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各位老师:这是 2011 年各区三次考试的作文,基本上我跳出来的都是立意不一样 的.其中猫和老鼠的那篇我没有 word 版,所以编辑不了.

As can be seen in the picture, a boy with two wings is flying high in the sky, his face shining with a confide

nt smile, while below him there are many people holding up their thumbs or giving signs of victory. What the picture tries to tell us is the importance of encouragement. Since life is full of challenges and difficulties, people need to be encouraged when facing difficulty. There is no denying that almost everyone is likely to do better if others see more of their advantages rather than their weak points. It is other people’s support that gives us the wings to fly. Encouragement from parents, teachers and friends can promote one’s ability and enhance one’s confidence. In my opinion, everyone should learn to help and encourage others on their way to success.(鼓励使人进步)

In the picture I can see a man with a funny face. Happiness can be read on the left side of his face while sadness on the other side. The picture reminds me of our attitude towards life. Life can be easy and life can be difficult. Not all the things that happen around us are pleasant and under our control. Facing difficulty, some people look at the dark side of the situation. They make complains instead of finding solutions. As a result, they always feel unhappy and are likely to be defeated. But some people see it differently. They choose to face difficulty bravely. No matter how bad the situation gets, they always try to see the bright side. To different minds, the same world is a hell and a heaven. I believe attitude controls life. So no matter what life presents me with, I will greet it with a smile. (对 待同一事情采取不同的生活态度)

A woodpecker is busy picking out small worms from a tree hole and enjoying a delicious meal. His pecking is so strong that red apples just keep falling down. This clever bird is also carrying a basket on his back so that he can collect the falling apples at the same time. This reminds me of an English saying: kill two birds with one stone. I think we can learn something from the bird. If we can make good use of our brain and time in our study, we can get twice the result with half the effort.(一石二鸟)

As we can see in the picture, two men are competing against each other in building walls. One man has built up an obviously higher but twisted wall, while the other’s work is completely vertical, strong and solid though lower. The picture implies a very important rule of doing things — we always need a balance between speed and quality. It isn’t difficult to see examples of how often higher speed is set up as a target. “The faster, the better” has become a motto for us due to the fiercely competitive environment of our society. However our work has no value at all if we ignore the quality of it just like the man building the twisted wall. As students, we are required to do things at high speed. It’s definitely helpful to keep in mind that no matter how fast we need to achieve something, quality may never be ignored.(做事不能有量没质)

As is seen in the picture, a little duck is learning to swim. Unexpectedly, it is swimming with the help of a lifebuoy!

A duck, usually a born swimmer, should be confident of its own natural ability. However, this little duck doesn’t seem to trust itself, using a lifebuoy to secure its safety. This, of course, could make the duck feel less likely to take risks or become a good swimmer more efficiently. Same in life, most people have potentials. If they lack confidence or depend too much on others, they will not tap into their fullest potentials much like the duck with the lifebuoy. Added force does not really help but limit a person’s development. Trust yourself and go with your natural talents. (自信)

In the picture, I can see two men are trying to make a bench. Both of them are working hard, sweating a lot. But obviously they are nailing the legs on different sides. Seeing the picture, I can’t help thinking how ridiculous it is. They work as a team and both of them do make their efforts. But unfortunately they mind their own business without communicating with each other. Cooperation needs effective communication, without which we’ll do things blindly. So before taking actions, plan things carefully and communicate well with your partners. Otherwise all the efforts will be in vain, just like what the two men do in the picture.(交流合作很重要)

From the picture we can see two men standing in two areas, each holding a stick ready to kill the mice in his area. Between them is an area where a mouse is playing freely but neither of the two men seems to notice it. They both expect the other to catch it. People are sometimes selfish. They tend to avoid their responsibility when problems arise. We need to concern about our own gain or loss, but on the other hand, why don’t we go a little further to help others? Helping others means helping ourselves. (不要事不关己)

As can be seen in the picture, some people are standing hand-in-hand, forming the shape of a heart. They are all smiling happily.

This picture conveys the message that sometimes we need to be united. There are basically two ways to accomplish things: working alone or working together with others. We are born with all kinds of ambitions, to conquer the world, for example. Yet very often we are awakened up by the plain fact that there are certain things we cannot accomplish alone. Therefore, it is essential for us to work in a united way. United, we stand; divided, we fall. We should bear in mind that we cannot survive alone and frequently we need to unite with others to achieve our goals. (团结)

As can be seen in the picture, many children are standing merrily in a circle, hand-in-hand. The circle is heart-shaped. The simple picture conveys a deep message that the world will be full of love when everybody passes their own love to others. Love is important for us. Just as the picture above, only when love is delivered from person to person can we sense each other’s trust, concern, warmth, friendship, etc, which are vital for everyone’s happiness. In a word, if every one of us can devote a bit of love to others, our lives will be more beautiful. (爱心传递)

As is seen from the picture, a man, annoyed with a big stone ahead of him in the middle of a wide road, is trying his best to kick the stone away, sweating heavily. It seems that the man’s purpose is to clear the barrier in his way. However, he hasn’t realized that he may solve the problem in another way. With enough space on both sides, why not walk around the stone and keep going? The story of the man can be a lesson to us. We may have different problems in everyday life. Don’t just stick to one method only and get yourself trapped. Instead, we need to look around and try to use what life offers to achieve our goals. (不要一叶障 目不见森林)

In the picture, a man is rowing a boat with great difficulty. However, the water in the river is too shallow for the boat to move on. Obviously, it is difficult to move the boat no matter how hard he tries. The picture tries to convey the message that it is important to build a solid foundation if we want to succeed. We can learn this lesson in real life. Take study for example. If we don’t have basic knowledge and essential ability, we may fail to achieve our goals even if we work hard. Just like the man in the picture, he can’t move forward as expected because water is not deep enough for the boat. Therefore, a good foundation is the key to success.(坚实的基础是通往成功之路)

In the pictures, I can see a man nailing a box on a tree to make a nest for birds.

Some birds fly to live in it. To the man’s pleasant surprise, the birds eat the pests and his crops grow better. The pictures convey the message that human beings and animals can benefit from each other if they live together in perfect harmony. All the creatures on the earth are friends and we human beings should care about the others, just like the man in the picture. He makes a safe and comfortable home for birds, in return birds protect his crops by eating pests. Sometimes a simple act of kindness may make a big difference. Let’s work together to make a world where human beings and other creatures live together in perfect harmony. (和谐共处,毋以善小而不为)

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One possible version As can be seen in the picture,a boy is holding a pair of huge scissors to cut a small piece of paper, but in vain. The picture tries to tell us that a proper method plays a very important role in achieving a goal.In our daily life,we constantly need to carry out differnet task, whether they are simple or complicated.We should always keep in mind that adopting a proper method is the most important thing.If not, whatever efforts we make,we’ll accomplish nothing,just like the boy in the picture,who is using a wrong way to cut paper.Only in this way,can he tear the paper into pieces. In my opinion,choosing a suitable method is very important both in our study and in our life.

Jim, as you can see, there is a river and a group of ants in the picture. Some ants are working together to build an “ant bridge” so that their group members are able to cross the river and reach their final destination. In my opinion, this picture vividly shows the importance of teamwork. It is impossible for a single ant to cross the river, but when they work together as a group, they can achieve their goals. Similarly in our life, an individual person cannot easily carry out a challenging task on his own without joining hands with others. In fact, there are a lot of occasions when teamwork is needed, such as ball games, project learning and even parties. As long as every one of us combines our efforts, we can surely cross the “river” in our life, just like what the little ants do in the picture. This is my understanding of the picture. Don’t you think so, Jim?



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