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2013 年广州市高一英语词汇竞赛
May, 24th 2013
一.选择填空 (20%)
1. 2. When the government _____ to offer help, Jack decided to save his family all by himself. A. managed B. failed C. determined D. expected The South China tigers lived in southeast China many years ago but _____ in the 1970s. Many experts think they have completely died out. A. starved B. disappeared C. gathered D. wandered It‘s inspiring that the new technology brings _____ to people‘s daily life. A. benefits B. concerns C. details D. advantages It is reported that 6,990,000 fresh college _____ are facing a difficult year of job hunting. A. partners B. volunteers C. graduates D. teenagers He has always been a _____ man because he never fails to help those in need. A. grateful B. generous C. reliable D. energetic Support from parents plays a(n) _____ role in building up kids‘ confidence. A. universal B. valuable C. harmless D. abstract The journey to China was of course quite _____, and it made him more aware of China‘s unique culture. A. obvious B. protective C. impressive D. fundamental David wrote on a piece of paper: ―Help! I‘m TRAPPED inside!‖ and stuck it to the glass door. ________, someone passing by would see it. A. Surely B. Thankfully C. Truly D. Gradually They want to share their happiness of the harvest with all their friends in a big _____. A. application B. attention C. style D. celebration He always focuses on the minor details but _____ the most important point. A. settles B. ignores C. explores D. admits What a disappointment! It was enough to make one _____, but they still carried on looking for the lost man. A. cheer up B. lose heart C. go ahead D. take a chance The rain was no trouble at all. _____, it added to the pleasure of summer evening. A. As a result B. Above all C. On the contrary D. In addition The computer system _____ suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet. A. broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in The government should _____ the unemployment problem before the people become too dissatisfied. A. sort out B. care about C. turn to D. get along with UNESCO _____ the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. A. belongs to B. relies on C. deals with D. stands for It was his job to _____ the jewelry store and guard it from thieves and burglars. A. block out B. catch sight of C. watch over D. watch out for They hold the belief that the Chinese medicine can _____ people _____ the disease spreading in the country. A. prevent…from B. protect…from C. attach…to D. remind…of Madame Curie was awarded a second Nobel Prize _____ her great contributions in chemistry. A. because of B. such as C. according to D. rather than

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

19. The band got public recognition in 2011 and have been keen to play music together _____. A. right away B. ever since C. at present D. before long 20. Once he _____ the surroundings, he began to wander around by himself. A. was fond of B. got tired of C. was devoted to D. got familiar with

二. 完形填空。(30%)
(A) A student was one day taking a walk with a professor. As they went along, they saw lying in the path a pair of old shoes, which they supposed belonged to a (an) 21 man working in a field nearby. The student turned to the professor, saying, ―Let‘s hide his shoes, and then we‘ll 22 ourselves behind those bushes, and wait to see his 23 when he cannot find them.‖ ―My young friend,‖ answered the professor, ―we should never 24 ourselves at the expense of the poor. You‘re rich. Why not use a little of your wealth to help the poor man and get pleasure this way. Put a coin into each shoe, and then we‘ll go behind the bushes and watch how the 25 affects him.‖ The student did as the professor instructed. The poor man soon finished his work, and came across the 26 to the path where he‘d left his coat and shoes. While putting on his coat, he put his foot into one of his shoes; but 27 something hard, he bent down to see what it was, and found the coin. 28 and wonder were seen upon his face. He 29 the coin, turned it round, and looked at it again and again. He then looked around but saw nobody. He now put the money into his pocket, and went on to 30 on the other shoe; but his surprise was 31 on finding the other coin. He was so 32 that he fell upon his knees, and let out a loud cry of 33 , in which he spoke of his sick wife and his 34 children and the importance of the money to them. The student stood there, 35 affected, and said to the professor, ―You‘ve taught me a lesson I‘ll never forget. I‘ll always try my best to help those in need.‖ 21. A. honest 22. A. find 23. A. fear 24. A. amuse 25. A. pleasure 26. A. field 27. A. hearing 28. A. Pain 29. A. pulled up 30. A. take 31. A. reduced 32. A. touched 33. A. anger 34. A. hungry 35. A. hopefully B. young B. enjoy B. confusion B. make B. discovery B. bush B. seeing B. Suspicion B. picked up B. hold B. replaced B. frightened B. thanks B. lovely B. easily C. poor C. hide C. gratitude C. help C. poverty C. way C. finding C. Astonishment C. gave up C. carry C. lost C. surprised C. confusion C. clever C. finally D. old D. please D. attitude D. treat D. trouble D. farm D. feeling D. Impatience D. took up D. put D. doubled D. disappointed D. satisfaction D. naughty D. deeply


(B) The lights go out---another power failure. ―Get the candles,‖ Mom says, and I do. My younger brother and I run to every room to collect the tall 36 and place them in the living room, a few candles in each corner. I take one to the coffee table to use to 37 . I put my book beside the candle holder, planning to finish the last three chapters, but lacking strong belief and determination. So the book remains 38 . A sigh escapes my brother‘s lips. ―This is boring,‖ he says. A drop of wax falls on my 39 . ―I know,‖ I say, but really, I am 40 the quietness. I like to watch the candle burn and feel that life is simple. I like to look out the window into an immediate 41 unspoiled by light. I cherish these 42 moments when the quietness makes me feel as if I can live the way the people of the past lived --- the Egyptians, the Pilgrims, the Greeks---anyone who ever lived to see the 43 color I‘m seeing. I feel at one with a secret, primeval(原始的) age. And I cannot help thinking what night was really like for them: What did a farmer‘s family do at night? Of course, the darkness must have brought them together, forced them into each other‘s 44 as it has done to us tonight---developed love and friendship in a time of 45 and uncertainty. A fire probably burned in a room where the family 46 to talk and relax. Night was a time when men and women were freed from 47 . They had no computers or TVs, and had to make do with books, religion, and 48 . Bzzz! The lights 49 . Everyone cheers for the light except me. I still stare into the night and I‘m convinced that night is the closest a person can get to experience the 50 . 36. A. candles B. light C. repair D. book 37. A..lighten B. play C. read D. talk 38. A. undone B. finished C. closed D. uncolored 39. A. foot B. hand C. table D. book 40. A. hating B. enjoying C. eating D. understanding 41. A. darkness B. night C. quietness D. silence 42. A. wonderful B. unusual C. silent D. colorful 43. A. white B. yellow C. red D. black 44. A. company B. group C. class D. family 45. A. happiness B. fear C. confidence D. excitement 46. A. gathered B. divided C. remained D. opened 47. A. difficulty B. trouble C. enemy D. work 48. A. games B. dancing C. conversation D. singing 49. A. fail B. return C. come D. switch 50. A. dark B. present C. future D. past

(A) The Date’s Off Thanks to my sheltered upbringing, I once thought the world consisted only of people who, like me, respected use-by dates. That is, until I met my husband. He thinks that I am ―fussy‖ and ―overcautious‖ when it comes to my food rules. I, on the other hand, believe that I‘m just doing what food producers advise. And the food that I am strictest about is milk. I believe that milk should spend its entire existence going from fridge to fridge. I figure that each bottle of

milk has a total of about five minutes that it can safely spend unrefrigerated. I think those five minutes are all taken up by the time it takes to remove a carton of milk from the supermarket and drive it to its new home. My husband begs to differ. While he also believes that milk has a limited time it can spend outside of a fridge, that period is, oh, around half a day. So, whenever we go shopping he gets upset when I make him wait in line with everything bar the milk. Only when the cashier is beginning to check through our items do I dash back to the supermarket refrigerator and grab our dairy items. I wish there was an express counter that people could quickly pass through to minimise the milk‘s out-of-fridge exposure time. When my husband and I first moved in together, I was like the food police, doing daily fridge checks and throwing out all old items. But soon I got sick of constantly hearing, ―What happened to that stew thing? I could have sworn there was still some left.‖ So I loosened up a little; I decided to live on the wild side. And I was doing OK. That is, until I noticed there was green, mouldy (发霉的) stuff growing in our fridge. You see, my husband also believes that any food is savable. The cheese is getting mouldy? Ah, easy, just cut the green bits off and the rest is good as gold. The pasta sauce is sprouting fungus as big as a head of broccoli? Scoop off the top layer and the rest is fine. After leaving him on fridge-cleanout duty for a while, I imagined that we had become the topic of a terrifying news report ―They may seem like an everyday couple, but what lives in their fridge would sicken anyone. Join me tonight as I enter the Deadly Zone…‖ the news reporter would say. And so I have regained my food-policing role – and my husband does admit that, even though food gets thrown out a little earlier than he would like, he‘s feeling a lot less sick lately. And he no longer argues with me at the supermarket checkout as I race back to get the milk. 51. The writer was brought up to believe _______. A. there existed people who respected use-by dates just like her B. all the people in the world took use-by dates very seriously C. few people she knew fell sick from food poisoning D. her future husband would respect her living style 52. The purpose of sharing the experience of the couple buying milk in the supermarket is _______. A. to demonstrate how cautious she is about food safety B. to show how foolish her husband thinks she is C. to argue that there should be a special express checkout counter D. to advise people should not take the milk before they are ready to pay 53. Which is closest in meaning to the underlined word ―bar‖ in Para. 4? A. including B. like C. before D. except 54. Why did the writer decide to ―live on the wild side‖ like her husband? A. Because she was tired of her husband‘s complaints. B. Because she didn‘t want to be like the food police. C. Because it turned out that the food in the fridge didn‘t go bad easily. D. Because her husband could always save mouldy food. 55. What is the writer‘s tone in the article? A. Ironic. B. Formal. C. Humorous. D. Serious. (B) It is common sense that children who walk or cycle to school have a lower risk of obesity than those by car. But driving your youngsters to the gates could also cause their academic work to suffer. Researchers found children who were driven to school, or who took public transport, had poorer concentration levels than those who took a more active route such as walking or cycling.

The joint study by researchers at two Danish universities found that regular exercise could advance a student up to half a year in their studies. Children who were driven to school, or who took public transport, performed less well in a test measuring concentration levels, than those who had walked or cycled. The results surprised the researchers, as their hypothesis originally focused on the effects of eating breakfast and lunch on pupils‘ ability to concentrate. ―The exercise a student uses to transport him or herself to school is reflected in the level of concentration he/she has about four hours later,‖ Niels Egelund, a co-author of the report said. ―The results showed that having breakfast and lunch has an impact, but not very much compared to having exercise.‖ ―As a third-grade pupil, if you exercise and bike to school, your ability to concentrate increases to the equivalent of someone half a year further in their studies,‖ he added. In the survey, taken by 19,527 pupils aged five to 19 years old, participants were asked about their exercise habits and were then given a basic test measuring their concentration. ―Most people know the feeling of being refreshed after having exercised, but it is surprising that the effect lasts for so long,‖ Egelund said. Previous research from the University of Montreal has found that exercise helps our brains make better use of oxygen. It may also reduce mental tiredness and sharpen your thinking in between gym sessions. And last week Swedish researchers said they found that muscular boys will live longer than their weaker friends. And even if they are overweight by the time they get to adulthood, those with stronger muscles tend to live longer. 56. It can be inferred from the passage that ___________________. A. concentration is very important in deciding students‘ academic work B. those cycle to school do worse than those who go to school on foot C. students who are stronger can do better in their academic work D. people who are overweight tend to live shorter than those thinner people 57. Originally, researchers were attempting to prove that _________________. A. having exercise helped to improve students‘ concentration B. eating breakfast and lunch could improve students‘ concentration C. taking public transportation helped to improve students‘ concentration D. having stronger muscles contributed to students‘ concentration on study 58. What does the underlined word ―equivalent‖ in Paragraph 6 probably mean? A. higher level B. similar talent C. less concentrated D. same level 59. According to Niels Egelund, what is surprising? A. Exercise helps us to make better use of oxygen. B. Muscular boys live longer than the weaker ones. C. The effect of exercise can last for such a long time. D. Biking or walking can sharpen people‘s thinking. 60. With this passage, the author is trying to convince students of ____________. A. the importance of public transportation B. the benefit of taking exercise C. the significance of concentration D. the effect of having breakfast


(C) A Low-Carbon Economy (LCE) or Low-Fossil-Fuel Economy (LFFE) is a concept that refers to an economy which releases the minimal amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere, especially the most dangerous greenhouse, carbon dioxide. A carbon footprint is "the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) produced by an organization, event or product". For simplicity of reporting, it is often expressed in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide, or its equivalent of other GHGs, released in doing the activity or making the product. A new purpose-built office complex that will offer environmentally friendly accommodation across 66,250 square feet is under construction in Wales. It is reported that the Cardiff Waterside Project is a ? 140 million construction project and will aim to offer business in the area an environment that has a lower carbon footprint than traditional office space. A one-year carbon gas reduction program proposed by China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) was started here Wednesday, on World Earth Day, to encourage citizens nationwide to adjust their lifestyle and live a "low-carbon" lifestyle. A low-carbon lifestyle covers many aspects of modern life, such as transportation, home heating, and holiday travel. The goal is to do these activities in a way that produces the minimum amount of carbon dioxide possible. 61. What does the text intend to do? A. To define the green house effect. B. To teach humans a lesson. C. To appeal to us to focus on environment D. To explain some definitions related to low carbon. 62. When was the‖ carbon gas reduction program‖ released most probably? A. In 2009. B. In late March. C. A decade ago. D. Unknown. 63. A ― Low Carbon Economy‖ includes the following except _______. A. Eco-travel. B. To take the public means of transport C. Car-pooling. D. To become a couch potato. 64. As used in the last paragraph, what does the underlined word ?proposed‘ mean? A. To put forward. B. To nominate. C. To offer a marriage. D. To plan. 65. From the last paragraph we can infer that the Chinese government‘s attitude to ―low carbon life‖ is _________. A. neutral B. doubtful C. supportive D. self-confident

四.完成句子 (10 分)
请根据句子意思及所给出的中文翻译完成句子。 (1) ____________(宗教的) education is compulsory in all English schools. (2) The soldiers were waiting for the ____________(信号)to start firing. (3) The cost of our raw _____________(材料) has risen significantly. (4) Surgeons use a laser with a beam ____________(测量)less than the width of a human hair. (5) The information is recorded ________________(以电子形式的). (6) The show, ___________ (主办)by journalist Robert Elms, features movie stars and singers. (7) Yesterday morning shares seemed to _____________ (恢复)from Monday's collapse. (8) If your memory problems do not improve, ____________(咨询)your physician. (9) I ___________(钦佩)the way Sarah has brought up the children on her own.

(10)Mrs Welland _____________(提醒)her son that they still had several people to see.

五.句子翻译 (10 分)
1. 如果你时常请教老师的话,你将会受益匪浅。 (benefit,consult ) 2. 如果天气允许的话,我们将在树林里野餐。 (weather permitting) 3. 我们都应该对自己的学习负责。(take the responsibility for…) 4. 我很独立,不喜欢总是依赖别人来获得帮助。(be independent; rely on ) 5. 多亏了每一个人的辛勤努力,表演取得了巨大的成功。(thanks to) 6. 政府已经采取措施解决环境的问题。 (take measures, solve) 7. 音乐是美妙的。当我感到疲倦有压力的时候,听音乐能够帮助我放松。 8. 她把自己毕生的精力都倾注于教育孩子。 (devote …to…) 9. 这部电影让我想起了自己美好的童年。(remind … of …) 10. 学校为学生提供了许多现代化的教学设施。(provide sth. for sb.; teaching facilities),

六.附加题 短文写作 (20 分)
你校将进行一年一度的英语节活动。本次活动主题为―‘One World One Dream’地球村活动‖,并打算邀请 各国的国际交换生来参与。请根据以下信息及个人的构想,写一份该活动的介绍。字数为 120 字左右。 “One World One Dream” 地球村活动 【时间】 2013 年 5 月 28 日下午, 2:30pm—5:30pm 【地点】 学校操场 【目的】 让学生使用英语展现才华; 让学生更好地了解世界各地的文化风俗。 【活动内容】 (1)搭建三十多顶小帐篷 (2)开设美国、英国等二十多个展馆 (3) ...... 【备注】 特邀一些外国交流生来参与 【评价】 ?




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