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二 A
Ray Beckham, now retired, used to teach advertising at Brigham Young University (BYU) for more than two decades. In 1960, while Ray was the director of the BYU Alumni(校友)Association, university offlcials decided to return Aspen Grove to the John Stewart family because it was no longer used for education. “In the fall Aspen Grove is a symphony in white, red and yellow. More importantly, there used to be a lot of tradition and history in the beautiful woods. So I wondered what we could do to keep the Aspen Grove area,” Ray said. Ray imagined a gatheting place for BYU alumni and families. He requested permission from the Stewart family and the university president, sueveyed alumni and designed construction. Elactricity, water and telephone lines were all problems, as Aspen Grove was an isolated part with 12 cabins. Ray need at least 50. “We just went to work,” Ray says. “ It was amazing. How did I have the courage to do that?” Ray estimated the camp would cost $100,000. He received loans from the State Bank and asked 111 alumni to help, who would only be asked to pay on if the camp couldn’t support itself. “ In fact, they didn’t have to pay any money,” Ray says. “At the end of 10 Years, we paid off all the loans.” “Today, Aspen Grove Family Camp hosts conferences and family vocation year-round.” said Mark, Aspen Grove’s information systerms and marketing manager. “We are able to see a lot of great things happening.” Ray is modest about his part in founding Aspen Grove, though he got many honors, which includes the BYU presidential Medal, the Rotary Club’s service above self awards. “My hobby is community service,” he says. “When you’ve been around as long as I have, you naturally offer to do a lot of things.” 1. What does “Aspen Grove” refer to in Paragraph 1? A. A teaching building. C. A part of beautiful woods. 2. Why did Ray want to keep Aspen Grove? A. To keep its history and tradition alive. B.To go against the John Stewart family. B. An association’s name. D. A gathering place for officials.

C. To reduce BYU’s financial burden. D. To make himself more famous. 3. Who did Ray ask to help pay the loans from the bank? A. Some BYU graduates. C. The president of BYU. A. became very healthy C. refused many awards 5. What’s mainly talked about in the text? A. The long history and tradition of Aspen Grove Family Camp. B. Ray Beckham’ contribution to Aspen Grove Family Camp C. Ray Beckham’s excellent teaching work in BYU. D. Ray Beckham’s interest in community service. 语篇解读:BYU 大学打算将校区内的 Aspen Grove 归还给斯图尔特家族,但 是 Ray Beckham 却通过不懈努力,筹集资金,把 Aspen Grove 建设成了大学校友 和家庭聚会的场所。 1. C 推理判断题。通过文章第二段 Ray 的话语 “In the fall Aspen Grove is a symphony in white, red and yellow”可看出。 2. A 细节理解题。第二段 Ray 的话 More importantly, there used to be a lot of tradition and history in the beautiful woods. So I wondered what we could do to keep the Aspen Grove area。 3. A 细节理解题。第五段第一句可看出。 4. D 推理判断题。根据最后一段 he got many honors 说明他“深受好评” 。 5. B 主旨大意题。 B. The marketing manager. D. The John Stewart family. B. was confident of himself D. was well recognized

4. We can conclude from the last paragraph that Ray_________.

Cliff Robertson died of natural causes in New York on September 10, 2011, a day after his eighty-eighth birthday. Though born in California, not far from Hollywood, he did not live there . As a young man, Robertson never thought he would be an actor and did not take acting seriously. In fact, he wrote for a small newspaper in Ohio when \attending college. But he began accepting small acting parts. Over time, those roles got bigger, and soon he was making a living as an actor. At one time he was one of the

best-known actors in the United States. Years ago, “Look” magazine, an influential publication of the time, called him “one of the finest actors in America today.” He became a big star on television and was often praised by critics. Yet he never made it into what he called “that golden cirle of a few stars in Hollywood who can pick and choose their parts in movies”, but he had what actors call “steady work” for many years. Robertson’s career began in the nineteen fifties and continued into the twenty-first century. He was in more than sixty movies. In 1963, he starred as Lieutenant John F. Kennedy in the war film “P.T. 109.” In 1966, Robertson won an Emmy award for his work in the television movie “The Game.” In1969 Robertson won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his work as a mentally-disabled worker in the movie “Charly”, a film based on the book “ Flowers for Algernon”. Robertson acted in films through the nineteen nineties. In 2002, he became known to younger movie-goers as Uncle Ben in "Spiderman." Cliff Robertson was known as a critic of the movie industry. Robertson once said he went to Hollywood only to work and never to live. He told “The New York Times” in 1972 that nobody had made more bad films than he had made. Despite the established fame and honors, Cliff Robertson never considered himself a great actor. “I've never really been satisfied with anything that I've ever done. It's a degree of dissatisfaction - I always feel like I could have done it better if circumstances were different.” 6. What do we know about the young Cliff Robertson? A. He refused to make a living as an actor. B. He never dreamed of being an actor. C. He didn’t take his writing seriously. D. He thought he was born to be an actor 7. According to Paragraph 2, some stars in the so-called golden circle in Hollywood_______ . A. Are particular about their parts B. Work harder than other actors. C. Are devoted to their acting D. Act in various different movies 8. Roberson got recognized by the young generation when he starred in _______. A. P.T. 109 B. Charly C. The game D. Spiderman

9. What’s the main idea of Paragraph3 ? A. The timetable of Robertson’s movies. B. Robertson’s achievements in acting. C. The list of all the Robertson’s movies. D. The successful movies of Robertson. 10. Which of the following can best describe Robertson according to the last paragraph? A. Friendly B. Sensitive C. Modest D. Generous 语篇解读:本文主要介绍了 Cliff 的生活经历,他塑造的银幕形象以及他对电 影的观点。 6. B 细节理解题。通过第二段第一句话 As a young man, Robertson never thought he would be an actor and did not take acting seriously 可知。 7. A 细节理解题。 从第二段倒数第二句 that golden cirle of a few stars in Hollywood who can pick and choose their parts in movies 可以推断出,大牌演员对自己扮演的 角色有严格要求,对接演的电影也比较挑剔。 8. D 细节理解题。从第三段最后一句可知。 9. B 主旨大意题。短文第三段集中介绍了他所演出的电影及获得的奖项,其它选 项皆为细节。 10. C 推理判断题。根据短文最后一段 Cliff Robertson never considered himself a great actor. 可以推断出他是一位非常谦虚的演员。



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