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必修四 Unit 3 Tomorrow's world 单元检测(A卷——全员必做)

Tomorrow's world

单元检测(A 卷——全员必做)

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2013· 江苏徐州模拟)—What is your plan after leaving ________ school? —I'll do whatever is useful to ________ society. A./; t

he C./; / B.the; the D.the; /

2.(2013· 无锡高三检测)What a beautiful sight! Wild flowers of different colors spread all over the hills and around the lake, ________ to the beauty of the valley. A.to add C.adding B.being added D.added

3.(2013· 苏南三校联考)—What are the workers talking about? —They are discussing the idea the old worker ________ at the meeting yesterday. A.put forward C.set off B.came up D.brought out

4.(2012· 蚌埠模拟)—How do you like your college life? —Terrible. Not only ________ less spare time, but ________ myself even busier than before. A.do I enjoy; do I find C.do I enjoy; I find B.I enjoy; I find D.I enjoy; do I find

5.It is high time we ________ some effective measures to solve the job problem. A.will take C.had taken B.have taken D.took

6 . (2012· 漳州高三检测 )What a ________ to get into the peaceful and quiet country especially when one has been fed up with the noise of the city. A.challenge C.freedom B.convenience D.treat

7.(2013· 姜堰模拟)________ in the leg made it impossible for me to walk as fast as usual. A.Being injured C.Having injured B.Injuring D.Injured

8.(2013· 南京四校联考)Mr. Smith found that gas ________ from the pipe when he came back because we forget to switch off. But at last we were lucky to escape ________. A.escaped; being punished B.was escaping; being punished C.escaped; punishment D.was escaping; punishing

9.Liang Bo, winner of the Voice of China, has been nicknamed “Little Wang Feng”, but ________ seems that it is not a title he enjoys. A.this C.one B.it D.he

10. ________ at his failure in the test, John wouldn't like to pick up the topic for the moment. A.To be disappointed C.Disappointed B.Disappointing D.Having disappointed

11.She's got the job because she has the advantage ______ others of knowing many languages. A.over C.against B.above D.beyond

12.(2013· 合肥质检)His neighbor ________ him of playing the musical instrument too loudly, for which he had to apologize. A.accused C.scolded B.charged D.blamed

13.The cinema looks very old because of its traditional design. ________, it was finished only two months ago. A.In reality C.In return B.In turn D.In need

14.(2013· 长沙高三模拟)At a construction site in our city the workers have uncovered an ancient wall that ______ to keep enemy out of the city, but it requires further evidence. A.might have functioned C.must have functioned B.would have functioned D.should have functioned

15.(2011· 陕西高考)—Jack, you seem in high spirits. —______We won the match 4 - 0. A.Guess what? C.No wonder. Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (2013· 江苏百校大联考)Walk down the drinks section at the supermarket. Look in the drink cooler in your local convenience store. A new drink is taking up more and more space on the shelves, and that drink is water. Bottled water sales in the US rose to 1.7 billion gallons in 2010 for plastic bottles alone, compared to total sales of only 700 million gallons in 1990. Whereas bottled water was once associated only with the rich and the privileged (特权阶层), it is now regularly drunk by people at all income levels despite the fact that the price of bottled water can be B.So what? D.No doubt.

between 240 and 10,000 times higher per gallon than tap water. What accounts for this surprising increase in demand? Traditionally, people have drunk bottled water for health reasons. The practice of “taking the waters” originated with the Romans, who believed that a person developed a healthy mind by building a healthy body. Across Europe, drinking or bathing in mineral water has been associated with the power to cure various diseases. Health spas at Evian in France and Pellegrino in Italy began bottling water so that their consumers could continue their treatments at home. The consumers in the 21st century are also concerned about health. However, in America, where the habit of drinking bottled water is relatively new, the concern is often more related to the purity or sterilization (消毒) of the water than to its mineral contents. Americans are often worried about the effects of the chemical pollution and other contaminants on the water supply. Many Americans view bottled water as a safe alternative to tap water. Further reasons for drinking bottled water are its usefulness as an aid to digestion, as a complement to a good meal in a restaurant, and for taste. City tap water is often treated with chlorine (氯) to guard against harmful microorganisms. Chlorine, as well as metals from pipes and tanks used to distribute and store tap water, can leave behind an unpleasant taste. 1.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A.Bottled water was once drunk both by the rich and the poor. B.Bottled water sales have risen, for it's cheaper than tap water. C.Europeans believed in the power of treatment of mineral water. D.Americans have had the habit of drinking bottled water for long. 2.People prefer bottled water because________. A.it does good to their health B.it has chlorine to make it taste good C.it contains no mineral pollution at all D.it's a practice originated with the Romans 3.The underlined word “contaminants” most probably means________. A.pollutants C.chemicals B.microorganisms D.minerals

4.Which of the following could be the best title for the passage? A.How Bottled Water Originated B.“Taking the Waters” Has Been Practiced for Long C.What's the Safe Alternative to Tap Water D.Why Bottled Water Sales Increase B

(2013· 福州高中毕业班质量检查)Tiangong1 ( or Heavenly Palace ) space module (舱) is the first step toward China's plan to build a space station around 2020.Its launch (发射) by China has upset some countries, which are asking why China did not add on to the International Space Station that has been in place since 1998.After all, the Americans, Russians, Europeans and Japanese are using one platform to experiment in space. Questions have also been asked about China's final purpose in space and suggestions made that there is something as unpleasant as the theme in a James Bond movie, in which Chineselooking enemies were at the root of some evil (邪恶的) plot to control the world. Chinese don't see themselves that way, and never in history have they been flagplanting settlers.Most Westerners are educated in the adventures of the great European explorers, headed by Christopher Columbus and James Cook, and followed closely by the groups of culture egotists (自高自大者) with a mix of guns, gold and the Bible in their hands. In comparison, Zheng He, the great Chinese sailing master, took groups of ships to Africa and the Middle East to promote goodwill, with gifts of chinaware and art, and there were no flags claiming (宣称) possession of distant areas.But this is strange to Western society. In this century, it is clear that space cannot be claimed by one nation.Yet advantage of technology in space does seem to be on some minds.Former US President Ronald Reagan caused shocks and worries with his “Star Wars” program.So when China shot down its own satellite as a test in January 2010 there were anxieties in the West about Star Warslike scenario (设想) becoming reality in the near future. 5.The launch of Tiangong1 ________. A.is appreciated by countries like the USA and Japan B.will bring trouble to the western countries in space C.is part of China's plan to set up a station in space D.will help China be a member of the International Space Station 6.It is most probable that the US, Russia, Europe and Japan ________. A.are competing against one another in space wars B.feel anxious about China's setting up a space station C.are cooperating to compete against China in space D.have warned the world of China's final purpose 7.The author of the passage mentions Zheng He ________. A.to tell people China will never be enemy of world peace B.to compare him to the great European explorer Columbus C.to indicate that he is the pride of the Chinese people D.to show that the Chinese people are as great as other peoples

8.From the last paragraph, we can infer that ________. A.China's shooting down its satellite made the scenario become a reality B.some countries are trying to be ahead of the others in space exploration C.China will be in control of the world if she starts space exploration D.if a nation has a better technology in space, it will start a “Star War”

Tomorrow's world

单元检测(A 卷——全员必做)

Ⅰ.1.选 C 考查冠词。句意:“毕业之后你有何打算?”“只要对社会有用的事,我都 会做。”leave school 表示“毕业离校”,而 leave the school 表示“离开学校”;society 泛 指“社会”时,其前用零冠词,故选 C。 2.选 C 考查非谓语动词。句意:多美的风景啊!不同颜色的野花漫山遍野,绕湖四 周,增添了峡谷的美丽。add to“增加,增添”,此处为非谓语动词作状语,和逻辑主语构 成主动关系,故用现在分词的主动式。 3.选 A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:“工人们在谈论什么?”“他们在讨论那位老工 人昨天在会上提出的想法。”put forward“提出”,符合句意。come up“被提到”,是不 及物动词的词组;set off“出发,引起”;bring out“推出(新产品)”。 4.选 C not only ... but also ...连接两个分句,并且 not only 位于句首时,第一个分句要

使用部分倒装。 5.选 D 考查 it's (about/high) time (that)...句式。该句式从句中的谓语常用一般过去时 或“should+动词原形”。 6.选 D 句意:来到闲适宁静的乡村真是一大乐事,尤其当一个人厌倦了城市的喧嚣 时。此处 treat 意为“意想不到的乐事,款待”。challenge“挑战”;convenience“方便”; freedom“自由”。 7.选 A 此处缺少主语,而现在分词和过去分词不能作主语,排除 C、D 两项,injure 为及物动词,排除 B 项。据此选 A 项,用动名词短语作主语。 8.选 B 考查 escape 的用法。句意:史密斯先生回家时发现煤气正从管道里泄漏,因 为我们忘记关阀门了。但是后来我们很幸运,没受到惩罚。escape from ...“(气体等)从?? 中 泄 漏 ” , 由 “when he came back” 可 知 第 一 个 空 应 用 过 去 进 行 时 ; escape being punished/punishment“逃脱/逃避惩罚”。

9.选 B 句意:梁博——《中国好声音》的冠军被戏称为“小汪峰”,但他似乎并不 喜欢这个称号。it seems that ...“似乎??”。 10.选 C 考查非谓语动词。句意:因为考试失败而非常沮丧的约翰目前不愿重提这个 话题。因为句子的主语是 John,与 disappoint 是逻辑上的动宾关系,因此用过去分词。 11.选 A 考查介词用法。句意:她得到这份工作是因为她懂多种语言,这比其他人有 优势。此处 over 表示“胜过,优于”。beyond 表示“超出(某个数量、水平或程度)”,故 应排除。 12. 选 A 考查动词辨析。 accuse sb. of sth.= charge sb. with sth.意为“控告某人??”; scold“训斥”,常用 scold sb. for sth.意为“因??训斥某人”;blame“责备”,常用 blame sb. for sth.= blame sth. on sb.意为“把??归咎于”。根据句意“他的邻居控告他弹奏乐器 的声音太大,为此他必须道歉”可知选 A。 13.选 A 考查介词短语辨析。句意:这个电影院由于传统的设计而看上去很旧。实际 上,它仅仅在两个月前才完工。in reality“事实上,实际上”;in turn“依次,轮流”;in return“作为回报”;in need“在危难中”。 14.选 A might have done 意为“过去可能是做??”,是对过去的猜测。句意:在市

里的一处工地上,工人们挖出了一道以前可能是用来御敌的城墙,但这还有待进一步验证。 根据句意选 A。 15.选 A 考查情景对话。句意:“杰克, 你的情绪似乎很高呀。” “你猜怎么着? 我们这场球赛以 4 比 0 获胜了。”guess what “猜猜怎么了”,符合语境。 so what“那又 如何,与我又有何相干”;no wonder “难怪”; no doubt “毫无疑问”。 Ⅱ. 语篇解读:本文从两个方面分析了瓶装水销量提高的原因。 1.选 C 细节理解题。由文章第二段的第三句可知,在整个欧洲,饮用或用矿泉水洗 澡已经与治愈各种疾病的能力联系起来。故 C 项正确。 2.选 A 细节理解题。由文章第二段的第一句“Traditionally, people have drunk bottled water for health reasons.”可知答案。 3. 选 A 词义猜测题。 由“the chemical pollution and other”可知画线词与 pollutants 同义。 4. 选 D 主旨大意题。 文章第一段的最后一句“What accounts for this surprising increase in demand?”是一个承上启下的句子,下面两段都在讲瓶装水销量上涨的原因。故选 D。 语篇解读:中国天宫一号的发射使得一些国家不安,担心中国会威胁到世界。本文旨在 说明中国不会对世界构成威胁。 5.选 C 细节理解题。根据第一段第一句可知,天宫一号的发射是中国建立太空站计 划的一部分。 6.选 B 推理判断题。根据第一段尤其是最后一句可知,这些国家共同使用一个平台

进行太空试验,因此他们担心中国独立建立空间站会威胁到他们,故选 B。 7.选 A 推理判断题。第三段叙述西方国家进行探险时带的是枪、金子和《圣经》 ,而

郑和下西洋时是将瓷器和艺术品作为礼物以促进友好, 并且也没有将这些地区占为己有。 作 者举郑和的例子是想说明中国不会威胁到世界和平。 8.选 B 推理判断题。根据最后一段第二句话可推知,一些国家正努力在太空探索方 面领先于其他国家。


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