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Unit 4 6 Writing




1. disappear 2. recycle 3. inconvenient 4. consequence 5. sweep 6. threaten 7. awareness 8. drown 9. extinction 10. affect

br />G C H B I J F A D E


1. 例如 for example/for instance 2. 取代煤 take the place of coal 3. 依赖父母 rely on parents 4. 从现在开始 from now on 5. 关掉所有电器 turn off all the electrical appliances


6. 有灭绝的危险 in danger of extinction 7. 引起严重的后果 bring about/lead to serious consequences 8. 改善这一情况 improve the situation 9. 提高人们的环保意识 raise people’s awareness of environmental protection 10. 目的在于对抗全球变暖 aim at/with the purpose of fighting against global warming


1.我被这一令人不安的事实深深地震撼了。 (被动语态,the inconvenient truth) I am greatly/deeply shocked by the inconvenient truth. 2.可怕的洪灾席卷了华南地区。 (sweep) Terrible floods swept South China.

3. 随着气温的升高,越来越多的人使用空调。 (as引导时间状语从句) As the temperature increases, more and more people use air-conditioners.


4. 回收利用纸、袋子之类的物品是很有必要 的。 (it作形式主语) It is necessary to recycle things like/such as paper and bags. 5. 面对如此严重的实际情况,我们应该立刻 采取行动对抗全球变暖。 (with的复合结构, take immediate action, fight against) With such serious facts, we should/ought to take immediate action to fight against global warming.


总结短--抓住文章要点, 使用简洁 精练的文字

The Maldives (马尔代夫), a beautiful country which is made up of islands, is in great trouble—it might disappear by 2100.Therefore, the government has been doing what it can to prevent this from happening. I was greatly shocked by this inconvenient truth. I knew the earth was getting warmer and warmer, but it never occurred to me that it would affect human beings so greatly in such a near future. 背景介绍、提出问题--承上启下,


发表看法(客观陈述事实)--将科学 理论与实际情况联系起来, 强调全 球气候变暖后果的严峻性

It also makes me connect what is happening now to the consequences of global warming. For example, the temperature is getting higher and higher and high temperatures in the summer appear more often. What's more, the floods are getting more serious. In May, heavy rains and terrible floods swept South China. And now, a great flood, which is estimated to be worse than the one in 1998, is threatening the Yangtze River.


With such serious facts, we should take immediate action to fight against global warming. For instance, we should turn off the electrical appliances we're not using. And use airconditioner less, for the good of both the environment and our health.
总结(提出个人建议)--话锋巧妙一转, 先 强调后果的严重性, 突出采取措施刻不容缓, 再提该如何采取措施


A) 范文中的经典句式 1.好词

in great trouble prevent sth. from doing sth. take action to do sth. fight against for example/instance for the good of turn off the electrical appliances


A) 范文中的经典句式 2. 好句

1) Therefore, the government has been doing what it can to... 2) ... it never occurs to me that... 3) A, which is estimated to be..., is threatening... 4) With such serious facts, we should take immediate action to...


1. I never thought that he would come. (划线部分同义转换) It never occurred to me that ________________________he would come. 2. We’ll soon run out of energy. It will put us in great trouble. (用定语从句合并句子) We’ll soon run out of energy, which will put us in great trouble.


3. A great storm is threatening that area. It is estimated that the storm is bigger than the one in 2000. (用定语从句合并句子) A great storm, which is estimated to be bigger than the one in 2000, is threatening that area. 4. The earthquake in Wenchuan caused much more deaths than the one in San Francisco. (用compared with改写句子) Compared with the one in San Francisco, the earthquake in Wenchuan caused much more deaths.


5. We should avoid wasting. (用what引导的 表语从句改写句子)

Wasting is what we should avoid.


Earth Hour, which is organized by WWF, is an annual international event aiming at raising people’s awareness of environmental protection. Set on the last Saturday of March every year, it asks people to turn off their lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. of the local time. Since it was first started in Sydney in 2007, the event has spread around the world at an amazing speed.


This year, more than 4,000 cities from 126 countries and more than one billion participants from around the world have taken part in the meaningful event. Therefore, it is my suggestion that we join the event next year and make our own contributions to protecting the environment.


Global warming can bring about lots of serious consequences. For example, it will cause the glacier to melt and the sea level to rise. As a result, some of the island countries and cities will be drowned and animals such as polar bear and walrus will be in danger of extinction. What’s worse, as the area of waters becomes larger, the water evaporating will increase accordingly, which will lead to more frequent rains and more powerful influences of floods and storms. In addition, as the globe warms up, wild fires may occur more often and diseases may go out of control.


Build a Low-carbon School Many cities in China are trying to introduce low-carbon life to people or make people know more about it. These cities held various events with the purpose of raising people’s awareness of environmental protection. Indeed, as we can see, global warming has already begun to affect us in a serious way. Therefore, we should take measures to improve such a situation before it’s too late.

Wasting is what we should avoid. The reasons are as follows. Firstly, if we waste energy, it means that we’re using more energy, which adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Secondly, if we keep wasting, we’ll soon run out of energy, which is a disaster if we don’t have enough new energy to take its place. So, there’s no doubt that we ought to make efforts from now on. To build a low-carbon school, we should replace the old ways with environmentally friendly ways. For example, instead of relying on airconditioners, we can think of more ways to make us feel cooler indoors. Besides, it’s necessary to recycle things such as paper, bags and bottles.



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