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2014届高三英语一轮复习(自主复习+考点演练+真题集训)词汇篇A 46-63


46. appropriate adj. 合适的,恰当的[同proper] 【练习】完成句子 ①这套衣服适合这次聚会吗? Is the dress ___________________________ this party? ②恐怕这么做不合适。

I'm afraid ____________________

________ it this way.


①appropriate for/to
②it's not appropriate to do

47. approve v. ①[I]赞成,同意[反disapprove] ②[T] 批准,通过

【练习】 完成句子
①我担心你的父母不会赞成你到那儿去。 I'm afraid your parents won't ____________________ your going there. ②市长批准了这个计划。

The mayor ________ the plan.
③他用微笑表示赞成。 He showed his ________ by smiling.


①approve of


48. argue v. [I/T]争辩,争论 【练习】完成句子 ①我不想与你争辩。 I'm not going to ___________________________.

I have been arguing __________________________ this problem for two hours. ③他们为罢工的权利辩论。 They argued ____________________ the right to strike.


①argue with you
②with him about/on/over


【练习】 用argue, debate, discuss的适当形式填空 ④ At the meeting we ____________ matters most interesting to us. ⑤She ____________ that literature has no relation to reality. ⑥The two sides ____________ with each other about who was better for a whole day.




49. arise v. ①[I]出现,发生[同occur] ②[I]起(风、雾 等) ③[I](主要用于诗文中)起床[同get up];起立,起 身[同stand up] 【练习】完成句子/英译汉 ①如果出现什么问题,请告诉我。

If ___________________________, please let me know.
②该问题是由缺乏经验引起的。 The problem ___________________ lack of experience.

③A storm arose during the night. ___________________________ ④She arises at six every day.



①any problem arises
②arose from/out of


【练习】 用arise, rise, raise, arouse的适当形式填空/ 单项选择

⑤He ________ his voice so as to be heard.
⑥She ________ four pigs and many chickens. ⑦The river is ________ after the rain. So we can't swim in it. ⑧I ________ by my aunt on the farm.

⑨What he said and done has ________ my curiosity.
⑩She ________ and left the room.

?He ________ a lot of money with the help of the painter. ?Low achievement at school ________ from poverty and bad social conditions. A. rises C. arouses B. arises D. raises



⑧was raised ⑨aroused ⑩rose ?raised ?B 句意:学校里学生成绩差常常是由贫困和不 良社会条件引起的。

50. arrange v. ①[I/T] 安排,布置 ②[T]整理,排列 【练习】完成句子 ①我们安排了野餐。 We ___________________________.

I've arranged _______________________ at the airport. ③我们已准备明天动身。 We ___________________________ tomorrow.


①have arranged (for) the picnic
②for a car to pick you up

③have arranged to start

51. arrive v.[I]到达 【练习】介词填空 ①We arrived ________ Paris.

②We arrived ________ the station.
③I arrived/got/reached ________ home late yesterday.




52. associate v. [T]联想,联系[同connect] 【练习】完成句子 ①她把幸福和有钱联想到一起。 She ___________________________. ②我根本不想与这事有牵连。 I didn't want __________________________ at all.

③吸烟与肺癌紧密相关。 Smoking has a close association ________ lung cancer. ④这两所学校一直有密切联系。

There has always been a close association ________ these two schools.


①associated happiness with having money
②to be associated with it


53. assume v.[T]假定,假设,认为

【练习】 完成句子
①我们假定这个故事是真的。 We ___________________________.

=We ___________________________.

________________________ she will be back at seven.
③假定明天下雨,我们怎么办? ___________________________ it rains tomorrow, what shall we do?


①assume the story to be true; assume that the story is true
②It is assumed that ③Assuming that

54. attach v. ①[T]把……固定,把……附(在……上) [同fasten; fix] ②[T]重视 【练习】完成句子 ①他在所有的袋子上都系上标签。

He ________ labels ________ all his bags.
②我给这台电脑连上了一台打印机。 I ___________________________.

③这医院附属于那所大学。 The hospital ____________________________. ④我们十分重视教育。 We ___________________________.


①attached; to
②attached a printer to the computer

③is attached to that university
④attach great importance to education

55. attempt v. [T] 企图,试图,尝试[同try] n.[C]企 图,试图,尝试 【练习】 完成句子 ①他试图通过考试但失败了。

He ___________________________.
②我们将努力解决这个问题。 We'll _________________________. ③他试图要获头奖。 He ___________________________ the first prize.


①attempted to pass the exam but failed
②attempt to solve the problem

③made an attempt to win/attempted to win

56. attend v. ①[T]出席,参加[同be present] ②[T/I]看 护,照料;服侍[同look after] 【练习】完成句子 ①我今天有许多事要处理。 I have a great deal _________________________ today. ②你出去了谁照看婴儿? Who will ____________________________ the baby when you are out?

③由于有两个孩子在上中学,他们的父母都在辛勤 工作。 With two children ____________________________, the parents are working hard.


①to attend to
②attend (to)

③attending middle school

【练习】 用attend, join, join in, join sb. in (doing) sth., take part in的适当形式填空

④We ____________ social activities during the last summer vacation.
⑤Come along, and ____________ the ball game. ⑥I feel like ____________ the book club. ⑦I was too busy ____________ her wedding last week.

⑧All the family ____________ me ____________ wishing you a happy future.


④took part in
⑤join in

⑦to attend ⑧join; in

57. attention n.[U]注意,专心

①注意改进它。 Pay____________________________ it. ②注意听他所说的。

Pay attention ____________________________.

③[将此句变成被动句] You should pay great attention to this matter.

A. ____________________________ B. ____________________________ ④[改错]This question is very important to pay attention.



①attention to improving
②to what he says

③A. Great attention should be paid to this matter.
B. This matter should be paid great attention to. ④在attention后加to

58. attractive adj. ①(人)迷人的,妩媚动人的 ②(事 物)有吸引力的,诱人的

①从儿时起我就发现,没有什么比读书对我更有吸 引力。

Since my childhood I have found that nothing is
____________________________ me than reading.

The television has ___________________________ me. ③The attraction of the moon for the earth causes the tides. __________________________


①more attractive to
②little attraction for/to


59. available adj. ①(指物)可得到的,可利用的 ②(指 人)有空闲的[同free]

①The swimming pool is available only in summer.


Financial aid ________________ international students.


Ten science labs _____________ different experiments. ④恐怕我现在没空帮你。
I'm afraid I ____________________ to help you now.


②is available to

③are available for
④am not available

60. average n. ①[U]平均,平均数 ②[U]一般水平, 平均标准 adj. ①平均的 ②普通的,一般的,平常的 【练习】完成句子/英译汉 ①8月份这个城市的平均气温是多少? What is ______________________ in this city in August? ②这辆车平均每升(油)跑15公里。

This car runs 15 kilometers per liter _________________.
③He is a man of the average ability. ______________________________________________


①the average temperature
②on average


61. avoid v. ①[T]避免,防止 ②[T]避开,躲避

【练习】 完成句子
①这个事故本来是可以避免的。 The accident could _____________________________. ②我尽力避免见到他。 I tried __________________________ him.

No one can avoid _________________ by advertisements.


①have been avoided
②to avoid meeting

③being influenced

62. award v.[T] 颁发,授予 n.[C]奖品,奖状,奖 金 【练习】完成句子/汉译英 ①评委把她的画评为一等奖。 The judges ______________________ for her painting. = The judges ____________________ for her painting. ②他获得二等奖。 _____________________________________________ ___________________________.


①awarded her the first prize; awarded the first prize to her
②He won the second award

【练习】 用award, reward的适当形式填空 ③ He was given $1,000 as a(n) ________ for his bravery. ④The teacher gave her best student a(n) ________.

⑤The headmaster ________ scholarships to the best students.
⑥They ________ her for her help.




63. aware adj. (仅作表语)意识到的,知道的

①She wasn't aware of the danger. ___________________________

He ___________________________ wrong.

I don't think you ___________________________ much this means to me.


②is aware of having done

③are aware how



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