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2009届高考英语第一轮复习课件必修四 Unit 2 Working the land(人教新课标)

一、单词拼写 根据读音、词性和词义写出下列单词。
1. ____________ vt. & vi.斗争;n.努力 struggle 2. ____________ adj.感到满意的 satisfied 3.____________ n.自由;自主 freedom equip 4.____________ vt.& vi.配备;装备

5._____________ n.产量,输出量 output 6._____________vt.输出 n.出口 export
7._____________Vt.搞乱,使糊涂 confuse supply 8._____________补给;vt.提供 9._____________adj. 适当的,相配的 suitable expand 10.____________vt.使膨胀vi.发展

summary 11.____________n.摘要,概要 circulate 12.____________[v.使流通,(使)运行
bacteria 13.____________n.细菌 exchange 14.____________[vt.交换;n.交流 hunger 15.____________n.饥饿,欲望 whatever 16._____________pron.凡是??,无论什么

17._____________vt.减少,简化 reduce 18._____________n. 营养,滋养 nutrition grain 19._____________n.谷物,颗粒
20._____________adj.特级的,超级的 super

二、单词运用 根据句子的结构和意义,或首字母提
示或汉语提示,在空格处填入一个恰当的单词。 1. We had a ___________(努力) to stop the criminal. struggle 2. The document will be _____________(传阅)to all circulated members.

3. I’ll type your report if you’ll baby-sit in
e______________. exchange 4. Our farm ___________the market with fruits and supplies vegetables. 5. We should s_____________ the results of the exam summarize

briefly and report to the headmaster.

6. Sydney’s population _____________rapidly in the expanded

7. He has a eyes. reduced 8. The plane _________speed as it was approaching the airport. ________ sunburnt (晒黑的) face and bright

9. The workers there worked _______ crazy, with like
only thirty minutes` break at noon. 10. He __________(耕作) the farm with great success. worked

三、词语派生 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空。

1. He has a ________ (hungry) for knowledge. hunger
2. Yuanlongping is famous for ___________ (supply) supplying the farmers with super hybrid rice seeds. 3. Some organic farmers prefer ________ (plant) planting grass between to ________ (prevent) prevent wind or water

from carrying away the soil.
4. Mr Brook cares little about spending the money on himself or ___________ (lead) a comfortable life. leading 5. My mother doesn’t like me wearing short skirts to church , for she doesn’t think that

________ (suit). suitable

6. I am a bit ____________(confuse). Is that her confused husband or her son she is with?

7. Yesterday 1 bought 10 flavors of ice-cream---enough
_____________ (satisfy) my roommates. to satisfy 8. Chemical fertilizers kill both ________ (help) and helpful harmful bacteria and pests. 9. He insisted that he _______________ (suffer) from was suffering

heart trouble, but I didn’t think so.
10. Do you know that___________ (chat) with wise chatting

men improves your mind?

四、词组互译 将下列词组或短语译成中文或英语。 1. 对??有天赋 ____________________ have a gift for 2. 定居 _____________________ settle down prevent …from 3. 防止;阻止_________________ depend on 4. 依靠,依赖 _______________ 5. 在许多方面_______________ in many ways 6. 照顾 _______________ care about 7. 陷入困境 _________________ be in trouble 8. 作出解释_______________ account for 9. 谋生__________________ earn one’s living 10. 查阅,谈到 _______________ refer to

11. Thanks to____________ 多亏了......

12. get rid of _______________ 摆脱,除去
13. be satisfied with______________ 对??感到满意 14. lead a ...life _______________ 过??的生活 宁愿 15. would rather __________________ 16. by accident _______________ 偶然地,意外地

17. look forward to ______________ 期待 献身于 18. devote to _______________
19. break out _______________ 爆发 坚持 20. insist on ________________

五、词组运用 根据句子提供的语境,从第四大题中选 一个适当的词组并用其适用的形式填空。 1. He got the first prize in the speech contest. His teacher___________________ his performance. was satisfied with would rather 2. It is really a hot day. I ____________ stay in the house with air-conditioning than go out shopping. refer to 3. Please__________ the last page of the book for answers after doing the exercises. 4. _________ your help, we could finish the task on time. Thanks to 5. Most of the people in remote mountainous area __________ poor _____. lead a life

6. In order to protect the rivers from being polluted,

we must _______________ factories ______ pouring stop / prevent from
waste into them. is cared about 7. When a child knows that he ________________, he feels safe and secure. 8. The girl struggled to_______ herself ____ her fears. rid of

9. Some schools ____________ their students wearing insist on
school uniforms. broke out 10. After the war ______________, he was taken on by a foreign company.

?Language points for Reading I ?Language points for Reading II

Let’s learn the language points in Unit 2 together. Are you ready? Go!

1. If so=If you have ever grown some plants.

so 表示“象那样的,如前所说的”,用于代替 已陈述的事。如:
-----can you pass the exam? ------I hope so.

2.Dr Yuan grows what is called super hybrid rice. 袁博士种植了被人称作超级杂交水稻的稻谷。 What =the thing(s) that e.g. I don’t quite understand what you are explaining. Please watch what I am doing carefully.

1. ______the emperor saw was quite different from_______ the old minister told him. A. What, that C. Which, that B. That, what D. All, all

2. It is pretty well understood _______controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. A. that C. what B. when D. how

3. This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. 这种特殊的稻种使得同样的田地多收获三 分之一的产量。 it 在句中作形式宾语,真正的宾语为to produce…, 结构为:动词(make, feel, think, regard…)+it +adj+ to do. e.g. We think it important to learn English well.

4.Born in a poor farmer’s family in 1931,Dr. Yuan graduate from Southwest Agriculture College in 1953. 袁博士1931年出身于一个贫苦农民的家庭, 1953年毕业于西南农学院。 graduate n. a person who has completed a university degree course. 毕业生 undergraduate 本科毕业生 post-graduate 硕士毕业生,研究生

graduate vi. complete an educational course. 常跟介词from,表示“毕业于” graduation n. 毕业 e.g. After his graduation from college, he went to work as an engineer in a company. =After he graduated from college, he went to work as an engineer in a company.

Supplement :

bachelor’s degree
master’s degree doctor’s degree

硕士学位 博士学位

5.Since then, he has devoted his life to finding ways to grow more and more rice. 从那以后,他就把毕生精力投入到水稻高产的 研究中。 devote oneself to+ n/doing 献身于,致力于 注意:to 为介词,后面接v-ing.类似的短语还有 look forward to, listen to, get to, reply to, apologize to, belong to, agree to等等.

6. Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvest without expanding the area of fields. 袁博士寻求一种在不扩大种植面积的情 况下提高水稻产量的方法。 注意:search强调搜查,一般表示目标明确范围 较小。search sb 搜身;search spl 搜查某地 search for 强调寻找,一般表示范围较大。

search for sb 寻找某人

e.g. The police searched the woods for the lost child. 警察在树林里寻找失踪的小孩。 Scientists are still searching for a cure to the common cold. 科学家们仍然在寻找普通感冒的治疗方法。

search/search for/in search of to search 1.The officer went up ______________the murder. searching for 2.The thieves are ____________________the hidden treasure in the museum. in search of 3.Birds fly to the south ______________the winter sunshine.

7.Thanks to his research, the UN is trying to rid the world of hunger. 由于他的研究,联合国正在努力清除世界饥饿。 thanks to=because of ;owing to Thanks to your support e.g.__________________________, we won the game. 由于你的支持,我们赢得了比赛。

8.Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before.

倍数词(twice/half/three times/a quarter etc.)+as + 形容词原级 +as …表示“是…的多 少倍

e.g. The number of the students in our school twice as large as that is ___________________________ in their school. 我们学校学生的数量是他们学校的两倍。

9. However, he cares little about spending the money on himself or leading a comfortable life. 但是他很少想到要把钱花在自己的身上,或享受 舒适的生活。 lead a …life 过……生活。英语中少数动词,包 括一些不及物动词的宾语可能是与它同源的名词 类似的短语动词有:die a …death, smile a …smile, dream a … dream, live a …life, sigh a …sigh etc.

care (little/much) about-------be concerned about 关心,介意,后面跟从句时 候,about常省略。 care for-----look after 照料; like or want 想要,喜欢 e.g. Albert Einstein didn’t care much about what to wear. Would you help to care for my pet while I am away?

10. Dr Yuan is more a farmer than a scientist. 与其说袁博士是一个科学家不如说他是一个农民。 be more than=not only 不仅仅,超过

e.g. Learning is more than reading.
be more +A +than +B 与其说是B还倒不如 说是A e.g. He is more an ordinary person than a leader.

Remember to review the knowledge! See you next time!

Let’s learn the language points in Unit 2 together. Are you ready? Go!

Words and expressions:

1.reduce v make sth smaller in size,number,degree,price,etc. e.g. 公司尽力通过减少花销来提高利润。
The company tries to increase profits by
reducing costs _______________ .

We ______________ expenses this year. have reduced

2. Supply or useful.


give sb sth that is needed

e.g. 当我写报告时,他不断地给我提供咖啡。

He kept me well supplied ________ with cups of coffee while I wrote the report _______________________ .

The shop was unable to
supply what she wanted ________________________ .

3. refer to of sb/sth.


mention or speak

e.g. 当我说有些人是很愚蠢的时候,我不 是说你。 When I said some people were very stupid, I wasn’t referring to you __________________ . 别再提这件事了。 Don’t refer to this matter again _________________________ .

Sentences and structures:
I. Find out all the sentences with “ v+ing” forms, and try to remember them.

II. Translate the following sentences, and tell what part of speeches the red parts are used as. It also ___________ crops _______ with refers to growing rather than natural ____________ chemical fertilizers. 注:Growing … 在句中充当定 语。修饰crops.


2. 他们说,把这种肥料施在农田里会使土 壤含有更丰富的矿物质,而(土壤)也会更 加肥沃。

Putting this in their fields _____________________________ ,they argue,makes the soil richer in minerals ________________ and so more fertile __________________ .
注:Putting … 在句中充当状语。

3、这一点很重要,因为土壤改良了,农作物 的病虫害就减少了 ,因而有助于农作物的茁 壮成长。

This is important because developing a ____________
_____________ ________ diseases in healthy soil reduces crops and helps them grow _______________________ . strong and healthy


However,___________________________ using chemical fertilizers is a big problem. 注:using …在句中充当主语。

5、第一,在田地里长期遗留化学物质对 土壤和水源不利。 leaving chemicals Firstly,____________________ in the ground for a long time is not good for the soil or the water ____________________________ supply . _____ 注:leaving …在句中充当主语。

6、不同的是,有机耕作的农民们坚持每隔 两三年换种农作物。
Instead, organic farmers insist on _______________ changing crops___________________ ____________ every two or three years __________________________ .


7、这些农作物将矿物质带回土壤,使之肥 沃强效,适宜于种植要求土壤肥沃的农作物, 例如玉米和小麦。

These put the minerals back into the making it rich and healthy and ready soil,________________________________ to grow crops that __________________ need rich and like corn or wheat _____________ ______________________ . fertile soil 注:making…在句中充当状语。

8、但无论他们种什么,他们确保在收割后 留在地里的东西成为来年农作物 的天然肥 料。

But whatever they grow they ___________________ make sure _________that what is left ____________in the ground after harvesting becomes a ___________ ________________ natural fertilizer for the next year’s crops. 注:harvesting…在句中跟after一起 充当时间状语。


job, profession, work ) occupation a. Please state your name,age jobs and_____________ below. work b. I have a few _____ to do in the house this profession morning. c. Looking after children all day is hard____ d. My husband is at the very top of medical____________ .

( occupation,

2) concentrate vt. to give all one’s attention to sth and not to think about anything else.集中 to come or bring together at one place 聚集 ※ concentrate on (doing) sth 专注于(做)某事

※ concentrate the /one’s mind 集中注意力; 聚精会神 ※ concentrate one’s effort/attention on sth 集 中力量/注意力于某事 ※

a. Stop talking and concentrate on your work . ________________________

( 专心工作 )
b. Everyone concentrates the mind ( 集中注意 ____________________ 力 ) when they have an exam. c. I decided to ________________________ ( 全力 concentrate all my efforts on 以赴 ) finding somewhere to live.

3) meanwhile, during, while 词义辨 析
meanwhile意为“同时”,与at the same time意思相同。意为“期间” 时,是副词,在句中单独做状语。 during 意为“在、、、期间”,是 介词,后接名词、代词。

{ {

accuse (指控 )sb. of ( doing ) sth. charge 指控 )sb. with doing ) sth. 4) accuse,( charge, blame( 词义辨析
accuse ( 指责 )sb. of (doing ) sth. blame ( 责备 )sb. for ( doing ) sth.

2. Difficulties
Can I go out on a story immediately? 我可以马上出去采访吗? on 后接一些名词如visit, holiday, business, trip等,常与come, go等 动词连用,用来说明活动或状态。 1)

她决定今年暑假去一趟英国。 She decided to on______________ to England this summer. go a visit 他去了长途旅行。 on a away trip He has beenlong __________________ .

2) Only when you have seen what he or she does, can you cover a story by yourself. 只有等你见习了他们的工作之后,你才能 独自去进行新闻采访。
cover 和 interview 的辨析: cover 意为“采访”、“报道”,宾语往往为 事。interview 意为“采访”,宾语往往 为人。 interview 选词填空:( cover, interview ) cover a) I want to ________ him about his research work.

a) There is no need ______ that sort of thing. of b) There is no need ______ hurrying; we still for have time. c) There is no need ______ you to worry about

3) NO need for a camera! 不需要带相 机! no need…是句型There is no need …的 省略形式,need 后面可以接for/of ( doing ) sth 或( for sb ) to do作后置定 介词填空: for 语。

Remember to review the knowledge! See you next time!

Useful structure

The –ing form as the Subject &Object
1.作主语 动名词作主语时,句子有两种形式: ①动名词直接置于句首主语的位置上。 1) 捉弄别人是我们万万不能干的. Playing tricks on others is something we should never do. 2)学习新单词对我来说非常重要。 Learning new words is very important for me. 3)说比做容易。 Talking is easier than doing.

②用形式主语it,把真正的主语——动名词结构 移置句尾。但这种句子形式有一定的限制,作表 语的只能是某些形容词或少数名词,如useful, useless,good,fun;no use,worth等。如: 和夏洛克争辩是没有什么用的。 It is useless trying to argue with Shylock. 这事值得去做。 It’s worth making the effort. 想再解释一次有好处吗? Is it any good trying to explain? 跟你在一起工作是令人愉快的。 It is pleasant working with you.

③在there be结构中作主语,这种结构的意思相 当于“It is impossible to do… ”。例如: 若要人不知,除非己莫为。 There is no hiding of evil but not to do it. 这种事开不得玩笑。 Here is no joking about such matter. 无法知道他什么时候离开 There was no knowing when he would leave.

动名词与不定式做主语时的比较: 动名词表示的动作通常是一个泛指的动作,不定 式则通常表示具体的动作。如: 还是个孩子的时侯,她就觉得探视病人是一种责 任,也是一种愉悦。 As a child,she felt that visiting sick people was a duty and a pleasure. 到美国人家里做客对我来说将是一个极好的经历。 Being a guest in an American home will be a good experience for me.

一直不做就是作恶。 Doing nothing is doing ill. 他说:“继续这样下去是无用的。” He said,“To go on like this is no use.” 我很荣幸被邀请参加这个晚会。 It’s an honor for me to be invited to the party.

归纳:常用-ing形式作主语的句型有: It +be +a waste of time doing 做、、、是浪费时间的 It is/was no good/use doing 做、、、是没用处的 It is/was hardly/scarcely worth doing 做、、、不值得 It is/was worth/worthwhile doing 做、、、是值得的 There is no doing 无法、、、, 不允许、、、

There is no sense in doing 做、、、没有道理 There is/was no use doing 干、、、无意义 There is/was nothing worse than doing 没有比、、、更糟的 There is/was no point doing 干、、、无意义 我们不知道要去哪儿。 There was no knowing where we would go. 做这件傻事毫无意义。 There is no point doing such a silly thing.

注意:There is no need to do sth 干、、、没 必要,在此句式中to do 不可换为doing.. 没有必要告诉她。 There is no need to tell her. 提示:当动名词用作主语时,其逻辑主语由 形容词性物主代词和名词所有格构成。 我姐姐病了,使我很担心。 My sister's being ill made we worried. 你正确未必就意味着我错了。 Your being right doesn't necessarily mean my being wrong.

2、用作宾语 动名词作宾语有两种情况。一是有些动词只能后接动名词作宾语; 二是有些动词既可后接动名词也可后接不定式作宾语。 ①只能后接动名词作宾语的动词,常见的有avoid,consider, enjoy,keep,finish,suggest,dislike,delay,escape,cannot help,imagine,mind,miss,practise,cannot stand等。如: 我不能不去。 I can’t avoid going. 你是否考虑过找一位挚友? Have you considered looking for one special friend?

我们必须设法避免犯同样的错误。 We must try to avoid repeating the same mistake. 晚饭后你想和我一起散步吗? Do you feel like having a walk with me after supper? 人们忍不住嘲笑那个愚蠢的人。 People couldn’t help laughing foolish man. 这类动词还有:excuse,fancy,give up,

②既可接动名词又可接不定式作宾语的动词, 常见的有:begin,start,continue,like, love,prefer,by,mean,forget,remember, hate等。 · A.在like,love,hate,prefer等动词之后, 用-ing或不定式意义上没有什么不同,只是侧 重点有些不同,动名词表示泛指的动作,不 定式表示具体的一次性动作。 B.在begin/start,continue之后,用动名词 和不定式,意义无甚区别,尤其是当主语是

C.在动词forget,remember,regret之后,用动名词与不定式意义不同。 动名词表示动作先于谓语发生,不定式表示后于谓语动作,如: 我记得我已把信寄了。 I remember posting the letter. 我会记着去寄信的。 I’ll remember to post the letter. 我永远不会忘记见到过那位著名作家。 I shall never forget seeing the famous writer. 不要忘了给你母亲写信。 Don’t forget to write to your mother. 我真后悔没赶上那次报告会。 I regret missing the report. 我遗憾地告诉你我不能接受你的建议。 I regret to say I can’t take your advice.

D.在try,mean之后,意义各不相同,如try to do (设法),try doing (试试),mean to do (打算,有意要做),mean doing (意思是, 意味着)。如: 我们必须设法及时把一切搞好。 We must try to get everything done in time. 我们用别的方法做这工作试试。 Let’s try doing the working in some other way. 我并不想叫你生气。 I didn’t mean to make you angry. 你的计划意味着要花费几个小时。 Your plan would mean spending hours.

E· on doing 和go on to do go Go on doing继续做一直在做的事;go on to do接着 做另一件事。如: 请接着做这同一个练习。 Please go on doing the same exercise. 请做另外一个练习。 Please go on to do the other exercise. F.stop doing与stop to do: Stop doing停止做, stop to do停下正在干的事去干另一件事。如: 我们停止了交谈。 We stopped talking. 我们停了下来去谈话。 We stopped to talk.

3.作介词宾语 动名词可与介词一起构成介词短语。 A.介词+动名词,如: 我们得想些法子改变人们的习惯。 We’ve got to think of ways of changing people’s habits. 我向你道歉,刚才对你那样生气。 I apologize for being so angry with you. 离开几年之后再回到你生长的地方,感觉有点怪。 After being away for several years,it is a strange experience to return to the place you were born and brought up.

B.动词+介词+动名词,如: 我坚持为这次出行带足需要的食物。 I insist on taking proper food fort his expedition. 同学们脸上没有笑容,相反都做了怪脸。 Instead of smiling,each of them made a face. 她对为我们公司工作很感兴趣。 She was very interested in working for our company. 下列短语中的to都是介词,所以后面跟名词 或-ing形式:devote to,object to,pay attention to,get down to,lead to, look


1. ____ such heavy pollution already, it may now be too late to clean up the river.( 2004全国 ) A. Having suffered B.Suffering C. That D. Suffered
精析:根据句意“it may now be too late to …” 和 “already”可知“河流已经被严重 污染”,应用完成时。答案A。

2. ____ the general state of his health, it may take him a while to recover from the operation. ( 全国2002) A. Given B. To give C. Giving D. Having given
解析:本题考查过去分词作状语的用法。分 析题干,前一部分相当于一个条件状语从句, 即If he is given …,因为主句是 it,从句应 含被动意义,这恰是过去分词作状语的基本 含义即含被动意义。答案 A。

3. ---- The picture ____ on the wall is painted by my niece.( 2001上海) A. having hung B. hanging C. hangs D. being hung 解析:本题考查过去分词作定语的用法。分析题 目可知,谓语是is painted,那么选项部分应是 充当定语的。A项是现在分词的完成式,其一般 不作定语,只作时间或原因状语;C项动词“第 三人称单数”显然也不能作定语,只作谓语;分 析 the picture与动作 hang之间的关系,其不含 被动意义,D项排除; B项是现在分词的一般式, 相当于定语从句which is hanging。答案B。


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