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高考高频动词短语及 固定搭配
1.add to 增加 增进 (抽象意义) add that 补充说 add up to 加起来是, 所有这一切说明(无被动) 2.break away from 逃脱,摆脱,破除,改掉 break in 强行进入,插话 break into 强行进入,突然开始 break down 身体垮了, (计划)失败, (机器等)坏了 break out 爆发,突然发生 break up 散会, (会议)结束,学期结束 break off 中断,断绝 3. bring about 引起,实现,使发生 bring down 使下降,使倒下 bring in 收庄稼,提出 bring out 说明,出版 bring up 提出,抚养,培养 bring back 使回想起 bring forward=put forward 提出 bring on 促进 4. call at 停留,停靠(地点) call for 叫(某人)接某人,索取,需要有 call in 召集,找(请)来,收回 call off 取消,不举行 call on 拜访,号召 call out 大声叫,请去 call up 给---打电话,征召(入伍) 5. come about (某情况)偶然发生 come across 偶遇(run into/across) come along 一道去,赶快,生长,进步 come in 进来(站) ,存在 come down 下降,下落,传下来,传病 come for 来拿,来取 come from 出身于,来自 come out 出版,开花 come to 来到(某地) ,来参加(某项活动) ,合计, 总共计,苏醒过来,达到 come up 走过来, 出现 when it comes to …..当谈论到…… come up with 提出

come to an end 结束 come into being 形成 6.cut down 消减,压缩,缩短 cut off 切断,断绝 cut out 删(省)掉,戒掉 cut up 切碎 cut away 切除 cut through 凿穿 cut in 中间插话 7.get along 进行,相处 get back 回来,找回 get down 记下来,打下来 get over 克服 恢复 get on 上(火车,公共汽车等) ,相处,进行 get off 下(火车,公共汽车等)起飞,不惩罚 get out 拔出,洗掉,传出去 get rid of 消灭,摆脱,除掉 get up 起床,起身 get to 到达 get round 传开 get in touch with 和…..取得联系 get in 收获 get through 完成 通过 get down to doing 着手做 get sb/sth+adj 使某人/物变成某种状态 8. give in 屈服,让步,投降 give off 散发出(液体或气体) give out 分发,用完,公布 give up 放弃 give away 泄露(秘密) (let out)捐赠 9.go against 违反 go ahead 进行,进展,先走,走在前面,干吧,说 吧 go all out 全力以赴 go down 下降,减弱 go in for 从事(某种事业或活动) ,喜欢(体育,文 艺) go on 继续下去,发生,进行 go out 熄灭,过时,出去 go over 审阅,检查,复习 go round 够用,够分配

go off 爆炸,消失 go on 继续 go through 经历,完成 go after 追求 10. have a word with 和…..讲句话 have words with sb. 与某人吵架 have a good time 过得很好 have fun 有趣 had better 最好….. have on 穿着 have to do with 和…..有关系 have deep affection on 对……有深刻影响 have difficulty/problem/a hard time in doing sth. 费 力(有困难地)做某事 have a good / high opinion of sb 对某人评价高,对 某人印象好 have nothing on 并不比什么强 have sth in mind 牢记 have sb/sth.. do/doing/done 让某人做某事/一直做/ 被做 have to =have got to 不得不,必须 11.hear about 听到,听说 hear form 接到…..的信,从…..听到 hear out 听完(别人的话) hear of 听到说起 12.hold back 阻碍,阻止,隐瞒 hold down 控制,镇压 hold on 别挂(电话) , 支持下去 hold out 伸出,坚持 hold up 使停顿,阻挡 hold on to 坚持 hold=seat 容纳 13. keep off 防止,挡住 keep on 继续干 keep up with 赶上,不落在后面 keep (sth./sb.)out of 不使…进入 keep in touch with 和…保持联系 keep one’s word 守信,遵守诺言 keep up 保持 keep back 阻止 keep away from 远离

keep faith 忠于信仰 keep an eye on 照料;照管 keep to 坚持某种习惯, 遵循 keep (stop/prevent )sb from doing 阻止某人做某事 catch up with 赶上某人 keep up with 赶上某人 put up with 忍受 come up with 提出 keep.... in mind 记着,不忘 14.know about 了解,知道…的情况 know from 区分 know of 听说过,知道(有…) be known as 被称为,是有名的 be known for 因…而出名 be known to all 众所周知 15.look after 照顾 look as if 看起来似乎 look back to doing 回想,回顾 look for 寻找 look forward to doing 盼望,期待 look into 调查,了解,研究 look like 看起来像 look on 旁观 look out 注意 look on …as 把…看作,认为 look round 到外看看,来访 look through 翻阅,浏览 look up 查找 ,向上看 look down upon 看不起 look up to 尊敬 16. lose oneself 迷失方向 be lost in 消失在….中 be lost in thought 陷入沉思 lose heart 失去信心 17. pass away 去世 pass down 传下 pass on 谈下一个问题 18. pay attention to 注意 pay a visit to (a call on ) 拜访,访问 pay back 偿还,报复

pay for 付…款,偿还 pay off 还清

send off 送行 派遣 send out 发出(光亮等) send up 发射 判决

19.pick out 挑选,找出 pick up 拾起, 顺便用车来接, 收听广播, 偶然学会, 24.set back (把表)往回拨 (身体)恢复,结识某人 set fire to 放火烧着 set off 出发,动身 20. put down 写下来 ,镇压 set out to do sth 开始,着手 put into practice 执行,实行 set up 建立,创立,竖立 put off 延期 set about doing sth 开始,着手,试图 put on 穿上,戴上 set down 放下,记下,写下,让…下车 put out 扑灭,出版 set free 释放 put through 接通电话 set an example to sb 为某人树立榜样 put up 举起; 安装; 张贴; 建造, 搭起, 支起; 为…… 提供住宿;进行(抵抗) 25.make one’s living 谋生 put up with 忍受 make fun of 和… 开玩笑(耍弄) put to death 处死 make out 理解,看清楚,假装 put into 译成…. make sure 核实,一定要,弄清楚 put an end to 结束;终止 make up 构成,编写, 弥补,补偿,化装, 补上(功 put aside 储存,保留;把……放在一边,暂不考虑 课) put away 把……收起;储存,积攒 make up one’s mind 下决心 put forward 提供;提出(要求、事实等) make use of 利用 put one’s heart into 全心全意投入 make room (way) for 腾出地方(让路) be made up of 由…组成,构成 21. run across 碰到,遇到 make up for 弥补 run away 跑掉,逃跑 make a difference 产生重大影响 run down 撞到 make up to 接近,奉承 run for 竞选 make for 促成 run into 碰到(困难) ,遇到(某人) make sense 有意义,讲得通 run out of 用完(某物) make sense of 弄明白. run after 追赶 run through 贯穿 26. take away 拿走 take back 收回 22. see sb。 off 送别 take care 注意,当心 see about查看,料理,考虑 take care of 照顾,负责 see into 调查,看到…内容 take charge of 负责(管某事或照顾某人) see to 注意,办理 take down 记下 see through 看穿,看透 take for granted 想当然 see (to it) that 注意务必做到…,保证 take hold of 抓住 take interest in 对…. 发生兴趣 take it easy 别紧张 take off 起飞,脱下(衣服等) ,事业腾飞 23. send down 使降低 take in 欺骗,吸收 send for 派人去请 take on 呈现,雇用,招收, send in 交上去 take one’s seat 坐下,坐好

take out 拿出来 take part in 参加 take pride in 为…感到骄傲 take the place of 代替 take turns 轮流 take up 从事,占去(时间或空间) take over 接管 take into account 把……考虑进去 take...into consideration 考虑谋事物 take apart 拆开(机器等) ;分辨;区分 take...as 把……理解为 (作为) take advantage of 利用 take after 与….相像 27.turn back 往回走,使…倒转 turn down 把(收音机等)开小一些,拒绝 turn in 上交,上床睡觉 turn on 开(收音机,灯等) turn off 关(收音机,灯等) turn up 出现,来(开会,赴约等) (把收音机)开 大一点声 turn out 生产,制造(成品)或跟不定式,构成复合 谓语,跟从句(用 it 作主语)其后跟形容词、副词、 名词、意为结果,原来(情况) turn over 移交,翻阅,考虑,细想 turn to 向…求助,翻到 28.leave for 到…去 leave off 中断,不再做,脱掉 leave out 遗漏,排除,忽视 leave alone 不理会,不管,更不用说 leave about 乱扔,乱放 leave sb with 使某人留下 leave a message 留话 leave sth behind 留下,忘带,放弃 be left with 被留下,被剩下 29.used to 过去常常 be used to doing sth习惯于做某事 use out 用完,用坏 use up 用完,用尽 be used for doing 被用作=be used to do

30.think about 考虑 think of 想起,关心 think over 仔细考虑 think out 想出,设计出 I think so 我是这么想的 I don’t think so 我想不是这样的 31.let in let out let off let alone 让进来 发出,放出,泄漏 让某人上岸或下车 不干涉,不管 顺便走访 一滴 退学 落下 减少

32.drop in A drop of drop out drop down drop off



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