these days. A. was keeping B. keep C. keeps D. were keeping
2. It is said that there’re millions of camels

in India and _____of them is still increasing.
A.the number B.the amount

C.the quantity

D.a number


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