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unit4 language points

The language points of unit4

? 1、 As a result these endangered animals may even die out. ? 结果,这些濒危的动物将会灭绝。 ? die out ? 用法归纳: ? (1)(火)熄灭 ? The fire died out in the heavy rain. 大雨中火

灭 了。 ? (2)绝种 ? About 50 species die out every day in the world. 世界上每天大约有50中物种灭绝。 ?

? 联想扩展: ? (1)die away 消逝;平息;静下来(多指声 音) ? (2)die for / die to do sth. 迫切想做某事 ? (3)die from 由于…而死;因…而死 ? (4) die of 因(患)…而死 ? (5) die off 一个个死去 ? 即时活用: ? Most of the old customs(习俗) here have ______ already. ? A. died away B. died out C. died down D. died off

? 2、Daisy had always longed to help endangered species of wildlife. ? 黛西一直希望能帮助濒临灭绝的野生动物。 ? 这里long为不及物动词,表示“渴望”,后跟动 词不定式。 ? Do you long to buy a new car? 你想买辆新车吗? 联想扩展: ? long for sth. 迫切希望得到 联想扩展: ? (1)long adj. 长;长久的;长时间的 ? (2)long adv. 长久;长期 ? Houses built with mud will not last long. 用泥造 的房子不能长期使用。

? 3、Daisy responded immediately. 黛西立刻回 答。 ? respond vi. 回答;响应 ? I waved to him but he didn’t respond. 我对他 挥手,但他没反应。 联想扩展: ? respond to 回答;响应;作出反应 ? Sometimes my students don’t respond to my questions. 有时候我的学生不回答我的问题。

? 4、At that Daisy cried. 听到那些话黛西哭了。 ? at prep. 对于;由于 ? At the news the two girls burst into tears. 听到 那个消息两个女孩哭了。 联想扩展: ? at first 最初 ? at large 逍遥法外 ? at least 至少 (反义) at (the) most 至多 ? at once 马上 ? at present 目前 ? at the same time 同时 ? at times 有时 ? at work 上班

? 联想扩展: ? at还可表示 ? (1)在…地点; 在…场合 ? Please wait for me at the school gate. 在学校大门口 等我。 ? (2)在…时间 ? I was a middle school student at that time. 那个时候 我还是个中学生。 ? (3)表示动作的方向 ? he is laughing at you. 他正朝你笑。 ? (5)表示价格、速度、数量等 ? The car is running at a low speed. 那辆车在慢速运行。 at a low price(价格) at a high price

? 5、Daisy turned around and found that she was being watched by an elephant. ? 黛西转过身发现一头大象正看着她。 ? turn around 转身 联想扩展: ? turn about 向后转 ? turn against 背叛 ? turn down 把声音关小,拒绝 (反义词)turn up 开 大声音,出现 ? turn in 上交 ? turn off 关上(反义词)turn on 打开 ? turn out 结果是;原来是 turn to 向某人求助

? 1、When you have trouble in learning English, you can ________ your English teacher for help. A. turn up B. turn to C. turn down D. turn on ? 2、I can' t hear clearly. Please ____ the radio ____ a little. A.turn;on B.turn;off C.turn;down D.turn;up ? 3、To ask someone for help is to turn ________him. A. to B. for C. on D. by

? 7、Farmers hunted us without mercy. 农民们 毫无怜悯的猎杀我们。 Mercy n怜悯;同情,值得感激的事 We must be thankful for small mercies. 滴水之 恩当涌泉相报。 have mercy on… = throw mercy to… 同情;怜悯

? 8、They allowed tourists to hunt only a certain number of animals if they paid the farmers(if 引导的让步状语从句). ? 如果游客们给农民付钱,政府就允许他们 猎杀一定数量的动物。 ? A certain number of 一定数量的 ? Certain肯定;有把握 某个;某种;某些

? 9、but I’d like to help as the WWF suggests. 我 要像世界野生生物基金会建议的那样来提供 帮助。 suggest vt. 建议,暗示 Suggest doing sth 建议做某事 +从句(虚拟语气)从句谓语要用 should加动词原形,should可省略。 一坚持:insist 二命令:order, command 三 建议:advise, suggest, propose 四要求:ask, demand, require, request

? 1、Our teacher suggested Wang Lin ____ to America for further study. A. should send B. would be sent C.sending D.be sent ? 2、 It is suggested that the play______until next Sunday. A. be put on B. to be put off C. put off D. be put off

? 10、It contains a powerful drug which affects mosquitoes. ? 它里面含有能影响蚊子的功能强大的药物。 ? affect vt 影响、引起感情波动 ? 11、You should pay more attention to the rainforest where I live and appreciate how the animals live together. ? 你们应该更加注意我们生活的热带雨林, 并理解动物是怎么生活在一块儿的。 Appreciate vt 欣赏 、感激、理解 I will appreciate it. 我将感激不尽。

? 12、No rainforest, no animals, no drugs. 没有 热带雨林,就没有动物,也就没有药物。 No + n.,no + n. 没有…,就没有…。 No pains, no gains. 不劳无获。 No water, no man. 没有水,就没有人类。


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