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1、无论你是多么富有经验的演说家,无论你做了多么充分的准备,你都很难再 这样嘈杂的招待会上发表演讲。 (No matter how)

No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and how well you have prepared

your speech,you will have difficulty making a speech at such a noisy reception.
2、就像吉米妹妹的朋友都关心吉米一样,吉米也关心他们。 (Just as)

Just as all his sister ’s friends cared about him, Jimmy cared about them.
3、汽车生产商在新车的几处都印有汽车识别号码,以便帮助找回被盗的车辆。 (track down)

Car manufacturers stamp a vehicle identification number at several places on new cars to help track down stolen vehicles.
4、老师回来时你敢告我状的话,我就不再和你说话了。 (tell on)

If you dare tell on me when the teacher gets back I won ’t say a word to you any more.
5、有些老年人愿意独自过日子,但大多数老人选择和儿女一起生活。 (on one’s own)

Some elderly people prefer to live on their own while the great majority choose to live with their children.

(reckon with) Here is something that needs to be reckoned with: how to get the necessary finances to establish the company.

1、被告是位年仅 30 岁的女子,他坚持称自己无罪。

The defendant, a woman of only 30, kept insisting on her own innocence.

All tings considered, dates, beans and some leafy green vegetables are the best sources of iron .
3、正餐时不供应饮料,饮料会影响消化。 (interfere with)

No beverages are served with meals because they interfere with digestion.
4、考虑到那个地区受欢迎的程度,提前订旅馆是明智的。 (advisable)

Taking the popularity of the region into consideration, it is advisable to book hotels in advance.
5、服药后若有呕吐感,请立即停止服用并尽快咨询医生。 (throw up)

If you have a feeling of wanting to throw up after taking this drug, stop taking it immediately and consult your doctors as soon as possible.
6、总结这次讨论时,他说双方都要好好考虑怎样以最有效的方法来解决这一问 题。 (sum up)

Summing up the discussion, he said both parties should consider the most effective way to solve the problem.


Not until he saw his mother lying in bed, dying, did he realize how much he loved her.

Taking into account of his recent physical condition, I think he has done

quite well in the exam.

Mrs. Clark lies in bed motionless, and I wondered briefly if she is still alive.
4、整栋楼一片黑暗,只有三楼的某个窗户透出一丝光。 (except for)

The building was darkened except for a single light burning in a third-storey window.
5 、这些士兵接受了严格的训练,并且对完成这项新任务有充分的准备。 (be equipped)

These soldiers have received very strict training and are well equipped to fulfill the new task.
6、他伸手拿起电话,拨通了宾馆的号码。(reach for )

He reached for the phone, picked it up, and dialed the hotel’s number.


Word came yesterday that they were killed while trying to reach the summit.
2、 我绝不会向任何人提起我曾拒绝她的邀请, 没有去参加她的婚礼。 ( Under no circumstances)

Under no circumstances shall I mention to anyone that I have turned down the incitation to her wedding.
3、总裁夫人威胁要公开揭发丈夫,这件事成了头条新闻。 (made the headlines)

It made the headlines that the president’s wife threatened her husband with public exposure.

以拒婚告终。 (end up)

That wealthy lady’ s repeated demand for a premarital agreement greatly harmed her prospective husband’ s self-esteem and ended up in his refusal to get married .
5、确实有些妇女坚持认为。在丈夫挣的钱不如她们期待的那么高的情况下,她 们有权要求离婚。 (Make no mistake about it insist on)

Make no mistake about it, some women would insist on the right to get a divorce if their husbands did not earn an much as the expected.
6、偶然发现的指纹有助于弄清他一直在调查的凶杀案。 (shed light on)

The casual discovery of the fingerprint shed some light on the murder he had been looking into.

1 、我去了图书馆,查阅我能找到的所有关于在百慕大三角地区 ( Bermuda Triangle)船只和飞机神秘失踪的报道。 (whatever)

1 went to the library and read whatever I could find about the causes of the mysterious disappearances of the ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle.
2、如果你继续这样对待朋友,你会失去所有朋友。 (and)

Continue treating friends like this, and you will lose them all.
3、 他们必须完全了解其产品, 知道如何通过口头、 电话或信件来推销。 ( by word of mouth)

They must know their product thoroughly and know how to promote sales by word of mouth, telephone or letter.

4、我突然意识到,金钱无法弥补过去五年里他所受的苦难。 (dawn on )

It suddenly dawned on me that money couldn't make up for all that he had suffered in the past five years.
5、有些人称翻译为科学,而另一些人却把它当做艺术。 (refer to ... as)

Some people refer to translation as science while others take it as art.
6、我们应该发扬民主,而不应该将个人观点强加与他人。 (impose... upon)

Instead of imposing personal views upon others, we should promote democracy.



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