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2014高考英语 阅读理解精英训练题(8)

2014 高考英语阅读理解精英训练题(8)及答案
阅读理解 (London)—If it really is what’s on the inside that counts, then a lot of thin people might be in trouble. Some doctors now think that the internal fat surro

unding important organs like the heart or liver could be as dangerous as the external fat which can be noticed more easily. “Being thin doesn’t surely mean you are not fat,” said Dr Jimmy Bell at Imperial College. Since 1994, Bell and his team have scanned nearly 800 people with MRI machines to create “fat maps” showing where people store fat. According to the result, people who keep their weight through diet rather than exercise are likely to have major deposits of internal fat, even if they are slim. Even people with normal Body Mass Index scores can have surprising levels of fat deposits inside. Of the women, as many as 45 percent of those with normal BMI scores (20 to 25) actually had too high levels of internal fat. Among men, the percentage was nearly 60 percent. According to Bell, people who are fat on the inside are actually on the edge of being fat. They eat too many fatty and sugary foods, but they are not eating enough to be fat. Scientists believe we naturally store fat around the belly first, but at some point, the body may start storing it elsewhere. Doctors are unsure about the exact dangers of internal fat, but some think it has something to do with heart disease and diabetes. They want to prove that internal fat damages the body’s communication systems. The good news is that internal fat can be easily burned off through exercise or even by improving your diet. “If you want to be healthy, there is no short cut. Exercise has to be an important part of your lifestyle,” Bell said. 11. What is this piece of news mainly about? A. Thin people may be fat inside. B. Internal fat is of no importance.

C. Internal fat leads to many diseases. D. Thin people also have troubles. 12. Doctors have found _____. A. the exact dangers of internal fat B. internal fat is the cause of heart disease and diabetes C. being slim is not dangerous at all D. being slim doesn’t mean you are not fat inside 13. According to the passage, which of the following is WRONG? A. Exercise can help to reduce the internal fat. B. People can get rid of internal fat by improving diet. C. Men are more likely to have too much internal fat. D. People with heart disease all have internal fat. 14. From the last paragraph, we can find that _____. A. whether internal fat can lead to disease has been proved B. exercise plays in important role in people’s life for keeping healthy C. thin people usually have internal fat even if they are slim D. it is easier to burn off internal fat than external fat 15. The underlined part in the last paragraph means _____. A. a long road C. a clear difference B. an easy way D. a short distance



(2012·吉林市一模) Are you stressed out, scared or worried all the time? Do you avoid going to certain places, seeing friends or doing certain things because of your worries? Do your worries keep you awake at night? If you've answered yes, you may be suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is a normal and necessary part of life. Anxiety is your brain's way of telling you about danger. It is anxiety which helps you jump out of the way if a car

is speeding towards you. But if it gets out of hand, anxiety can get in the way of your getting on with life and can become a real problem. If this is the case for you, treatment may be a helpful way for you to get your anxiety under control. Anxiety is a normal part of life. Some people may feel uneasy if moving to a new place and some may get overly anxious in certain situations. There are lots of reasons for this. One main reason is after a stressful thing which has happened in your life. So, if you are involved in a car crash, it's quite likely that you will be more worried than other people around cars and driving. Being anxious also probably runs in families. If your parents suffer from anxiety then you are more likely to be anxious too. This is probably partly due to genetics, and partly because of how things are when you're growing up. Even though people don't talk about it much, anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. About 1 in 4 people will have an anxiety problem at some time in their life. If you have an anxiety problem it's hard for other people to understand why something that doesn't worry them, like being in a crowd of people, can be so scary for you. This can make you feel separated and lonely, as may become worse and worse. The good news is there are lots of excellent treatments available for anxiety. These include talking therapies (疗法) and drugs. 文章大意:你是否患有焦虑症呢?不用担心。 64.Which of the following reasons for anxiety is not mentioned in the passage? A. Illness. C. Genetics. B. Experience. D. Environment.

65.What can we infer from the fifth and sixth paragraph in the passage? A. Those suffering from anxiety need others' understanding badly. B. Once you suffer from anxiety, you'd better seek for medical treatment. C. Anxiety is the most common mental health problem. D. About a quarter of the population are suffering from anxiety now. 66.The author will most probably talk about________following this passage. A. what is anxiety B. what causes anxiety C. when anxiety becomes serious D. how to handle anxiety


64 答案:A 细节理解题。B、D 项在第三段;C 项在第四段;A 项没有提到。 65 答案:A 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段第一句。 66 答案:D 推理判断题。最后一段讲了治疗方法和药物,紧接着下一段该讲如何治疗。 *************************************************************js

(2012·太原第一学段测评) Blogging has become something of a big thing in the last few years.Just like the Internet was 10 years ago, blogging is popular with an underground culture, that is doing it for love and passion. Blogging is a way of collecting links to webpages and sharing thoughts and ideas with people online. Blogs are basically online journals or diaries which are created for sharing information and ideas. Dominic, a fifth?grade student, writes: “The blogs give us a chance to communicate between ourselves and inspire us to write more.When we publish on our blog, people across the entire world can respond by using the ‘comments’ link.In this way, they can ask questions or simply tell us what they like.We can then know if people like what we write and this indicates to us where we can improve.By reading these comments, we can discover our weaknesses and our strengths.Blogging is an opportunity to exchange our points of view with the rest of the world rather than just people in our immediate environment.” Blogging is sweeping the Internet.A recent report noted that at least three million Americans have created blogs, with similar numbers being seen around the rest of the world. Two years ago, Andrew Sullivan decided to set up a Web page himself and used “Blogger.com” to publish some daily musings( 冥 想 )to a readership of a few

hundred.He worked hard at the blog for months for no financial reward.But result is that he is now reaching almost a quarter of a million readers a month and making a profit. Think about it for a minute: Why not build an online presence with your daily musings and then tell your first book through print—on—demand (POD) technology directly from your Web site? Why should writers go to newspapers and magazines to get an essay published when they can simply write it themselves, change it into a PDF file, and charge a few bucks per download?

This, at least, is the idea; a publishing revolution more profound than anything since the printing press.“Blogger.com” could be to words what Napster was to music—except this time, it'll really work. 文章大意:博客已经成长为世界主流媒体。 67.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A.Blogs are just online chatting with others. B.Blogging is important in the past few years. C.Dominic wants to get a chance to be a writer. D.Blogging makes us exchange our views only with friends. 68.According to the passage, about________people worldwide have created blogs except Americans. A.3 million C.250,000 B.6 million D.750,000

69.From the passage we can see that “Napster” in the last paragraph is probably related to________. A.newspapers C.words B.readers D.music

70.What would be the best title of this passage? A.Blogging and the Internet B.Blog Is American Favorite C.Blogging Goes Mainstream D.A Publishing Revolution

67 答案:B 细节理解题。由文章第一段第一句话“Blogging has become something of a big thing in the last few years.”可知。 68 答案:A 细节理解题。由倒数第四段第二句话“A recent report noted that at least three million Americans have created blogs, with similar numbers being seen around the rest of the world.”可知。 69 答案: 推理判断题。 D 划线词所在句“Blogger.com” could be to words what Napster was to music 是一个固定句式:A is to B what C is to D“A 对于 B 来说就像是 C 之于 D”, 所以划线词是与音乐有关。 70 答案:C 主旨大意题。由文章大意可知,本文主要讲述了博客已经成为社会主流这一 现象,所以 C 项符合。 *************************************************************js

(2012·吉林省重点中学一模) Running like the wind, roaring (咆哮) like thunder, tigers have long been feared and respected as a king of the animal world.But last week a report said that there are no more than 30 wild tigers left in south China. This was the conclusion of a team of scientists from China's State Forestry Administration and the World Nature Fund. The South China tiger, also known as the Chinese tiger, is native to southern China.In the 1950's, there were over 4000 tigers found in mountain forests in the country.But due to the destruction of their natural habitat(栖息地)and uncontrolled hunting, it has been pushed on to the list of the world's top ten most endangered species. Sixty?six of the big cats can be found in the cages of a dozen zoos around China.But they are nothing like their wild cousins.They have lost their natural skills such as hunting and killing.If they were set free they could not look after themselves. “Breeding has damaged the quality of the species”, said Pei Enle, deputy director of the Shanghai Zoo. To reintroduce the species into the wild, the country started a programme to send five to ten young tigers to South Africa.Four of them have already arrived.Progress has been made as two elder tigers have recovered some of their instincts(本能) and can hunt wild animals by themselves at the African base. “South Africans are very experienced in reintroducing big animals to the wild.The country has very good natural conditions for the tigers to learn in”, said Lu Jun, office director of the National Wildlife Research and Development Center.“We tried in Fujian Province, but it was not successful as there was not a complete eco?chain(生 物链) and there was a lack of space.” The tigers should return to China in 2007 when the reservations in Fujian are ready. 文章大意:由于过度杀猎和栖息地的丧失,华南虎已经成为十大濒危物种之一。本文介 绍了一项让华南虎重获野性、重回大自然的计划。 71.What is the main reason for the South China tiger becoming one of the world's top ten most endangered species? A.Because it has lost its natural instincts.

B.Because there is not a complete eco?chain. C.Because there is no space for it. D.Because uncontrolled hunting has destroyed its natural living conditions. 72.How is the programme of sending several tigers to South Africa getting on? A.Its effect still remains to be seen. B.Two tigers can already compete with their wild cousins. C.Some of the tigers are already on the road to recovering their natural skills. D.The tigers should be able to recover their instincts completely by 2007. 73.By saying “but they are nothing like their wild cousins”, the writer means that________. A.they are no longer feared by other wild animals B.they don't know how to hunt or kill C.a complete change has resulted in the species because of breeding D.to reintroduce them into the wild has become an urgent task 74.What is the purpose of sending young tigers to South Africa? A.To help the tigers recover their ability to live in the wild. B.To provide them with a better environment. C.To get the tigers to go on a tour. D.To find a complete eco?chain for them. 75.Which one is NOT the reason for South Africa being chosen as the training place? A.Because the tigers can hunt wild animals by themselves at the African base. B.Because South Africans are skilled at dealing with the tigers. C.Because there is a complete eco?chain and enough space there. D.Because the country has good natural conditions for the tigers to learn in.

71 答案:D 细节理解题。由第三段最后一句话“But due to the destruction of their natural habitat (栖息地) and uncontrolled hunting, it has been pushed on to the list of the world's top ten most endangered species.”可知,是栖息地的被破坏以及未受控 制的杀猎使华南虎成为了世界十大濒危物种之一。 72 答案:C 细节理解题。由第六段最后一句话“Progress has been made as two elder tigers have recovered some of their instincts(本能) and can hunt wild animals by themselves at the African base.”可知,有的老虎已经恢复了自己的本能,可以自己猎杀 野生动物了。

73 答案:B 推理判断题。由第四段最后一句话“They have lost their natural skills such as hunting and killing.If they were set free they could not look after themselves.”可知,这些老虎已经失去了自己猎杀的本能。 74 答案:A 细节理解题。由第六段的第一句话“To reintroduce the species into the wild, the country started a programme to send five to ten young tigers to South Africa.”可知,该计划的目的是想让这些老虎重新回到大自然。 75 答案:A 细节理解题。由最后一段可知,A 项不是原因。

For years, there has been a bias ( 偏 见 ) against science among clinical psychologists. In a two-year analysis to be published in November in Perspectives

on Psychological Science, psychologists led by Timothy B. Baker of the University
of Wisconsin charge that many clinical psychologists fail to “provide the treatments for which there is the strongest evidence of effectiveness” and “give more weight to their personal experiences than to science.” As a result, patients have no guarantee that their “treatment will be informed by ?science.” Walter Mischel of Columbia University is even crueler in his judgment. “The disconnect between what clinical psychologists do and what science has discovered is an extreme embarrassment,” he told me, and “there is a widening gap between clinical practice and science.” The “widening” reflects the great progress that psychological research has made in identifying the most effective treatments. Thanks to strict clinical trials, we now know that teaching patients to think about their thoughts in new, healthier ways and to act on those new ways of thinking are effective against depression, panic disorder and other problems, with multiple trials showing that these treatments—the tools of psychology—bring more lasting benefits than drugs. You wouldn’t know this if you sought help from a typical clinical psychologist. Although many treatments are effective, relatively few psychologists learn or practice them.


Why in the world not? For one thing, says Baker, clinical psychologists are “very doubtful about the role of science” and “lack solid science training”. Also, one third of patients get better no matter what treatment (if any) they have, “and psychologists remember these successes, believing, wrongly, that they are the result of the treatment.” When faced with evidence that treatments they offer are not supported by science, clinical psychologists argue that they know better than some study that works. A 2008 study of 591 psychologists in private practice found that they rely more on their own and colleagues’ experience than on science when deciding how to treat a patient. If they keep on this path as insurance companies demand evidence-based medicine, warns Mischel, psychology will “discredit itself.” 16. Many clinical psychologists fail to provide the most effective treatments because _____. A. they are unfamiliar with their patients B. they believe in science and evidence C. they depend on their colleagues’ help D. they rely on their personal experiences 17. The widening gap between clinical practice and science is due to _____. A. the cruel judgment by Walter Mischel B. the fact that most patients get better after being treated C. the great progress that has been made in psychological research D. the fact that patients prefer to take drugs rather than have other treatments 18. How do clinical psychologists respond when charged that their treatments are not supported by science? A. They feel embarrassed. B. They try to defend themselves. C. They are disappointed. D. They doubt their treatments. 19. In Mischel’s opinion, psychology will ______. A. destroy its own reputation if no improvement is made

B. develop faster with the support of insurance companies C. work together with insurance companies to provide better treatment D. become more reliable if insurance companies won’t demand evidence-based medicine 20. What is the purpose of this passage? A. To show the writer’s disapproval of clinical psychologists. B. To inform the readers of the risks of psychological treatments. C. To explain the effectiveness of treatments by clinical psychologists. D. To introduce the latest progress of medical treatment in clinical psychology.

参考答案 DCBAA

2.(201*·重庆卷)C Getting rid of dirt, in the opinion of most people, is a good thing. However, there is nothing fixed about attitudes to dirt. In the early 16

century, people thought that dirt on the skin was a means to

block out disease, as medical opinion had it that washing off dirt with hot water could open up the skin and let ills in. A particular danger was thought to lie in public baths. By 1538, the French king had closed the bath houses in his kingdom. So did the king of England in 1546. Thus began a long time when the rich and the poor in Europe lived with dirt in a friendly way. Henry IV, King of France, was famously dirty. Upon learning that a nobleman had taken a bath, the king ordered that, to avoid the attack of disease, the nobleman should not go out. Though the belief in the merit of dirt was long-lived, dirt has no longer been regarded as a nice neighbor ever since the 18

century. Scientifically speaking,

cleaning away dirt is good to health. Clean water supply and hand washing are practical means of preventing disease. Yet, it seems that standards of cleanliness have moved beyond science since World War Ⅱ. Advertisements repeatedly sell the idea: clothes need to be whiter than white, cloths ever softer, surfaces to shine. Has the hate
- 10 -

for dirt, however, gone too far? Attitudes to dirt still differ hugely nowadays. Many first-time parents nervously try to warn their children off touching dirt, which might be responsible for the spread of disease.On the contrary, Mary Ruebush, an American immunologist( 免 疫 学 家 ) , encourages children to play in the dirt to build up a strong immune system. And the latter position is gaining some ground. 64. The kings of France and England in the 16 because .

century closed bath houses

A. they lived healthily in a dirty environment. B. they thought bath houses were too dirty to stay in C. they believed disease could be spread in public baths D. they considered bathing as the cause of skin disease 65.Which of the following best describes Henry IV’s attitude to bathing? A. Afraid. C. Approving. B. Curious. D. Uninterested.

66. How does the passage mainly develop? A. By providing examples. B. By making comparisons. C. By following the order of time. D. By following the order of importance. 67. What is the author’s purpose in writing the passage? A. To stress the role of dirt. B. To introduce the history of dirt. C. To call attention to the danger of dirt. D. To present the change of views on dirt.

【答案】CA CD

- 11 -


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