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Lesson 40 The UN-The Power of Words课件

The UN – The Power of Words
渭南市临渭区韩马初中 范跃军

? Words or war---which do you think is more powerful? ? I think words are more powerful. ? Do you know there is an int

ernational organization which tries to prevent war? What’s its name? ? Yes,I know.Its name is the UN.

Preview phrases and oral words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? situation [,s?t?u’e??n ] n. 状况,形势 secretary ['sekr?tr? ]

. 秘书,干事

satisfy [‘s?t?sfa? ] v. 使满意,使满足 council ['ka?nsl] n. 委员会,议会 suffer [‘s?f? ] v. 受苦,受难 organization [,?:g?na?’ze??n] n. 组织,机构 security [s?‘kj??r?t? ] n. 安全;保证 agreement [?‘gri?m(?)nt] n. 协议,同意 forever [f?r‘ev?(r) ] adv. 永远 dispute [d?‘spju:t ] n.&v. 争论,辩论 headquarters [,hed’kw?:t?z ] n. 总部 permanent [’p?:m?n?nt ] adj. 永久的;永恒的 (1)suffer through 熬过 挨过 (2)word war II 二战 (3)the United Nations (UN) 联合国 (4)instead of 代替,而不是…… (5)the UN Security Council 联合国安理会 (6)permanent member countries 常任理事国 (7)the secretary —General 秘书长 (8)better than 超过,多于,好于

Knowledge Notes
? (1)In the early twentieth century, people suffered through many wars. 在20

? Suffer 动词,意为“(因疾病、痛苦、悲伤等)受苦,受难。其名词形式是 suffering,意为“痛苦,苦难”。 ? 例1 The disease has brought a lot of B ___ to the old man. ? A. suffers B.suffering ? C.suffered D.Suffer

Knowledge Notes
? (2) However, the UN is still the best way for the world to solve its problems. ? 然而,联合国仍然是世界上解决问题最好的方式。 ? solve作动词,意思是“解决,处理”,用来表示解决工作、生活及学习中的困难 或问题,常和problem,difficulty等连用。 ? Can they solve the difficulties by themselves7 ? 他们能自己解决那些困难吗? ? [拓展] solve的名词形式是solution,意思是“解决办法,处理手段”。
? 例2用所给词的适当形式填空

solution ? Can you help him find the __________ (solve) to the problem.

Knowledge Notes
? (3) Just imagine how difficult it is to satisfy all 193 members! 仅想象一下满足193个成员是多么困难! ? imagine 作动词,意为“想象;设想”,后面可跟名词、代词、动名词或从句。 ? She imagined walking into the office and handing in her resignation.她想象着自己走进办公室,递上

? You can’t imagine how I missed you all.
? 你们不能想象我是多么想念你们。

? 例3 The Internet is so closely connected with our daily life.Can you ____ a life without it? B A. understand B.imagine C. consider D.Expect

Important and difficult points
? (1) When World War Ⅱ was over ,an organization called the United Nations (UN) was formed to help countries talk about their problems instead of fighting.
? 当第二次世界大战结束时,一个名叫“联合国”的组织成立了,以帮助那些国家来谈 论他们的问题,从而代替战争。


be over意为“结束,完成”。 [拓展] over作介词,意为“在……上方,穿越,遍及,多于”;作副词,意为
“从一边到另一边,倒下,翻转”。 例1①他们跑过草地。

? ? ? ?

They ran over the grass.

over They’ve traveled all ____ the world.

Important and difficult points
? (2) It helps the situation, but sometimes it is not successful 它有助于这种状况,但有时并不成功。 ? success 相关词形及用法: ? ①successful 为形容词,意为“获得成功的,有成就的”。 ? He is a successful businessman.他是一位成功的商人。 ? ②successfully 副词,意为“成功地”。 ? He has successfully finished the task.
? ? 他已成功地完成了那项任务。 例2

D Jack_____ got that job. ? A.Success B.Succeed C.Successful D.successfully
? 解析、修饰动词用副词形式。

Important and difficult points
? (3)satisfy v.使满意,使满足 ? satisfy 作动词,意为“使满意”,其形容词形式为 satisfied,常用短语 be satisfied with…意为“对……满意”。 ? Any answer will fail to satisfy them.
们。 没有任何回答可以满足他

? We are not satisfied with these results.


Error analysis

Work in pairs (分组活动)
? Practice reading aloud (大声朗读) ? Practice translating (分组翻译课文)

? 1.这是一个叫绿色家园的组织。


called Green Home. This is an organization ______ ______

? ? ?

When was

the UN founded? war。
to solve

? Peace is

better than best


? What is the ?


this problem?


Why not


this war from


6. 我们对这些结果并不满意。

? We



these results.


What do you know about the UN?
4. the UN Security Council

3. 193 member states in the UN 5. to keep peace between two fighting countries 2. The headquarter is in the New York.

the UN
6. to help countries talk about problems to prevent war

1. the Secretary-General

Free talk
? Sometimes, the countries have wars. The UN helps to keep peace between two fighting countries. ? But even the best friends disagree with each other and begin to argue. What will happen to them? What should they do?

Fighting or peace?

Don’t You Ever Come Around Here You Better Disappear The Fire’s In Their Eyes Don’t Wanna See No Blood Don’t Be A Macho Man

你胆敢再来 你最好消失 怒火在眼中升腾

不想看到流血,别做硬汉 It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right Just Beat It Beat It Beat It Beat It 对错并不重要 避开吧,避开,避开,避开

Words speak louder than fighting!
Thank you!



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