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完形填空限时训练 A Washoe is a young chimpanzee(黑猩猩) She is no _41_ chimpanzee, though. Scientists are doing a . research _42_ her. They want to see how civilized (驯化) she can _43_ . Already she does many things a human being can do. For example, she has been learning how to exchange _44_ with people. The scientists are teaching her _45_ language. When she wants to be picked _46_, Washoe points up with one finger. She rubs her teeth with her finger _47_ she wants to brush her teeth. This is done after every meal. Washoe has also been _48_ to think out and find answers to problems. Once she was put in a _49_ with food hanging from the ceiling. It was too high to _50_. After she considered the _51__, she got a tall box to stand _52_. The food was still too high to be reached. Washoe found a _53_ pole. Then she climbed onto the _54__, grasped the pole, and __55_ down the food with the pole. Washoe _56_ like a human, too. The scientists keep her in a fully furnished house. After a hard _57_ in the laboratory, she goes home. _58_ she plays with her toys. She _59_ enjoys watching television before going to bed. Scientists hope to _60_ more about people by studying our closest relative (亲属)-chimpanzee. 41. A. foolish 42. A. for 43. A. experience 44. A. actions 45. A. sign 46. A. out 47. A. when 48. A. raised 49. A. cave 50. A. pull 51. A. problem 52. A. by 53. A. straight 54. A. wall 55. A. knocked 56. A. lives 57. A. task 58. A. Here 59. A. quite 60. A. observe B. ordinary B. by B. change B. views B. human B. at B. until B. trained B. zoo B. see B. position B. on B. strong B. box B. picked B. acts B. lesson B. There B. already B. discover

C. special C. to C. develop C. messages C. spoken C. on C. since C. ordered C. room C. eat C. food C. up C. long C. ceiling C. took C. thinks C. day C. So C. even C. gain

D. simple D. on D. become D. feeling D. foreign D. up D. while D. led D. museum D. reach D. ceiling D. with D. big D. pole D. shook D. plays D. time D. Then D. still D. learn

B The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out. —Thomas Macaulay Some thirty years ago, I was studying in a public school in New York. One day, Mrs Nanette O'Neill gave an arithmetic 26 to our class. When the papers were 27 she discovered that twelve boys had made exactly the 28 mistakes throughout the test. There is nothing really new about 29 in exams. Perhaps that was why Mrs O'Neill 30 even say a word about it. She only asked the twelve boys to 31 after class. I was one of the twelve. Mrs O'Neill asked 32 questions, and she didn't 33 us either. Instead, she wrote on the blackboard the 34 words by Thomas Macaulay. She then ordered us to 35 these words into our exercise-books one hundred times. I don't 36 about the other eleven boys. Speaking for 37 I can say:it was the most important single 38 of my life. Thirty years after being 39 to Macaulay's words, they 40 seem to me the best yardstick(准绳), because they give us a 41 to measure ourselves rather than others. 42 of us are asked to make 43 decisions about nations going to war of armies going to battle. But all of us are called 44 daily to make a great many personal decisions. 45 the wallet, found in the street, be put into a pocket 46 turned over to the policeman? Should the 47 change received at the store be forgotten or 48? Nobody will know except 49. But you have to live with yourself, and it is always 50 to live with someone you respect. 26. A. test B. problem C. paper D. lesson 27. A. examined B. completed C. marked D. answered 28. A. easy B. funny C. same D. serious 29. A. lying B. cheating C. guessing D. discussing 30. A. didn't B. did C. would D. wouldn't 31. A. come B.leave C. remain D. apologize 32. A. no B. certain C. many D. more 33. A. excuse B. reject C. help D. scold 34. A. above B. common C. following D. unusual 35. A. repeat B. get C. put D. copy 36. A. worry B. know C. hear D. talk 37. A. myself B. ourselves C. themselves D. herself 38. A. chance B. incident C. lesson D. memory 39. A. referred B. shown C. brought D. introduced 40. A. even B. still C. always D. almost 41. A. way B. sentence C. choice D. reason 42. A. All B. Few C. Some D. None 43. A. quick B. wise C. great D. personal 44. A. out B. for C. up D. upon 45. A. Should B. Must C. Would D. Need 46. A. and B. or C. then D. but 47. A. extra B. small C. some D. necessary 48. A. paid B. remembered C. shared D. returned 49. A. me B. you C. us D. them 50. A. easier B. more natural C. better D. more peaceful


C Todd was working at his gas station(加油站)at night when he heard over the radio that a 26 in Long Island had been 27 by an armed man who had killed the night guard and got away with $ 150,000.?One hundred and fifty thousand,‘ Todd whistled. Here's a fellow who just 28 into a bank and helps himself 29 so much money. Todd thought of the 30 with which he managed to get the amount of money he 31 to start his gas station, So many papers to 32 , so much money to pay back. The news 33 twenty minutes later. The gunman had 34 a car for a ride, and then 35 out the driver. He was possibly 36 the Southern State Parkway in a white Ford. License plate(车牌)number LJR1939. The 37 of the announcer continued:? 38 out for white cars. Don't pick up 39 ,and all you folks in gas stations better not do 40 to a white Ford car.‘ Todd stood up and 41to see out into the cold night. It was dark but Todd 42 the Southern State Parkway was out there. Just 43 , Todd saw the headlights coming at him and a car pulled in for 44 . There it was, a white Ford. He saw the 45 , LJR1939. ?What should I do?‘Todd had to make a quick 46 .?Yes, sir?‘Todd 47 while making up his mind for sure. ? 48 her up,‘the man said sounding like any other 49 . When the tank (油箱)was full, Todd quickly turned round and pointed a gun at the man. ?Hands up 50 get out!‘ 26. A. store B. bank C. station D. house 27. A. searched for B. held up C. taken over D. broken into 28. A. walks B. looks C. marches D. drives 29. A. for B. by C. to D. of 30. A. satisfaction B. difficulty C. disappointment D. spirit 31. A. saved B. made C. offered D. needed 32. A. collect B. prove C. sign D. write 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. continued B. lasted C. spread D. arrived bought B. borrowed C. stolen D. stopped sent B. found C. left D. pushed calling from B. fleeing from C. heading for D. looking for news B. warning C. advice D. voice Look B. Run C. Call D. Set guests B. strangers C. prisoners D. passengers harm B. favor C. service D. business tried B. decided C. hoped D. happened considered B. knew C. recognised D. learnt then directions mark decision wondered Cover visitor or B. there C. right B. repairs C. gas B. number C. sign B. call C. movement B. stopped C. waited B. Fill C. Check B. robber C. driver B. and C. but D. to

D. now D. parking D. name D. remark D. asked D. Tie D. rider

D Ella Fant was a middle-aged lady who lived with her only sonJohn in a small house.She__26__John very much.In her__27__he couldn't do anything__28__.Every morning she would give him breadkfst_-29__bed and bring him the papers to__30__.It isn't really true that he was too__31__to work-in fact he had tried a few__32__.First of all he was a window-cleaner and in his first week he managed to__33__at least six windows.Then he__34__a bus conductor and on his second__35__a passenger stole his bag with all the fares (车费)collected.He__36__lost his job as a postman __37__he sent off all the letters when he should have taken them to people's houses.It seemed that there was__38__suitable work for him.So he__39__to join the army.Mrs.Fant was so__40__about this that she told the__41__to all her neighbours."My John is good to be a soldier,"she said."He is going to be the best soldier there__42__was,I can tell you!" Then the great day came__43__he was to march past the palace in the parade(接受检阅的队伍) .His__44__mother travelled to the city early in the morning to be sure of getting a good__45__in the crowd. The parade was full of sound and colour.But when John and his__46__came in sight some of the people watching__47__laughing at the one who couldn't keep pace with the other as they marched along. But Ella Fant,who was filled with__48__,shouted at the top of her voice:"Look at__49__!They're all out of__50__except my John! Isn't he the best!" 26.A.depended on B.waited on C.trusted D.loved 27.A.hope B.eyes C.head D.belefs 28.A.wrong B.great C.good D.strange 29.A.to B.at C.in D.by 30.A.check B.read C.keep D.sign 31.A.lazy B.young C.weak D.shy 32.A.ones B.years C.tasks D.jobs 33.A.rub 34.A.followed 35.A.day 36.A.thus 37.A.even if 38.A.some 39.A.began 40.A.excited 41.A.incident 42.A.yet 43.A.where 44.A.proud 45.A.time 46.A.neighbours 47.A.couldn't help 48.A.sadness 49.A.them 50.A.sight B.drop B.met B.try B.even B.so that B.such B.promised B.worried B.change B.ever C.break D.clean C.became D.found C.route D.chance C.once D.only C.because D.though C.less D.no C.managed D.decided C.anxious D.curious C.news D.matter C.never D.just

B.since C.when D.till B.kind C.strict D.lucky B.position C.experience D.impression B.army officer C.mother D.fellow soldiers B.shouldn't burst out C.stopped D.kept B.happiness C.surprise D.regret B.those C.that D.him B.order C.mind D.step

E People of Burlington are being disturbed by the sound of bells. Four students from Burlington College of Higher Education are in the bell tower of the _26_ and have made up their minds to _27_ the bells nonstop for two weeks as a protest (抗议) against heavy trucks which run _28_ through the narrow High Street. ―They not only make it _29_ to sleep at night, but they are _30_ damage to our houses and shops of historical _31_,‖ said John Norris, one of the protesters. ― _32_ we must have these noisy trucks on the roads,‖ said Jean Lacey, a biology student, ―why don‘t they build a new road that goes 33_ the town? Burlington isn‘t much more than a _34_ village. Its streets were never _35_ for heavy traffic.‖ Harry Fields also studying _36_ said they wanted to make as much _37_ as possible to force the _38_ to realize what everybody was having to 39_. ― Most of them don‘t _40_ here anyway,‖ he said, ― they come in for meetings and that, and the Town Hall is sound proof (隔音) ,_41_ they probably don‘t _42_ the noise all that much. It‘s high time they realized the _43_ .‖ The fourth student, Liza Bermum, said she thought the public were _44_ on their side, and even if they weren‘t they soon would be. _45_ asked if they were _46_ that the police might come to _47_ them. ―Not really,‖ she said, ―actually we are _48_ bell-ringers. I mean we are assistant bell-ringers for the church. There is no _49_ against practising.‖ I _50_ the church with the sound of the bells ringing in my ears. 26. A. college B. village C. town D. church 27. A. change B. repair C. ring D. shake 28. A. now and then B. day and night C. up and down D. over and over 29. A. terrible B. difficult C. uncomfortable D. unpleasant 30. A. doing B. raising C. putting D. producing 31. A. scene B. period C. interest D. sense 32. A. If B. Although C. When D. Unless 33. A. to B. through C. over D. round 34. A. pretty B. quiet C. large D. modern 35. A. tested B. meant C. kept D. used 36. A. well B. hard C. biology D. education 37. A. effort B. time C. trouble D. noise 38. A. townspeople B. other students C. government officials D. truck drivers 39. A. stand B. accept C. know D. share 40. A. shop B. live C. come D. study 41. A. but B. so C. or D. for 42. A. notice B. mention C. fear D. control 43. A. event B. loss C. action D. problem 44. A. hardly B. unwillingly C. mostly D. usually 45. A. I B. We C. She D. They 46. A. surprised B. afraid C. pleased D. determined 47. A. seize B. fight C. search D. stop 48. A. proper B. experienced C. hopeful D. serious 49. A. point B. cause C. need D. law 50. A. left B. found C. reached D. passed


F I climbed the stairs slowly, carrying a big suitcase, my father following with two more. By the time I got to the third floor, I was _26_ and at the same time feeling lonely. Worse still, Dad _27_ a step and fell, sending my new suitcases _28_ down the stairs. "Damn!" he screamed, his face turning red. I knew _29_ was ahead. Whenever Dad's face turns red, _30_! How could I ever _31_ him to finish unloading the car _32_ screaming at me and making a scene in front of the other girls, girls I would have to spend the _33_ of the year with? Doors were opening and faces peering out (探出) , as Dad walked _34_ close behind. I felt it in my bones that my college life was getting off to a (n) _35_ start. " _36_ the room quickly," I thought. "Get him into a chair and calmed down. But _37_, would there be a " chair in Room 316? Or would it be a(n) __38_ room? _39_ I turned the key in the lock and _40_ the door open, with Dad _41_ complaining (抱怨) about a hurting knee or something. I put my head in, expecting the _42_. But to my _43_, the room wasn't empty at all! It had furniture, curtains, a TV, and even paintings on the walls. And there on a well-made bed sat Amy, my new _44_ , dressed neatly. Greeting me with a nod, she said in a soft voice, "Hi, you must be Cori." Then, she _45_ the music and looked over at _46_ . "And of course, you're Mr. Faber," she said, _47_ . "Would you like a glass of iced tea?" Dad's face turned decidedly _48_ before he could bring out a "yes". I knew _49_ that Amy and I would be _50_ and my first year of college would be a success. 26 . A. help B. lazy C. anxious D. tired 27 . A. took B. minded C. missed D. picked 28 . A. rolling B. passing C. dropping D. turning 29 . A. suffering B. difficulty C. trouble D. danger 30 . A. go ahead B. look out C. hold on D. give up 31 . A. lead B. help C. encourage D. get 32 . A. after B. without C. while D. besides 33 . A. best B. beginning C. end D. rest 34 . A. with difficulty B. in a hurry C. with firm steps D. in wonder 35. A. fresh B. late C. bad D. unfair 36. A. Search B. Find C. Enter D. Book 37. A. in fact B. by chance C. once more D. then again 38. A. small B. empty C. new D. neat 39. A. Finally B. Meanwhile C. Sooner or later D. At the moment 40. A. knocked B. forced C. pushed D. tired 41. A. yet B. only C. even D. still 42. A. worst B. chair C. best D. tea 43. A. regret B. disappointment C. surprise D. knowledge 44. A. roommate B. classmate C. neighbour D. companion 45. A. turned on B. turned down C. played D. enjoyed 46. A. Dad B. me C. the door D. the floor 47. A. questioning B. wonder C. smiling D. guessing 48. A. red B. less pale C. less red D. pale 49. A. soon B. there C later D. then 50. A. sisters B. friends C. students D. fellows


G My Experience in a Free School At first I couldn't believe it! There were no 26 in rows; no bells rang; no one had to go to 27 . Although we all lived ―in‖, 28 made us go to bed at a certain time; there was no ―lights out‖. The 29 thing was that practically all the students went to class, 30 very few people stayed up late at night. Only the new people stayed up or 31 class. The new ones always went wild 32 , but this never lasted long. The 33 took some getting used to. Our teachers treated us like 34 ; never did we have to 35 “stand up‖, “sit down‖, ―speak out‖. I don't 36 one student who didn't try his best. The subjects were the same as those in 37 school, but what a difference in the approach(方式)!For example, in botany(植物学)we had 38 classes in the spring or fall, but instead we 39 two gardens, a vegetable garden and a flower garden. 40 in winter we each studied a few 41 things about what we had grown. In math the students built three different kinds of storerooms - small ones 42 , but usable. They did this instead of having lessons in the classroom. They really had a 43 time too, designing everything, drawing the blueprints, 44 the angles(角度)and so on. I didn't take 45 .I can't stand it! Besides, I could do the basic things with numbers. That's 46 ! 47 I think I am a 48 person for having gone to the school. I can read and write as well as anyone else my age, and I can think better. That's probably a real big 49 between the free school and regular school-the amount of 50 . 26. A. desks B. lights C. students D. buildings 27. A. home B. bed C. class D. work 28. A. anybody B. nobody C. teachers D. parents 29. A. sad B. last C. good D. strange 30. A. and B. but C. so D. yet 31. A. attended B. took C. missed D. studied 32. A. from then on B. at first C. once more D. just then 33. A. freedom B. habit C. time D. people 34. A. workers B. pupils C. gardeners D. grown-ups 35. A. understand B. study C. play D. say 36. A. hear from B. feel like C. think about D. know of 37. A. night B. regular C. small D. real 38. A. all B. short C. no D. indoor 39. A. planted B. studied C. drew D. toured 40. A. Still B. Then C. Yet D. Next 41. A. wild B. successful C. usual D. particular 42. A. as well B.after a while C. of course D. as a result 43. A. funny B. great C. convenient D. thoughtful 44. A. looking out B. taking out C. finding out D. figuring out 45. A. math B. care C. botany D. notice 46. A. dull B. interesting C. enough D. dangerous 47. A. On the whole B. Once again C. Sooner or later D. After a while 48. A. careful B. better C. busier D. lovely 49. A. problem B. chance C. difference D. change 50. A. reading B. gardening C. teaching D. thinking

H He has been called the "missing link," Half - man, half-beast. He is supposed to live in the highest mountain in the world-Mount Everest. He is known as the Abominable Snowman . The __36__ of the Snowman has been around for __37__. Climbers in the 1920s reported finding marks like those of human feet high up in the side of Mount Everest. The native people said they __38__ this creature and called it the "Yeti," and they said that they had __39__ caught Yetis on two occasions __40__ none has ever been produced as evidence(证据) . Over the years, the story of the Yetis has __41__ . In 1951, Eric Shipton took photographs of a set of tracks in the snow of Everest. Shipton believed that they were not __42__ the tracks of a monkey or bear and __43__ that the Abominable Snowman might really __44__ . Further efforts have been made to find out about Yetis. But the only things people have ever found were_45__ footprints. Most believe the footprints are nothing more than __46__ animal tracks, which had been made __47__ as they melted(融化)and refroze in the snow. __48__ , in 1964, a Russian scientist said that the Abominable Snowman was __49__ and was a remaining link with the prehistoric humans. But,__50__, no evidence has ever __51__ been produced. These days, only a few people continue to take the story of the Abominable Snowman __52__ . But if they ever __53__ catching one, they may face a real __54__: Would they put it in a __55__ or give it a room in a hotel? 36 . A. event 37. A. centuries 38 . A. heard from 39 . A. even 40 . A. as 41 . A. developed 42 . A. entirely 43 . A. found 44 . A. exist 45. A. clearer 46. A. huge 47. A. strange 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. In the end imagined so rightly lightly succeed in decision zoo B. story B. too long B. cared for B. hardly B. though B. changed B. naturally B. declared B. escape B. more B. recent B. large B. Therefore B. real B. besides B. actually B. jokingly B. insist on B. situation B. mountain C. adventure C. some time C. knew of C. certainly C. when C. occurred C. clearly C. felt C. disappear C. possible C. ordinary C. deep C. After all C. special C. again C. normally C. seriously C. depend on C. subject C. museum

D. description D. many years D. read about D. probably D. until D. continued D. simply D. doubted D. return D. rare D. frightening D. rough D. However D. familiar D. instead D. particularly D. properly D. join D. problem D. laboratory

People do not analyse every problem they meet.sometimes they try to remember a solution from the last time they had a 26 problem. They often accept the opinion or ideas of other people.Other times they 27 ; they try to find a solution by trial and error, 30 28 , when all of these methods in analysing a problem.

begin to act without 29

, the person with a problem has to start analysing. There are six 31

the person must recognise that there is a problem. For example, Sam's bicycle is broken, and he 32 that there is a problem with his bicycle.

cannot ride it to class as he usually does.Sam must Next the person must 33

the problem. Before Sam can repair his bicycle, he must know why it does 34 the parts that are wrong. 35 37 that will make the problem clearer and lead to 36

not work. For example, must

Now the person must look for solutions. For example, suppose Sam with the brakes. 38

that his bike does not work because there is something wrong 39 his friends

, he can look in his bicycle repair book and read about brakes,

at the bike shop, or look at his brakes carefully. After 40 the problem, the person should have 42 41 suggestions for a possible solution. Take

Sam as an example change the old ones. In the end, one comes quite 46

, his suggestions might be: tighten or loosen the brakes; buy new brakes and


seems to be the solution


the problem. Sometimes the


idea 47 48

because the thinker suddenly sees something new or sees something in a

way. Sam, for example, suddenly sees there is a piece of chewing gum (口香糖) stuck to a brake. He hits on the solution to his problem : he must Finally the solution is the problem. 1. A. serious 2. A. pracice 3. A.besides 4. A.fail 5. A. ways 6. A.First 7. A.explain 8. A.judge 9.A. check 10.A.answers 11. A.possible 12. A.hopes B. usual B.thinking B.Instead B. work B. conditions B. Usually B.prove B.find B.determine B.skills B.exact B.argues C. similar C.understanding C.Otherwise C.change C.stages C.In general C.show C.desscribe C.correct C.explanation C. real C.decides C.First of all


the brake.


. Sam does it and finds his bicycle works perfectly. In short he has solved

D.common D.help D.However D.develop D.orders D. Most importantly D.see D.face D.recover D.information D. special D.suggests D.At this time

13. A. In other words B.Once in a while

14. A. look for 15. A. discussing l6. A. extra 17. A. secondly 18. A. suggestion 19. A. with 20. A. next

B. talk to B. settling down B. enough B. again B. conclusion B. into B. clear

C. agree with C. comparing with C. several C. also C. decision C. for C. final C. clearly C. quick C. clearly C. loosen C. tested.

D. depend on D. studying D. countless D. alone D. discovery D. to D. new D. often D. sudden D. immediately D. remove D. accepted

21. A. unexpectedly B. late 22. A. simple 23. A. fortunately 24. A. clean 25. A. recorded B. different B. easily B. separate B. completed


2002 年高考全国试题完形填空 J What is intelligence (智力) anyway? When I was in the army I __36__ an intelligence test that all soldiers took, and, against __37__ of 100, scored 160. I had an auto-repair man once, who, on these intelligence tests, could not __38__ have scored more than 80,_39_, when anything went wrong with my car I hurried to him - and he always _40_ it. Well, then, suppose my auto-repair man __41__questions for some intelligence tests. By every one of them I'd prove myself a __42__. In a world where I have to work with my __43__ , I'd do poorly. Consider my auto-repair man __44__. He had a habit of telling__45__. One time he said, " Doe, a deaf-and-dumb man__46__some nails. Having entered a store, he put two fingers together on the counter and made__47___movements with the other hand. The clerk brought him a hammer. He __48__ his head and pointed to the two fingers he was hammering. The clerk __49__ him some nails. He picked out the right size and left. Well, Doe, the __50__ man who came in was blind. He wanted scissors (剪刀) " __51__ do you . suppose he asked for them?" I lifted my right hand and made scissoring movements with my first two fingers. He burst out laughing and said, "Why, you, fool, he used his __52__ and asked for them. I've been __53__ that on all my customers today, but I knew __54__ I'd catch you." "Why is that?" I asked. "Because you are so goddamned educated, Doc. I knew you couldn't be very __55__ " . And I have an uneasy feeling he had something there. 36 . A. failed 37 . A. an average 38 . A. always 39 . A. Then 40 . A. fixed 41 . A. answered 42 . A. teacher 43 . A. brains 44 . A. again 45. A. lies 46. A. bought 47. A. cutting 48. A nodded 49. A. brought 50. A. clever 51. A. What 52. A. imagination 53. A. trying 54. A. for sure 55. A. clear B. wrote B. a total B. possibly B. Thus B. checked B. practised B. doctor B. effort B. as usual B. jokes B. tested B. hammering B. raised B. packed B. other B. How B. hand B. proving B. at once B. silly C. received C. an exam C. certainly C. Therefore C. drove C. designed C. winner C. hands C. too C. news C. found C. waving C. shook C. sent C. right C. Who C. voice C. practicing C. in fact C. slow

D. chose D. a number D. frequently D. Yet D. changed D. tried D. fool D. attention D. as well D. tales D. needed D. circling D. turned D. sold D. next D. Which D. information D. examining D. right now D. smart

2002 北京高考试题完形填空 K As a child, I was truly afraid of the dark and of getting lost; these fears were very real and caused me some uncomfortable moments. Maybe it was the strange chair take on the when there was no daylight. My 43 40 42 36 things looked and sounded in my familiar room at night that 38 , but a streetlight or passing car lights 41 39 37 me so much. There was never total clothes hung over a

of a wild animal. Out of the corner of my

, I saw the curtains seem to move 44 very still so that the

. A tiny sound in the floor would seem a hundred times louder than in the

would run wild, and my heart would beat fast. I would 45

―enemy‖ would not discover me. Another of my childhood fears was that I would get lost, the buses were 49 my sight. Perhaps one of the worst fears 51 all I had as a child was that of not being liked or 53 , and the fear of not being liked was a 55 54 52 by others. Being popular was so important to me one. 48 on the way home from school. Every 46 . After school, 50 47 , when all morning I got on the school bus right near my home―that was no

up along the street, I was afraid that I‘d get on the wrong one and be taken to some the leaders out of

neighborhood. On school or family trips to a park or a museum, I wouldn‘t

One of the processes ( 过 程 ) of growing up is being able to 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. A. way A. wounded A. quietness A. got A. spirit A. eye A. breath A. belief A. lay A. especially A. discussion A. though A. called A. old A. leave A. above A. protected A. then A. strict A. realize B. time B. destroyed B. darkness B. forced B. height B. window B. wind B. feeling B. hide B. simply B. problem B. yet B. backed B. crowded B. let B. in B. guided B. there B. powerful B. remember C. place C. surprised C. emptiness C. made C. body C. mouth C. air C. imagination C. rest C. probably C. joke C. although C. lined C. poor C. order C. of C. believed C. once C. heavy C. recognize

and overcome our D. reason D. frightened D. loneliness D. caused D. shape D. door D. sound D. doubt D. lie D. directly D. matter

fears. Understanding the things that frightened us as children helps us achieve greater success later in life.

D. still D. packed D. unfamiliar D. send D. at D. accepted D. anyway D. right D. recover


NMET2002 北京春招 L Tim Becker and his neighbors are doing something to make their neighborhood a trouble-free area. When Tim Becker gets in his car to go shopping, he doesn't always looks Tim group 41 37 strange cars, loud noises, 39 36 drive to a store and back home. He such as up and down the streets of his neighborhood. He looks for anything 38 windows, or people gathering on street corners. 42 Tim gets together with about ten of his 44

40 to a neighborhood watch group in Stoneville, Indiana, USA. The neighborhood watch on the third Wednesday of every month. That's Members of the neighborhood watch group want to help the police 45 47

neighbors to discuss community 43 Tina Stedman, president of "but I don't think anyone has the own homes. "

their homes, streets, and families safe. neighborhood watch group, agrees with Tim. "People seem to think 46 them. Well, it's never happened to me," she said, 48 sitting in their 50 each that crime (犯罪) happens to other people but not

to steal from other people or to make them feel 49

Alex, a member of the group, said that all the neighbors

out for one another. "We 52

other's homes. We keep watch on the neighborhood at night and on weekends. Usually a 51 five of us goes out together. If something doesn't look right, then we call the notice a group of teenagers who seem to be looking for report to the police. " Alex feels the neighborhood watch groups 54 "Police are good people, but they can't do 55 " 36. A. yet B. still 37. A. carefully B. clearly 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. familiar curtained attends meets where politics keep its round right unlucky set care group judges work produce anything B. unusual B. open B. belongs B. quarrels B. why B. wealth B. hold B. his B.on B. chance B. unsafe B. let B. enter B. set B. police B. burden B. find B. everything 53

of four or

. For example, if we

, or someone destroying property (财产), we

a lot in keeping crime down. Her husband Jim agrees, C.just C. nervously C. expensive C. old C. goes C. sings C. when C. health C. let C. their C. about C. courage C. disappointed C. hold C. watch C. number C. firemen C. service C. get C. harm

D. rather D. coldly D. interesting D. broken D. turns D. searches D. how D. safety D. protect D. your D. to D. mind D. discouraged D. look D. manage D. crowd D. doctors D. trouble D. help D. wrong

2003 年全国试题高考完形填空 M I played a racquetball game against my cousin Ed last week. It was one of the most __36__ and tiring games I‘ve ever had. When Ed first phoned and __37__ we play, I laughed quietly, figuring on an __38__ victory. After all, Ed‘s idea of __39__ has always been nothing more __40__ than lifting a fork to his mouth. __41__ I can remember. Ed‘s been the least physically fit member in the family, and __42__ proud of himself. His big moustache has always ballooned out between his T-shirt and trousers. Although the family often ___43__ about that, Ed refused to buy a __44__ T-shirt or to lose weight. So when Ed__45__ for our game not only with the bottom of his shirt gathered inside his trousers but also with a stomach you could hardly __46__, I was so surprised that I was __47__. My cousin must have made an effort to get himself into shape. __48__, at the point in our game when I‘d have predicted the score to be about 9 to 1 in my favor, it was __49__ 7 to 9—and Ed was _50__. The sudden realization was painful. We __51__to play like two mad men. When the score was 16 up, I was having serious__52__ about staying alive until 21 years old, let alone __53__ that many points. When the game finally ended, both of us were lying flat on our backs, too tired to __54_. In a way, I think we both won: I the game, but cousin Ed my __55__. 36. A. encouraging 37. A. declared 38. A. unforgettable 39. A. exercise 40. A. time-saving 41. A. As soon as 42. A. strangely 43. A. cared 44. A. clean 45. A. set out 46. A. notice 47. A. nervous 48. A. After all 49. A. mistakenly 50. A. leading 51. A. pretended 52. A. thoughts 53. A. scoring 54. A. play 55. A. friendship B. hopeless B. mentioned B. unexpected B. preparation B. comfortable B. As long as B. personally B. forgot B. larger B. get ready B. admire B. curious B. As a result B. then B. coming B. stopped B. doubts B. completing B. start B. respect C. surprising C. persuaded C. easy C. joy C. suitable C. When C. reasonably C. quarreled C. straight C. arrived C. believe C. careless C. Above all C. instead C. waiting C. continued C. situations C. receiving C. sleep C. support D. regular D. suggested D. early D. fitness D. effort-making D. Since D. eagerly D. joked D. darker D. returned D. measure D. speechless D. At last D. naturally D. counting D. decided D. problems D. keeping D. move D. favor


2003 年北京试题高考完形填空 (春招)N You Did More Than Carry My books Mark was walking home from school one day when he noticed the boy ahead of him had dropped all of the books he was carrying, along with a baseball bat and several other things. Mark 36 39 down and helped the boy pick up these articles. 37 38 they were going the same way, he the boy‘s name was Bill, that he 40 with his other subjects and helped to carry some of them for him. As they walked Mark that he had just broken 41 with his girlfriend. 42 in for a Coke and to watch some 43 with a few laughs and some shared small talk, and then Mark 45 ,Bill asked Mark if they 48 46

computer games, baseball and history, that he was having a lot of They arrived at Bill‘s home first and Mark was

television. The afternoon passed went home. They talk. Bill 47 44

to see each other around school, had lunch together once or twice, and then both

ended up from the same high school, Just three weeks before

him of the day years ago when they had first met. ―Do you 49 50 54

wonder why I was

carrying so many things home that day?‖ asked Bill. ―You see, I want to leave a mess(脏乱) 51 had done that, I would have 36.A.fell 37.A.Although 38.A.discovered 39.A.played 40.A.questions 41.A.up 42.A.called 43.A.peacefully 44.A.continued 45.A.graduation 46.A.would 47.A.demanded 48.A.ever 49.A.checked 50.A.over 51.A.find 52.A.talking 53.A.before 54.A.forgotten 55.A.helped B.sat B.Since B.realized B.loved B.ideas B.out B.helped B.willingly B.agreed B.movement B.should B.reminded B.usually B.took B.into B.pick B.playing B.if B.passed B.recovered my things. But after we spent some time together 52

out my locker because I didn‘t 53 I

anyone else. I had planned to run away and I was going home to and laughing, I realized that 55 my life.‖ a new friend and missed all the fun we would have together. So you C.lay C.After C.said C.tried C.trouble C.off C.invited C.freely C.forced C.separation C.could C.removed C.even C.cleaned C.with C.pack C.reading C.while C.left C.improved

see, Mark, when you picked up my books that day, you did a lot more. You D.knelt D.Until D.decided D.made D.doubt D.away D.allowed D.pleasantly D.offered D.vacation D.must D.asked D.never D.put D.for D.hold D.watching D.as D.lost D.changed

NMET2003 北京 O I was six when I joined my father and two elder brothers at sunrise in the fields of Eufaula Okia. the time I was eight I was helping Dad fix up old furniture. He gave me a cent for every nail I old boards. I got my first were 39 38 job, at JM' s Restaurant in town, when I was 12. My main responsibilities (职责) 40 41 sometimes I helped cook. to JM' s and work until ten. Even on Saturdays I 43 44 47 me to have. Because of my 46 42 45 . from I was my friends run off to swim or play. I tables and washing dishes, 37 36 out of

Every day after school I would

two until eleven. At that age it was difficult going to work and didn't necessarily like work, but I loved what working Word that I was trustworthy and hard-working credit (赊帐) of shoes. I was 48 50

always the one buying when my friends and I went to the local Tastee Freez. This made me I was only in seventh grade. I immediately 52 as soon as I could. 53 49

around town. A local clothing store offered me a $ 68 sports coat and a $ 22 pair 51

only 65 cents an hour, and I already owed the storekeeper $ 90! So I learned

the danger of easy credit. I paid it

My first job taught me self-control, responsibility and brought me a of my friends had experienced. As my father, 36.A.Before 37. A. pulled 38. A. usual 39. A. sweeping 40. A.or 41. A. head 42. A. studied 43. A. helping 44. A. asked 45. A. study 46. A. proud 47. A. ran 48. A. although 49. A. sold 50. A. keeping 51. A. gradually 52.A.out 53. A. point 54.A. he 55. A. understand B.Within B.put B. real B. packing B.so B.tum B. worked B. having B. told B. power B. friendly B.got B. while B. borrowed B. making B. greatly B.over B. level B.that B. demand 54

of personal satisfaction few 55

worked three jobs, once told me, "If you D.By D. pressed D. particular D. emptying D.even D.move D. slept D. letting D. allowed D.job D. hopeful D. carried D. since D.wore D. taking D. early D.off D.sign D. whoever D.fear

sacrifice(奉献)and responsibility, there are not many things in life you can't have. "How right he was. C.From C. picked C. main C. clearing C.but C. change C. played C. watching C. promised C.age C. lucky C.flew C.if C. charged C. paying C. hardly C. away C.part C.who C. offer

2004 年高考全国卷Ⅰ


It was the night before the composition was due. As I looked at the list of topics (题目) , "The Art of Eating Spaghetti (意大利面条) " caught my eye. The word "spaghetti" brought back the 36 38 of an evening at Uncle Alien' s in Belleville 37 all of us were seated around the table and Aunt Pat 39 days. Never had I eaten 42 we spaghetti for supper. Spaghetti was an exotic (外来的) treat in 40 of the grown-ups had enough experience to be 41

spaghetti, and

it. What laughing 44

had about the 43

respectable method for moving spaghetti from plate to mouth. 45

, I wanted to write

about that, but I wanted to teacher.

it down simply for my own 46 , not for Mr. Fleagle, my composition

47 , I would write something else. 48 49 left to write a proper composition for my work. Two days passed before

When I finished it the night was half gone and there was no Mr. Fleagle. There was no choice next morning but to Mr.Fleagle returned the Eating Spaghetti'. " My words! He was reading my words out 51 50

papers.He said, "Now, class, I want to read you a composition, ―The Art of

to the whole class. 53 55 .


laughed, then the whole

class was laughing with open-hearted enjoyment. I did my best not to show pure happiness, 37. A. when 38. A. cooked 39. A. their 40. A. none 42. A. speeches 43. A. nearly 45. A. settle 46. A. work 47. A. However 48. A. time 49. A. give up 50. A. written 51. A. laid 52. A. People 53. A. shock 54. A. if 55. A. excited 54 my words had the power to make people B. thought B. where B. served B. past B. one B. lessons B. naturally B. put B. story B. Therefore B. excuse B. continue B. graded B. fast B. Nobody B. wonder B. for B. satisfied C. knowledge C. since C. got C. last C. earns B. good at C. sayings C. officially C. Suddenly C. Bite C. luck C. As for him C. way C. hand in C. collected C. publicly C. Somebody C. worry C. while C. think

, but what I was feeling was

36. A. memory

D. experience D. after D. made D. those D. neither C. fond of D. socially D. Fortunately D. let D. joy D. Except for that D. idea D. delay D. calmly D. calmly D. I D. pleasure D. although D. laugh D. interested in D. arguments

41. A. careful about

44. A. Especially B. Probably

2004 年高考全国卷Ⅱ(四川、吉林、黑龙江、云南等地区) (秋)英语 Q Tracy Wong is a well-known Chinese-American writer. But her writing __36__ was something she picked up by herself. After her first__37__, teaching disabled children, she became a part-time writer for IBM. __38__, writing stories was simply a __39__. interest. Tracy sent three of her stories to a publisher (出版商) __40___, they immediately suggested that she put them together to make a single one . long__41__and paid Tracy a $ 50,000 advance. "A pretty money," said the publisher, "for__42___writer.‖ __43__Traey's characters(人物) are interesting, her stories sometimes__44__readem uneasy: those about the supernatural. "My mother believed I could__45__the afterlife world," she told a close friend. "She used to have me speak with my grandmother, who died many years ago." "Can I? I don't think I can," Tracy said with a laugh. "But l do have__46__ when things come to me__47__ . " Once, she was wondering how to complete a __48__set in ancient ( 古 代 的 ) China. __49__the doorbell rang. It was a FedEx delivery man, with a copy of a book on Chinese __50__. It came without her having __51__it. Though she has published 10 books, Tracy has remained __52__by her fame. She lives in the same __53__she lived 27 years ago - although in a mom comfortable home. There' s more room for__54__in her life - and it wasn‘t just __ 55__. 36. A. skill 37. A. duty 38. A. Instead 39. A. general 40. A. Interested 41. A. film 42. A. a foreign 43. A. Now that 44. A. find 45. A. make up 46. A. events 47. A. for no reason 48. A. description 49. A. Surprisingly 50. A. cooking 51. A. known 52. A. unchanged 53. A. life 54. A. success 55. A. writing B. experience B. effort B. Normally B. deep B. Anxiously B. story B. a popular B. Even though B. turn B. chances B. pointing B. Suddenly B. history B. sent B. excited B. city B. work B. reporting

C. practice D. method C. job D. task C. Certainly C. personal C. Seriously C. program C. an unusual C.leave D. explain D. moments D. as gifts D. talk D. Fortunately D. medicine D. ordered D. unmoved D. way D. variety D. fun C. feelings C. scene C. Expectedly C. play C. realized C. determined C. house C. joy C. luck D. Then D. lively D. Encouraged D. article D. an unknown D. hold

C. Just because D. Except that

B. 'connect with C. control

B. from a distance C. by accident

2004 年高考全国卷Ⅲ

英语 R

“My name’s Jim Shelley and I’m an addict(有瘾的人)?” With these words I began to 36 the problem, the problem of my telephone addiction. I used to call people to be phoned, I wanted to phone. Just

37 , from the moment I woke up to the time I went to sleep. I 38 one more call. It started socially — a few calls each day. It seemed got worse. Soon it was 41

39 , just a quick chat. Gradually though, the


use, until, finally, addiction. 43 call. If I couldn’ 44 , in the end, I

And it began to affect(影响) my 42 . During the day I would disappear for

t make a call, I spent the whole time waiting for the phone to ring. Getting more and more would ring someone, then someone else, I was phoning people and 46 45 myself just one more call.

messages to make sure 47

calls would see me through the day. I used 48 ―Is it OK if

to arrive at friends‘ homes and before the door was closed, go straight for the phone with the I just use the phone…?‖ At work, I became 49 when my fellow workers tried to to see a psychiatrist(心理医生) . 54 50 51 phone. And one day I hit my boss (with the phone) Finally, the police caught me . had taken my last one pound coin, and I was I haven‘t 53 52 a phone in the house for three weeks now, and it‘s several days

me from using the a phone box that

I used a phone

box. I try not to watch TV because there are 55 and I am an addict. 36.A. face B. find

people on it making phone calls. My name is Jim Shelley

C. accept

D. notice D. at work D. invited D. special D. effect D. particular D. work D. an extra D. anxious D. limiting D. recording D. surprising D. words D. helpless D. stop D. emptying

37.A. now and then B. all the time C. at home 38.A. tried 39.A. polite 40.A. condition 41.A. frequent 42.A. friends 43.A. a quick 44.A. hopeful 45.A. forcing 46.A. leaving 47.A. long 48.A. saying 49.A. careful 50.A. save 51.A. destroying B. asked B. important B. situation B. regular B. study B. a secret B. delighted B. telling B. taking B. immediate B. demands B. mad B. reduce B. using C. waited C. fine C. result C. unusual C. family C. an expected C. frightened C. giving C. passing C. enough C. wish C. determined C. protect C. stealing

52.A. offered 53.A. missed 54.A. as 55.A. always

B. guided B. had B. when B. just

C. ordered C. received C. if C. more

D. reminded D. fixed D. since D. different

2004 年高考_全国卷 IV(甘肃、新疆、宁夏、青海等地区) (秋)英语试题 S Perhaps the most interesting person I have ever met is an Italian professor of philosophy who teaches at the University of Pisa. 36 all, I respected his 38 I last met this man eight years ago, I have not forgotten his 37 qualifies. First of

to teaching. Because his lectures were always well-prepared and clearly delivered, 39 what he taught. Further more, 41 oil way, introducing such aids (辅助) to

students crowded into his classroom, His followers liked the fact that he he could be counted on to explain his ideas in all paintings, music, and guest lectures. Once he clear . them 43 44 the telephone . 40 42

sang a song in class in order to make a point

, admired the fact that he would talk to students outside the classroom or talk with Drinking coffee in the cafe, he would easily make friends with 45 47 a student to a game of chess (国际象棋) 46 . he would join student

students.Sometimes he would groups to discuss a variety of his office for 48

: agriculture, diving and mathematics. Many young people visited him in 49 by his

on their studies; others came to his home for social evenings. Finally, I was 50 .Through his sense of humor, he made learning more 55

lively sense of humor (幽默). He believed that no lesson is a success professor 51 at least one loud 54 52

, during it, the students and the 53 and

more lasting, If it is wise man.

that life makes a wise man smile and a foolish man cry,

my friend is indeed a

36. A.Although 37. A.basic 38. A.attention 39. A.insisted on 40. A.imaginative 41 A.listening 42. A.also 43. A.Later 44. A.with 45. A.invite

B. When B.special

C.Even if C.common

D.Now that D.particular D.devotion

B.introduction C.relation

B.talked about C.believed in D.agreed with B.ordinary C.opposite D.open

B.understanding C.information D.discovery B.nearly B.Secondly B.by B.lead C.even D.only D.Therefore D.on D.show


C.from C.prefer

46. A.As a matter of fact B.Later on 47. A.quetions 48. A.support 49. A.disturbed B.subjects B explanation B moved

C.Other times D.In general C.matters C.experience C.attracted D.contents D.advice D.defeated


50. A.for 51. A.hear 52. A.laugh 53. A.helpful 54. A.natural 55. A.so

B.until B.suggest B.cry B.enjoyable B.normal B.for

C.since C.share C.shout C.practical C.hopeful C.then

D.unless D.demand D.question D.useful D.true D.yet (北京卷)T

2004 年普通高等学校春季招生考试英语

Surfing: It‘s Not Just for Boys Anymore If you asked high school girls to name their favorite sports, most would probably say basketball or volleyball. I happen to be one of the few girls who would thing? Some people 37 . Most certainly not. 38 in love with the sport on the very first day. Riding that , there‘s 36 : surfing(冲浪运动) But isn‘t that a boy .

I started surfing about five years ago and first 39

was the best feeling I had ever experienced. 40 surfing with other things, I find it very difficult because, in my 42 41 , and soul. There‘s sand between my toes and cool, salt 44 , becoming one with the 45 ,

When I try to

nothing like it. It involves(牵涉到)body, water all is like I‘m weightless. The one thing I can 46

43 us. The feeling I get when I‘m surfing across that

from surfing and not any other sport is endless challenge(挑战) You can . 47 an uncountable variety of waves that nobody can ever

never be the “best surfer”because the ocean aggressive (活跃有力的) and other sport. I‘ve 50

master. The variations of surfing styles are wonderful. Some surfers are free and flowing; others are very 48 . All of these things attract me to surfing and make it 49 from any

to tell every girl I know to do something that people don‘t think girls can do. It‘s part of 51 , so shouldn‘t it be expected that girls should step up and start 52

being human to advance to new There‘re women boys 54

the limits of things boys and men used to dominate(主宰)? 53 side by side with the President of our country, so why not side by side with the 55 , and they will.

the football team or out in the water surfing? Give girls a chance to B. answer B. understand B. came B. storm B. connect B. study B. effort B. above C. give C. reply C. dropped C. sail C. compare C. holiday C. health C. around

36. A. tell 37. A. wonder 38. A. stayed 39. A. wave 40. A. bring 41. A. work 42. A. mind 43. A. along

D. realize D. believe D. fell D. boat D. tie D. life D. time D. by

44. A. beach 45. A. sky 46. A. take 47. A. catches 48. A. sharp 49. A. known 50. A. chosen 51. A. levels 52. A. reaching 53. A. sitting 54. A. of 55. A. think

B. water B. world B. get B. includes B. great B. right B. tried B. points B. accepting B. walking B. from B. succeed

C. board C. earth C. make C. offers C. hard C. far C. learned C. steps C. pushing C. fighting C. on

D. lake D. ocean D. keep D. collects D. calm D. different D. promised D. parts D. setting D. working D. with D. feel

C. perform

2004 年高考北京卷(秋)英语 U Don‘t Take the Fun Out of Youth Sports When I joined a private football league a few years ago, the sport meant everything to me.My coach (教 练) said that I had lots of potential (潜力) and I became captain of my , was taken out of 37 . 38 39 playing time. Then the team moved up to the top division started. Some parents, who had paid the coach extra so their 36 . That was before all the fun

At first, everyone on the team got after winning all its games, and the daughters could have our 41 40

one-on-one training, got angry when she didn‘t give them more playing time in . I

. The coach was replaced. 42 . Of course, all teams run drills; 45 . Younger people shouldn‘t be

The new coach, however, took all the fun out of the game: All we did during practice was always wished to God that it would rain so we would not have the they are 44 . But we ran so much that, afterwards, we had trouble 46 for 18-year-olds. 47 48 49 . 50 43

doing exercises

I was very thin was afraid of being too more than my usual

I started football, but as a member of this team I wouldn‘t eat much, because I to run. I feared making mistakes, and the added pressure caused me to make

Is all this pressure necessary ? I

up leaving the football team. Four other girls did the same, and 51 , because they had so much potential. They

two of them stopped playing football completely. That‘s were just burned-out with all the pressure they I continued playing football at school and school coach. When I started playing nervous. After I 55 54 52 53

from the coach or their parents. my love for it. I joined a private team coached by my him, he told me I needed to relax because I looked

down, I played better. When you enjoy something, it‘s a lot easier to do it well.

36. A. class 37. A. playing 38. A. great

B. club B. living B. equal

C. team C. learning C. right C. attempt C. good C. lessons C. run C. operation C. scientific C. sleeping C. made C. before C. lazy C. space C. ended C. silly C. brought

D. board D. working D. extra D. pressure D. basic D. programs D. shoot D. training D. practical D. breathing D. described D. because D. big D. state D. picked D. serious D. felt D. replaced

39. A. business B. struggle 40. A. free B. private

41. A. matches B. courses 42. A. jump 43. A. duty B. play B. meeting

44. A. necessary B. boring 45. A. speaking B. moving 46. A. used 47. A. till 48. A. full 49. A. size 50. A. gave 51. A. sad B. intended B. since B. tired B. share B. kept B. shameful

52. A. received B. suffered 53. A. reconsidered 54. A. at 55. A. fell B. by B. stepped

B. rediscovered C. re-formed C. for C. slowed D. around D. calmed

2004 年高考天津卷(秋)英语 V It was the district sports meet . My foot still hadn‘t healed(痊愈)from a(n) I had 37 whether or not I should attend the meet . But there I was , 38 ― Ready … set … ‖ The gun popped and we were off . The other girls rushed as I fell farther and farther behind . ― Hooray ! ‖ shouted the crowd . It was the loudest ― Maybe I should two laps , I ran foot did heal . When I finished , I heard a cheer— 47 than the one I‘d heard earlier . I turned around and 48 , the boys were preparing for their race . ― They must be cheering for the boys . ‖ I was leaving 49 several girls came up to me . ― Wow , you‘ve got courage ! ‖ one of them told me . 50 a race ! ‖ I thought .


injury .

for the 3,000-meter run . 39 me . I felt 40


I had ever heard at a meet . The first-place , I decided to keep going . During the last 46 my

runner was two laps(圈)ahead of me when she crossed the finish line . 42 44 , ‖ I thought as I moved on . and decided not to 45 43 in track next year . It wouldn‘t be worth it ,

― Courage ? I just

― I would have given up on the first lap , ‖ said another girl . ― We were cheering for you . Did you hear us ? ‖ Suddenly I regained aren‘t always 53 51 . I decided to 52 track next year . I realized strength and courage 54 we overcome 战胜) The strongest people ( .

in medals and victories , but in the 55

are not always the people who win , 36. A. slighter 37. A. expected 38. A. late B. worse B. supposed B. eager

the people who don‘t give up when they lose . C. earlier C. imagined C. ready B. ahead of C. excited C. cry C. go on C. Besides C. in pain C. race C. unless C. lower D. heavier D. doubted D. thirsty C. next to D. close to

39. A. from behind 40. A. ashamed 41. A. cheer B. astonished B. shout

D. frightened D. noise D. speed up D. However D. in advance D. attend D. until D. louder B. sure enough

42. A. slow down B. drop out 43. A. Therefore B. Otherwise 44. A. with delight B. with fear 45. A. play 46. A. even if 47. A. weaker 48. A. well enough C. surprisingly enough 49. A. while 50. A. finished 51. A. cheer 52. A. hold on 53. A. measured 54. A. sadness 55. A. or B. when B. won B. hope B. turn to B. praised B. struggles B. nor B. arrive B. only if B. longer

D. strangely enough C. as C. passed C. interest C. begin with C. tested C. diseases C. and (A) D. since D. lost D. experience D. stick with D. increased D. tiredness D. but

2004 年高考上海卷(秋)英语 W

Adults are often surprised by how well they remember something they learned as children but have never practised in the meantime. A man who has not had an opportunity to go swimming for years can 55 swim 56

as well as ever when he gets back in the water. He can got on a bicycle after several decades and still away. A mother who has not 57 twinkle, little star‖ or recite the story of Cinderella or Snow White. One explanation is the law of over learning, which can be stated as following: something, additional learning increases the 59 of time we will remember it.

the words for years can teach her daughter the poem that begins ― Twinkle,


we have learned

In childhood, we usually continue to practise such skills as swimming, bicycle riding long after we have learned them. We continue to listen to and 60 ourselves of poems such as ―Twinkle, twinkle, little star‖ 61 . 62 it may result in a

and childhood tales such as Cinderella or Snow White. We no only learn but

The law of over learning explains why cramming (突击学习) for an examination, passing grade, is not a 63

way to learn a school course. By cramming, a student may learn the subject well

enough to get by on the examination, but he is likely soon to forget almost everything he learned. A little over learning; 64 , is usually a good investment toward the future. B. hardly B. drive C. still C . D. even . travel

55. A. only 56. A. more D. ride 57. A. thought about D. brought up 58. A. Before 59. A. accuracy 60. A. remind 61. A. recite 62. A. though D. after 63. A. convenient 64. A. at most the end B. inform B. overlearn B. Once

B. cared for




C. Until B. unit C. limit C. warm C. research B. so

D. Unless D. length D. recall D. improve C . if

B. demanding B. by the way (B)X

C. satisfactory

D. swift D. in

C. on the other hand

The birthrate is Europe has been in a steady decrease since the 1960s. European countries, realizing crisis is at hand, are providing great encouragement for parents to create more babies in the 21st century. Affairs Ministry concluded last year that, 66 65 cash encouragement, some women just don‘t want to be 67 holding the baby. ―What we know is that it‘s good for the

if men and women share the burden of having children,‖ says Soren Kindlund, family policy adviser at the Swedish ministry. 68 Swedish parents can take their paid leave as they wish, 69 day off work. go men use a mere 12% of it;

60% of fathers do not take even a(n)

Experts fear that the tendency for women to use most of the parental leave could make employers 70 give young women the January. Sweden decided to allow new fathers two months‘ paid leave, with a warming: use it or Kindlund admits that men are under 72

permanent jobs they need to qualify for paid maternity leave (产假) 。In 71 it.

to stay at work, even though parental pay comes out of the

public purse. ―It‘s not popular among bosses and perhaps with other men in the workplace,‖ he says. ―But it‘s good for the father and for the child if they can 73 a relationship.‖

In Norway, a(n) 74

policy has worked wonders. 70% of dads in Norway now take parental leave, and

the birthrate of 1.85 children per woman is one of the highest in Europe. 65. A. is spite of 66. A. sent 67. A. birthrate 68. A. Just as that 69. A. one 70. A. willing 71. A. reserve 72. A. discussion 73. A. make out aside 74. A. impersonal B. similar C. severe D. global 2004 年高考重庆卷(秋)英语 Y A little boy invited his mother to attend his school‘s first boy’ 36 s and he felt 40 ,she said she would go. This teacher-parent parent meeting. To the little his mother B. mere B. reluctant B. misuse B. attack B. add up C. control C. only C. likely D. single D. unable C. ignore D. lose D . B. at the cost of C. in addition to B. left B. income B. Only if C. caught C. health D. due to D. seen D. spirit C. Even though D . Now

D. pressure C. build up set

37 be the first time that his classmates and teacher 38

39 of her appearance. Although she was a beautiful woman, there was a severe scar 疤痕) ( that 41 why or how she got the scar. 43 the car, but 45

nearly the entire right side of her face. The boy never wanted to At the meeting, the people were 42

by the kindness and natural beauty of his mother

the little boy was still embarrassed(尴尬)and

44 himself from everyone. He did, however, get within

of a conversation between his mother and his teacher. The teacher asked 46 ,―How did you get the scar on your face?‖ my son was a baby, he was in a room that caught fire. Everyone was 49 48 ,so I went in. As I was running toward his bed, I saw a loing piece 50 but

The mother replied,“ 47

afraid to go in because the fire was

of wood coming down and I placed myself over him trying to protect him. I was knocked

fortunately, a fireman came in and saved both of us.‖ She 51 the burned side of her face. ―This scar will be 52 ,but to this day, I have never 53 what I did.‖

At this point, the little boy came out running toward his mother with tears in his eyes. He held her in his arms and felt a great 54 of the sacrifice(牺牲)that his mother had made for him. He held her hand 55

for the rest of the day. 36.A.enjoyment 37.A. would 38.A.noticed 39.A. sick B. disappointment B. could B. greeted B. ashamed C. should C. accepted C. afraid

C. surprise D. excitement D. must D. met D. tired

40. A. included 41. A. talk about

B. passed

C. covered

D. shaded D. hear about D. comforted D. in spite of D. escaped C. hearing D. learning D. anxiously D. While D. too D. over control

B. think about C. care about C. excited

42. A. impressed B. surprised

43. A. in sight of B. by means of C. by way of 44. A. hid B. protected C. separated B. reminding C. nervously C. Since C. quite

45. A. understanding 46. A. carefully 47. A. As 48. A. so B. seriously B. When B. much

49. A. out of control 50. A. helpless 51. A. pointed 52. A. ugly 53. A. forgot 54. A. honor 55. A. quietly B. hopeless B. showed B. lasting

B. under control C. in control C. senseless C. wiped C. serious D. useless D. touched D. frightening D. regretted D. pride D. suddenly

B. recognized C. considered B. sense B. slightly C. happiness C. tightly

2004 年高考江苏卷(秋)英语 Z We may look at the world around us, but somehow we manage not to see it until whatever we've become used to suddenly disappears. way to work each morning. For three years, no matter stop around 8:00 am. On 40 39 38 the weather was like, she was always waiting at the bus 36 , for example, the neatly-dressed woman I 37 to see -- or look at -- on my

days, she wore heavy clothes and a pair of woolen gloves. Summertime 41 , she was an ordinary

out neat, belted cotton dresses and a hat pulled low over her sunglasses.

working woman. Of course, I 42 43

all this only after she was seen no more. It was then that I realized how 44 her. 46 . Now that she was 45 ?‖ I thought to myself about her 48

I expected to see her each morning. You might say I ―Did she have an accident? Something

gone, I felt I had


her. I began to realize that part of our

life probably includes such chance 50 walks her dog along the 51 markers in our

meetings with familiar 49 : the milkman you see at dawn, the woman who

street every morning, the twin brothers you see at the library. Such people are lives. They add weight to our Think about it. 53 52 of place and belonging.

, while walking to work, we mark where we are by 54 55 , person?

a certain building, why

should we not mark where we are when we pass a familiar, though 36. A. Make 37. A. happened 38. A. what B. Take B. wanted B. how

C. Give C. used C. which

D. Have D. tried D. when

39. A. sunny 40. A. took 41. A. Clearly 42. A. believed 43. A. long 44. A. respected 45. A. better 46. A. disappearance 47. A. forgotten 48. A. happy 49. A. friends 50. A. regularly 51. A. common 52. A. choice 53. A. Because 54. A. keeping 55. A. unnamed

B. rainy B. brought B. Particularly B. expressed B. often B. missed B. worse B. appearance B. lost B. enjoyable B. strangers B. actually B. pleasant B. knowledge B. If B. changing B.unforgettable

C. cloudy C. carried C. Luckily C. remembered C. soon C. praised C. more C. misfortune C. known C. frequent C. tourists C. hardly C. important C. decision C. Although C. passing C. unbelievable

D. snowy D. turned D. Especially D. wondered D. much D. admired D. less D. fortune D. hurt D. daily D. guests D. probably D. faithful D. sense D. However D. mentioning D. unreal

2004 年高考浙江卷(秋)英语 ―It was all his own idea,‖ says Pat, the wife of California high school football coach Bob Peters. Bob had 36 made a ―motherhood contract (合同) ‖—declaring that for 70 days this summer he would 37 four children and all the housework. very confident. After40 of the 70 days, he was ready to motherhood a 40 39 . ― I was beaten down, ― admits Bob. ―Not only is 38 the care of their

he didn‘t even know how to make coffee when he sighed, he was

task, it is an impossible job for any normal human being.‖ 41 a secretary to help put him through two years ago Pat went

Bob and Pat were married in 1991. After the married, Pat university. 42 back to work. ― I had been continued to run the household,

Bob has been the football coach while Pat raised the kids. 43 44 46 children so much,‖ she 45

, ―I couldn‘t talk to a grown-up.‖ She . For the last three weeks, the family

-- until Bob sighed the contract. 47

Bob tried hard to learn cooking, but the meals he prepared were 48 49

a lot--- sometimes having MacDonald‘s hamburgers for lunch and dinner. housekeeping, a home economics teacher had told Bob that a room always looks clean 50 51 the bed –I shut the doors,‖ he says. Soon the kids were wearing their shirts inside 52 Pat at work, I made them wear their shirts 53 side out so they would look

is made. ― I found

out. ―When we went to clean.‖

Now that Bob has publicly 54

he was wrong, he is 55

the child-raising and household tasks with Pat.

36. A. only 37. A. stick to 38. A. If 39. A. carry on 40. A. strange 41. A. sent 42. A. In time 43. A. Then 44. A. near 45. A. insists 46. A. besides 47. A. terrible 48. A. starved 49. A. Due to 50. A. until 51. A. an easier way 52. A. receive 53. A. good 54. A. admitted 55. A. operating

B. just B. set about B. As B. give up B. pleasant B. employed B. Before long B. Thus B. after B. sighs B. therefore B. tasty B. traveled B. As for B. before B. a cheaper way B. welcome B. wrong B. suggested B. realizing

C. nearly C. think about C. Since C. break down C. difficult

D. ever D. take over D. Although D. find out D. serious D. worked as D. Later on D. Still D. around D. apologizes D. otherwise D. special D. ate out D. Except for D. unless D. a harder way D. fetch D,. opposite D. explained D. performing

C. learned from C. Since then C. So C. about C. jokes C. however C. expensive C. worked out C. Along with C. if C. a cleaner way C. greet C. right C. agreed C. sharing

2004 年高考福建卷(秋)英语 Not too long ago ,an incident that happened at Walt Disney touched me greatly. A guest 36 our Polynesian Village resort(度假胜地)at Walt Disney was asked how she 37 front-desk clerk she had had a (n) color film she had not yet 40 38 vacation ,but was heartbroken about 41 39 .At that moment she was particularly 42 out of her visit .She told the several rolls of Kodak

over the loss of the pictures she

had shot at our Polynesian Luau ,

this was a memory she especially treasured. lost photos in the park . 44 ,the clerk .She asked the woman to leave her a couple rolls

Now ,please understand that we have no written service rules 43 at the front desk 45 of 47 Disney‘s idea of caring for our 46

film ,promising she would take care of the rest of our show at Polynesian Luau. 48 at her home .In it were photos of all the actors of our show, 50 of the public procession 游行队伍) fireworks ( and 51 after work. I happened to know this 52

Two weeks later the guest received a 49

signed by each performer. There were also

in the park ,taken by the front-desk clerk in her own because this guest wrote us a letter .She said that any business.


in her life had she received such good service from



does not come from policy (政策性的)handbooks .It comes from people who


—and from a culture that encourages and models that attitude. 36.A.working 37.A.expected B.checking B.realized C.trying C.paid D.staying D.enjoyed

38.A.disappointing B.wonderful C.uncomfortable 39.A.taking B.dropping 40.A.developed 41.A.silly 42.A.when B.nervous B.where C.losing B.taken C.calm C.as B.finding B.Fortunately B.reminded C.managers C.unused C.camera B.personally C.handbooks C.time C.photo C.never C.quality C.like


D.breaking C.washed D.sad D.which C.making D.keeping D.loaded

43.A.covering 44.A.Excitedly 45.A.understood 46.A.workers B.guests 47.A.printed B.shot 48.A.film B.card

C.Therefore D.Quietly C.trusted D.clerks D.recorded D.packet C.alone D.actually D.discovered

49.A.frequently 50.A.rules 51.A.case 52.A.story 53.A.only B.pictures B.work B.place B.almost

D.performances D.position D.show D.nearly D.service D.know

54.A.advice B.experience 55.A.care B.serve

2004 年高考湖北卷(秋)英语 Elizabeth Clay decided to go home and spend the holiday with her parents . The next day she drove her old car home along the road . 36 she found she got a flat . The 22-year-old student 38 tire . 37 to stop her car by the side of the road in the winter night and opened the trunk . No At this time , a car 41 39 . Paul and Diane told Clay to 42 40 . They arrived to see that it had no suitable tires to The couple called around to find a tire , No car . ―Here ,‖ Paul said , handing Clay a holiday .‖ Clay was 47 them . ―We know,‖ Paul said . ―We‘ll be 48 when you get back . Here‘s our number if you need to

them to a service station near their

with her car . ―Follow us home,‖ said Paul . . They decided to let her use their own be using it over the



of keys , ―Take our car . We 45


. ―But I‘m going all the way to South Carolina , and I‘ll be gone for two weeks ,‖ she


us .‖ Unable to believe her eyes , Clay watched as the off . Two weeks later she 53 . ―Thank you so much ,‖ she said . ―How much do I 54 any money . It‘s our 55 duty to pass on their ―do unto others‖ spirit . 36.A.Suddenly 37.A.afforded 38.A.spare B.free B.Finally B.wanted C.full C.paused C.take C.shop C.go C.success C.pair C.mustn‘t B.worried B.advised C.away C.Immediately C.allowed D.empty D.started D.follow D.hotel D.deal D.luck D.chain D.won‘t C.astonished D.disturbed D.Fortunately you ?‖ ―Oh, no,‖ Paul said , ―we don‘t want .‖ Clay realized that while it might have been their pleasure , it was now her 52 50 put her luggage into their car and then 51 her

to find her old car cleaned inside and out with three new tires and the radio


39.A.passed B.stopped 40.A.help B.push

41.A.garage B.house 42.A.agree 43.A.way 44.A.set 45.A.can‘t 46.A.satisfied 47.A.persuaded 48.A.happy B.here B.match B.message B.number B.shouldn‘t

C.reminded D.promised D.busy B.keep in touch with D.put in touch with

49.A.get in touch with C.be in touch with 50.A.repairmen 51.A.sent 52.A.shocked 53.A.loaded B.fixed 54.A.owe 55.A.wish B.lend B.job B.shook B.cleaners C.watched B.happened C.tied C.give C.duty

C.friends D.drove C.returned D.rebuilt D.offer D.pleasure



2004 年高考湖南卷(秋)英语 I grew up in a community called Estepona. I was 16 when one morning, Dad told me I could drive him into a 36 village called Mijas, on condition that I took the car in to be 38 . With several hours to spare, l went to a theater. 40 37 at a nearby garage. I readily

accepted. I drove Dad into Mijas, and 39

to pick him up at 4 pm, then dropped off the car at the , when the last movie finished, it was six. 1 was

two hours late! I knew Dad would be angry if he 41 I'd been watching movies. So I decided not to tell him the

truth. When I 42

there I apologized for being late, and told him I'd 44


as quickly as I could, but that the 45 you how

car had needed a major repairs. I'll never forget the

he gave me. "I'm disappointed you

to lie to me, Jason. Dad looked at me again. "When you didn't "

_46 , I called the garage to ask if there were 48 as I weakly told him the real 50 . I realize I've failed

any 47 , and they told me you hadn't yet picked up the car." I felt

reason. A 49 passed through Dad as he listened attentively. "I'm angry with as a father. I'm going to walk home now and think seriously about "But Dad, it's 18 miles!" My protests and apologies were him, 53 him all the way, but he walked silently. 54 52 51

I've gone wrong all these years."

. Dad walked home that day. I drove behind

Seeing Dad in so much

and emotional pain was my most painful experience. However, it was .


the most successful lesson. I have never lied since. 36. A. lonely D. familiar 37. A. kept 38. A. agreed 39. A. village 40. A. However 41. A. realized 42. A. went 43. A. started B left 44. A. word 45. A. find B. face B. decide B. washed B. planned B. community B. Then B. found out B ran C. arrived C. look C. believe C. go away C. watched C. determined C. garage D. serviced D. promised D. theater B. small C distant

C. ThereforeD. Still C. thought D. figured out C. walked D. hurried D. come D. appearance D feel D come out

46. A. turn up B. drive out 47. A. questions 48. A. ashamed 49. A. nervousness D. thought 50. A. you D. yourself 51. A. where B. how 52. A. meaningless 53. A. asking 54. A. physical D. natural 55. A. indeed D. almost

B. problems B. frightened B. sadness

C. mistakes D. faults C. nervous D. surprised C . . silence

B. myself



C. why C. helpless C. begging C

D. when D. worthless D. following . . personal

B. useless B. persuading B. practical

B. always



2004 年高考广东卷(秋)英语 Since my family were not going to be helpful, I decided I would look for one all by myself and not tell them about it till I‘d got one. I had seen an agency (中介机构) advertised in a local newspaper. I rushed out of the __36_ in search of it. I was wildly excited, and as _37_ as if I were going on the stage. Finding the 38 quite easily, I ran breathlessly through a door which said ―Enter without knocking, if you please.‖ The simple atmosphere of the office glasses, and then 41 39 me. The woman looked carefully at me __40_ through her 42

me in a low voice. I answered softly. All of a sudden I started to feel rather 43

She wondered why I was looking for this sort of would be 44 to get a job without desk rang. I heard her say: ― 47 __50 , I‘ve got someone in the 48 45

I felt even more helpless when she told me that it 46 the telephone on her

I wondered whether I ought to leave,

at this very moment who might 51


.‖ She wrote down a

, and held it out to me, saying: ―Ring up this lady. She wants a

immediately. In fact, you

would have to start tomorrow by cooking a dinner for ten people.‖ ―Oh yes,‖ said I — rushed out to the 54 52 having cooked for more than four in my life. I 53 her again and again, and

telephone box. I collected my thoughts, took a deep breath, and rang the number. I

said confidently that I was just what she was looking for. I spent the next few hours 36. A. bed 37. A. proud 38. A. family 39. A. calmed 40. A. as usual 41. A. advised 42. A. encouraged 43. A. place 44. A. difficult 55 cook books. C. agency B. please B. door B. excited D. office C. nervous C. place C. frightened D. worried D. stage D. disturbed D. once again D. questioned D. pleased D. help D. unusual

B house

B. for a while B. examined B. dissatisfied B. job B. helpless

C. in a minute C. informed C. hopeless C. advice C. possible

45. A. ability B. experience 46. A. after B. since

C. knowledge C. until

D. study D. when As a result D. In spite of

47. A. Above all that 48. A. family B. house 49. A. hire B. accept

B. As a matter of fact C.

C. office C. suit C. note

D. restaurant D. offer D. number

50. A. letter B. name

51. A. cook

B. help

C. teacher C. nearly

D. secretary D. really D. told

52. A. almost B. never 53. A. answered 54. A. outside B. local 55. A. borrowing

B. promised C. thanked C. closest B. buying

D. nearest C. reading D. writing

2004 年高考辽宁卷(秋)英语 The amount of usable water has always been of great interest in the world . sometimes means control , particularly in the without possession of large areas of not 39 38 37 36 springs and streams areas like the desert . The control is possible even

land . In the early days of the American West , gun fights were 40 to protect the water rights of the 41

for the water resources (资源) And laws had to be .

and the use of the water resources accordingly . 42 is known to us all , there is not 44 43 water in all places for everyone to use as much as he 45 careful planning , so . Farmers have to change their use of or demand for water likes . Deciding on the

of water that will be used in any particular period 46

that people can manage and use water more 47 the water supply forecast (预报) . The 48

water supply forecast is based more on the water from the 50


than from the

below . Interest is

in the ways to increase rainfall by man-made methods , and to get water from the 51 . With special equipment , some scientists are studying the ways in which the , and with the help of a repeater station , they send the 53 54 data (数据) to a button . In the

winter snow on mountain mountain snow can be 52

the base station . The operator at the base station can get the data at any time by near future , the forecast and use of water mountains , not of water underground . 36.A.Using 37.A.dry 38.A.fine B.Holding B.distant B.beautiful C.Owning C.deserted C.rich D.Finding D.wild D.farming D.uncommon D.written D.supporters D.As D.much D.level D.suggests C.conveniently 55

probably depend on the advance knowledge of snow on

39.A.unlawful B.unacceptable C.unpopular 40.A.made 41.A.winners 42.A.That B.designed B.settlers B.It C.signed C.fighters C.What C.any C.amount C.means B.easily B.due to B.further C.average

43.A.plentiful B.enough 44.A.type B.quality

45.A.requests B.requires 46.A.effectively 47.A.leading to 48.A.correct


C.owing to D.according to D.early

49.A.clouds 50.A.raising 51.A.rocks

B.sky B.rising B.tips

C.air C.building C.cops

D.above D.lasting D.trees C.piled up D.gathered D.turning D.should D.saved up

52.A.taken care of 53.A.picked

B.made use of C.used C.pressing C.will


54.A.touching B.knocking 55.A.might B.can



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