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I. 带 to 的不定式的基本形式:不定式表将来,它有主动式和被动式(to do 和 to be done) ;还有三个 时态之分 (to do 只表将来, to be doing 在将来的基础上表示正在进行, to have done 在将来的基础上表 示已发生) 。 否定式: “not+不定式” 1.The teacher asked us

______________________________(不要这么吵闹). (make ) 2.Tell Tom and Jack ________________________________( 不要吵架)each other.( quarrel) 3. ---- I lost my bike! ---- You were silly ________________________________ (没有锁车)it. 被动式: “to be +过去分词 ” 4.The children talked so loudly at dinner table that I had to shout _______________ (为了被听见) ( . hear) 进行式:“to be + doing ” 5.When his mother came in, he pretended________________________(在看书).( read) 完成式: “ to have+过去分词 ” 6.The crowd cheered wildly at the sight of Liu Xiang, who was reported __________________________ (打破世界记录) in the 110-meter hurdle race.( break ) 不定式时态、语态练习 主要考察于以下两个句式: ①It is said / reported / broadcast/ believed … that sb … → sb. is said / reported / broadcast/ believed to … ②sb/ sth seem / appear / happen / pretend to… country he will go to. (study) 8.I’d rather read than watch television; the programs seem ___________________________________(在 变得越来越差劲) all the time. ( get) 9. I don’t know whether you happen ______________________________________ (听说过) it, but I’m going to study in the U.S.A. this September . (hear) 10.The flu is believed ______________________________ (引起)by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat. slightest idea of it. (know) 12.The raw materials have been stored in the factory, waiting ____________________(等待使用).(use) 13.The book is said ______________________ ( 已被翻译成) many foreign languages. II. 动词不定式的功用 不定式是动词的非谓语形式之一,具有名词、形容词、副词的性质,在句子中可以充当主语、 ( translate) (cause) 11.Mary pretended _________________________________(已经知道了)the truth, but in fact she had the 据报道… …看上去像 / 好像 / 碰巧 / 假装 … (lock)

7.Robert is said_______________________________________(在国外学习),but I don’t know which


宾语、表语、定语、状语和宾语补足语。 不定式作主语 不定式作主语时,通常使用 it 作形式主语, 而将做主语的不定式放在句子的后面。 14.Is it necessary_____________________________ ( 完成设计) before National Day? (complete) 15.________________________________(收集信息)is to do a lot of research. ( collect) 不定式作表语 16.It has been proved that the way to produce the most food is_________________________________(让 农民种植更多的庄稼). (plant ) 17.Our purpose of holding the discussion is_______________________________( 促进友谊) between classmates. ( promote ) 不定式作宾语 能直接接不定式作宾语的动词有 offer, learn, plan, ask, promise, agree, help, prepare, hope, decide, choose, refuse, manage, wish, want, expect, demand, determine, pretend. 18. At the bad news, he ________________________(决定离开) this city to start a new life. (determine) 不定式作宾补 不定式做宾补, 常考两种: (1) v. + n. + (not) to do… (2) v. + it + adj + to do…(3) v. + it + n. + to do … 19. I think it would be a good idea____________________________(向律师咨询) (consult) 20. The dusty air makes________________________________________________ clear pictures of space. (很难拍摄)(take ) 21.My doctor encouraged_____________________________(我积极参与) some outdoor activities to improve my state of health. (take ) 22.He ordered the room ______________________________( 打扫房间). ( sweep ) 23.He ordered the worker ___________________________( 打扫房间). ( sweep ) 疑问词+不定式 疑问词加不定式可以作主语、表语及用在某些动词后作宾语,相当于名词性从句。这些动词有 ask, discuss, decide, explain, forget, find out, know, learn, remember, show, tell, wonder 等等。 24.It is said that in Australia there is more land than the government knows_____________________( 怎 样处理). (deal) 25.Will you show me ______________________________(哪儿放自行车)? ( put) 26. _____________________ (是否把房子卖了) or to keep it still remains a question to her. ( sell) 27. It is Dr. Lee who taught us ________________________________ (怎样操作这台机器) ( . operate) 28.The mother didn't know ____________________________(责怪谁) for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. ? (blame) 作定语 当被修饰的动词是不定式的逻辑宾语时,不定式用主动形式;若不定式是不及物动词,但与所


修饰的词有意义上的动宾关系,其后应加一个适当的介词。 ? ? 不定式可用在 the first, the second 以及 the last, the only 和最高级等后面作定语。 不定式作定语, 应注意:不定式所修饰的名词或代词和不定式能构成逻辑上的主谓关系时,不定式用主动形式。 不定式与所修饰的词能构成逻辑上的动宾关系;又与该句主语构成主谓关系时,不定式常用主 动形式。如:I’ve got something important to do. 29.There are five pairs__________________( 从中选择),but I’m at a loss which to buy. (choose) 30.She likes to listen to Mr Li’s lessons, so she is always____________________(第一个来) and the last to leave. (come) 31. __________________(最后一个到的人) pays the meal. (arrive) 32. Tom is the right man ____________________(完成)the task. (fulfill) 33.The pressure ____________________________(竞争的压力) causes him to be nervous, but it also puts him in high spirits. (compete) 34.Have you checked all the machines _____________________ (要送到)to Tibet next month? (send) 35. Mr. Green stood up in defense of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one ___________ ____________________(受谴责) .(blame) 36. Mrs. Smith is always on the go, as she has a baby _______________________(要照顾). (look) With a baby ____________________(要照顾), Mrs. Smith is always on the go. (look) 不定式作状语 (主要表示目的,也可表示结果和原因) 不定式作目的状语 (为了强调目的,有时可把不定式放在句首,或写作 in order to 或 so as to) 37._____________________(做这个蛋糕), you need some eggs and flour. 是为了看一眼) the sports stars. (look) 39. All these gifts must be mailed immediately ________________________( 以便及时受到) for Christmas. (receive) 40. ____________________ (要知道) more further information about it, call (920) 746-3789. (find) 41. ____________________(保证) the safety of gas, the government has checked the city’s gas supply system thoroughly. (ensure) 不定式作结果状语 分词和不定式都可作结果状语,前者表示的是顺理成章、自然而然的结果; 而不定式作结果状语,有两种情况:①用来表示“意想不到、突然的结果” 。 ②用于某些结构中,如“too?to?或 so?as to?” 。 42. He tried many times to cheat in the exams , only _________________(结果被抓住) each time.( catch ) 43. The boy got lost in the forest, never __________________________(找到) again. (find) (make) 38.It was unbelievable that the fans waited outside the gym for three hours just ____________________(只


III. 不带 to 的不定式 下列短语后接不带 to 的不定式: had better, would rather, why not, cannot help but, rather than, other than, may as well 句式:I have no choice / option / alternative but to do… I can not help but do… / I can do nothing but do… What I can do is (to) do… 我能做的就是去做… 我别无选择,只能…

44. He cannot help but ______________________(向他的父母求助) every time he is in trouble.(turn) 45. In my opinion, you’d better _________________________(不要冒犯他). (offend)

不定式完成句子答案: 1.not to make so much noise 2. not to quarrel with 3. not to have locked 4. in order to be heard 5. to be reading. 6. to have broken the world record 7. to study abroad 8. to be getting worse 9. to have heard 10. to be caused 11. to have known 或 that she had known 12. to be used 13. to have been translated into 14.to complete the design 15.To collect information 16. to let farmers plant more crops 17. to promote the friendship 18. determined to leave 19. to consult the lawyer 20.it difficult to take 21.me to take an active part in 22.to be swept 23.to sweep the room

24. how to deal with it 25.where to put my bike 26. whether to sell the / her house 27. how to operate the machine 28.who to blame 29.to choose from 30.the first to come 31.The last one to arrive / The last one who arrives / Whoever arrives last 32. to fulfill 33.to compete 34.to be sent 35. to blame 36. to look after 37. To make this cake 38.to have / take a look at 39. so as to be received in time 40. To find out 41. To ensure 42. to be caught 43. to be found 44. turn to his parents 45. not to offend





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