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Unit 2 Book4 Working the land 单元检测卷

Unit 2 Book4 Working the land 单元检测卷
( 全卷满分 100 分) 一. 单词拼写 (每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请根据汉语提示写出单词的正确形式 1. Our country has become self-sufficient in ______ (粮食). 2. The only way to do that is to ______ (减少) expenses. 3. The school _________(提供) books for children. 4. We took the opportunity to _______(交流) experience with them 5. He has a (晒黑的) face and bright eyes.

6. He made some ________(评论)about my dress,and then carried on reading his book. 7. His work can’t be appreciated by all the audience,whose attention may focus on only some ________(超级的)stars. 8.He returned from Paris and found his office was under someone else’s________(占 领). 9. If your blood (循环)badly, your hands and feet will get cold easily.

10. The average ________(产量) of the factory is 20 cars a day. 二. 完成句子(每空 0.5 分,共 15 分) 1. Sheep _ _ _(以… 为食)grass. played ______ _______ (不再) as he did

2.. Since he came to this class, he has before.

3.. The policeman ______ (搜查) the thief ______ the lost money. 4. Please ____ (参阅) your dictionaries if you meet new words.

5. 毕业后,他宁愿留在上海而不愿回家乡。 He ______ _____ stay in Shanghai ______ return to his hometown after his graduation. 6. 多亏了他的杂交水稻,农民们种出的粮食比之前多一倍。 _____ ____ his hybrid rice, farmers are producing harvests ____ ____ ___ as before.

7. 农民对今年的稻谷产量很满意。 Farmers ______ quite ______ ______ this year’s ______ of rice. 8. 在非洲,政府都在努力让人民摆脱饥饿. In Africa, governments are trying to ______ the people______ ______. 9. 他们集中精力想保持土壤肥沃且免受病害 They _______ ______ keeping their soil rich and ______ ________disease. 10. 他为了自由而斗争。They _____ _______ the freedom. 三. 完形填空 (每题 2 分,满分 30 分) As I have learnt English very well in the university, I have a good chance to stay as a teacher with the university where I am my parents 2 1 .Most of my friends and

that it’s the best for a girl to be a university teacher. to do, it is not that I wouldn’t like to be a 4 .But

But I don’t know 3 I don’t want to stay, not

5 , because I need some experience to tell my student 6 to use. I once taught business English at a nig 7 . Though I tried hard to give my lesson

s how to turn their textbook

ht school, yet I had never done any s, I still 8

to create(创造) a “real ” situation(情景) for my students to practice w 9 here and spend my life in a university. I 10 what I’ve learnt: my knowledge of 11 I want to know more 13

-ith. Well, it’s not time for me to

want to work in a place where I can

English and French, and also of the computer. about other things.I know that 12

I leave the university, I shall 14

from the beginning in some way, but I’m

to learn, to work hard to keep

up with others and then, if possible, surpass(超过) them. English can be a good tool(工具) to help me. It is a 1. A. visiting B. working 15 to an end, but not the end itself. C.studying D. playing

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

A.know A. whether A. teacher A. before A. pictures A. business A. failed A. study

B. think B. what B. student B. after B. covers B. homework B. enjoyed B. work B. finish B. But B. before B. start B. slow B. way

C. excuse C. how C. friend C. now C. pages C. shopping C.deicded C. travel C. worry C. Or C. until C. stop C. ready C. life

D. hear D. why D. parent D. yet D. knowledge D. reading D. needed D. wait D. use D. And D. even D. spend D. polite D. story

10. A. learn 11. A. So 12. A. if 13. A. stay 14. A. free 15. A. language

四:语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 仔细阅读下面的短文,根据上下文填入适当的词语,或使用括号中的词语的适当 形式填空。 The disappearance of the famous crime writer, Agatha Christie, was as mysterious as any of her exciting stories. At about 11 o’clock on the evening of Friday, December 3rd in 1926, Mrs. Christie got into her car and took a drive without saying __16__ she was going. She didn’t return. The next morning her car was found without __17__ driver at Newlands Corner, Surrey. People imagined that she might __18__ (kill) herself.__19__ as the days went by, it was suggested that she was murdered. The press and the public __20__ (natural) took great interest in the case, with at least one newspaper __21__ (offer) a reward to anyone who could find Mrs. Christie. Agatha finally was found alive on Tuesday, December 14th,__22__ she was reunited with her husband at a hotel in Harrogate, North Yorkshire,__23__ was located around 50 kilometers away from her car.__24__ was said that, for ten days, the writer had been staying at the hotel under the name of “Mrs. Theresa Neele”. Her husband said,“She has suffered __25__ the most complete loss of memory and I do not think she knows who she is.” .五.阅读理解(每题 2 分,满分 30 分)


Two years ago,the Funk family of suburban Chicago adopted a Chinese baby girl who had been abandoned on a sidewalk near a textile factory in Yangzhou. Last year,the Ramirez family of suburban Miami adopted a girl who had been abandoned a week later on the same spot. Both families named their daughters Mia.It turns out ,a first name and Chinese heritage aren’t the only things the three?year?olds have in common.The girls’ mothers—Holly Funk and Diana Ramirez—met on a website for parents who had gone through international adoptions.After a lot of emails comparing photographs and biographical details,DNA testing proved the families’ suspicions: The girls are probably fraternal twins. “I was in shock,” said Ramirez,who lives with her husband Carlos in Pembroke Pines,Florida.“Well,now this is for real.” The Internet and Web groups revolving around international orphanages are increasingly being used to link adopted children with biological kin( 亲属).The site that Funks and Ramirezes used has a membership of 137 people ,with 15 sets of twins and 7 sets of siblings whose relationships have been confirmed. At a reunion at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport,Mia Diamond Funk and Mia Hanying Ramirez shyly surveyed each other,and then reached for each other’s hand. DNA tests establish an 85 percent probability that the girls are at least halfsisters.Scientists do not have a biological parent to test and reach a greater certainty , but given their ages and physical similarities ,experts say it is likely they are fraternal twins. Douglas and Holly Funk hope to bring their Mia to Miami in October. Both sets of parents say they are committed to staying in touch and often let the two sisters talk to each other on the phone. 26.Both the adopted girls shared a first name ________. A.because they both came from China B.because of their physical similarities C.because their US parents suspected they were twins D.for no good reason 27.Why did the girls’ mothers meet on the Internet? A.To compare photographs of the two girls. B.To find the girls’ biological kin. C.To test their suspicions. D.To know how to adopt children. 28.Experts are still not 100 percent sure that the two girls are fraternal twins because ________. A.DNA tests are still not accurate enough B.the two girls were born in two different families

C.the DNA of a biological parent is still missing D.one girl was born a week later than the other 29.What Ramirez said in Paragraph 4 suggests that she ________. A.didn’t believe what had happened B.was surprised at what had happened C.didn’t want to accept the fact D.was pleased with what they had done 30.What would be the best title for the passage? A.Adopted Sisters Are Reunited B.Adopted Sisters Live Happily in the US C.Suspicion Turned into Reality D.The Stories of Two Families B

The earth,moon,sun and all visible stars in the sky make up less than one percent of the universe.Almost all the rest is dark matter and dark energy, unknown forces that puzzle astronomers. Observations in recent years have changed the basic understanding of how the universe evolved and have indicated how little is known about the major forces and substances that shaped our world. Astronomers now know that luminous( 发光的 ) matter—stars , planets and hot gas...accounts for only about 0.4 percent of the universe.Nonluminous components ,such as black holes and intergalactic(星系间的) gas,make up 3.6 percent.The rest is dark matter,about 23 percent,and dark energy,about 73 percent. Dark matter , sometimes called “cold dark matter” , has been known for some time.Only recently have researchers come to understand the key role it played in the formation of stars,planets and even people. “We owe our very existence to dark matter, ” said physicist Paul Steinhardt.“Dark matter dominated the structure formation in the early universe, ” Steinhardt said.“For the first few billion years dark matter contained most of the mass of the universe.You can think of ordinary matter as a froth(泡沫状物) of an ocean of dark matter.The dark matter dumps and the ordinary matter falls into it.That led to the formation of the stars and galaxies(星 系).Without dark matter,there would be virtually no structure in the universe.” The nature of dark matter is unknown.It cannot be seen or detected directly.Astronomers know it is there because of its effects on celestial( 天上的) objects that can be seen and measured.But the most dominating force of all in the universe is called dark energy, a recently proven power that astronomers say is causing the galaxies in the universe to separate at a faster and faster speed. 31.We know from the text that ________. A.all visible stars are very important in the universe B.the basic understanding of the universe evolution was totally wrong

C.dark matter is also known as dark energy D.dark energy makes up about three quarters of the universe 32.The text tells us “dark matter” ________. A.plays an important part in forming stars,planets and humans B.has been fully understood by researchers C.remains an unimportant force to the universe like dark energy D.has nothing to do with the formation of the universe today 33.“The major forces and substances that shaped our world” (in Para.2) refers to ________. A.luminous matter B.nonluminous matter C.dark matter D.ordinary matter 34.According to Paul Steinhardt,our existence today ________. A.depends mainly on dark matter B.has something to do with ordinary matter C.results from the formation of celestial objects D.evolves from the mass of the universe 35.Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A.Dark Matter or Dark Energy B.The Formation of the Universe C.Dark Forces Dominate the Universe D.Unknown Forces Puzzle Astronomers C China is having such a huge influence on the United States that many Americans are struggling to learn the Chinese language in a bid to keep competitive. “Interest in learning Chinese among American youth and their parents has grown quickly in the past five years,” said Vivien Stewart, vice president at the Asia Society. China’s quick rise to nearsuperpower and its effects politically, economically and culturally are driving the American’s interest to learn the language, experts say. From kindergartens to high schools, studies by the Asia Society show, there is a “rapid rise” in interest among pupils to study the Chinese language. “The Chinese rich cultural traditions and blossoming economy mean that it is now important for all of our students to be better prepared ,” said Michael Levine, Asia Society’s executive director of education. A survey found that 2,400 high schools —— an unbelievably high number —— would be interested in offering the Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Chinese language and culture when the courses become available in 2006. China, the world’s most populous nation, is important to the United States because it is a leading trader, consumer(消费者) and investor. Its political influence is also rising across the world. It has replaced the United States as the world ’s largest consumer and could become the second largest economy in the world, after the United States, in the next two to three decades. Even though the US State Department has described the Chinese language “critical” to national prosperity and security, “the current facilities to support

recruitment(招募) of students and teachers as well as the growth of high quality programs is terribly not enough,” an Asia Society study says. The Society has set an aim of having at least five percent of American high school students learning Chinese by 2015. “Millions of Chinese are learning English, but only 24,000 Americans are learning Chinese , ” said Andrew Corcoran of the San Franciscobased Chinese American International School. The most popular languages after English in US schools at present are Spanish and French while Japanese is the most popular Asian language. 36.The underlined word blossoming (Para.3) means ________. A.weak B.old C.developing D.developed 37.Why do more and more Americans begin to learn the Chinese language? A.To be a bridge between the two big countries. B.To keep competitive. C.Because they are always interested in it. D.To gain advantage in trade. 38.What problems is the US faced with when it comes to learning Chinese? A.A lack in current facilities to support recruitment of students and teachers and programs. B.Not many people want to learn foreign languages. C.The language is rather difficult compared with English. D.Too many Chinese are learning English. 39.What is the best title for this passage? A.Foreign Language Learning B.Danger from China C.The Chinese Language gets More Popular D.Difficulties in Learning the Chinese Language 40.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A.The Chinese language is the most popular Asian language in US schools. B.The US government is worried because more and more Americans learn the Chinese language. C.China is the second largest economy in the world. D.China is the largest consumer in the world.


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