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2013届高考英语一轮复习 常用短语及句型归纳学案

2013 届高考总复习英语一轮复习学案高中英语常用短语及句型归纳
一、高考高频动词短语 (1)act 短语: act as 担任??职务,起??作用 act for 代理(某人职务) ,代为(处理某事) act out 表演(对话、故事等) act up 捣乱,出毛病 例如:I acted as an interpreter while I was in Xiamen.

Mr Black is acting for the old man in his case. (布莱克先生代那个老人处理他的案件。) The children were acting out the story of the birth of Jesus. He’s a tough kid and he acts up a lot. (2)break 短语: break away 摆脱,脱离 break away from ? 脱离??,奋力挣脱?? break down 出故障,坏掉,中止,累垮,分解 break in 打断,插话,闯入,强行进入 break into ? 闯入??,破门而入 break (sth) off (使某物)折断,中断某事物,突然停止 break out (战争、火灾)突然发生,爆发 break out in tears 突然大哭 break the rule 违反规定 break through 突围,冲跨 break up 分解,分裂,拆散,碎开 例如:The thief broke away from the police, but was later caught. If you keep on working like that, you’ll break down sooner or later. The car broke down just on my way here. If anyone tries to break in, the alarm will go off. If anyone tries to break into the building, the alarm will go off. She broke off a bit of bread and dipped it in the soup. I broke off the conversation and answered the phone. Does everyone know what to do if a fire breaks out? It may take a long time to break through the problem. In spring the icebergs begin to break up. (3)bring 短语: bring about 引起,导致,使发生 bring along 把??带来,领来 bring back 拿回来,使恢复 bring sb back 送回某人 bring sth / sb back to life 使??生动/活泼,使??苏醒 (比较:sth / sb come back to life 复苏,苏醒) bring down 使??降低,减少,使??倒下,使??落下 bring down / up (the price) 降价/提价 [比较:(the price ) go down / up 价格 下降 /上涨] bring in 引进(技术) ,赚钱,带来(收入) ,吸收 bring on 发展,引起,导致,使 前进 bring out 拿出,出版,生产,揭露,阐明,使表现出 bring to 使苏醒 bring ? to use = put ?to use 对??加以利用 bring / carry sth to / into effect 实施??(比较:sth come / go into effect 开 始实施) bring up 抚养,培养,哺育 例如:A huge amount of environmental damage has been brought about by the destruction of the rainforests.
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You’re welcome to bring along a friend. The government hopes these measures will help to bring down inflation (通货膨胀). American country music brings in more than $10 billion each year. This new kind of technology was brought in in the early 1980s. Stress can bring on (=lead to / result in) headaches and other illnesses. Jenny opened the cupboard and brought out a couple of bottles. He was brought up by his grandparents. (4)call 短语: call at (sp) 访问(某地) ,拜访(某地) [比较:call on (sb) 拜访(某人) ,访问 (某人)] call back 回电话 call for 提倡,号召,要求,需要,去接某人, 接走某人 call / shout for help 呼救 call in 请来,召集,来访,打电话 call off 取消 call on / upon 号召 call out 大声呼喊,叫喊 call sb?for short 简称某人?? call sb names 谩骂某人 call up 给??打电话,使人想起,号召 例如:We called at Mike’s house yesterday. All ships sailing on the oceans call for help by radio in English. I’ll call for my uncle at Beijing Railway Station. Let’s call in a doctor for the little girl. Many of these songs called on / upon the workers to take up the struggle. I shall call on him tomorrow. I heard somebody calling out to me from downstairs. Call me up tomorrow; my number is 536291. Your letter calls up the days when we worked together fifteen years ago. Due to the bad weather, the sports meeting has been called off. (5)come 短语: come about 发生,产生 come across 偶然相遇 come along 来,随同,进展,加油 come at ? 向??袭击 come back 回来,想起来,复活 come down 下来,下落,传下 come down to? 到达,从一处来到另一处 come for? 来拿,来取 come from? 来自,出生于 come in 进来,进入 come into being 形成,产生 come into use 使用起来 come off 脱落,从??离开 come on 过来,跟我来,加油,来吧, 赶快 come on / upon sb / sth 偶然遇见,偶然碰上,偶然发现 come out 露出,出来,出现,出版,发(芽) , (花)开 come over to? 过来,顺便来访,从一个地方来到另一个地方 come round / around(非正式)来访,串门 come to ?来到,出现,提及,达到,共计结果是,苏醒 come to an end 结束,终止 come to know 逐渐地知道 come to life (变得)活泼,苏醒过来 come to light 显露,为人所知 come to oneself 苏醒过来,恢复知觉 come to / into power 当权,上台

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come / go to ruin = fall into ruin 变成废墟 come to terms with? 甘心忍受 come true 变为现实,成为事实 come up 被提出,上来,走来,上升,抬头, 长出来 come up to sb 朝某人走来 ome up with ? 提出,想出(主意) ,找出(答 案) ,赶上 例如:A number of educational reforms have come about as a result of the report. I came across an old friend of mine in the street the other day. Your English is coming along really well. Come along / on! Don’t give up yet! Come along / on! We’re all waiting for you! Suddenly, he came at me with a knife. Now, let’s come back to what I was saying a moment ago. It is impossible for a dead animal to come back. Snow was coming down so thickly that I could hardly see through the window. The airplane came down in that field. Where does the film star come from, do you know? Mr Smith came in in a hurry, book in hand (= with a book in his hand). The law first came into being in 1912. By the time he came to / into power in 1951, he was already seventy. How long is it since the electronic computer came into use? The button came off, but he didn’t notice it. There is no doubt that the truth will come out one day. The trees turn green and flowers come out. This magazine comes out once a month. Why don’t you come around / round for lunch? Some day you’ll come to know the mistakes you have made. If they don’t come to a decision by midnight, the talks will be abandoned. I’ve forgotten her name, but maybe it’ll come to me later. The bill came to ?480 in total. His dream of becoming a film star came true at last. A child came up to me and showed me the way. The same problems came up at the meeting yesterday. They came up with the same problems at the meeting yesterday. Searching through the drawer, I came upon the letter I’d been looking for. (6)cut 短语: cut away 切除,剪去 cut down 砍倒,砍下,削减 cut in 插嘴,加塞,插入 cut in line 插队 cut ? into pieces / halves 把??切成碎片/切成两半 cut off 切断(线路) ,中断(供应) cut out 删除,剪下来 cut the cost of ? 降低??的成本 cut up 切碎,剪碎,剁碎,齐根切掉 例如:He cut away some branches, making it look more beautiful. A lot of trees there were cut down in the past. The electricity was cut off because of the storm.
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He was sentenced to death and had his head cut off the next day. Could you cut the pizza up, please? (7)do 短语: do about 处理,应付 do and don’t 要与不要 do a good deed 做一件好事 do a lot of walking 走很多路 do a test 做实验,做化验 do a word puzzle 猜字谜 do an experiment / experiments 做实验 do away with 废除 do body-building 做健身操 do chores 处理琐事,干家务 do housework 做家务活 do make-up 化妆,打扮 do observations 观察 do one’s best 尽某人最大努力 do one’s homework 做作业 do research on? 从事??研究工作 do sb a favour 帮某人一个忙 do sb honor = do honor to sb 礼遇某人,对 某人表示敬意 do sb the favour to do sth 帮某人一个忙做某事 do some reading 读书,阅读,看点 书 do some shopping = go shopping 购物,买东西 do sports = have / play sports = take exercise 进行体育运动,做运动,进行锻炼 do sth in turn / by turns = take turns to do sth / in doing sth 轮流做某事 do telephone interviews 进行电话采访 do the laundry 洗衣服 do up 打扮,梳妆,收拾,把(衣服,鞋子等)扣/系好 do up one’s shoes / hair 系好鞋带/梳好头 do up the button 扣纽扣 do well / better in? 在??方面干得好/更好 do with 处理,处置,对付 do wrong 做坏事,做错事(比较:do right = do the right thing 做得对) 例如:To tell the truth, I don’t know how to do with him. I’ll have nothing to do with him from now on. What did you do with that camera you found? The poisonous waste may do great harm to the things around us. Eat more fruit; it will do good to you. I think I can do better in English this year than last year. Liszt said, “You’ve done wrong, but I can see you are truly sorry about it.” I’m going to do my best this year. I was only trying to do a good deed. (8)get 短语: get a better understanding of China 更好地了解中国 get a full mark / full marks 得满分 get a lot of satisfaction 得到满足 get at 意指,本意是 get around = get about 四处走动,活动 get away 移走,拿走,逃脱,逃离 get away from 逃脱,逃离 get back 回来,回家,取回,找回,退还 get close to 接近 get down 下来,降下 get down on one’s knees 跪下 get down to (doing) sth 开始(做)某 事) get in 进入,收获,达到 get in a word 插话 get into? 进入?? get sb into? 使某人陷入
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get it 接(电话) ,应(门) ,理解,懂得 get on 上车,过活 处 get on one’s feet (艰难地)站立起来 get out of 逃避,避免

get off 下车,脱下(衣服等) get on / along with? 进展,与??相 get out 离开,出去 get over 克服,恢复,原谅

get up 起床,起身 get across 理解,度过 get through 接通(电话) ,完成(工作) ,通过(考试) get to 到达,抵达 get to sleep 入睡,设法睡着 get / gain / take possession of 占有,拥有,占领 get ready for 为??做准备 (比较:be ready for = be well prepared for = be in preparation for 为?做好 了准备) get rid of 除掉,去掉 get sb to do 让某人做 get the idea for? 想到??的主意 get the message across 传播信息 get together 相聚,碰头,联欢 get / be used to sth 习惯于??,适应 于?? (比较:be used as sth 被用作?? be used for sth 被用于??,用来做?? be used to do sth 被用于做? used to do sth 过去常常做) get / be dressed 穿衣服 get / be engaged (to sb) (与某人)订 婚 get / be lost 丢失了,迷路 get / be married (to sb) = marry (sb) (与某人)结婚 get / be stuck 陷进去,被困住,被难住,遇到困难 get / be tired of 对??感到厌倦,对??失去兴趣(比较:get / be tired for 因?? 而感到疲倦) 例如:I’m getting on well with my classmates now. How are you getting along with your English? He got the book away from her. The bank robbers used a stolen car to get away. When did you get back from the countryside? Have you got back the book you lent him? “Get down on your knees,” said the Genie, “for I am going to kill you.” The dust has got into my eyes. This mistake may get him into difficulties. Before I could get in a word he had measured me, and was giving orders for evening suits. If you knock into someone, or get into his way, you should say, “Excuse me.” or “I’m sorry.” When you are in London, you might get in touch with a friend of mine. The conductor got off and checked the rails. She got on her bicycle and cycled off. You work too hard! You should get out a bit more. If you don’t want to go, I suppose I can get rid of the ticket.
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We all try to get together at least once a year at Christmas time. It took us only four minutes to get through the Customs(海关). I telephoned him, but I just couldn’t get through to him. She felt so cold that she got close to her mother. It’s time we got down to work. The theatre was already full, and we couldn’t get in. The peasants are busy getting in the crops. We didn’t get up until lunch time. He got up and walked over to the window. (9)give 短语: give away 赠送,给予,背弃,泄露,分发 give back 归还,送回 give in 投降,让步,屈服 give off 释放,发出,放出 (烟、光、热等) give out 用完,耗尽,分发,发放 give over = hand over 转交,移交 give up 放弃,辞去 give a concert 开音乐会 give a description of? 描述?? give / make a speech 演讲,讲话 give a talk 演讲,做报告 give birth to 生婴儿,生产,造成 give close attention to 密切关注 give medical care to sb 对某人进 行治疗 give shade in summer 夏天时遮阳 give / lend sb a hand 给某人帮助 give sb a message = give a message to sb 给某人捎个口信 give sb a second look 再看某人一眼 give sb a warm welcome 热烈欢迎某人 give sb some advice on sth / doing sth / how to do sth 就??向某人提出建议 / 忠告 例如:In those days, he used to give away a part of his income to help his friend. Remember not to give it away to anyone else; it’s a secret. Both sides argued with reason, and neither would give in. If they are burned, they will give off poisonous gases. When they made ready to climb the next ridge (山脊), they found that their oxygen had given out. Our English teacher is giving out the test papers. Both the man and the horse gave out after the long ride. All hope of finding the missing aircraft was given up and the search stopped. Mary had to give up her job after her marriage. Mr Black will give us a talk on how to learn English well this afternoon. Could you give us some advice on reading? If you won’t have it changed, please give my money back. (10)go 短语: go abroad 出国 go about 四处走走,开始做,着手干 go about from house to house 挨/逐家拜访 go against 违反,违背 go ahead 说吧,干吧,领先,走在前面 go / walk around 四处走走 go away 走开,离去 go back 回去 go beyond 超越 go by 走过,经过, (时间)消逝,过去
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go go go go go go go go go go

down 下来,落下,倒下 go down on one’s knees 跪下 for 为??去,努力获取,主张,适用于 go for a hike = go hiking 去徒步旅行 for a job interview 去面试找工作 go for a walk / walks 散步 for sb 对某人也一样 go in for 参加,喜欢 into 详细调查 go into details 细说 off 走开,离去, (闹钟)闹响 go off to = be off to = leave for 动身去 off the air 停止广播(比较:go on the air 开始广播) on 发生,进行,继续 go / be on diet 在节食 on (a) holiday 去度假 go on a tour to 去??观光(游览) on a visit to 去??访问(参观) go on doing sth 继续做某事(同一事)

[比较:go on to do sth 继续做某事(另一事)go on with sth 继续某事] go out 熄灭,出去 ,外出 go over 复习,过一遍,仔细检查,审阅 go past 从??的旁边过去 go up 上升,上涨,增长,攀登 go with? 与??相配 go without 忍受没有?之苦, 没有?也行, 没有?也能勉强应付 go shopping / fishing / sailing / camping / skating 去购物/钓鱼/驾船航行/宿营 /滑冰 go straight along 沿着??一直往前走 go through 通过,经受,浏览,仔细检查 go through with 完成 go to bed (上床)睡觉 go to school / work 上学/上班 go to sea 当水手 go to sleep 入睡 go to town 进城 go to a movie 去看电影 go to the country(side) 下乡 go home / there 回家/去那儿 go to see a doctor 去看病,去看医生 go bad 变坏 go wrong 出毛病,不对头,做错事,误入歧途 go Dutch 各付各的帐,平摊费用 例如: No one dared to go against the rules. —Do you mind if I open the window? / Do you mind my opening the window? —No, go ahead. I went away /off wondering if I’d said anything wrong. I’m afraid the fish has gone bad. Things will get easier as time goes by. He went by quickly, taking no notice of us. If you really want the job, go for it! Close all the doors and lock them when you go out. The same goes for windows. I go in for all the competitions. After a short pause, Maria went on with her story. Suddenly the candle went out. Once again I went over exactly what I needed to say. Let’s go over what we learned last period. Do you want me to go through this and check your spellings? Unemployment in that country has gone up by a million. It is possible to go without food for a few days. Something’s gone wrong with my watch; I must have it repaired.
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(11)have 短语: have a break 休息一下 have a bright future 有一个灿烂的未来 have (got) a cold / cough / headache / fever 感冒/咳嗽/头疼/发烧 have a conversation with sb 与某人交谈 [比较:have a dialogue with sb 与某人对话/have a talk with sb (about sth) (就某 事)与某人进行交流 have a word with sb = would like a word with sb 和某人谈几句,跟某人说句话] have a gift for? 对??有天赋(比较:have a reputation for? 有??名誉/名声) have a good flight (坐飞机)旅途愉快 have a good knowledge of ? 对??很熟悉, 通晓?? have a good laugh over?对?笑了个够 have a good / great / wonderful time = have (great) fun 玩得很高兴,过得愉快 have a / the habit of ?= be in a / the habit of? 有??的习惯 (比较:get into / form the habit of? 养成??的习惯 get sb into the habit of? 使某人养成??的习惯) have a hit 风靡一时 have a large population 人口众多 have / take a look 看一看 have a meeting / party 开会/举行晚会 have a nice / pleasant trip / journey 祝旅途愉快 have (got ) a pain (in the?) (身体某部位)痛 have a part-time job 做兼职工作 have a (good) rest 休息 have / take a seat 坐下(比较:have / take one’s seat 坐某人的座位) have a stomachache 胃疼,肚子疼 have a sweet tooth 喜欢吃甜食 have a swim 游泳 have a table tennis match 举行一场乒 乓球比赛 have a test 进行测验 have a try 试一试 have / show an appetite for? 有??的欲望或爱好 have / make an appointment with sb 和某人有预约, 和某人有约定 have an effect on / upon? 对??有影响,对??产生作用 (比较:influence? = affect ? 对??有影响 have no effect / influence on ? 对??没有影响 have a good / bad effect on ? 对??有好/坏影响 have a great / little effect on ? 对??有很大的影响/影响不大 have a strong influence on? 对??有很大影响) have / take an exam 参加考试 have an eye for 有眼力,有眼光 have an income of ? 有??的收入 have access to ? 使用(接近??的) 权利或机会 have breakfast / lunch / supper 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭 have lessons / classes 上课 have mercy on? 宽恕??,对??仁慈,对??表示怜悯 have no chance of surviving 没有生存的可能性 have no choice but to do sth 别无 选择,只好做某事 have none of ? 根本不理睬?? have on 穿着 have sth on sb 某人身上带着某物 have / take one’s medicine 服药,吃药

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have some difficulty / trouble / problems with ? 在??有困难/麻烦事 [比较:have some difficulty / trouble / problems (in ) doing sth 做某事有困难 /麻烦] have something / nothing in common (with?) (与??)有共同点/没有共同之处 (比较:have much / a lot in common with? 与??有许多相同之处 have little in common with? 与??几乎没有相同之处) have something / nothing to do with ? 与??有关/无关 have to = have got to 不得不,必须 例如:Class is over. Let’s have a break. I’ve got a cough. Dad and I had a good laugh over that. They are having a good time. He stopped to have a look. We are going to have a table tennis match tomorrow afternoon. Are we going to have a meeting this week? Here is a tree. Let me have a rest. Are you going to have a swim? We’ll have a test tomorrow. Where is Peter? I want to have a word with him. Does she have lunch at home? Then it has no choice but to lie down and sleep. He knew about the order, he knew why the soldiers were there, but he would have none of it. We have four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. Most of his questions have nothing to do with his lessons. I noticed that he had on bedroom slippers. Please come here and have my seat, Granny. He hasn’t had any medicine. At three fifty in the afternoon we have sports. (12)hold 短语: hold a meeting / party 开会/举行晚会 hold back 退缩,踌躇,阻挡,控制 住 hold one’s breath 屏息,不出气 hold on 等一等,不要挂电话 hold on to 抓住,保住 hold out 伸出,坚持下去,维持 hold up 阻挡,使停顿,举起,拿起,阻滞 hold together 连在一起,团结一致 例如:Anger flooded through her. She couldn’t hold it back. —Could I speak to Mr Smith? —Hold on, please. The little boy held out his hands. I think water supplies won’t hold out much longer. Sorry, I’m late. I was held up at work. (13)keep 短语: keep away from 避开,别靠近 keep back 隐瞒,忍住,阻止??向前, 留下
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keep down 控制 keep off 勿踏,勿踩 keep off sb / sth 不接触或不接近某人/某事物 keep on 继续进行 keep out 不得入内 keep?out 把??挡住,把??留在外面 keep out of ? 不进入?? keep up 继续,保持,坚持,使(情绪等)不低落 keep up with? = catch up with? 跟上,赶上 keep a date 赴约 keep a healthy diet 保持健康的饮食 keep a record / records 保持记录 keep an eye on 注视,留心,注意,照顾(比较:keep an eye out for 注视,留心, 注意) keep busy doing 忙着做某事 keep fit 保持健康 keep?in mind = learn?by heart = remember? 把??记住 keep (on) doing sth 继续不停地做某事 [比较:keep sb doing sth 使某人一直/继续做某事 keep ? from doing 阻止??做,不让??做 stop / prevent? (from) doing 妨碍/预防/阻止??做,不让??做] keep one’s appointment 守约(比较:break one’s appointment 违约) keep one’s balance 保持平衡 keep one’s word(s) 遵守诺言 keep safe 保持安全 keep silent over ? 对??保持沉默 keep the same look 保持原貌 keep watch 保持警戒,站岗 例如:I would have been here sooner, but the rainstorm kept me back. Every week there was a rebellion(造反)somewhere, and the Austrian soldiers were kept busy hurrying from one town to another in order to put down the rebellions. While Leonov was outside the ship, he kept in touch by telephone with his companion and with the earth. He kept on telling us the same story over and over. You may depend on his doing what he says, for he is a person who always keeps his words. Danger! Keep out! Will this overcoat keep the rain out? It is also bad manners to keep silent when the teacher asks you a question. The rain kept up all night. I see you are getting along well with your English studies. Keep up the good work. The good news keeps our spirits up. He walked so fast that I could hardly keep up with him. Every few hundred meters along the wall there are watch-towers, where soldiers used to keep watch. There is a sign there saying, “Keep off the grass.” (14)knock 短语: knock at /on 敲打(门、窗等) knock down 把??撞倒,击倒 knock into 撞到,撞上某人,偶然碰见 knock sb out (of sth) 淘汰某人 knock over 撞翻,撞倒 例如:We knocked at / on the door but there was no one there.
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- 10 -

He was in hospital last night after being knocked down by a car. Tom entered the classroom hurriedly and knocked into Mr. White. He almost knocked into me before he realized it. If no one answers the front door, try knocking at the back door. (15)look 短语: look at 看着,注视,检查 look at oneself in the mirror = admire oneself in the mirror 照镜子 look after 照顾,照料,照看 look ahead 向前看,展望未来 look around / about 四处看看,四下环顾 look back 回首,回忆,回顾过去 look back on? 回顾??,回忆?? look forward to sth /doing sth 盼望,期 盼某事物/做某事 look for 寻找,找 look in 来访,参观 look into? 往??里面看,浏览,调查,研究 look (right) into sb’s eyes 直视 着 look like? 看起来像?? (比较:look the same 看起来像) look on 旁观,观望 look out = be careful = take care 留神,当心,注意,警惕, 提防 look out for 警惕,留心,找出来 look over? 翻阅, (仔细)检查 look through 看透,仔细查看,浏览,翻阅,温习 look up 仰视,往上看, (在字典或参考书中)查阅,查寻 look up to sb 敬仰,仰望,尊敬(比较:look down on / upon sb 瞧不起,鄙视,轻 视) look / be worried 看上去/感到担心 例如:The boy is old enough to look after himself. He spent two weeks in Shanghai, looking around / about the city. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Join us. Don’t just look on. They all looked on him as a member of their family. Look out! There is danger ahead. I shall look out that I don’t trust him again. He looked through his notes before writing the report. Look through these photographs and try to pick out the man you see. I must look up the time of your train. A fox came to the tree and looked up at the cock. I’ve always looked up to Bill for his courage and determination. (16)make 短语: make into 制成,作成(后面跟产品,制成品) [比较:be made in 在??生产/制造 be made of 由??组成/构成,用某种原材料制成(物理变化) be made from 由??组成/构成,用某种原材料制成(化学变化) be made up of = consist of 由??组成,由??构成] make out 理解,看清楚 make up 化妆,打扮,和解,配制,编造,虚构,构成, 组成 make up for 弥补,补充,补偿 made up one’s mind 下决心
用心 爱心 专心

- 11 -

make a choice 做出选择 make a commitment 承诺,保证 make a comment / comments (on / upon?) (对??)发表评论 make a (great) contribution to? 为??做出(巨大)贡献,为??捐款 make a decision 做出决定 make a (no) difference (没)有关系/影响 make a face / faces 扮鬼脸 make a fire 生火 make a film / blockbuster/follow-ups 拍电影/巨片/续集 make a fool of sb = fool sb 愚弄某人(比较:make fool of ? 愚弄) make / leave / create a good impression (on sb) (给某人)留下好印象 make a mistake / mistakes 犯错误 make (a) noise 制造噪音,发出令人不愉快 的声音 make a note / notes of? 记录,做笔记 ,记下来 make a plan (for? ) (为??)制订计划,制订一个(??的)计划 make a point of doing sth 认为做某事重要或有必要 make a promise 承诺 make a record 录制唱片,做记录 (比较:record a song 录一首歌 set a world record 创造世界记录) make (a) suggestion (on ?) 提出(关于??)的建议 make a telephone call 打电话 make / take a trip / journey to ? 去 某地旅行 make conversation 交谈 make (both) ends meet 使收支相抵 make friends with sb 与某人交朋友 make fun of? 取笑,嘲笑,和??开玩 笑 make it(事业上)获得成功 make jokes about sb 拿某人开玩笑,以 某人为笑柄 make mistake about? 犯了??错误 make / earn money 挣钱 make oneself at home 不拘束,别客气 make oneself known 使/让自己出名 make one’s way to? 往??走去 make progress (in ?) (在??方面)取得 进步 make sense 有意义,有道理,讲得通 make sense of? 弄懂??的意思 make sth to (one’s own) measure (按自己的尺寸)定做 make sure 确保,确认,查明 make the adjustment to? 适应?? make the / one’s bed 整理床铺 make (full) use of ?= make the most / best of ? (充分)利用 例如:Bamboo is also made into paper. Our desks and chairs are made of wood. The paper for books and newspapers also is made from wood. This engine is made up of 490 parts. The actor made himself up for the part of an old man. These days many girls make up when they are still quite young. She made up a good lunch from bits and pieces. There isn’t any little girl called Kitty here. He has just made her up. Hard work can often make up for lack of intelligence. Everyone should make full use of time. But wait till you see what we’ll make for you to your own measure. I have made up my mind, and nothing you say will change it.
用心 爱心 专心

- 12 -

They made fun of my mistakes when I tried to speak English. (17)pass 短语: pass away 去世,死(委婉说法) pass by 通过,从旁边经过 pass down 传下来,流传,使世代相传 ,一代一代传下去 pass on (to sb) 转交给(某人),传给(某人) pass on from one generation to the next 一代代流传下来 pass out 失去知觉,昏厥 pass through 穿过,越过 pass sth from one to another 把某事物从一人传到另一人手上 pass the examination 通过考试 例如:Dr Johnson passed away last night. They all waved to us as they passed by. The tradition has been passed down from father to son for generations. She said she’d pass the message on to the other students. I nearly passed out when I saw the blood. (18)pay 短语: pay attention to ? 对?注意,留心? pay a visit to sb / a place 访问,拜访 (某人) ,参观(某地) pay back 偿还(借款) ,报答,报复 pay for 付款,付费,付代价(比较:pay a high price for ?付高价) pay off 还清(欠款) pay sb a visit 拜访某人 pay the bill 买单,付 帐单 例如:He promised to pay the money back by Friday. The old in our city don’t need to pay for transport. After ten years of hard work he paid off all his debts at last. (19)pick 短语: pick out 挑选,认出 pick up 拾起,接收,学会(语言) ,开车去接,康复,购买(便 宜商品) 例如:His story was picked out as the best by the judges. The phone rang and I picked it up. I’ll pick you up at the station. I managed to pick up an American news broadcast. After a short break they picked up the topic they talked about earlier. I picked up the unusual stamp by accident. I picked up a few words of Greek when I was there last year. (20)put 短语: put away 将某物收拾起来,存钱,储存,存起来 put down 扑灭,平息,镇压,记下 put forward 提出,建议,推荐 put off 延期,拖延 put on (戏)上演,放(唱片) ,穿戴 put on a performance 演出 put out 扑灭,熄灭,使??停止燃烧,伸出,出版,生产 put up 挂起,张贴,举起,抬起,搭起,建立 put up with 忍受,容忍 put into 使进入,输入,投入 put/translate?into 把??译成 put one’s heart into? 全神贯注于?? put sb in / into prison 把某人关进监狱 put ?to use 使用??,运用?? put a date to sth 注明日期(比较:set / fix the date 确定日期 to date 到目
用心 爱心 专心

- 13 -

前为止) put an end to ? 结束?? put ?together 把??放在一起 例如:We put away the tools before we leave the workshop. All the medical workers in the region helped to put down the influenza epidemic (流感). Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. We are putting the play on again next week owing to its success. The firemen soon put the fire out. The doctor told me to put out my tongue. It’s time that we put up the Christmas decorations(装饰物)in the living room. Drop your weapons and put your hands up. Another supermarket has been put up near our house. I can’t put up with a lot of noisy people when I am working. The government is putting more money into education this year. As students, we should put our heart into studies. (21)send 短语: send away 让走开 send for sb 派人去请某人,请某人来 send in 寄送某处进行处理 send out 派遣,发出(信号、通知等) send up 发射,射出,往上送 send sb to sleep 让某人睡觉 send signals by ? 通过??发送信号 例如:Get back into bed. I’ll send for the doctor. The ship is in danger; it is sending out an SOS signal. The rocket will be sent up tomorrow morning. (22)set 短语: set about (doing) sth 着手,开始 set aside 留出,搁/放在一边 set down 放下,记下 set off 出发,起程,引起爆炸,激起, 引起 set out (for?) 出发往(??) ,动身去(??) set out to do 开始做,着手做 set up 创立,设立,开办,竖起,支起 set /give a (good) example to? 为??树立(好)榜样 set a goal 设定目标 set fire to sth = set sth on fire 纵 火,放火烧 set foot on / in? 踏上??,到达,进入 set one’s mind to do sth 一心想 做 set sail for 起航去?? set sail from 从??起航 set sb a good example in ? 在??为某人树立榜样 set sb free 释放某人,解放 某人 例如:As soon as she arrived, she set about tidying up(整理)the room. Try to set aside some time each day for exercise. They’ve set off on a trip round the world. Together the four men set out to look for the lost animal. He set out to write a history of civilization(文明). We’ll certainly set up a complete modern industrial system. A few scarecrows(稻草人)were set up in the field.
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- 14 -

Let’s set up the tent first, and build the fire later. The police are trying to find out who set fire to the building last night. He was set free after three years in prison. Comrade Lei Feng set a good example to us all. (23)stand 短语: stand by sb = support sb = take sb’s side 支持某人 stand for 代表,表示,象征,容忍,支持/拥护,为??的候选人 stand out 突出,显眼 stand up 起立,站起来 stand still = stay still 站着不动 例如:CPC stands for the Communist Party of China. Stand still, and let me take a picture of you. (24)take 短语: take after 与某人相像 take along 带领,携带 take ? apart = separate ? 把??分开 take away 拿走,拿去,使离开 take away from? 从??带/拿走 take back 退回,拿回,收回 take down 拿下,记下,记录 take for? 当作??,误以为是?? take in 吸收,接纳,上当 take off (飞机)起飞,脱掉(衣帽/鞋) ,成名,成功,很快上升,开始流行/畅销 take on 呈现 take out 拿出,取出 take over 继承,接管,接替 take up 从事,开始,专注于,占去(时间、空间、地位等) take a bank loan 向银行贷款 take a bath 洗澡 take a chance / chances 碰运气,冒险 take a critical attitude towards? 对??持批判态度 take a few deep breaths 深呼吸 take / have a degree in ? 取得??学 位 take a hands-on approach to education 通过动手实践的方式来进行接受教育 take a message (to sb) (给某人)捎个口信 比较:leave a message (to sb) (给 某人)留个口信 take a photo (of ?) (给??)照相,拍(??)照片 take a risk / risks 冒险 take a shower 沐浴,洗澡 take a sip 呡一小口 take a taxi to... = go to ...by taxi 乘出 租车 take a walk / ride / holiday 散步/兜风/休假 take (an) interest in ? 对??感兴趣 (比较:be into = be interested in 对??感兴趣/have / show interest in 对?? 感兴趣) take advantage of 对??加以利用 take ? by surprise 对??突然袭击,出 乎??意料 take care 小心, 注意 take care of 照顾,照看 take effect 生效,奏效 take exercise 运动,活动 take ? for example 以??为例 take / get / catch hold of 握住,抓住 take it easy 放心好了,别着急,从容,不紧张 take ... into consideration 顾及,考虑到,体谅
用心 爱心 专心

- 15 -

(比较:under consideration 在考虑中,在研究中) take lessons 上课 take notes 做笔记,做记录 take notice of 注意 take one’s seat 就座,坐在自己位子上 (转义为就职) take one’s time 从容,不急,慢慢行动 [比较:take time 花费(时间)] take part 参加 (比较:take part in? = join in? = participate in? 参加?? take an active part in? 积极参加??) take place 发生,出现,举行[比较:take the place of ? = take sb’s place 取 代,代替(某人的位置)] take pride in ?= be proud of? 对??感到自豪 take responsibility for ? = be responsible for ? 对??负起责任 take sb in the arms 拥抱,搂抱 take / hold / keep sb prisoner 囚禁/俘 虏某人 (比较:sb be taken / held / kept prisoner 某人被囚禁/俘虏) take sb seriously 看重某人 take sb some time to do sth 花费某人?? 时间去做某事 take sb’s temperature 给某人量体温 take sth along with sb 随身携带某物 take shelter 躲避 take sides with sb in sth 在某事上支 持/偏袒某人 take steps / measures / action to do sth 采取措施做某事,采取(??的)行动 take turns to do sth / in doing sth 轮流做某事 例如:I’m sorry. I’ll take back what I said. Take care! The car is coming. My plane takes off at 11:00 sharp. We can’t have such a big table in this small room. It takes up too much room. (25)think 短语: think about 思考,考虑(是否去做) think of 想到,想起,认为,对??有看法 /想法 think out 想出 think over 仔细考虑 think through? 思考??直到得出结论 think up 提出,想出,设计出 think twice 再三考虑,仔细考虑 think highly / well of = speak highly of = sing high praise for 对?高度评价 例如:I’m sorry. I can’t think out your name. When I was in the States, I often thought of my friend Li Hua. Think it over, and you’ll find a way. (26)turn 短语: turn against 转而反对,背叛 turn around / round 转身,转过来 turn ? away 赶走??,辞退??,把??打发走 turn on 打开(灯,气,水,电器等) turn off 关掉(灯,气,水,电器等) turn up 把音量开大,卷起,翻起,发生,出现,到达 turn down 关小/调低(音量/热度) ,拒绝 turn over 把??翻过来,翻动,犁翻(土 地) ,细想 turn in 交进,上缴,归还 turn into 变成 turn?into? 把??变成??,转变成 turn to? 转向??,向??求助,查阅
用心 爱心 专心

- 16 -

turn out 结果是,生产 turn out to be 被证明是, 结果是 turn right / left 向右/向左拐 turn writer = become a writer 成 为作家 例如:Those who were once for him have turned against him. Turn in everything captured(缴获的). I’m going to turn my garage into a playroom for the children. Be sure to turn off the lights when you leave the room. Shall I turn on the bath water for you? He turned the meat over in the pan(平底锅). They always turn to me when they are in trouble. His attention turned to the pretty young girl. Turn the radio down a little. I can scarcely hear the program. He turned the coat collar(衣领)up because of the wind. Something will turn up to get you out of the difficulty. 2.以介词或副词为中心的动词短语(便于强化记忆) (l)动词+about speak/talk about 谈论 趣 bring about 引起,使发生 set about 着手,开始 come about 发生 hear about 听说 worry about 为??担心 (2)动词+at aim at 向??瞄准,旨在 run at 冲向,向??攻击 call at 拜访(地点) tear at 用力撕 look at 看,注视 work at 干??活动 (研究) come at 向??袭击 shout at 冲(某人)嚷嚷 stare at 凝视 glare at 怒视 glance at 匆匆一瞥 laugh at 嘲笑 knock at 敲(门、窗等) point at 指向 smile at 冲(某人) 笑 strike at 向??打击 shoot at 向??射击 wonder at 惊讶 (3)动词+away die away 逐渐消失 put away 收拾起来,存起来 pass away 去世 wash away 冲走 take away 拿走 give away 背弃,泄漏 send away 让走开 turn away 把??打发走 wear away 磨掉,消耗 throw away 扔掉 blow away 吹走 carry away 拿走,使入迷 clear away 清除掉,消散 break away 摆脱 (4)动词+back keep back 隐瞒,忍住 hold back 控制住 give back 归还 call back 回电话 take back 拿回,收回 look back(on) 回顾 (5)动词+down cut down 削减,砍倒 put down 记下,写下,镇压 take down 记下,记录 turn down 调小,拒绝 slow down 慢下来 pass down 传下来 calm down 平静下 来 burn down 烧毁 tear down 拆毁,拆除 come down 下落,传下
用心 爱心 专心

think about 思考

care about 关心,对??有兴

- 17 -

break down 坏了,垮了,分解 bring down 使??降低,使倒下 settle down 安家 (6)动词+from die from 因??而死 hear from 收到??来信 learn from 向??学习 differ from 与??不同 suffer from 受??苦 result from 由于 separate?from 把??分离开 keep/stop/prevent?from 不让??做 date from=date back to 始于??时期,追溯到 (7)动词+for run for 竞选 ask for 要求得到 beg for 乞求 wait for 等候 look for 寻找 call for 需要,要求 hunt for 寻找 long for 渴望 care for 关心,喜欢 seek for 寻找 come for 来拿,来取 apply for 申请 stand for 代表,表示 search for 查找 change?for 用??换 charge?for 收费,要价 take?for 误以为??是 hope/wish for 希望得到 (8)动词十 in get in 收获,进入 fill in 填写 cut in 插入 join in 参加 look in 来访,参观 hand in 上交 drop in 拜访 give in 让步 take in 接纳,吸收 call in 召集,来访 bring in 引进,使得到收入 break in 强制进入,插话 result in 导致 succeed in 在??获成功 persist in 坚持 (9)动词十 into run into 碰到 look into 研究,调查,往里面看 burst into 闯入,进发 turn into 变成 change?into 把??变成 divide?into 把?? 分成 put/translate?into 把??译成 (l0)动词+of die of 死于 talk of 谈到 hear of 听说 think of 想到 dream of 梦到 speak of 谈到 consist of 由??组成 approve of 赞成 complain of 抱 怨 become of 发生??情况,怎么啦 (l1)动词+out go out 熄灭 set out 出发,着手 try out 试用,试验 put out 扑 灭 run out 用完 let out 泄漏,发出(声音) pick out 选出 hold out 坚 持下去 wear out 穿破,使??疲劳 make out 理解,看清楚 keep out(of) 使不进 入,挡住 find out 查出,弄明白 work out 算出,想出办法等 send out 发出,派遣 give out 散发,分发,用完 look out 当心,提防 hand out 散发,分发 help out 救助 turn out 结果是,生产 come out 出版,出来 cross out 划掉 burst out 进发 carry out 执行 break out 爆发 point out 指出 figure out 算出 bring out 阐明,使表现出 leave out 省略,删掉 speak out 大胆讲出
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- 18 -

(l2)动词+over go over 审阅,检查,研究 get over 克服 run over 压死,看一遍 take over 接管,接替 turn over 翻倒,细想 fall over 跌倒,摔倒 roll over 翻滚 look over 翻阅,检查 think over 仔细考虑 watch over 看守,照看 (l3)动词十 to add to 增添 get to 到达 see to 处理,料理 turn to 向??求助, 查阅 come to 共计,苏醒 lead to 导致,通向 reply to 答复 refer to 谈到,涉及,参阅 bring to 使苏醒 agree to 同意 object to 反对 point to 指向 write to 写信给 relate to 理解,同情, 涉及, (与?)有关 attend to 处理 belong to 属于 supply?to 为??提供 devote?to 贡献给 stick/hold/keep to 坚持,忠于 compare?to 与??相比,把??比作 (l4)三词以上的短语动词 do well in 在??干得好 make up for 弥补 look down on / upon 轻视 break away from 摆脱 keep away from 避开,别靠近 do away with 废除 put up with 忍受 catch up with = keep up with 赶上 fill up with 用??装满 go on with 继续 get on / along with 和??相处 look forward to 盼望 look up to 仰望,尊敬 add up to 总计 live up to 依据??行事;做到;不辜负(期望) get close to 接近 get down to 认真开始 set fire to 放火烧 pay attention to 注意 pay a visit to 访问 take / get / catch hold of 握住 run out of 用完 get out of 逃避,避免 take notice of 注意 take a photo of 拍??照片 take the place of 取代 set an example to 为??树立榜样 3、其他常用短语(按字母表顺序) (1)Aa a balance diet 均衡饮食 a best-seller 畅销书 a bit = a little = a little bit 少许,一点儿,有点儿,稍微 a bit of 一点,少量(修饰不可数名词) [ 比较:a few 一些,少量(修饰可数名词) a great deal of 许多(修饰不可数名词) a great / good many = scores of 许多,大量(修饰可数名词) a handful of 一把,少量的,少数(修饰可数或不可数名词) a large / great amount of = large amounts of 许多(修饰不可数名词) a large quantity of = large quantities of 许多(修饰可数或不可数名词) a lot of = lots of 许多(修饰可数或不可数名词) a mass of = masses of 大量,许多(修饰可数或不可数名词) a (large / great) number of = large / huge numbers of 大量的,许多(修 饰可数名词)
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- 19 -

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

plenty of 大量的,很多,足够的(修饰可数或不可数名词) bunch of flowers 一束花 a cloud of 一团 couple of 一对/双,两三个,一些,几个 a couple of days / weeks 两三天/周 cup of 一杯 day or two = one or two days 一两天 a deserted island 荒岛 healthy diet = a diet of healthy food(s) 健康的饮食 highly-developed country 高度发达的国家 kind of 一种,一类 a laid-off worker 下岗工人 large sum of money 一大笔钱 a length of ? 长?? list of 一张??的清单 a live concert 现场直播的音乐会 natural disaster 自然灾害 a packet of 一盒,一捆,一包 pair of 一双,一副 a piece of 一件,一块,一张 row of 一排,一行 a series of 一系列的,一连串,一套 set of 一套,一副 a shortage of teachers 教师资源的缺乏 third of = one third of 三分之一 a total failure 一个彻底的失败者

a total of 总数(量)为 a two-day trip 一次两天的旅行 a variety of = varieties of = various 种种的,种类繁多的 a waste of (time) 白费(时间),浪费(时间) a man of name 知名人士 a world of magic and wonders 充满魔力和神奇的世界 after all 毕竟,终究 after a short while 不久以后,没多久 after a time 一段时间以后 after class / work / school 下课/下班 /放学之后 all alone = all by oneself 独自,独立 all at once = all of a sudden 突 然,忽然 all day = all day long 全天,终日 all in all 总共,总的来说 all kinds / sorts of 各种各样的 all night long 整夜,通宵 all one’s life 终身,一生 all over 到处,遍及,结束 all over the world / country = throughout the world / country 整个世界/全国 all right 好吧,行了, (病)好了 all the best 祝一切顺利,万事如意 all the same 一样,同样的 all the time 一直 all the way 一路上,一直 all together 一起,总共 all (the) year round = all through the year= throughout the year 一年四季,一 年到头 an invitation to? 一张??的请柬/请贴 an expert on ? ??方面的专家 as a consequence / result 结果,因此 as a consequence / result of 作为(?? 的)结果,由于??的结果 as a whole 普遍来说,作为整体 as ? as 像,如同 as ? as possible = as?as one can 尽可能??地 as far as (表示程度,范围)就/尽??(=so far as) ,远至 as far as I know 就我所知,据我所知 as follows 如下(用以列举事项) as if = as though 好像,似乎,仿佛(比较:even if = even though 虽然,即使, 尽管)
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- 20 -

as long as 只要(= so long as 引导条件状语从句) ,长达 as much / many as 多达 as soon as 一??就?? as soon as possible 尽快,尽可能早地 as to / for 至于,关于,就??而言 as usual 像往常一样 as well 也/还有(= too),同样地,例外 as well as = together with = and 也,以及,和,还,而且 as with ... 也一样,就像?? at all 根本(否定句) ,到底(疑问句) , 竟然(条件从句) at a loss 茫然,不知所措 at an early age 年轻时 at any moment / time 随时 [ 比较:after a moment = after a while / minute 过了一会儿 a moment ago = just now 刚才,不久以前 a moment later 片刻之后 at the moment = at the time 此刻,现在,在那时 at the very moment 就在那一刹那 for a moment = for a while / minute 一会儿 for the moment = for the time being 暂时,目前 in a moment = in a while /minute / second 过一会儿,立刻,马上 the moment / minute (that) ... 一??就 ??] at any risk 不顾一切 [比较:at risk 处于危险中 at the risk of (doing sth) 冒着(可能做某事)的危险 take / run a risk / risks 冒险 risk one’s life (to do sth) 冒着生命危险(做某事) risk doing sth 冒险做某事)] at birth 出生时,一生下来就 at breakfast 在吃早饭 at hand 近在手边,在附近 at home 在家 (at) home and abroad 在国内外 at last 终于,最后

at length 最后,终于,详细地 at midnight 在半夜 at night 在夜里,天黑时 at noon 在中午 at once = right away = right now 马上,立即 at one go 一口气 at present = at the present time 现在, 目前 at sea 在海上,航海中,茫然 (比较:by sea 乘船/by the sea 在海边/in the sea 在海里/on the sea 在海面上) at stake 在危险中 at such a great height 在如此高的高度 at table 在吃饭(比较:at the table 在桌前) at times 偶尔,有时 (比较:at that time 那时 at the same time = meanwhile 同时 at the correct / wrong / best time of year 在一年里合适/不合适/最佳时 候)
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- 21 -

at various academic levels 不同的学术层次 at war 处于战争/交战状态 at work 忙于工作 at the age of ... 在??岁的时候 at the art festival 在艺术节上, 在艺术节期间 at the base 在底部 at the (very) beginning of ... 在??开 始时,在??之初 at the bottom of 在??下端/底部 at the cost of 以??为代价 at the end of 在??末端,到??结束时 at the foot of 在??的脚下 at the front desk 在前台,在服务台 at the head of 在??最前面 at a high /low price 以高/低价 at the latest 最迟 at (the) least 至少 [ 比较: at (the) most 最多] at the mercy of 任由??摆布/控制,在??的掌握中 at the opening /closing (ceremony) of ... 在??开/闭幕式上 at the rate of 以??的比率 at the side of 在??的旁边 at the speed of 以??速度 (比较:at full / high speed 高速) at the top of one’s voice 大声地 at the weekend 在周末 accept ? as? 认为??是??,承认??是??,把??当作?? [比较:regard ? as? 认为??是 treat ? as?把?? 当作 recognize ? as? 认为??是?? view / see / know ? as? 认为??是?? consider ? as ? / consider ? (to be?) 认为??是?? look on ? as? 视??为 refer to ? as? 把??视为 think of? as? / think ? (to be?) 认为??是??] accept sb’s apology 接受某人的道歉 accuse sb of sth / doing sth 指控某人 为??/ 做某事 achieve one’s goal 达到目的 achieve success 获得成功 act as 担任,充当 adapt to (改变以)适应 adapt oneself to 使自己适应于 adapt to the new environment 适应新环 境 add to 增加,添加 add ?to? 把??加到??上 add up 加起来 add up to 总计达到 adjust to (调整以)适应 adjust to these extreme conditions 适 应极限条件 admire sb as? 钦佩某人是?? admire sb for? 钦佩某人的??,因?? 钦佩某人 advance the deadline 提前最后期限 advance towards? 朝??前进 advise sb to do sth 建议某人做某事 agree with sb / sb’s opinion / sb’s idea 同意某人(意见,看法) ,与某人看法 一致 [ 比较:agree on sth 对??达成共识 agree to (the plan) 同意(计划等)] aim at 向??瞄准,旨在,针对 allow for 顾及,为??做准备 answer for? 对??负责
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- 22 -

apologize to sb (for sth) = make an apology to sb (for sth) (因某事)向某人 道歉 appeal to 有吸引力,呼吁,上诉 appeal to their emotions 投合他们的喜好 apply for 申请,请求 apply to 应用,适用 appoint sb as? 任命某人当?? approve of 赞成 argue about 争论某事 argue with sb about sth 因某事和某人 争执/争论 arrive in / at 到达某地 ask after sb 问候某人 ask for 要求得到 ask for a leave 请假 来 attach to 加在??之上,使喜爱,使依恋,参加,附着 attempt to do sth 试图做某事 attend school / university 上学 / 上大 学 attend the meeting 出席会议 attend to 处理,照顾,关照,倾听 attract / draw / call sb’s attention 吸引某人注意 above all 首要的是,尤其是 according to 根据 action film / movie 动作片 advanced mathematics 高等数学 again and again 一次又一次,一再,反复 against the wall 靠着墙 ahead of? 优于,超过,比??早,在??的前面 alarm clock 闹钟 along with? 和??一起 and so on 等等 and things like that ??之类的东西 another day 改天 any more 再,又 apart from 除??都,除??以外 around the corner 在拐角处,即将来临 (比较:on the way = in store 即将来临 draw near 即将来临,就要来临,逼近 ) (2)Bb be after 寻找,追踪,追求 be /act against 违背,违反,反对 be from 从??来,是??人 be next to 在??隔壁,紧挨着?? be off / leaving 离开 be out (灯火)熄灭, (人)外出 be out of 没有,用完 be up 起床 be up against 面对 be up to sb 由某人决定 be up to sth 忙于某事,从事于 be upon 逼近,临近 be anxious about ? 为??而忧虑/着急/担心 (比较:be anxious for ? 渴望,非常希望 be concerned about / for? 为??而忧虑/着急/担心 be concerned about / with? 对??关切/关注/感兴趣) be careful about / of / with sth 注意,留意,当心 [比较:be careful (not) to do sth 小心(不)做某事] be clear about 对??清楚 be crazy about 对??着迷 be curious about = have the curiosity about 对??感到好奇 be excited about 对?? 感到兴奋 be particular about 对??挑剔 be amazed at 为??感到惊讶 be experienced at 对??有经验
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ask for a day off 请一天假 associate?with? 把??与??联系起

- 23 -

be present at 出席 be shocked at 对??感到震惊 be common for 对??来说是很普通的 be eager for ? = long for? = be dying for? 渴望得到?? (比较:be eager to do sth 急着想做某事) be famous for 因??而闻名,由于??而出名 (比较:be famous as 作为??而闻名 be famous to 对??来说很出名) be fit for = be suitable for 适合 be good / bad for sb 对??有好处/坏处 (比较:be good at 善于??,擅长于??,在??方面做得好 be good to sb 对某人友好 do good to sb = do sb good 对某人有好处 do harm to sb = do sb harm = harm sb = be harmful to sb 对某人有害, 伤害某人) be honored for? 因??受到尊敬 be intended for 为了 be late for 迟到(比较:be late with sth 某事做得晚) be to blame for 因??受到责备 be carved in rock 被刻在岩石上 be caught in (a rain / a traffic jam / the earthquake) 突然/偶然遇到(雨/交通 堵塞/地震) be confident in 在??方面自信 be effective in 在??方面有效 be be be be be be be 敢做) be fluent in (a language) 在(某一门语言)方面很流利 lost in = lose oneself in 沉浸于,沉醉于 be poor / low in 在??方面不足 quick in mind and action 思维敏捷行动迅速 rich / high in 在??方面丰富 be set in 以??为背景 strong in heart and mind 意志坚强,头脑聪明 trapped in 被困在??(比较:be trapped by 被??所困) afraid of = be terrified of 害怕,恐惧(比较:be afraid to do 害怕去做,不 ashamed of 为??感到羞愧/惭愧 be aware of 意识到,知道

be fond of = care for = like = enjoy 爱好,喜欢 be full of = be filled with 充满了,装满 be jealous of 嫉妒 be short of = be lacking in 缺乏,缺少 be sure of / about 对??有把握 be uncertain of / about 对??没把握 be accustomed to (doing) sth 习惯 于?? be addicted to 沉溺于 be loyal to = be faithful to = be devoted to 忠诚于 be opened to 向??开放 be reduced to 30% 减少到百分之 30%(指最 后的结果) [比较:be reduced by 30% 减少了百分之 30%(指与原来相对而言)] be similar to 与??相似,与??相像 be angry with sb for sth 因某事生某人 的气 be armed with 以??武装 be burdened with 为??所累 be busy with sth 忙于某事 (比较:be busy doing sth 忙于做某事
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- 24 -

be be be be

be occupied with sth 忙于某事 be occupied in doing sth 忙于做某事) covered with / by 被??所覆盖 be crowded with 挤/塞满了?? diagnosed with 被诊断为 equipped with 具有,装有??设备,为??做好准备 faced with 面临??,面对?? be familiar with 对??很熟悉

be fed up with 对??感到厌倦 be honest with 对??诚实 be mean with 对??吝啬 be pleased / satisfied with 对??感到满意 (比较:be content with 对??感到满意,满足于?? be content to do sth 愿意做某事) be popular with 受到??的欢迎 be pressed with 被刻印/铸压上 be strict with sb 对某人严格要求 (比较:be strict in sth 对某事严格要求) be surrounded with / by 被??围绕 be about to do sth 正要做某事 be delighted to do sth 高兴做某事 be determined to do = determine / decide to do sth 决心做?? be due to do sth 预定/到期应该做某事(比较:due to sth 因为/由于??) be forced to do sth 被迫做某事 be free to do sth 任意去做,悉听尊便 be likely to do sth 很有可能做某事 be supposed to do 被认为 / 被期望 / 应该 做某事 be willing to do = like to do 愿意做某事 be able to do 能,会 be absent from 缺席,旷课 be asleep 睡着(比较:be awake 醒着)

be awarded a Nobel Prize 获得诺贝尔奖 be badly off 潦倒,贫困(比较:be well off 富有) be badly treated 受到虐待 be born 出生,出世 be / become endangered 频临危险 be in contact with 与??有交往 (比较:make contact with 与??联络 lose / break contact with 与??失去联系 lose touch with = be out of touch with 与??失去联系 be in touch with = stay / keep in touch with 与??保持联系 get in touch with = get into contact with sb 与??取得联系 bring ? into touch with 使??接触,使??认识 keep track of? 与??保持联系,了解??的动态,记录??) be in possession of = take possession of 持有,拥有,占有,占领 (比较:be in sb’s possession = be in the possession of sb 被某人占有/拥有 come into sb’s possession 被某人占有/拥有) be in the charge of 在某人的掌管下,由某人经营/照顾
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- 25 -

(比较:be in charge of 掌管,管理,照顾) be mentally disturbed 精神失常 be of benefit 有利的,有好处的 be of (no) effect 有(无)效 be of different sizes / weights / shapes 大小不一/重量不同/形状各异 (比较:be of the same size / weight / shape 大小/重量/形状相同) be of great importance / value 非常重要,有重要性 be of high / good quality 高质量的(比较:be of poor quality 质量糟糕的) be of (no) use 有(无)用 be on good terms (with sb) 与某人关系 好 be stressed out 紧张的,有压力的 be upset 沮丧,伤心 be well received 很受欢迎 be (well) worth doing(很)值得做 [比较:be worthy of sth / of being done / to be done 值得(做)??] by accident = by chance 偶然地, 碰巧,意外 by air / boat / bus / train 乘坐飞机/小船/公共汽车/火车 by and by 不久以后,逐渐地 by appointment 按约定 by choice 出于选择(比较:for choice 要选就选) by day / night 白天/ 晚上 by fax 通过传真 by force 靠武力 by hand = with one’s hands 手工 by law 根据法律 by mail 通过邮寄 by means of (doing) sth 通过,借助于??手段 (比较:by all means = in all ways 不惜一切 by no means = in no way 决不,一点也不 by this means = in this way 用这种方法) by mistake = in error 由于错误或疏忽,错误地 by weight 按重量计算(比较:by the hour / day 按小时/天计算) by the end of 到??结束为止,到??底为止 by the nearest exit 从最近的出口出去 by the side of 在??附近 by the time 到??的时候(后接状语从句) by the way 顺便说,顺便问一下 [ 比较:by way of ? 经由,经过, 通过??的方法 in a way = in one way = in some way 在某种程度上 in no way 决不, 一点也不 in the / sb’s way 挡道,妨碍 in this / that way 以这种/那种方式,这样/那样 in ? way = in the way of 以??的方式 this / that way 这样/那样(直接做状语) on one’s way here / there / home (adv.) 在(到这里/去那里/回家)的路 上 on one’s way to doing sth 即将做某事 on one’s way to someplace (n.) 在去某地的路上 on the way 在路上,在来/去的行进中 on the way home 在回家的路上,即将来临 out of the way 不挡道 feel one’s way 摸索着道路(前进)
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- 26 -

fight one’s way 挣扎着前进,经(奋斗或努力)开路或获得(某事物) find one’s way to 设法找到去??的路 lose one’s way 迷路 make one’s way to 朝??走去 push one’s way 挤过去 struggle one’s way 艰难地行进] base on sth 以??为基础(比较:be based on / upon 以??为基础) beg for 乞求 become of 发生??情况,怎么啦 believe in 信赖,信任,信仰 (真理,宗教,原则),支持,赞成 bend over 弯腰,俯身 benefit from = profit by / from 从??吸取教训,从??中获益 blow away 吹走 blow out 吹灭 blow the fire off 熄火,把火吹灭 brush one’s teeth 刷牙 build up 逐步建立,增进,增加,加强,扩大 burden sb / oneself with sth 加负担于某人 / 自己 burn down 烧毁,烧成平地 burn down? to the ground 把??烧成 平地 burn up 消耗,烧掉 burst into 闯入,突然破门而入 burst into sth = burst out doing 迸发,突然而猛烈地产生某种情况 (比较:burst into laughter = burst out laughing 突然大笑起来 burst into tears 眼泪夺眶而出 burst into cheers 突然欢呼) burst out (doing ) 迸发出来,突然开始(做) bed time 就寝时间 Beijing Opera 京剧 before long 不久以后(比较:long before 很久以前) belong to sb / sth 属于某人/某事 below / above zero 零度以下/上 body building 健美 body language 身势语 boiled water 开水 both ? and ? 两个都,既??又?? business hours 营业时间 bus station / stop 汽车站/公共汽车站 but for 如果不是,倘若不是 Better late than never. 迟做总比不做好。 (3)Cc calculate the distance between? 计算出??的距离 calm down 平静,镇定 can’t help but do sth 忍不住做某事 can’t help doing sth 禁不住做某事,情不自禁做某事 carbon dioxide 二氧化碳 card games 纸牌游戏 care about 对??感兴趣,关心,担心 (比较:care for 喜欢,关怀,照顾,照料 care for sb to do sth 愿意某人做 care to do sth 愿意做) carry away 拿走,使入迷 carry off 夺走,携走 carry on 继续进行,坚持下去 carry on research 进行研究 carry out (an experiment / a plan / an order / a survey) 开展或执行(实验 /计 划/命令/调查) cast away 抛弃 catch a glimpse of 瞥见
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catch fire = be on fire 着火,开始燃烧 catch / find sb doing sth 发现/发觉某人正在做某事 cause damage to? 对??造成破坏 cell phone 移动电话,手机 centre on / upon? 将??当做重点或中心 (比较:centre / concentrate / fasten / fix / focus one’s attention on 把注意 力集中于) chain stores 连锁店 change A for B 用 A 换 B change A into B 把 A 变成 B,把 A 转换成 B change one’s mind 改变主意 charge? for 收费,要价 charge sth with? 使某事物充满??(情感) (比较:be charged with 充满??) chat on line 网上聊天 check in 登记,报到 check out 查明,核查,结帐 check information 审核情况 cheer sb on 为某人加油 cheer sb up 使某人高兴起来,使某人振作起 来 chemical factory 化工厂 child laborer 童工 Christmas card / tree / Eve 圣诞卡/树/前夕 classical music 古典音乐 classify ? into ? 把??分类成?? clean out 清除,打扫干净 clear away 清除掉,消散,清除打扫,整理 clear up 打扫卫生,梳理整齐, (天气)放晴,露出喜悦的表情 close friends 密友 close down 倒闭 close up (尤指暂时)关闭,使靠近 close to 靠近,接近 combine?with? 把??和??结合起来 comment on / upon? 对??进行评论 commit the / a crime 犯罪 common sense 常识,情理 communicate sth to sb 使某事物被人知晓,传送某事物给某人 communicate with? 与??交流/联络 compare notes 交换意见,交流看法 compare ? to? 把??比作? compare with ? 与??相比 compete against? 与??相对抗 compete for? 为??而竞争 compete in 参加(竞赛) compete with? 与??竞争/比赛 complain of 抱怨?? computer / video games 电子游戏 congratulate sb on sth 祝贺某人某事 connect to 连接,相连(比较:be connected to 与??有关系) connect with ? 与??相连接 contribute to 有利于, 贡献, 捐款给, 为?? 投稿 cool off 变凉,冷却,冷 copy sb’s example 仿照某人,照某人的样子 做 cover an entire continent 覆盖整个大陆 cover the events 采访事件,报道事件 create a positive / negative effect 产生积极/消极的作用/影响 cross out 划掉 crowd around (许多人)围着 cultural relics / sites 文化古迹 current affairs 时事 Cheer up. 振作起来。提起精神。 (4)Dd dance to the music 伴随音乐起舞 Come on! 来!快呀! date from = date back to 始于??时期,

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追溯到 day after day 日复一日(强调重复) day by day 一天天地(强调逐渐变化) day and night 日日夜夜地 deal with = do with 处理,解决,对付 depend on / upon = rely on / upon 依靠,依赖,信赖,靠??来决定 develop a lifelong friendship with sb 与某人成为终身朋友 develop the photos 冲洗照片 devote ? to? 把??贡献给??,献身于??,专心于?? [比较:be devoted to (doing) sth 投身于 be devoted to sb 喜欢某人] die away 逐渐消失,减弱(以至感觉不到) ,淡化 die down 逐渐降低,减弱,消失,平息 die from 因??而死,死于(除了疾病或情感以外的原因,及某种具体疾病) die of (illness, hunger, grief, etc.) 因??而死,死于(疾病,饥饿,悲伤等情 感内因) die off 一一死去,先后死去 die out = become extinct 灭绝,绝迹,消失 differ from = be different from 与??不同,区别于 dig up 挖出,掘起 dining room 餐厅 dip into sth 把??放入液体中,浏览,翻阅 display one’s deep sympathy 表达某人深切的同情 distinguish A from B 显示 A 和 B(两者)的差别,使 A 和 B 有所不同 (比较:distinguish between A and B 区别/辨别 A 和 B) divide ? into 把??分成,使??分隔开 divide up 分配 double one’s efforts 加倍努力 dozens of 几十 draw a conclusion 得出结论 draw attention to 对??表示注意 draw back 后退 draw up 起草,拟定 dream of 梦到 dream of / about doing sth 梦想做某事 dress up 化装打扮,乔装打扮 dress up as? 打扮/装饰成?? drink a toast 祝酒 drink to sb / sth 为??而干杯或祝福 drive off 击退, 把(车)开走

drop by 访问,拜访 drop in 顺便走访,拜访 drop in on sb 顺便拜访某人 drop in at sp 顺便拜访某地 drop off 放下(某物) ,下车 drop out (of?) (从竞赛、活动等)退出, 辍学 drop sb a line 给某人写短信 during the day 在白天 during / in the 1980s / 1980’s 20 世纪 80 年代 during / in / throughout one’s lifetime 在某人的一生中 (5)Ee each other 互相,彼此(比较:one another 相互,彼此 ) earn / make / gain a / one’s living 谋生 earn / make money 挣钱,赚钱 eat up 吃完,吃光 either?or ? 或者?或者?,要么?要么? [比较:neither ? nor ? 既不??也不?? not?but? 不是??而是??
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not only ?but also? 不仅??而且??(前句用于句首时,须倒装)] end up with ? 以??结束/告终 (比较:begin / start with 以??开始 close with 以??结束/告终 end up 结束,告终,最后得到??的结局/下场 end in failure / prison 以失败/坐牢而告终. end in a tie 以平局结束) engage to sb 与某人订婚 English-speaking countries 说英语的国家 enjoy equal rights 享有平等权利 enjoy oneself 过得愉快,玩得开心 escape from 免于/逃脱??,从??泄露出 every day 每天 everyday use 日常使用 every few years 每隔几年 (比较:every four years = every fourth year 每四年,每隔三年 every two years = every second year = every other year 每两年,每隔一 年) every now and then 不时地 ever since 从??以来,从那时起 except for 除了??之外 exchange student 交换生 exist in 存在于?? experience life 体验生活 experiment with 进行实验,进行试验 explain sth to sb = explain to sb sth 向某人解释某事 express oneself 表达自己的意思 Excuse me. 对不起。 Everything / All goes well. 一切顺利。 (6)Ff face to face 面对面 (比较:hand in hand 手拉手,密切关联) fail in doing sth 没做成某事 fail to do sth 无法做某事 fall asleep 入睡 (比较:fall ill 病了,患病,病倒) fall behind (成就,成绩)落后于 fall down 摔下来,倒塌 fall in love with sb 爱上某人(比较:be in love with sb 与某人相爱) fall into 陷入,落入 fall off 跌落,下降 fall over 跌倒,摔倒 fall to / into pieces 垮台,崩溃,解 体,倒塌 fairy tale 童话 family name 姓氏 family tree 家谱 fax machine 传真机 far away 遥远,很远 far from? 远离?? fasten / tie ? to? 把??栓/别在??上 feast on sth 宴饮,尽情地享受?? feed ? on 喂养,饲养(比较:feed on / upon ? 以??为食) feel down 感到闷闷不乐 feel like doing sth 想做某事 feel well / terrible / better / weak 感觉好/糟/好些/虚弱 fight against 与??作斗争/打架/打仗 fight for sth 为??而斗争,争取获得某事物 fight over 为??而战,因??而争吵/争斗 fight sb / sth off 抗击某人/某事物,击退某人/某事物 fight with 与??并肩作战
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figure out 理解,想明白,算出 fill in 填空,填写 fill out 把??填好 fill with 用??填充 fill A with B 把 B 装进 A 里,把 A 装满 B fill up with? 用??装满 find out 获知,查明,查出,弄明白,发 现,了解 fire escapes 安全梯 fire exit 安全出口 first aid 急救 fish farms 渔场 fit in 被他人接受,相处融洽 fit in (with sb / sth) 与(某人/某事物) 相适应/相协调 fix a time / date for 为??确定时间/日期 fix up 搭起,安装,修理,修补 folk song 民歌 follow customs 随俗,按照习惯 follow sb’s instructions 遵从某人的 指示 follow / take sb’s advice 听某人的劝告 follow the rules 按照规则去做 forget about 忘记了 for ever = for good 永远 for a period of several weeks / months 在几周/几个月的一段时间里 for example = for instance 例如 (比较:such as ? 例如??,像??这样) for free = free of charge = without payment 免费(比较:at one’s own charge / expense 自费) for once 就这/那一次 for one thing?, for another 首先??, 其次?? for the first time 第一次,初次,首先 [比较:at first = in / at the beginning 起初,首先 at first sight 第一眼,乍一看,初见之下 first of all 第一,首先,最重要 in the first place (用于列举理由时)首先,第一,原先 the first time 第一次,初次(后接状语从句)] for the reason 因为 for the sake of 由于,为了??的利益, 为了??起见 free from 不受??的影响,没有??的 from now on 从现在开始,今后 from then on = from that moment on 从那时起 from ? to ? 从??到?? from time to time 有时,不时,偶尔 from one country to another = from country to country 从一个国家到另一个国家 from one generation to another 一代接一代地 full dress 盛装 further education 进修,深造 (7)Gg gain weight = put on weight 发福,增加体重,增肥(比较:lose weight 减肥) gas station 加油站 generally speaking 总的来说,一般来说 gift money 压岁钱 given / first name 名字 glance at 匆匆一瞥 glare at 怒视 graduate from? 毕业于?? greenhouse effect 温室效应 green tea 绿茶 grow up 生长,长大 grow up to be? 长大后成为?? Good luck! 祝你好运! Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早上/下午/晚上好!
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(8)Hh had better (do) 最好(做) hand down 流传下去 hand in 交上去,提出,面交 hand out 散发,分发,发放 hang on 等一等,别挂电话 hang up 挂断电话 hang out (俚语)闲逛 harmony with others 与其他人和睦相处,与其他人相处和谐 hear about / of 听说,知道 hear from sb 收到某人来信 heart and soul 全心全意地 here and there 各处,处处,四处 help sb out 救助,帮助某人解决困难,帮助某人摆脱困境 help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 high school 中学,高中 hit sb on the head / in the face 打某人的头部/脸部 hold/keep / stick to 坚持,忠于 hold together 连在一起,团结一致 home cooking 家常做法 home village 家乡 hope / wish for 希望得到,对??怀着希望 host the Olympic Games 主办奥运会 hour after hour 一小时又一小时 how many / much 多少(可数名词)/多少钱(或不可数名词) how far 多远 how long 多久 how often 多久一次,多常 how old 几岁 human being 人,人类 hundreds of 几百,成百上千的 hunt animals 狩猎 hunt for = search for 搜寻,寻找 hurry up 赶快,快点 Hands up. 举起手来。 Help oneself to sth 请随便吃。 How are you? 你(身体)好吗? How do you do! 你好! How is it going? 情况怎么样? Here you are. 给你。 (比较: There you are. 你来了。 ) (9)Ii ice cream 冰淇淋 iced tea 冰茶 ice skating 滑冰 ID card 身份证 if necessary = if it is necessary 如果需要的话 if only 要是??就好了(常用于虚拟语气) impress on sb 给某人留下好印象 (比较:be impressed by / with 对??留下印象) in a few days = in a few days’ time 几天后 in a flash 立刻,很快,立即 in a good mood 心情好 in a hurry = hurriedly 匆忙地 in a row 一个接一个地,连续不断地 in a slightest 一点也,根本 in a ? state 处在??的状态/情况下 in a straight line 沿着直线 in a very short while 马上,立刻 in a whisper 小声地 in a word 总之,简言之,一句话 (比较:in other words 换句话说,换言之 in one’s own words 用自己的话说) in an act of revenge 作为报复 in all = in total = altogether 总共, 总之 in class 在课堂上 in common 共同,共有 in condition = in good health 身体好,身体健康
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(比较:out of condition = in poor health 身体不好 in bad / good condition 处于坏的/好的状态) in darkness 处于一片漆黑 in danger 处于危险中 (比较:out of danger 脱离危险/in danger of 面临??的危险) in debt 欠债 in demand 有需要的 in detail 详细地 in disorder 混乱 in English 用英语(表达) in fact = in reality = as a matter of fact 事实上,实际上 in general 一般说来,通常 in history 在历史上 in hospital / prison / church 住院/坐牢/做礼拜 in ? order = in order of 按顺序 in order to do = so as to do 以便,为了,为的是(so as to do 不置于句首) in peace = peacefully 安静,宁静 in public 当众,公开地,公然,在公共 场所 in return 作为回报 (比较:in turn 转而,反过来,轮流) in silence 安静地,无声地 in society 在社会上 in space 在太空(比较:in outer space 在外层空间,在外太空) in store 贮藏着,准备着,就要来到 in style 流行的,时髦的 (比较:out of style = out of fashion = out of date 过时的 come into fashion = be in fashion 流行的) in surprise / astonishment 吃惊,惊讶地 in time 及时(比较:on time 准时) in trouble 处于困境中 in use 在使用中 in vain 徒劳,白辛苦 in chains(指囚犯)用链锁住的,不自由, 被囚禁 in ruins 成为废墟 in tears 哭泣,掉泪 in other aspects 从其他方面 (比较:in terms of 就??而言 in large amounts 大批地,大量地 in the eyes of 在??看来) in anxiety of 担心,担忧 in case of 假使,以防 (比较:in case 万一,以免 in that case 既然那样,假若是那样的话) in front of 在(某人/某物)前面 (比较:in the front of 在??的前部 in front 在前方,在正对面) in honour of 出于对??的敬意,为庆祝/纪念?? in praise of 称赞,赞赏 in search of 寻找 in spite of = despite = regardless of 尽管,不管 in view of 鉴于,考虑到,由于 in want / need of ? 需要,缺少?? in agreement with 与??意见一致 in conversation with 与??谈话中 in harmony with 与??协调 in relation to 与??有关的 in reply to 回答,答复,回应 in exchange for 交换,互换
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in in in in in in in in in 高峰期 in in in in 见 in

the direction of 朝??的方向(比较:in all directions 四面八方) the form of 以??的形式 in the heart of 在??的中心/核心部分 the hope of (doing) sth 抱着(做某事)的希望 the name of 以??的名义,代表(比较:name ? after 给??取名,命名) the process of 在??的过程中 in the day / daytime 在白天 the end = at last = finally = eventually 最后,终于 the future 在未来,将来(比较:in future 以后,今后) / during / over the last / past ten years 在过去的十年 the past = in the old days 在过去 in / during the rush hour 在交通 ancient / modern times 在古代/现代 the open air 在户外 the shade 在阴凉处 the wild 在野外,在自然环境下 in the air 在空中 in the rain 在雨中,冒雨 in the sun 在太阳下 in one’s (personal) opinion 依某人之

one’s teens 十几岁时 in one’s youth 年轻时 information desk 问讯处 instead of? 代替??,而不是??,作为??的替换(比较:rather than 而不是) insist on sth / doing sth 坚持某事/坚持做某事 intend to do sth 打算做某事 intend sth for ? 把某物供给??用(比较:sth be intended for? 供??用) involve sb in? 使某人参加,使某人陷入??(困境) ,使某人牵涉到?? (比较:be involved in? 参与,有关联,忙于某事) It depends. =That / It (all) depends. 要看情况而定。 I dare say?. 我认为??。我估计??。 I’m sorry. 对不起。 (10)Jj join hands 携手,联手,合伙 join in 参加,加入 join sb (in doing sth) 和某人一起做某事 join the line 排队 join up 联合起来 judge sb by sth 依据某事物判断某人,断定,认为(比较:be judged by 靠??来判 断) junk food 垃圾食品 just as 恰如 just now 刚才,现在 just so-so 一般 just then 正在那时 (11)Kk kick the habit 戒除某嗜好 kind of 稍微,有点儿 know about 对??了解 know of 听说过 (12)L labor force 劳动力 lack of sleep 缺少睡眠 later on 后来,随后,以后 laugh at 嘲笑,讥笑 lay down one’s life 献出生命 lay off 解雇,不理会,使下岗 lay the table 摆桌子 lead / have / live a cosy / an active life 过着舒适的/活跃的生活 lead sb to do sth = cause sb to do sth 使某人做某事
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lead to = result in 通往,导致 learn about? 了解,学习有关??知识 learn ?(all) by himself = teach ?oneself 自学?? learn from? 向??学习,从??中学习 leave alone 不管,不打扰,不理会,随??去 leave behind 忘带,留下 leave out 省略,删掉,不考虑 leave sb by himself 把某人独自留下 leave sb where he / she is 把某人留在原地 leave school 离开学校,辍学,毕业 less than 少于,不足 let down 不支持,使失望,使沮丧 let in 放进,让??进来 let out 放掉,泄露,发出(声音) lie down 躺下 lie in 在于,位于 lie to sb 对某人撒谎 light bulb 电灯泡 light a fire 点火 light up 照亮,使放光彩,点上(烟)吸 起来 limit ? to ? 把??限制在?? listen to 听?? little by little 逐渐地 live in poverty 生活在贫困线上 live life on the go 过着忙碌的生活 live on 以??为主食,靠??谋生,继 续存在,继续活着 live one’s dream = try to realize one’s dream 努力实现梦想 live through 活过,经过(困难,危险)之后仍旧活着 live up to 依据??行事,做到,不辜负(期望) live up to sb’s expectation = meet sb’s expectation 不辜负某人的期望 live with 忍受,与??一起住 lock sb up 将某人监禁起来,将某人锁于某 处不得进出 lose control = be out of control 失去控制 lose heart 失去信心,泄气,灰心 lose one’s life 牺牲某人的生命 lose one’s sight / voice 失明 / 失声 Let me see. 让我想想。 (13)Mm major in 主修,专研 match ?with ? 把??和??相配 main course 主菜 man-made satellite 人造卫星 means of transport 交通方式 medical care 医疗保健 midfield player 中场球员 Middle East 中东 millions of 成百上千万 miss one’s turn 错过 mistake / take A for B 错把 A 当成 B mix up 混合在一起 mix ?with ? 把??和??混合 mobile phone 可移动电话 morning paper 晨报 movie stars 电影名星 more and more 越来越多 more or less 或多或少 more than = not only 不仅,不只,多于,十分 (比较:more A than B 与其说 B,不如说是 A no more than = only 仅仅,只不过 not more than 不超过,至多) most of 大多数 multiply ? by ? ??乘以?? musical styles 音乐风格 My goodness! 天啊! (14)Nn native language = mother tongue 母语 neck and neck 并驾齐驱,不分上下,
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不相上下 next time 下次 next to 紧接着,相邻,在旁边,次于 nine out of ten = nine in ten 十分之九 no doubt 无疑地 no longer / more = not?any longer / more 不再,已不 no matter 不论??,无论?? not as / so? as 不像,不如 not at all = not a bit 一点也不,绝非(比较:not a little = very much 很,非 常) not later than 不迟于 not ?till / until? 直到??才?? now and then 偶尔,时而 now that 既然 Nice to meet / meeting you. 很高兴见到你。 (15)Oo obey / break the rules 遵守/违反规定 obey / observe the law 遵守法律 object to 反对 occur to sb 使某人突然想到 offer advice about / on ? 提出关于??的建议 of course 当然 of late = lately 最近,近来 of one’s own 属于自己的(比较:on one’s own = by oneself 独自,单独地) on a large scale 大规模地,大范围地 on a team 在一队/组,加入一队/组 on (an / the) average 平均,按平均计算 on an open fire 露营 on all sides 在各方面,到处 on and on 不停地,不断地 on condition that = if 如果 on board 在(船/飞机)上 on business 出差 on display 展览,陈列 [比较:on show 展出,在上演(放映)] on duty 值日,值班 on earth 在地球上,究竟 on end 直立,竖立 on foot 步行 on holiday 在度假 on purpose = by accident 故意地 on sale 上市,出售,廉价出售,减价 on watch 值班,守望 on the air 正在播出的 on the contrary 相反地,反之 on the front page 在头版 on the go 奔波,忙忙碌碌的,四处奔走 on the Internet 在互联网上 on the march 在游行 on the phone 在通话,用电话交流 on the point of 就在??的时候 on / over the radio 通过收音机 on the top of 在??的顶端 on one’s arrival / return (某人)一到达/回来 on (the) one hand?, on the other hand ? 一方面, 另一方面 once in a while 偶尔,有时 once more / again 再一次 once upon a time 从前,很早以前 one day (过去/将来)有一天,某一天 one after another 一个接一个 one by one 一个一个地,逐一 one-child policy 独生子女政策 opera house 歌剧院,艺术剧院 open up 打开,开启,开创,开辟,开设,开放 operate on sb 给某人动手术 opposite to 在??对面 or else 否则,要不然 or rather 或者 or so 大约,??左右 ought to 应当,应该 out of 由??里面向外,在??之外 out of breath 上气不接下气
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out of danger 脱离危险 out of order 运转不正常,出毛病 out of work 失业 out of one’s reach 够不着 over and over again 多次,反复地,一再 over there 在那边 owe sb sth = owe sth to sb 把??归功于,感谢,欠(债) owe thanks to sb for sth 因为某事感谢某人 (16)Pp parking lot 停车场 pay phone (投币式)公用电话 pen friend / pal 笔友 pencil case 文具盒,铅笔盒 pencil sharpener 转笔刀,削笔刀 people with disabilities = disabled people 残疾人 personal affair 隐私 persist in 坚持 phone number 电话号码 physical education 体育 pile of (homework) 一大堆(作业) ,一大批,一大团 places of (great) interest 名胜 pop music 流行音乐 post office 邮电局 play against ? 同??比赛 play / act the role of sb = play sb 扮演某人的角色 play a part / role in ? 在??中起作用 play a trick on sb 开某人的玩笑,耍弄 某人 play football / basketball 踢足球/打篮球 play the piano 弹钢琴 play with 玩耍,游戏 primary school = elementary school 小学 point at 指示,指向 point to 指向 point out 指出,使注意 prefer A to B 相比 B 更喜欢 A prepare sth 准备 prepare for sth 为某事做好准备 prepare sb for sth 使某人为某事做好准备 produce / make electricity 发电 protect sb from / against ? 保护某人免受??(伤害等) provide sb with sth = provide sth for sb 为某人提供某物 (比较:supply sb with sth = supply sth to sb 给某人提供某物 offer sb sth = offer sth to sb 为某人主动提供某物) pull down 拆毁,拆除,摧毁,推翻 pull on 随便穿上 pull out of 从??中退出, (火车)驶离车站,从??拉出来 pull sb up 把??往上拉,把??拉上来 push open 推开 push (sth) over (使车船等)闪到一边 pros and cons 赞成与反对,正面和反面 pretty well 相当好,几乎,差不多 (17)Qq quarrel with sb (about sth) (因某事)和某人吵架/争吵 quite a few 许多,大量 quite a lot / a bit 许多,大量 (18)Rr raise money for (good cause) 为(做好事)而筹款 rank high / low 排名高/排名低 rank third 位居第三 rather than 宁可,而不是,非,与其??宁愿?? raw material 原料 record card 成绩单
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- 37 -

record holder 记录保持者 reach out (for sth) 伸手去(拿,碰) reach out (to sth) 伸出手以触到或抓到、拿到某物 read about 读到有关?? receive / get one’s doctor’s degree 获 得博士学位 recommend ? to sb 向某人推荐?? refer to 提到,查询,参阅,指的是,谈到,涉及,有关 relate to 理解,同情,涉及,与??有关 (比较:be related to 与??有关联/关 系) remind sb of sth 使某人想起某事 reply to 答复 respond to 回应,反映,响应 result in 产生某种作用或结果,导致 [比较:result from 由于, (因而)发生,产生,出现] return to normal 恢复正常 ring back 给某人回电话 ring off 挂断电话,停止讲话 ring up sb = ring sb up 给某人打电话 rise / come to fame 成名 roll over 翻滚,倒转 round up 使集合在一起,使聚拢 rock band 摇滚乐队 roller skating 滑旱冰 running water 自来水 ruin sth = bring sth to ruin 使??变成废墟 run after 追赶,追求,追逐,在??之后跑 run at 冲向,向??攻击 run away 流失,逃跑,逃走,失控 run away from school =drop out of school 逃学 run for 竞选 run off 跑掉,迅速离开 run into / across = come across = meet ?by chance = happen to meet 偶然遇见 run out of sth 用完?? [比较:(sth) run out 耗尽,用光,用完] run over 压死,看一遍,跑过去 run a business 做生意 run / start a restaurant 开餐馆 rush sb off one’s feet 使某人忙得 不亦乐乎,使某人忙得不可开交 rush out 冲出去 rush through 掠过,快速通过 (19)Ss satisfy / meet the needs of ? 满足??的需要 save money 存钱 save sb’s life 挽救某人的生命 say “no” to ? 拒绝,否认,不同意 say thanks to ? 向??表示感谢 say to oneself 心里想,自言自语 school day 学校上课时 school play 校园剧 school / field trip 郊游 self rescue 自救 school things 学习用具 search for 搜查,寻找,查找 see for oneself 自己去看,亲眼看

see sb off 为某人送行(比较:meet sb 接某人) see to 处理,料理,照顾 see to it that?= make sure that? 确 保,务使 seek after 追求 seek for 寻找 sell out 卖完,出卖 sense of responsibility 责任感
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sentence / beat sb to death 判处某人死刑 / 把某人打死 separate ? from ? 把??和??分离开 serve as 作为,当作 serve in the army 服役 serve the dishes 上菜 serve the people 为人民服务 settle an argument about? 解决关于??的争论 settle down 定下心来,安家落户,定居,平静下来 settle for 勉强同意,接受 settle in(使)习惯(环境等) ,定居 settle up 付清,结账 shake hands with sb 和某人握手 share (in) sth 分享 share sth with sb 与某人分享?? shop assistsant 售货员 short wave 短波 shoot at 向??射击 shout at (sb) 冲 ( 某 人 ) 嚷 嚷 [ 比 较 : smile at (sb) 冲(某人)笑] show off 炫耀 show up 出席, 露面 show respect for sb 对某人表示尊敬 show sb how to do sth 教某人做某事 show sb out / in 送某人出去/ 迎某人进来 show sb to the door 带某人到门口 shut down 关闭,把??关上 shut up 闭嘴 silver screen 银幕 sign an agreement with? 与??达成协议 sit down = be seated 坐着,坐下 sit up 熬夜 side by side 肩并肩,一起,相互支持 social problems 社会问题 soft drink 清凉饮料,软饮料 solar system 太阳系 soup opera 肥皂剧,连续剧 so far = up till now 到目前为止 some day 将来某一天,来日 some ? , others ? 一些??,另一些?? sooner or later 迟早,终归 sound like 听起来像?? space / train station 太空/火车站 speed skating 速滑 speak about 谈论,交谈 speak against 发表抨击 speak of 谈到 speak out 大胆讲出 speak to 谈话,与??通话 speed by 飞驰而过 speed up 加快速度(比较:slow down 减缓,减速,慢下来) spend ? (in) doing sth 花(钱,时间) 做某事 spend ?on sth 在??花费(钱,时间) spread out 伸开,铺开 stage name 艺名 standing room 立足之地 stone by stone 一块石头一块石头地 straight away 立刻地,毫不犹豫地 stare at 凝视,盯着看 start a fire 引起火灾 starve to death 饿死 stay away 不在家,外出 stay away from? 与??保持距离 stay the same = remain the same 保持不变 stay up 挺住,站立,开夜车,醒着,不睡,熬夜 stick to 粘住,坚持,忠于 stick with 继续支持,保持联系 stop doing sth 停止做某事 [比较:stop to do sth 停下来做某事 stop ? (from) doing sth 阻止??做某事]
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- 39 -

strike at 向??袭击/打击 struggle against? 同??做斗争 struggle to one’s feet 挣扎着站起来 struggle to do sth 挣扎着(竭力去) 做某事 succeed in? 在??获成功 (比较:succeed in doing sth = be successful in doing sth 成功地做了某事) suffer from? 受??苦 suit ? to ? 使??适合于?? support / raise the family 养家 surf the internet 上网冲浪 sweep away (风)吹走,(浪)卷走 sweep down 吹倒,席卷,冲倒 sweep the floor 扫地 switch on /off 开/关(电灯、机器等) swimming pool 游泳池 Say “Hi” to sb for me. = Give my regards to sb =Remember me to sb 代我向某 人问好。 Say goodbye to sb 向某人告辞/告别。 See you soon / later. 再见。 (20)Tt table manners 餐桌礼节,用餐规矩 table tennis 乒乓球(运动) talent show 天才表演 tape recorder 磁带录音机 talk show 访谈节目 talk about 谈论,交谈,议论 talk of 谈到 talk ? through (充分)讨论,详细讨论 talk to 与某人交谈/谈话 talk with 和??交谈 telephone booth 电话亭 telephone number 电话号码 tennis racket 网球拍 tear at 用力撕 tear down 拆毁,拆除 tear sth into pieces 把某物撕成碎片

tear up 撕毁,取消(合同) tell a lie 说谎 tell ? apart 识别,辨别,区分开 tell? from? 把??和??分开 tell the truth 说真话 tell the difference between A and B 说 出/分辨 A 和 B 的区别 tend to 趋于,朝某方向 test on 在??做实验 test the blood 验血 Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 thanks for?因为??而感谢 thanks to? 多亏了,幸亏,由于,因为 (比较:due to = owing to = because of 由于,因为) than usual 比平常?? the Antartic 南极 [ 比 较 : the South / North (Pole) 南/北极] the Arctic Ocean 北冰洋 (比较:the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋/the Indian Ocean 印 度洋 the Pacific Ocean 太平洋 /the Yellow River 黄 河) the butterfly 蝶泳 the Capital Stadium 首都体育馆 [比较:the Great Wall 长城/the Palace Museum 故 宫(博物馆) the People’s Republic of China 中华人民共和 国(简称 PRC)]
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- 40 -

the the the 少数人 the the the the the the the the the

day after tomorrow 后天 entrance to ??的入口 Maglev Train 磁悬浮列车

the day before yesterday 前天 (the) long / high jump 跳远/高 the majority / minority of people 大多数/

(more) ?, the (more) ? 越??,越?? next morning 第二天早上 the other day 前几天,某日 other way around 相反地,用相反方式 Olympic Games / the Olympics 奥林匹克运动会 problem with ? 关于??的问题 the same as 与??同样的 same to 对??也一样 the United Kingdom 英国 United Nations 联合国 the United States 美国 way to do sth / of doing sth 做??的方法 working people 工人,劳动人民 the World Championship 世锦赛

this very night 就在这个晚上 thousands of 成千上万 Three Gorges Dam Project 三峡大坝工程 three meters deep = three metres in depth 三米深 through thick and thin 不顾艰难 throw light upon / on 阐明某事,使某 事显得很清楚 throw about 四处乱扔 throw at 向??扔去 throw away 扔掉 throw up 吐出(事物) ,呕吐 tie A to B 把 A 绑在 B 上 tie ? up 系,栓,捆 tie up (one’s hair) = do up (one’s hair) (头发)扎起来 tire out 筋疲力尽 tire oneself out 使自己疲惫不堪 time and time again = over and over again 多次,不断地,反复 time area 时区 toast to the New Year 为新年干杯 to begin with = to start with 首先,作为开始,第一点 to be honest = honestly speaking 老实说,说实在的 to make matters / things worse = worse still 使事情/情况更困难/危险,更糟糕的 是 to ? degree 达到??程度 to one’s knowledge 据某人所知 to one’s regret / sorrow / surprise / joy 使某人遗憾/悲伤/惊讶/高兴的是 to the north of 在??以北 to the point 中肯,扼要,切中要害 too many 太多 too much 太多,过分,太 too ? to = so ? that 太??以至于不能 tongue twister 绕口令 track and field 田径 traffic lights 交通指挥灯,红绿灯 travel agent 旅行社 trial and error 反复实验,不断探索 trade for 交易 trade in 以交易方式购入 trade ? with sb 与某人做??交易(买卖) transform ? into? 把??转变成?? treat sb badly 虐待 treat sb to sth 请某人吃?? trip over (被??)绊倒 trust (in) = have trust in = rely on 信赖,信任 try on 试穿(衣,鞋,帽等) ,试试看,耍弄(花招) try out 试验,尝试,试用 try one’s best 竭尽所能
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- 41 -

TV series 电视连续剧 TV station 电视台 twice the size of 是??的两倍之大 Thank goodness! 谢天谢地! This way, please. 请走这边。 It’s time to do?. 该做??了。 (21)Uu under arrest 被拘留 under attack / fire 被攻击 under construction / control / discussion 在建设/控制/讨论中 under repairs 在修理中 under the command of 在某人控制之下, 在??的指挥下 under the direction of 在??的指导下 unite as one 团结一致 upside down 颠倒着,倒转着 up and down 来回,上上下下,来来往往 up to 正在做,从事于,大约,多达 up to date 现代的,时新的,据目前所知的 use up?. 用完??,用尽?? (22)Vv VCD player 影碟播放机 very much = a lot 很,非常,十分 (23)Ww wait for 等待,等候 wait / stand in queue = wait / stand in line 排队等侯 waiting room 等候(候车)室 wake up 醒来 wake sb up 把某人吵/叫醒 walk / run up to = go / come up to 上前 去 want all day off 请假一整天 wash away 冲走 wash down 冲走,冲垮 washing machine 洗衣机 watch out (for?) 留神,提防,注意 watch over 看守,照看 watch TV 看电视 wear away 磨掉,消耗 wear out 穿破,把??穿旧,磨坏,使??疲劳 [比较:be worn out (衣服等)穿破/被损坏, (人)疲惫不堪/感到疲劳] what else 而且 what if? 倘使??将会怎样,如果??将会 怎样 win ? prize 获得??奖 win the first place (比赛)得了第一名 win sb 把某人争取过来(比较:beat / defeat sb 打败某人) wipe out 去除,消灭 wish each other good luck 互相祝福 wish ? every success 祝?? 成功 without a sound 悄无声息地 without limit 无限地 without luck 运气不好 with the help of=with sb’s help 在??的帮助下 with the purpose of 有??的目的 wonder at 对??感到惊讶 word for word 逐字地 work as an actress 做女演员 work at 从事,致力于 ,干??活动(研究) work on ? 继续工作,从事于??,忙于??,不断做?? work out 算出,解决,想出(办法) ,制定(计划) ,结局,至最后 work with ? 对??起作用 work permit 工作许可证 worry about 为??担心,烦恼 would like 想要(婉转表达个人的想法、 看法)
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- 42 -

would rather 宁愿,宁可 wrap sth in 用??把某物包起来 wrap up 包好,伪装 write down 记下,写下 write to 写信给 Well done / said! 干得好/说得好! What a pity! 多可惜!真遗憾! What a shame! 太不好意思了!太遗憾了! What / How about?? ??怎么样???好不好? What becomes of ? ? ??变得怎样了? What kind ?? 何种??? What time ?? 几点??? What’s on? 发生了什么事? What’s the population of ?? ??有多少 人口? What’s up? 怎么啦? What’s wrong / the matter? 怎么了? Would you mind?? 你介意??吗? (24)Yy year after year 年复一年,年年,每年(重复) year by year 一年年(逐渐变化) Young Pioneer 少先队员 You’re welcome. 不用谢。不客气。 (25)Zz zebra crossing 斑马线

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【名师原创作品】2013届高考总复习英语一轮复习学案—高中英语常用短语及句型归纳 2

【名师原创作品】2013届高考总复习英语一轮复习学案—高中英语常用短语及句型归纳 2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2013 届高考总复习英语一轮复习学案 高中英语常用短语及...


2013届高考短语与句型归纳_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2013 届高考总复习英语一轮复习学案 2013 届高考总复习英语一轮复习学案 高中英语常用短语及句型归纳一...


1/4 同系列文档 高一英语上册知识点总结。 高一...2013年高考英语一轮复习学案专题13:特殊句式 2013年...全部倒装: 地点副词或介词短语+动词+主语(名词); ...


高中英语常用短语和句型归纳总结(完整版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语二轮专题复习精品学案 ―高中英语常用短语及句型归纳 1.高考高频动词短语 (1)act 短语:...


金太阳新课标资源网 wx.jtyjy.com 2013 届高考英语专题冲刺学案二轮精品高频短语句型归类 1.常用短语 (1)Aa a balance diet 均衡饮食 a best-seller 畅销书 a ...


高中英语常用短语和句型归纳总结(完整版)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语二轮专题复习精品学案 ―高中英语常用短语及句型归纳 1.高考高频动词短语 (1)act 短语:...

2014高考英语二轮专题复习精品学案 一高中英语常用短语及句型归纳

2010 高考英语二轮专题复习精品学案 一高中英语常用短 语及句型归纳 1.高考高频动词短语 (1) act 短语: act as 担任 职务,起 作用 act for 代理(某人职 务)...


1 2013年高考英语一轮复习... 暂无评价 156页 免费...用于固定词组中 a couple of, a bit, once upon...这种句式一般 常有表示比较范围的介词短语。 Zhang ...

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