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M8 Unit 1 A Land Of Diversity

Language study - Reading I


Work in groups, translate the phrases handed out to you as quickly as possible.

1. 有…人口

have a population of…

2. 文化的多样性 diversity of culture

3. 50%的学生
4. 用….方法 5. 除…之外还

50% (percent) of the students

by means of… in addition (to )

6. 被…统治

be ruled by

7. 很大比例(的) a large percentage (of) 8. 对…宣战 9. 实现..的梦想 declare war on
achieve one’s dream of doing..

10. 开始/习惯于新的

make a life


11. 保持,保存
12. 成为…的家园 13. 到…的时候

keep up become home to by the time…

14. 选择/决定做某事 elect to do… 15. 不久以后

before long

Language Study

Native Americans-- Indians

It is likely that Native Americans were living in at least 15000 years ago Scientists California______________________. by_____ means believed they came from Asia to Alaska __ of a land bridge in prehistoric times. ___

2. by means of 借助……手段;依靠……方法 all means 当然可以;尽一切办法; 不惜一切地 by ____ no means 决不;完全不是 by ____ this means 用这种方法 by ____ Sometimes teachers and parents judge whether by means of what we are good or not simply ____________ grade we get in exams. That’s why we try to get by all means and some even cheat high grades _____________ By this means in exams. _________________ they may get higher grades and please their parents for a while. But then most of them will feel upset or even by no means should we cheat in ashamed. So _____________ exams.

means n. 手段;方法;工具;途径
There is no doubt that television is an important means of communication. All possible means have been tried. Every possible means has been tried.

* means 单复数同形。
means, way, method, manner区别 ? means 方法、手段、工具,单复数同形,多与介词 1. He caught up with the other classmates by means of by 搭配。 hard work. ?way 方法,普通用语。可用于任何处理 事物的方式。 2. Only in this way can we learn English well. 多与介词in搭配。 3. The teacher is trying teaching language points with ?method 方法,理论,指合乎逻辑或系统的方法。 多与介词 with 搭配。 a new method. ?manner 单数形式: 方法 ,样式;举止 态度;较 way庄重, 4. She answered my questions in , a cool manner. 多与介词 in搭配。复数 意为礼貌,礼仪;规矩 ,习俗。 5. It’s bad manners to: talk with your mouth full.

1) We look forward to the day when the motor car has been replaced by some less dangerous ______ of transport. A. means B. methods C. ways D. manners 2) The quickest means of travel ______ by plane. A. was B. were C. is D. are 改错: 1) By no means we will give in to difficulties.

will we
2) Only in this method can you get much benefit from it when reading. with

A religious man
In the 18th century was ruled by ______. Spain _____ Of the first Spanish to go California, ___________ the majority were religious men.

3. the /a majority (of) 大多数、大部分 minority n. majority 大多数 反义 _________ major 反义 _________ adj. ________ minor The majority of students are hard-working. The majority of the damage is easy to repair. the majority of + n. 后可加可数名词复数,也可加 不可数名词,谓语动词由后面的名词决定。 The / A majority speak(s) English. The /A majority were / was in favour of the policy. 单独做主语时,若强调整体,谓语动词用单数, 强调个体时,谓语动词用复数 。

占多数、过半数 be in (the /a) majority
1).Those who are for the proposal _______.

A.in the majority
C. are in the majority

B. are the majority
D. is in the majority

√2).The number of students in our class ___63 and the
majority of them ___ clever and work hard. A.is; is B. are; are C. is ; are D. are; is

Gold miners
They came to California with the dream of _______________, becoming rich but few achieved it. Some died or returned home, most remained there to ____________ make a life for themselves.


make a life

开始/习惯新的生活、工作等, 谋生

谋生 继续生活或生存 过着……的生活

______________________ make /earn a/one’s living

___________________ live on ___________________ lead / live a (adj.) life

After graduation, he went to Beijing, with the purpose of _____________there. However, he making a life couldn’t find a job and had to _____________by make a living begging. He said he was ___________________ living a miserable life (过着悲惨的生活)but he would ________and never give up no matter what live on happened.

By the time California elected to become the 31st federal state of the USA, it was already a multicultural society. 5. elect Vi. 选择,决定做某事;Vt. 选举,推选 1). elect to do … = choose/decide to do…选择,决定做某事 翻译:现在越来越多的人选择在家工作。 Nowadays more and more people elect to work at home. 2). elect sb. (to be/as)… 选举/推选某人为… 翻译:美国人民每隔4年选一次总统。奥巴马当选为美 国第44任总统。 Americans elect a President every four years and Obama was elected as the 44th president of America. * adj. 候任的,当选而尚未就职的(用于名词后) the president elect 候任总统 *n. election 选举/推选 presidential election election results stand/run for election to win/lose an election

keep up 完成句子:It is because most immigrants __________ their own cultures and customs that California has come the most multicultural state in the USA.
翻译:我们请她别再说话了,但她依旧说下去。 我认为你应该鼓足勇气。

6. keep up 坚持;维持;保持;沿袭(风俗、传统等)
We asked her to stop talking, but she kept up. I think you should keep up your courage. keep 的相关短语 阻止/妨碍…做某事 keep ... from 跟上 keep up with 记日记 keep a diary (与…)保持联系 keep in touch (with) 使离开, 避免接近,远离 keep away (from) 使…不靠近/接触/远离… keep off 抑制某事物的增长,使…保持在低水平 keep down

1) If this rain keeps __________, up the garden will be ruined.

keep in touch 2) This is my phone number. Let’s ________________.
3) The police asked the people to keep _________________ off/keep away from the scene of the accident. 4) We appeal to the government to ______________ keep down the high prices of houses, about which many people are complaining. 5)The noises made by my neighbours when they play mahjong always ______ keep me ______ from sleeping.

6) It’s of great benefit for you __________________ to keep a diary in English.

Homework: Writing Write a passage of only five sentences according to the information below, using as many words and expressions we’ve learnt as you can. 深圳是中国南部海滨城市,位于广东省南部。 现有人口约860万,其中40%为原住民客家人

(Hakka)。改革开放(reform and opening up)
后,随着其经济的飞速发展,深圳吸引了很多来 自全国各地的人,使之成为一个具有多元文化的 城市。他们中的大多数通过自己的智慧和努力习 惯了新的生活和工作,实现了他们致富的梦想。




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