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? Several years ago a man moved to Toronto, after immigrating(移民) to Canada. He often took the 1 from his home to the downtown area in Toronto. Some weeks after he 2 , he ha

d occasion to ride the same bus. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had 3 given him twenty five cents more change. As he 4 what to do, he thought to himself, “You’d better give the twenty five cents back. It would be 5 to keep it.”
1. A. bus B. train C. taxi D. plane 2. A. worked B. arrived C. returned D. tried 3. A. kindly B. happily C. secretly D. accidentally 4. A. offered B. answered C. consideredD. knew 5. A. difficult B. interesting C. impossible D. wrong

? Then he thought, “Oh, 6 it. It is only twenty five cents. Who would worry about this little 7 ? Anyway, the bus company already gets too much 8 ; they will never notice it. Accept it as a gift and keep 9 .”
6. A. forget 7. A. time 8. A. fare 9. A. fit B. spend B. amount B. change B. quiet C. save D. drop C. price D. problem C. informationD. traffic C. polite D. modest

? When his stop came, the man paused at the door. 10 , he brought out the twenty five cents and handed it back to the driver. And then he said, “Here, you gave me too much change.” The driver with a 11 replied, “Are not you the new man in this area of Toronto? I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change.”
10. A. Importantly 11. A. prize B. Sadly C. Luckily B. flower C. smile D. Suddenly D. ticket

? When the man stepped off the bus, his knees became 12 . He had to move to the nearest tree and held for support, crying, “I 13 sold my dignity for twenty five cents!” ? The moral of the story: We may never see what impact our 14 will have on people. What we need to provide is an example for others to see. Be 15 every day, because you never know who is watching you.
12. A. broken B. long C. short D. weak 13. A. always B. often C. almost D. seldom 14. A. actions B. suggestions C. habits D. words 15. A. patient B. honest C. content D. proud


? As I walked along the city streets, I passed a young man searching through a small block of land that contained a mix of leaves and rubbish. I was somewhat puzzled why 16 someone like him would be searching through rubbish. Finding 17 (find) this a little strange, I asked him, “What are you searching for?” He replied very looking simply that he was 18 (look) for money.

? After talking with him for a little longer 19 (long), I found out that he had become homeless after he was out of work. Since then, he had been working on part-time jobs in a doctor’s office and in a food bank 20 (earn) some money. But he to earn made so little that he lost heart. The man seemed fairly talented, although he was a little dirty.

? I told him that our thoughts create reality our 21 (real), and I suggested in a that he not give up and think 22 positive way. During the whole talk, what 23 I stressed(强调) was that he was young and that everything was possible. Although he didn’t respond on the spot, ? 24my sense told me that what I said seemed to have ? 25 an effect on him.

? 26. Alibaba’s advantage mainly lies in ___________. ? A. its low price ? B. its business-to-business service ? C. its not charging small sellers ? D. its big size
Alibaba started taking the lead in China, simply enough, by connecting big Chinese manufacturers(制造商) with big buyers across the world. Its business-to-business site, Alibaba.com allowed business to buy almost everything. Alibaba’s advantage wasn’t hard to identify: size. Alibaba is just big, even by Chinese standards.

? 27. What can we learn from the underlined sentence in the passage? ? A. Alibaba acts as a bridge between the buyers and sellers. ? B. Alibaba is of middle size among all the online sites. ? C. Alibaba will continue to develop. ? D. Alibaba stands out as the best online site.

Its marketplaces attract 231 million active buyers, 8 million sellers, 11.3 billion orders a year—and Alibaba is just the middleman. It encourages people to use its markets—not charging small sellers a percentage of the sale.

? 28. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refer to? ? A. a business B. a new store ? C. Alibaba D. a foreign website “You’re looking for what exactly? Why not try it? ” my Chinese teacher asked me one day. With that, my wonderful new relationship with Alibaba began.

? 29. What can be inferred from the passage? ? A. Taobao has no obvious advantage over × other similar online sites. ? B. The author’s Chinese teacher is also an online purchase lover. ? C. Alibaba’s business-to-business service earns more × money than retail now. ? D. TMall.com provides more × profit than Taobao.

? 30. What is the passage mainly about? ? A. Alibaba greatly influences people’s daily purchase in China. ? B. Shopping online is TaoBao. × ? C. The influence of shopping online goes beyond traditional × shopping. ? D. How the author purchases online in × China.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

31. After the house was burnt down, the insurance company _____. A. would pay for the new floor and garage only B. would consider the documents useless C. wouldn’t make any payment at all D. wouldn’t pay the changed parts 32. The pictures in the drawer were important because _____. A. they were the family’s memories of the past B. they could show the changing work C. they recorded the house’s original design D. they included the photos of the author’s friends 33. When seeing the photo album in the mail, the author probably felt _____. A. surprised and delighted B. nervous and worried C. disturbed and regretful D. frustrated and disappointed 34. Which can be used to describe the contractor’s attitude towards the student’s project? A. He doubted it. B. He showed little interest in it. C. He supported it D. He was cautious about it. 35. At the end of the story, _____. A. the author felt satisfied with the insurance payment B. the insurance company refused to pay for the house C. the student offered to help rebuild the house D. the contractor helped find the lost pictures.

? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

36. According to the passage, Google ____. A. has been famous since 1996 B. is the original name of the search engine C. means a number followed by 100 zeros D. is a result of a spelling mistake 37. Jerry and David changed the guide’s name to Yahoo because the original name ___. A. had been registered B. had been forgotten C. was not attractive D. was too short 38. Which of the following statement is true? A. A six-letter word is popular when they name a company. B. BackRub is used to measure the popularity of Web sites. C. Both Xerox and Nike were named after their popular products D. Companies change their names whenever they have new products. 39. The passage is developed mainly by ____. A. giving examples B. giving descriptions C. following time order D. making comparisons 40. Which of the following can be the best title for the passage? A. The right name B. The history of Google C. What is a good name? D. Why are names important?

? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

41. What is the writer’s opinion about the “Positive Thinking” movement? A. It can help people control their negative feelings. B. Following such advice can improve people’s chances for success. C. It doesn’t offer useful solutions for dealing with anger. D. Most of the people who participate in such programmes are dishonest. 42. The underlined expression “keep a lid on” in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to ____. A. freely express B. hold inside C. always forgive D. completely forget 43. According to the writer, the best way to deal with anger is to ____. A. let the anger out freely until you finally feel relaxed B. ignore the cause and hope that the anger will go away C. respond to the cause with positive energy and words D. understand the cause of the problem and act properly 44. What information would have been useful to add to the final paragraph? A. The names of some good books that talk about anger issues. B. Some examples of how to deal with anger in a positive and beneficial way. C. Different studies that provide some evidence supporting the writer’s beliefs. D. The viewpoints of people who hold the opposite opinion to the writer. 45. The content of this passage is mostly based on ______. A. opinion B. fact C. theory D. story

? 第一节 基础写作(共1小题,满分15分) ? 最近,你所在学校的学生会公布了一项关 于鲨鱼(shark)的调查结果,并向大家做出 了呼吁。内容如下: ? 现状:①鲨鱼数量急剧减少; ? ②灰色真鲨和高鳍真鲨等大鲨鱼濒临灭绝。 ? 原因: ①为了获取鱼翅,渔民大量捕杀鲨 鱼,直接导致鲨鱼的总数量减少了90%; ? ②由于海水被严重污染,贝类等海底动物 大量死亡,导致鲨鱼的食物不足。 ? 措施: ①制定法律,保护海洋不受污染; ? ②呼吁人们不食鱼翅,保护鲨鱼。






? ①鲨鱼数量急剧减少; ? ① It is shocking to know that the number of the sharks in the ocean is decreasing sharply.

? ②灰色真鲨和高鳍真鲨等大鲨鱼濒临灭绝。 ? ② What's worse, large sharks, like the dusky sharks and the sandbar sharks are in danger of extinction.

? ③为了获取鱼翅,渔民大量捕杀鲨鱼,直 接导致鲨鱼的总数量减少了90%; ? ③ The causes are various, but the most serious one is that fishermen hunt the sharks for their fins to meet the needs of the market, thus leading to the 90% decrease in the shark population.

? ④由于海水被严重污染,贝类等海底动物 大量死亡,导致鲨鱼的食物不足。 ? ④ Another cause is that the ocean has been seriously polluted, and in the meantime, a large amount of shellfish as well as other marine animals have disappeared, as a consequence of which, food supply is not enough for all the sharks.

? ①制定法律,保护海洋不受污染; ? ②呼吁人们不食鱼翅,保护鲨鱼。 ? ⑤The Students' Union appeal that laws should be made to protect the oceans from being polluted and people should not eat shark fins and start to protect those large animals in the oceans.

? 第二节 读写任务 ? The article mainly talks about Ma Yun's story of success. Although he met many obstacles in receiving education and finding jobs, he always pursued his goal with ambition and fighting spirits.

①读完这篇文章后你有什么感受? ②讲述一个令你印象最深刻的因拥有理想而成 的故事; ③简述你的理想。

? ①读完这篇文章后你有什么感受? ? I was deeply impressed by Ma Yun's personal qualities after reading the article. I think a man would achieve his dream as long as he is ambitious and determined. With ambition, he know where his future lies and with determination he can overcome many setbacks he meets on his road to success.

②讲述一个令你印象最深刻的因拥有理想而成 的故事;

? The story of Ma Yun reminds me of an article I read on the internet. Jia Zuosheng was born in a poor rural family. Although he never finished high school, his ambition of becoming a college student never stopped. Taking advantage of his job, a security guard at Qinghua University, he went to different classes for free in his spare time. With a clear goal in mind, he was finally admitted by Shandong Normal University.

? ③简述你的理想。 ? Talking of my dream, I want to become a CEO like Ma Yun. To realize my dream, my first priority is to work hard and enter a renowned university for further education. Equipped with knowledge, I can tackle the problems on business better. Besides, since life is full of ups and downs, I need to be courageous and determined to overcome all kinds of obstacles I may encounter on my way to success. Only in this way can I achieve my goal of becoming a successful CEO.



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