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M8U1 Reading2

Answers to Part E:

(1) plot (3) characteristics (5) twist (7) desperate

(2) themes (4)criminal (6)generous (8) civil

1. Classics are the antiques of the literary world. (L1) This antique(古老的) guitar is an antique(古董).

2. Pip, …, is in a foggy cemetery when a desperate criminal appears…. (L30)

2. Pip, …, is in a foggy cemetery when a desperate criminal appears…. (L30)
? be desperate for a win ? be desperate to win

2. Pip, …, is in a foggy cemetery when a desperate criminal appears…. (L30) ? It’s a very serious crime (罪行) to hide an escaped criminal (罪犯). ? criminal(犯罪的,刑事的) behaviour / cases

3. … and before long he becomes vain and ashamed of … (L38)
? Vain(徒劳的) attempt ? Vain(空的) promise

? in vain(徒 劳,无效)

5. However, if you … you should…, as it is not likely to live up to your great expectations. (P5)

? live up to one’s expectations(期望) / reputation(名誉)

Language points:
1. Why else would many films (based on them) be successful? (Page 2, lines 12-13) 许多以他们为依据的电影成功的 原因还有哪些呢?

Eg. The idea for the film was based on his childhood dreams.

On what do you base your theory?

Please base your theory on practice.

2 The phrase make…into… means ‘to change something or somebody different from what it/he/she used to be’ or 改变成,转变成


The success of the film made her into a star overnight.

Her old dress was made into a skirt so that her daughter could wear it to the party.
她的旧裙子被做成了一件衬衫,这样她女 儿就可以穿着去聚会了。

3. He first published many novels one chapter at a time in newspapers, and some were later performed on stage. (page 2, lines 21-22) 一开始他出版了许多小说,是在报纸 上每次登载一章,后来有些小说被搬 到舞台上表演了。

The phrase at a time means ‘dealing with things separately’ 每次,一次 Eg.

Because of his work, he is often away for weeks at a time.

When we refer to ‘a particular period in history’, we use its plural form times. Eg. only simple functions.

In earlier times, mobile phones had


At times At one time At a time In ancient times In modern times

曾经 一次 有时 在现代 在古代

4. Pip’s sister seldom has a kind word to say, but Joe is a kind and simple man, who would rather die than see any harm come to Pip. (page 3, lines 29-31)
皮鲁的姐姐几乎没有什么善言好语, 但乔却是一个善良淳朴的人,他宁愿 死也不愿看到皮鲁受到任何伤害.

explanation The word seldom means ‘not often or almost never’ 很少,几乎不 Eg. He seldom writes to his sister. 他很少给他姐姐写信.

The phrase would rather… than… means ‘to prefer to do something rather than do something else’. 宁愿…而不

He’d rather read storybooks than watch cartoon films. 他宁愿看故事书而不看卡通片. I would rather you came to see me tomorrow. 我宁可你明天来看我. 注意: 在would rather的宾语从句中常 用过去时态的虚拟语气.

The word harm can be used as a noun or verb.意为 “伤害,损害” Reading in the poor light is harmful to your eyes. Eg.

do harm/ good to sb./ sth. = do sb./ sth. harm/ good 对…有害/好处 The decision is left to the authorities. 由…决定

5. Classic novels often have symbols which add interest, tension or deeper meaning to the text. (page 3, lines 34-35) 古典小说中经常用一些意象来增加 加兴趣,紧张和文章的深义.

The phrase add…to… means ‘to put something with something else’.把…加上 Eg. Do you want to add your name to the list?


add to add…to… add up to in addition in addition to

把…加上.. 增进,增加 此外 (conj.) 合计,总共 此外(prep.)

The word hardly means ‘almost not’ 几乎不


We hardly had any time to finish the project.


He can hardly believe what I told him, can he?

否定副词hardly, seldom, never 等在句中表示否定意义,其后的反意 疑问句用肯定形式。置于句首时用倒 装句。 Eg. Hardly can he sleep well.

词组 hardly …when…相当于 no sooner…than…意为“一……就……” 句前常用过去完成时。

Eg. Hardly had he arrived at the school when he began the work.

8. Pip is bent on becoming a gentleman and winning Estella’s love. (page 3, line 46) 皮鲁一心要成为一名绅士,赢得埃 斯特拉的芳心。


The phrase be bent on means ‘to be completely determined to do something, especially something bad’. 一心要

The crowd of young people was bent on destroying his career. 那群年轻人一心要毁了他的事业。 She seemed bent on leaving such a hard decision to me. 她好象一心要让我作出艰难的决定。

1.文学世界的珍贵遗产 the antiques of the literary world 2.杰出的创作和智慧的典范 the examples of great writing and wisdom 3.使…对某人来说做起来很难 make sth. difficult for sb. to do 4.和…没关系 have nothing to do with 5.在世界上占有一席之地 have a place in the world 6.这部小说改编的现代版 a modern adaptation of the novel 7.一次 at a time 8.尘封不动 be left to gather dust

soap operas 9.肥皂剧 10.他的墓碑上这样写着 his tomb reads/says… 11.以…为背景 be set in… 12.在19世纪初 in the early 1800s 13.一个淳朴善良的人 a kind and simple man 14.宁愿做而不愿做 would rather do…than do … would do…rather than do… 15.在薄雾笼罩的墓地 in a foggy cemetery a symbol of danger 16.一种危险的象征

17.情节的曲折变化 a twist in the plot 18. 一个慷慨的陌生人 a generous stranger be generous with sth. /in doing sth. 我们应该乐于助人。 We should be generous in helping others.

19.使从摆脱束缚 释放某人
20. free from adv.

set…free from… set sb. free 没有…

He is living a life free from worries. 21. 过时的电影 an old –fashioned film

22.对…有偏见 have prejudice against 23.一心想要做… be bent on sth./doing sth. Mr Zhang was bent on making his family happy.

24.泄露整个故事 give away the story 25. 知名著作 best-known works

Homework 1. Find more information about classic literature. 2. Go over the text and retell the story of Great Expectation.


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