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2016-2017 学年第一学期高三英语一轮复习导学案






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1. To master the grammar rules and important points about the article firmly. 2. To be able to use them flexibly by self-study and cooperation. 【使用说明】 自习:25 分钟自学语法规则,15 分钟完成能力训练。

This is the house where Lu Xun once lived. 2. 用于指谈话双方都明确所指的人或事物:Open the door, please. 3. 用以复述上文提过的人或事物:(第一次提到用“a 或 an”,以后再次提到用“the”) Once there lived a lion in the forest. Every day the lion asked small animals to look for food for him. 4. 用在序数词和形容词最高级前: January is the first month of the year. Marry is the most beautiful girl in our class.

1. 明确定冠词、不定冠词和零冠词的使用情况. 2. 能分清特指、泛指、与冠词有关的固定搭配的记忆. 3. 冠词是在高考新题型语法填空和短文改错中是必考项目,能够做到灵活使用。

但在表示“又;再”的含义时用不定冠词: He failed in the experiment, but he tried it a second time. a most beautiful girl 一个非常漂亮的女孩 5. 表示宇宙中或世界上独一无二的事物: the sun the moon the earth the sky the world the Great Wall the United States

冠词分为不定冠词“a,an”、定冠词“the”和零冠词三种,零冠词指的是不用冠词的情况。 不定冠词表示泛指,定冠词表示特指。泛指是指首次提到的人或事物。特指是指在上文已提 到的人或事物,也可以是指说话双方心目中所默认的特定的人或事物。

6. 用在由普通名词构成的专有名词前: the West Lake the United Nations 联合国 7. 用在表示方向、方位的名词前:in the east at the bottom on the right

一、不定冠词的用法: 元音前用 an,辅音前用 a。判断加 a 还是 an,要根据发音而不是根据字母。 例如:She is an honest girl who has a gift for painting. 1. 用于可数名词单数前,表示"一":There is a tiger in the zoo. 2. 表示一类人和东西:A tiger can be dangerous. 3. 表示"某一个"的意思:A(Some)gentleman wants to see you. 4. 表示"同一"的意思: They are nearly of an age. 他们几乎同岁。 The two shirts are much of a size. 这两件衬衫大小差不多。 5. 表示"每一"的意思:We go swimming four times a week. 6. 用在作表语的单数可数名词前表示身份职业:My mother is a teacher. 7. 第一次提到的人或事物,但不特别指明是哪一个: Long long ago there was an old king who had a very beautiful daughter. 二、定冠词的用法: 1. 用以特指某人或某事物:

in the west in the front at the back at the top

8. 用在海洋、江河、湖泊、山脉、海峡、海湾等地理名词前: the Pacific Ocean 太平洋 the Huanghe River 黄河 the Taiwan Straits 台湾海峡

9. 在姓氏复数前,表示一家人: The Bakers came to see me yesterday. 10. 和某些形容词连用,使形容词名词化,代表一类人或物:谓语动词用复数 the poor 穷人 the rich 富人 the sick 病人 the wounded 伤员

11. 用在表示阶级、政党的名词前: the working class 工人阶级 the Chinese Communist Party 中国共产党

12. 用在 the very 强调句中:This is the very book I want. 这就是我想要的那本书。 13. 在 the more, the more 比较级的句式中: The more you drink, the more you like it. 你越喝就越爱喝。 14. 乐器名词前面要加 the: play the piano / violin 15. the 加单数可数名词可以表示一类人或事物: The horse is a useful animal= A horse is a useful animal= Horses are useful animals.马是一种

2016-2017 学年第一学期高三英语一轮复习导学案






使用时间: 2016.09.

有用的动物。 16. 在句型“动词+sb.+介词+the+身体某一部位”中要用 the,而不用物主代词: take sb. by the arm 抓住某人的手臂 be red in the face 脸红 hit sb. in the face 打某人的脸 be lame in the right leg 右腿瘸

12. 指职位、头衔的词,如 king,captain,president,chairman 等。在作主语补足语、宾语补足语、 同位语和表语时前不加冠词。 He is captain of the team. 他是球队的队长。 13. 冠词和三餐的搭配: 三餐名词单独使用时,之前通常不加冠词。 三餐名词之前若加形容词时 则除外: We have breakfast at eight.我们 8 点钟吃早饭。 He gave us a good breakfast. 他请我们吃了一顿丰盛的早餐。 I was invited to dinner.他们邀请我吃饭。 all the year around 一年到头 I was invited to the dinner given to welcome the new ambassador.我被邀参加欢迎新大使的宴会。 14. turn 用作系动词时,后面作表语的单数名词前不用冠词。 He turned writer many years later. = He became/made a writer many years later.

17. 比较级前加 the 表示“两者中更……的那个”: The younger of the two brothers came into the room. 18. 某些固定表达:in the morning / afternoon / evening

比较:on a Sunday morning. 在一个星期天的早晨。(表示某一个。)

三、零冠词的用法: 1. 专有名词前一般不加冠词:China Europe William Shakespeare 威廉· 莎士比亚 a strong China 一个强大的中国 National

四、固定搭配: 零冠词:at school 在上学 at table 在进餐 in hospital 住院 in class 在上课 at desk 在读书 in prison 坐牢

注意:The book is a Shakespeare. (莎士比亚的作品)

in bed 卧床 go to school 去上学 go to bed 上床睡觉 take place 发生 in place of 代替 in case of 万一 out of question 毫无疑问 in the class

2. 月份、 周日、 节日前一般不加冠词: January Sunday Thanksgiving Christmas Day Day 国庆节 May Day 劳动节

go to hospital 去看病

定冠词 the: at the table 在桌子旁边 at the desk 在课桌旁 at the school 在学校里 在班里面 in the bed 在床上 in the prison (因事)在监狱 go to the school (因事) 去学校 take the place of 代替 out of the question 完全不可能 all of a sudden 突然 as a matter of fact 事实上 in a hurry 急忙 in a way 在某种程度上 put an end to… 结束… have a good time 玩得愉快

注意: 民族节日前要加 the 如: the Spring Festival 春节 3. 四季前一般不加冠词:Summer is the best season for swimming. 比较:I will never forget the summer we spent in Hawaii.(表示特指) 4. 球类运动前不加冠词: play basketball / volleyball / football 5. 没有特指的物质名词前不加冠词: This cart is made of wood. 比较:The wood outside was all wet. 外面的那些木头都湿了。(表示特指) 6. 没有特指的抽象名词前不加冠词: Time is precious. 时间是宝贵的。 比较:The time of the play was 1990s. 这个剧本以 20 世纪 90 年代为背景。(表示特指) 7. 没有特指的可数名词复数形式前不加冠词: I like tomatoes. 我喜欢西红柿。 8. 固定词组:go to bed go by train / boat at noon / at night / midnight in town 在城中

in the hospital (因事) 在医院 to the hospital 去医院 case of 就...来说

go to the bed 在床上 go in the

in the place of 在...的地方

不定冠词 a/an: after a while 过了一会儿 as a rule 通常 as a whole 大体上 in a word 总而言之 come to an end 结束 have a rest 休息一下 as a result 结果,因此 at a loss 不知所措

It’s a pity that… 令人遗憾的是… come to a conclusion 得出结论 have a cold 感冒

have a word with 和…谈一谈

9. 独立主格结构中的名词不加冠词:A boy came in, book in hand. 男孩进来,手上拿着书。 10. 泛指人类:Man is mortal. 人必有一死。 11. 在"kind of+名词 和 sort of+名词"句式中: What kind of flower is it? I like this sort of book.

have words with 和某人吵架

keep an eye for 对…有鉴赏力

零冠词的用法口诀:月,季,星期,节假,洲,称呼,头衔,职务前;三餐,球类,惯用语,学科, 棋类名词前。 高考中常考的纯不可数名词有: baggage, luggage, furniture, health, wealth, fun, space, advice, word(=news), progress, information, news, luck, wealth 等,以上名词永远不能与不定冠词连用。

2016-2017 学年第一学期高三英语一轮复习导学案






使用时间: 2016.09.

【高考链接】 Challenge I: Filling in blanks
1. I just heard ________ bank where Dora works was robbed by _____ gunman wearing a mask. (2015 重庆) 2. Life is like______ ocean: Only the strong-willed can reach the other shore.(2014 天津) 3. I can’t tell you _____ way to the Wilson’s because we don’t have _____ Wilson here in the village. (2014 重庆) 4. The paper is due next month, and I am working seven days _____ week, often long into_____ night.(2014 浙江) 5. The parents were shocked by ______ news that their son needed_______ operation on his knee. (2013 重庆) 6. It was______ cold winter night and the moon was shining brightly across ______ night sky.(2013 山东) 7. People develop_____ preference for a particular style of learning at _____ early age and these preferences affect learning.(2013 浙江) 8. If you want to improve your working efficiency, it will be ____ must for you to make _______ most of your time. 9. Here is _____ very person we are looking for, one with ____ good knowledge of German. 10. It is _____ great pleasure for me to give a speech on _____ nature of human beings. 11. The viewers will have ____ second chance to watch The Voice of China on Channel 4 tonight. 12. The young boss couldn’t remember when____ story happened exactly, but it might be ____ winter morning when he was in London. 13. ---Our headmaster has put forward _____ most challenging question for us to answer. ---Yes, it really is. I’ve never heard ____ harder one. 14. Once you check ____ button, ____ email will be sent to you via your email address. 15. Animals are obviously _____ lower form of life than man.

3. ---Did you enjoy yourself yesterday? ---Yes, as you know, a party went on in a pleasant atmosphere. 4. I don’t know who invent i-phone, but I think it is a useful invention. (2015 福建) 5. ---It’s said John will be in a job paying over $60,000 a year. ---Right, he will also get paid by week.(2011 江西) 6. Dr. Peter Spence, the headmaster of the school, told us, “A fifth of pupil here go on to study at Oxford and Cambridge. (2011 四川) 7. The Smith don’t usually like staying at hotels, but last summer they spent a few days at a very nice hotel by sea.(2012 江西) 8. I woke up with the bad headache, yet by the evening the pain had gone.(2012 辽宁) 9. Carl is studying food science at college and hopes to open up the meat processing factory of his own one day.(2012 安徽) 10. He missed a gold in the high jump, but will get a second chance in the long jump. (2012 全国)

Challenge III: Completing the passage
When I walked down 1_______ Third Avene, as 2_______ rule, I used to look into the windows of 3______ old shop that sold old and beautiful things. Since I often took my walk after the closing time, I cupped my hands against 4_______ windows to get 5______ small look at the treasures inside. Some things looked as if they had not been cared for 6_____ long time, but I knew their beauty was still there beneath their own surface. I even thought they were 7______ most beautiful that I had ever seen. That was how I felt about old people, too. I knew their value, and it hurt me when other people missed it. I was raised by my grandmother and given 8______ deep sense of the value of experience. Taught to behave well, my sister and I respected other people, regardless of their age or color. My grandmother was loved by all_9______ people around her. She was known to be 10______ wise and kind woman, who was able to do things well even in her last years. Old people should be treated as find gold. They may be gradually tarnished(失去光泽) by age, but they can be polished with respect. You might be surprised by their bright and shining qualities.

Challenge II: Error Correction
1. The “Chinese dream” is the dream to improve people’s well-being and the dream of harmony, peace and development. (2013 福建) 2. You are more than just the second child, more than a girl to match our boy.(2014 江苏)

2016-2017 学年第一学期高三英语一轮复习导学案






使用时间: 2016.09.

Challenge I 1. the,. a

2.an 3. the, a 4. a, the 5. the, an 6. a, the 7. a, an 8.a, the 9. the, a 2. the ?a 3. a ?the 4. the iphone

10. a, the 11. a 12. the, a 13. a, a 14. the, an 15. a Challenge II 1. the dream 都改为 a dream 5. by the week 10. a gold?the gold Challenge III 1. the 2. a 3. an 4. the 5. a 6. a 7. the 8. a 9. the 10. a 6. the 去掉 7. by the sea 8. a bad headache 9. the meat?a meat




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