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高考英语一轮提能训练:外研版必修5 Module6(附解析)




Module 6

Animals in Danger

能 力 闯 关
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.This warm jacket will help to p________you agains

t the cold. 2.After the traffic accident happened,the police were soon on the s________ 3.I’ll invite my friends to dinner tonight so I need to r________a table in advance. 4.Everyone has to s______ __to realize his or her dream. 5.The Great Wall of China is one of the seven w________in the world. 6.The f________of attention has changed,too. 7.The plane’s arrival and departure are shown on large m________. 8.Letting the water run while you brush your teeth w________water. 9.He was wearing dark glasses to ________(保护)his eyes from the sun. 10.It’s ________(值得)to take the trouble to explain a job fully to new employees. 答案:1.protect 2.spot 3.reserve 4.struggle 5.wonders 6.focus 7.mon itors 8.wastes 9.protect 10.worthwhile Ⅱ.单项填空 1.A bird in hand is________two in the bush. A.worth B.worthy C.valuable D.priceless 解析:句意:双鸟在林不如一鸟在手。本题考查词义辨析。这是一句谚语,worth 是一个 形容词,意为“值得??的,有用处的”;worthy 意为“有价值的,可尊敬的”;valuable 意为“有价值的,贵重的”;priceless“无价的”。be worth+名词=be worthy of+名词。 答案:A 2.Such deer________mainly________green grass. A.feed;on B.feeds;on C.feeds;with D.feed;with 解析:“那种鹿主要以绿草为食。”feed on“以??为食”。deer 单复数同形。 答案:A 3.I’d rather read than watch television;the programs seem________all the time. A.to get worse B.to hav e got worse C.that it is getting worse D.to be getting worse 解析:句意为:我宁愿读书也不看电视,电视节目似乎变得越来越糟糕。seem 后接不定式 的进行式,表示“似乎一直??”。 答案:D 4.The weather turned out to be very good,________was more than we could expect. A.what B.which C.that D.it 解析:which 可代替句子,用于非限制性定语从句,而 what 不可。that 不能用于非限制性 定语从句,it 不作连词。 答案:B 5.Attend to what________you. A.connects B.joins C.matters D.concerns 解析:“注意关系到你的事”。concern sb.“牵涉某人” 。 答案:D 6.—Brad was Jane’s brother! —________he reminded me so much of Jane! A.No doubt B.Above all C.No wonder D.Of course 解析:句意: “Brad 是 Jane 的兄弟! ”“难怪,他使我看到那么像 Jane。 ”No wonder“不 足为奇,难怪”,是惯用法,故答案是 C。



答案:C 7.The police aimed his gun ________the thief. A.to B.at C.for D.on 解析:“警察用他的枪瞄准那个小偷”。aim...at“用??瞄准”。 答案:B 8.The police________roadblocks(路障)on routes leading out of the city. A.set out B.set up C.set down D.set back 解析:“警察在出城的干线上设立路障”。set out“出发”,set up“设置”,set back“阻 碍”,set down“写下”。 答案:B Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.我想知道怎么快点去那里。(wonder) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.他建了一间小实验室,然后把全部时间都投入到他工作中去。(set up) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.他用枪瞄准了敌人军官。(aim) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.大家的目光都集中在发言人身上。(be focused on) ________________________________________________________________________ 5.我们似乎无法摆脱困境。(It seems that) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.I was wondering how to get there quickly. 2.He set up a small laboratory and devoted every spare moment to his work. 3.He aimed the gun at the enemy officer. 4.All eyes were focused on the speaker. 5.It seems that there is no way out of our difficulty. Ⅳ.完形填空 Lulu is a brave pet in our shelter. As you know,there are a lot of forest fires during the summer season.Many forests are badly __1__ by fire each year.Not far from our shelter,a forest caught fire during this hot summer.We were in a heat wave which had been __2__ for three days. Lulu rushed towards the forest where flames sent out a terrible __3__.I no longer had any hope that Lulu would come __4__ to the shelter.In fact,I was waiting for the firemen to announce his __5__ in the forest, when suddenly, a fireman burst into my shelter and __6__ me that my dog Lulu had __7__ to save four kittens who were trapped by the flames.According to the fireman,Lulu seized the kittens, one by one moving them to a __8__ place.I immediately accompanied the fireman to the forest to __9__ the rescued kittens.When we arrived at the __10__ of the incident,we found Lulu was not __11__.Then we heard the __12__ of a dog came from the forest barking furiously.I __13__ it was my dog Lulu.The fireman followed the tracks of the dog until we found him barking __14__ by the side of an injured fireman who was lying on the ground and desperately __15__ rescue.Thanks to Lulu,four kittens and a fireman were saved. That day,I was very __16__ of Lulu for his two heroic __17__ toward the kittens and the fireman.Lulu showed much compassion(同情) for both animals __18__ him and for a human being who was trying to __19__ the fire with his colleagues. This true story of genuine love and compassio n shows us that pets are loving,__20__ and compassionate.W e should love and protect them.One day they could do us a good turn. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇记叙文,讲述了宠物狗 Lulu 不畏大火,勇敢营救的事迹。作者由 此也懂得宠物也有爱心及同情心,我们应该爱护他们,因为有一天他们可能会对我们做出善 行。 1.A.damaged B.injured C.wounded D.hurt 解析:夏季经常发生森林大火,故每年的大火使许多森林严重受损。damage 损坏,毁坏, 给??造成损失,动作的承受者多为物;injure 使受伤;wound 尤指用刀、枪等伤害某人;



hurt 身体或感情上的伤害。 答案:A 2.A.taking on B.coming on C.going on D.keeping on 解析:take on 呈现,承担;come on 跟着来,开始,出台,上演,快点;keep on(+doing) 继续。这里需要一个表示“持续,继续”且相当于不及物动词的词组,只有 go on 符合要 求。 答案:C 3.A.heat B.energy C.fever D.burn 解析:大火应该产生热。energy 能量;fever 发烧;burn 烧伤,均不符合句意。 答案:A 4.A.by B.round C.up D.back 解析:句意:我不再期望 Lulu 回到我们的住所。 答案:D 5.A.return B.honour C.death D.action 解析:根据上文可知我没有指望 Lulu 能够重新回来,故此句意思是:其实,我在等待着消 防人员来告知我 Lulu 的死讯。 答案:C 6.A.warned B.informed C.communicated D.gave 解析:能够用于“v.+sb.+that 从句”结构的只有 A、B 两项;但 A 项不符合语境,故选 B。 答案:B 7.A.tried B.wanted C.managed D.failed 解析:根据下文可知,Lulu 成功救出了 4 只小猫,故用 manage to do(设法做成);try to do 尽力做,试图做(但不强调结果);want to do 想做;fail to do 没做成。 答案:C 8.A.safe B.cool C.lonely D.beautiful 解析:safe 安全的;cool 凉爽的;lonely 寂寞的;beautiful 漂亮的。根据语境选 safe。 答案:A 9.A.pick out B.pick up C.bring on D.bring up 解析:pick out 挑出;pick up 接,拾起;bring on 引起;bring up 抚养。根据上下文“我” 同消防人员一 起去接那四只被 Lulu 救了的小猫。 答案:B 10.A.scene B.position C.situation D.view 解析:scene 现场,场景;position 职位,位置;situation 状况,处境,局面,形势(尤指某 时期的);view 视野,风景,见解。根据语境选 A。 答案:A 11.A.here B.out C.in D.there 解析:根据下文可知我们到达事故现场时 Lulu 并不在那里。 答案:D 12.A.voice B.noise C.accent D.sound 解析:根据后面的 barking,这里应填表示“声音”的词。A.voice 说话声,嗓音,多用于 人的声音;B.noise 噪音,与语境不符;C.accent 口音。 答案:D 13.A. acknowledged B.recognized C.heard D.listened 解析:句意:我听出了是我的 Lulu 在叫。acknowledge 承认;recognize 分辨出,认出(此处 为听出);hear 听见;listen 听。 答案:B 14.A.heavily B.strongly C.loudly D.happily 解析:表示“大声地”叫,应用 loudly。 答案:C 15.A.waiting for B.waiting on C.asking fo r D.looking for 解析:根据句意,该消防员身受重伤,只能是被动地等待别人来救援。wait on 伺候,服侍;



ask for 要求,索要;look for 寻找。 答案:A 16.A.surprised B.satisfied C.shamed D.proud 解析:根据语境和搭配应选 proud,be proud of 因??而自豪。 答案:D 17.A.things B.actions C.dos D.reactions 解析:表示具体的行为用 action;reaction 反应。 答案:B 18.A.as B.like C.for D.to 解析:这里是表示“像他这样的动物”,所以用 like。 答案:B 19.A.put off B.put away C.put up D.put out 解析:根据上下文可知消防人员应在灭火。put off 推迟;put away 把??收起来;put up 举起,张贴;put out 扑灭。 答案:D 20.A.careful B.careless C.caring D.carefree 解析:该空前的 loving 有爱心的,后面的 compassion ate 有同情心的,这里应填与其并列 的 caring 关心他人的。 答案:C



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