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高考英语一轮提能训练:外研版选修8 Module2(附解析)




Module 2

The Renaissance

能 力 闯 关
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Sorry to d________ you,but do you know where Miss Y

ang is? 2.The police didn’t know who committed the crime,but they s________ Janes. 3.Some b________ broke into his house last night. 4.I think it is your husband who is to b________ for the spoiled child. 5.I spent the afternoon reading under the s________ of an umbrella. 6.He is making a study of Lu Xun’s ________(著作). 7.He ________(猛冲)out of the house and went as quickly as possible to the riverside. 8.The police caught up with one of the gang,but the other three ________(逃跑). 9.This kind of material is a good ________(替代品)for leather. 10.Honesty is the ________(根本的)cause of his success. 答案:1.disturb 2.suspected 3.burglars 4.blame 5.shade 6.works 7.dashed 8.fled 9.substitute 10.fundamental Ⅱ.单项填空 1.He went from city to city,________ work. A.seek for B.sought for C.seeking for D.seeking out 解析:本题考查 seek 的用法。此处应用现在分词短语作伴随状语,seek for 寻找。 答案:C 2.As a result of the radio ________ for help for the earthquake victims,over a million pounds have been raised. A.beg B.plead C.appeal D.ask 解析:beg 乞讨,乞求;plead 向人求情或替人求情以求宽恕或同意;ask 请求,要求,三 者皆为动词词性,且不合题意。而 appeal 可作名词,appeal for 意为“呼吁”,正合题意。 句意为“由于广播呼吁援助地震受害者,已经募集到 100 多万英镑”。 答案:C 3.Five people won the “China’s Green Figure” award,a title ________ to ordinary people for their contributions to environmental protection. A.being given B.is given C.given D.was given 解析: 此题考查非谓语动词。 five people won the “China’s Green Figure” award 是题干的 主句, 这部分和后面没有连接词, 因此后面的部分不能是句子, 因此 B 项和 D 项错误; a title 和 give 之间为被动关系,故用过去分词作定语,修饰 a title。a title 是 award 的同位语。A 项是现在分词的被动式,表示被动的动作正在进行中,也不符合题意。 答案:C 4.Our teacher asked us to take notes of the ________ points of the discussion. A.general B.main C.chief D.major 解析:main points 要点。 答案:B 5.There was five minutes ________ when he got to the station. A.left B.leaving C.to leave D.to go 解析: 本题考查过去分词作定语的用法。 答案 A。 他到车站时, 还剩 5 分钟时间。 leave“剩 下,留下”,是及物动词,此处应用过去分词 left 作后置定语。 答案:A 6.He was ________ of doing that boring job. A.fond B.aware C.tired D.out



解析:be fond of 爱好;be aware of 意识到,认识到;be tired of 厌倦;be out of 在??外, 离开,脱离。句意为:他厌倦了做那枯燥的工作。 答案:C 7.I’ve worked with children before, so I know what ________ in my new job. A.expected B.to expect C.to be expecting D.expects 解析:因为 是对未来工作的“预料、期盼”,所以选不定式来表示将来,排除 A 和 D。这 儿表示现在对未来的“预料”,不是指在将来的某个时刻正在做某事。 答案:B 8.We wanted a quiet holiday,but we had ________ without the children. A.reckoned B.supposed C.thought D.guessed 解析:四个选项中只有 reckon 能与 without 构成固定搭配,表示“没有考虑到”。句意为: 我们原想安安静静地度假,却没有把孩子考虑在内。 答案:A Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.他们警觉到有危险,然后返回了。(suspect) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.你应该请医生诊断一下。(seek) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.我们向他求援。(appeal to) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.不会下雨,你不必带伞了。(leave behind) ______________________________________ __________________________________ 5.那次交通事故不应该责怪司机。(blame) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.They suspected danger and returned. 2.You should seek doctor’s advice. 3.We app ealed to him for help. 4.It won’t rain;you can leave your umbrella behind. 5.The driver wasn’t to blame for the traffic accident. Ⅳ.完形填空 Just recently I was invited to attend a function to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a business owned by a very good an d special friend. I first met him when he started his __1__ and have had the chance to provide my __2__ to him over those 25 years,and in between I have stayed in touch with him __3__. The day of the celebrat ion arrived,__4__,due to a business appointment running over time, I was going to be late,so I __5__ to let him know.I arrived 20 minutes after the function had __6__ and my good friend came to the __7__ to welcome and greet me,__8__ that he was delighted to see me and had __9__ starting the official part of the celebration,knowing that I was on my way. I’m sure you would __10__ the same feeling as I did at that time,that there is __11__ better for your spirits than to be welcomed and acknowledged in such a way.__12__ he had always done in all my dealing with him over those 25 years,he made me feel a very __13__ and important person. As I __14__ the other guests I could feel a wonderful __15__ of friendship,warmth and happiness in the room,as they chatted away.__16__,I had very little time to speak to more than a couple of people before the official part started. In his __17__, he welcomed all the guests __18__ his family, and then individually thanked the people gathered in the room.But __19__ what y ou do hear is all about what the company has achieved over the years. During his thankyou speech, he referred to a quote which __20__ his overall approach towards both his business and personal life:“Always dance with the person you took to the dance” . 1.A.occupation B.profession C.business D.work 解析:上文 中提到作者的朋友要举办自己开创生意 25 周年纪念日活动。因此,此处应该



指的是作者朋友的生意和商业。occupation(职业)和 profession(专业)与语境不符。 答案:C 2.A.celebration B.appointment C.money D.services 解析:作者与朋友相遇后,就有机会向他提供一些帮助或者是服务(帮忙)。 答案:D 3.A.regularly B.rarely C.hardly D.daily 解析:从上下文可知,自从这位朋友开办了自己的生意,他们俩相遇,作者就向他提供些 服务,因此他们之间的关系应该是经常性的接触,但是从被邀请的情况来看,不可能是每 天都在见面。 答案:A 4.A.however B.therefore C.otherwise D.instead 解析:根据语境,前后之间在语意上是转折关系。 答案:A 5.A.wrote B.stopped C.phoned D.hurried 解析:既然人在外面还没有来,当然最直接的方式就是打电话告知。 答案:C 6.A.been postponed B.started C.been cancelled D.ended 解析:从下文看,朋友的 function 并没有被推迟或者取消,当然也就没有结束,而只是推 迟了 function 中的正式部分,这正说明非正式部分已经开始。 答案:B 7.A.meeting B.function C.station D.reception 解析:因为庆祝会已经开始,所以主人出来到车站是不可能的,但是既然客人来了,当然 是要迎接的,而最有可能地就是到接待处迎接。 答案:D 8.A.determining B.acknowledging C.complaining D.regretting 解析:根据语境,作者的朋友出来迎接,表明他是非常高兴。选项 A、C、D 明显与语境 不符 。 答案:B 9.A.set about B.gone on C.held off D.given up 解析:set about 着手做某事;go on 继续;hold off 推迟、阻滞;give up 放弃。从下文可知, 该庆祝会中的 Offical part 是被朋友推迟了些时间,以便作者能够参加最重要的部分。 答案:C 10.A.accept B.spare C.share D.offer 解析:作者当时听了朋友的话一定非常感动,所以认为别人也会有相同的感觉,而并不是 接受或者提供这种感受。 答案:C 11.A .nothing B.anything C.everything D.something 解析:对作者而言,没有什么比这(受到欢迎和接待)更令人高兴的。 答案:A 12.A.So B.As C.But D.For 解析:本句话的意思是“正如??”,只有 as 表示“正如”之意。 答案:B 13.A.common B.lucky C.funny D.special 解析:根据上下文,作者的朋友所做的一切就是要让作者感觉到自己的特殊性。 答案:D 14.A.joined B.left C.mentioned D.watched 解析:此处指作者加入到其它一些前来庆祝的人的谈话中来。 答案:A 15.A.view B.memory C.experience D.sense 解析:作者看到那么多的客人,同他们谈话,就有一种非常美妙的感觉。 答案:D



16.A.Surprisingly B.Hopefully C.Sadly D.Fortunately 解析:后面提到 Official part of the celebration 开始了,而作者此时才和几个朋友进行了交 流,所以有点难过和遗憾。 答案:C 17.A.lecture B.discussion C.performance D.speech 解析:下文当中提到“During his thankyou speech”。 答案:D 18.A.instead of B.on behalf of C.in addition to D.apart from 解析:与后面的“individually”相对应,前面是作者代表家人进行感谢。 答案:B 19.A.particul arly B.uniquely C.strangely D.normally 解析:根据前后两句的对照及连词 but,说明作者的朋友所举行的这个活动并不像一般的 活动一样,要对自己的公司进行大量的介绍。 答案:D 20.A.reflected B.explained C.instructed D.encouraged 解析:作者的朋友在感谢词中引用了一句话,而这句话就反映了他平常是如何处理自己 商业和自己的个人生活的。此处强调的是先有生活后有引用语,因此说这句引言是反映 了作者的朋友的生活而不是这条引言指导作者的朋友。 答案:A



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