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外研版高中英语选修七Module3Reading Practice

外研版 高二年级(选修7) Module 3

Reading Practice

Look at the title of the passage. What do you expect the writer to say?

a. London sued to be the largest city
in the world. b. Today London is a clean city full of skyscrapers and broad avenues.

c. London in the 19th century used to
be a city with both rich and poor districts. d. Dickens felt at home in London as it is the capital of England.

Read the passage quickly and decide the structure of the passage. Part 1 (paras 1~2): A general introduction to Dickens’ London, Dickens’ cast of characters lived in London, and London was a filthy city for rich and poor people alike in the middle of the 19th century.

Part 2 (paras 3~5): Detailed description of Dickens’ London, about the east end and the west end. Part 3 (paras 6~7): The ending of the passage, London has changed, but you can still see many of sights which Dickens saw and wrote about in his novels.

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answers. 1. Few people had a good standard of living because _____. a. the taxpayers didn’t care about them b. the city was polluted c. there were huge numbers of poor people d. the wealth was distributed unfairly among the population

2. Poverty was so severe that____.
a. some people were ill because they

didn’t have enough to eat
b. children wore rags for school

c. The river became polluted and
caused disease and death

d. It was dangerous to swallow the
water if you fell in the river

3. The port of London was where___.
a. The districts of the East End and Southward were b. The poorest people lived c. Men queued for work every day d. Ships come form all over the world to load and unload their goods

4. The old City of London was __.

a. the business and financial district
of London

b. where Dickens lived
c. where the Law Courts and many restaurants and squares were d. Dickens set his stories

5. The further west you went in
Dickens’ London ______. a. the more Dickens felt at home b. the richer and more important the people who lived there were c. the safer it was to walk at night d. the less it looks like London today

Language points
1. …yet their welfare was of no concern

to the taxpayers of London.

作动词: (常用作be concerned with /
about / for) 涉及, 关系到

The news concerns your brother.

The news is concerned with your brother. 使担心;使关心 The boy’s poor health concerned his parents. He is concerned for her safety.

He was very concerned about her.

用于短语 so (as) far as … is concerned “就……来说” As far as I am concerned, I dislike

your suggestion.

作名词 (有关) ……的事 cn.
That’s my concern, so I’ll do it as I like.

That’s no concern of mine.
挂念;关怀 (+about/for) un. Andrew expressed his concern about you. She looked at me with concern.

2. opposite的用法: 1) 作形容词: 相反的, 对立的(+to) They have opposite views on the question. 对面的, 相对的 (+to) His store is opposite to mine.

There was a garden on the opposite
side of the street. 2) 作介词:在...…对面 The post office is opposite the bank.

3. swallow 1) He swallowed the last of his coffee and
asked the bill. 咽

2) 做如同吞咽的动作(如恐惧时)
He swallowed hard and walked into the

She swallowed nervously before


3) 轻信
I found his story a bit hard to

4) 不流露感情 She swallowed her anger and turned to face her. 她掩饰了情绪,转向面对她。 5) swallow up 吞没或掩盖,用尽

Jane was soon swallowed up in the crowd. 简很快被淹没在人群中。 Little / small firms have been swallowed up by the large companies. 小公司被大公司吞并。 The cost of the trial swallowed up all their savings. 这个试验的花费耗尽了他们所有的积蓄。 6 ) n. take a swallow of 吞一口

4. finished adj. (1) (表)no longer doing, dealing with,
or using sth.

Are you finished with my tools?
I’m almost finished.

(2) (表) no longer successful, effective or able to continue If the bank refuses to increase our loan, we’re finished. 如果银行拒绝增加贷款, 我们就完蛋了! The scandal means he’s finished in politics. 这一丑闻意味着他在政治上身败名裂。

(3) (定) fully or properly made or
completed 完成的, 制造好的

It took a long time to do the job,
but the finished product was worth it.


5. for the rich and poor people alike alike adj. These two photographs are almost alike. The twins don’t look at all alike. adv. 同样地 The climate here is always hot, summer and winter alike.

6. turn out 结果是;原来是 It was a difficult time, but eventually things turned out all right. To my surprise, it turned out that I was wrong. As it turned out, he passed the exam quite easily. That guy turned out to be Maria’s second cousin.

7. house v. 给……房子住、储存…… We can house you if the hotels are full. be poorly housed 被安排住在条件差的房子里 The refugees are being housed in temporary accommodation. 难民被安排在临时住处。 The collection is currently housed in the British Museum. 收藏品现在放在了英国国家博物馆里。

8. .street lit with gas lantern light: lit/lighted lighted candle 点着的蜡烛 light a cigarette / the fire The room was lit by one large, central

The porch is always well lit at night.

The kitchen was warm and brightly lit. We had a few torches to light the way. light up (with sth.) (指人的脸等)放光彩、容光焕发 His eyes lit up with joy / laughter. 因喜悦而目光炯炯

9. choke
1) 窒息(on sth.) She choked to death on a fish bone. 她被一个鱼刺卡的窒息了。 2) 难得呼吸、呛 The fumes almost choked me. 这烟几乎把我呛死。

3)说不出话来 He was choking with rage.(大怒) I was too choked with emotion to speak. 激动地说不出话来 4) 阻塞, 充满, 填满 sth. choke sth. (up) with sth.

The garden is choked with weeds. 花园杂草丛生。 The drains were choked (up) with dead leaves. 下水道被枯叶堵住。

5) 克制;抑制 choke back one’s anger He choked back tears as he described what had happened. 他强忍住眼泪讲述着发生的一切。


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