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高考英语一轮提能训练:外研版选修8 Module1(附解析)




选修 8
Module 1 Deep South
能 力 闯 关
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.A small child has to learn to keep its b________ before it can walk far. 2.The South Pole hasn’t been i________ by anyone up to now. 3.Christmas is an a________ festival for most of the people in the world. 4.It is a________ for a man to wear women’s clothes. 5.Students soon get d________ if you criticize them too often. 6.The ________(最低的)temperature in winter in my hometown is up to -20℃. 7.Medical assistance is available in case of an ________(紧急情况). 8.It was a ________(荣幸)to make his acquaintance. 9.The ________(缺乏)of color in that drawing makes it dull. 10.As a new teacher,Susan tried to ________(促进)good feelings between students and her. 答案:1.balance 2.inhabited 3.annual 4.abnormal 5.discouraged 6.minimum 7.emergency 8.privilege 9.absence 10.promote Ⅱ.单项填空 1.The bomb exploded,________ victims in the building. A.trapped B.trapping C.being trapped D.having trapped 解析: 句意: “炸弹爆炸了, 受害者被困在大楼里。 ”现在分词作结果状语, “trap sb. in...”。 答案:B 2.A new cinema ________ here.They hope to finish it next month. A.will be built B.is built C.has been built D.is being built 解析: They hope to finish it next month.一句已表明“新电影院未完工”, 且因 cinema 与 build 之间存在被动关系,所以应用被动语态的进行时形式。 答案:D 3.________made the school proud was ________ more than 90% of the students had been admitted to key universities. A.What;because B.What;that C.That;what D.That;because 解析:what 引导主语从句,在主语从句中作主语;that 引导表语从句,在表语从句中起连 接作用。 答案:B 4.It is ________ that so many young athletes are coming into the team. A.encouraging B.discouraging C.encouraged D.discouraged 解析:由句意推断“如此多的年轻运动员加入进来”应该是“令人鼓舞的”。 答案:A 5.________ in her best clothes,the girl tried to make herself ________ at the party. A.Dressed;noticed B.Dressing;to be noticed C.Get dressed;noticed D.Dressing;noticing 解析:dress 与句子主语 the girl 之间 是被动关系,用过去分词形式作状语;make oneself noticed 意为“使自己被注意”。 答案:A 6.The employee ________ to impress the company with his cleverness and promptness. A.set about B.set out C.set off D.set up 解析:句意为:职员力图给公司留下聪明和敏捷的印象。



答案:B 7.The newcomers found it impossible to ________ themselves to the climate sufficiently to make permanent homes in the new country. A.suit B.adapt C.regulate D.relate 解析:句意为:这些新来者发现,在这个新国家要完全适应这儿的气候以永久定居下来是 不可能的。adapt oneself to 使自己适应;suit(1)合某人意;(2)衣服款式(色彩)适合某人;(3) 使适合于(口味、 兴趣、 工作); regulate v. (用法律)掌管; 控制(机器、 设备); 调节; relate...to 把??联系到一起。 答案:B 8.Does ________ matter if he can’t finish the job on time? A.this B.that C.he D.it 解析:句中的真正主语是 if 引导的从句,it 作形式主语。 答案:D Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.大学课程能够帮助你找到好工作或得到晋级。(promote) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.从未有人踏上过那座孤岛。(set foot on) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.她被困在燃烧着的房子里了。(trap) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.政府将采取限制在城市使用汽车的措施。(discourage) ________________________________________________________________________ 5.这机器是为水下使用而特别改装的。(adapt for) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.A college course can help you find good work or get promoted. 2.Nobody has ever set foot on the lonely island. 3.She was trapped in the burning house. 4.The government will take measures to discourage the use of cars in cities. 5.This machine has been special ly adapted for underwater use. Ⅳ.阅读理解 Now,it’s time for some brief news items. Teens Go Online Some 13 million European children under 18 use the Internet for schoolwork,games and music according to a research done by Nielsen’s “Netrating”.The study covered Britain,Germany, France,Italy and Spain.Experts advised parents to limit the time their kids spend online and keep them away from chat rooms. Chat to the Magic Mum British author J.K. Rowling,mother of the magic boy Harry Potter,will do an Internet interview about her new book Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince on June 26.Before the event, children are invited to send their questions about Harry Potter to the website.The book will hit stores in the US and UK on June 21 and will arrive in China in August. School Soldiers Russian school students will have to do basic military training in their final year of school,the government has decided.The lesson will include learning to fire guns,marching drills and how to deal with a chemical,nuclear or biological attack.The activity is seen as part of a drive toward the education of their love for their country. Orlando,________ Is it hard for you to get up early and get ready for classes?Some students at Winter Park High School just roll out of bed in their pajamas(睡衣)and go to class in their own bedrooms.Of course, their teachers and classmates do not see them because all their classwork is on the computer. The Florida High School The state’s only online school has 250 students who are taking classes at home by




computer.Students in this first online program take classes in algebra,American government, chemistry,computer,economics,and webpage design.They also have to go to regular school to attend other classes. 【解题导语】 本文是一篇新闻报道。文章列举了几个有关学生活动的新闻话题:青少年 上网、和有魔力的妈妈谈话、校园战士、奥兰多的网上学校以及佛罗里达州高中。 【长难句分析】 British author J.K. Rowling,mother of the magic boy Harry Potter,will do an Internet interview about her new book Harry Potter and the HalfBlood Prince on June 26. 该句中的“mother of the magic boy Harry Potter”是对前面主语的进一步说明,作同位语; 谓语部分“do an Internet interview about”意为“就??进行网上见面”。 句意: 英国作家 J.K. 罗琳, 魔法男孩哈里· 波特的“妈妈”, 将于 6 月 26 日与网友见面, 谈论有关她的新书 《哈里· 波 特与混血王子》的情况。 1.In the first news item,which country is NOT covered in the research? A.Britain. B.France. C.Sweden. D.Spain. 解析: 是非选择题。 根据第一段中的“The study covered Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.”可知,文中没有提到 Sweden,所以 C 项为正确答案。 答案:C 2.Why will Russian school students have basic military training? A.To get ready for a military parade. B.To learn to protect themselves. C.To gain some military knowledge. D.To develop their love for the country. 解析: 细节理解题。 结合 School Soldiers 这一部分中的“The activity is seen as part of a drive oward the education of their love for their country.”可知, 政府要求他们进行军训是为了培养 他们的爱国热情。 答案:D

3.The news from Orlando can be given a title “________”. A.Get Up Late B.Online School C.Magical Computers D.No Teachers 解析: 细节理解题。 Orlando , ________ 这一部分中的 “Of course , their teachers and classmates do not see them because all their classwork is on the computer.”说明他们是通过网络 学习的,故其新闻标题为“网上学校”最佳。 答案:B 4.Ab out the Florida High School,which of these statements is true? A.Some of the students have to attend classes at home instead of in the school. B.There are altogether 250 students who take classes in the classrooms. C.As the state’s only online school,it has 250 students who take classes by computer. D.Students can’t take classes in algebra,American government,chemistry,computer and so on. 解析:是非判断题。根据 The Florida High School 这一部分中的“The state’s only online school has 250 students who are taking classes at home by computer.”可知,C 项的意思和文意相 符。 答案:C 5.What is the second news item mainly about? A.J.K. Rowling will have an Internet inter view. B.Children will meet Harry Potter’s mother. C.The Harry Potter book will be available on the Internet. D.The Harry Potter book will arrive in China in early June. 解析: 段意归纳题。 根据标题 Chat to the Magic Mum 及文章的相关内容可知, J.K. Rowling 要进行一次网络访谈。 答案:A





英语脱口秀 怎样用英语来点菜呢?下面我们一起来学习用地道的英语点菜吧。 【常用句型】 *预定餐馆 一般情况下,去饭店之前要预约: 1.A:Hello, this is the Park Restaurant. May I help you? B:I’d like to make a reservation for eight people at 6∶00 tonight. A:How many in your group? B:We are a group of eight./I’d like to reserve a table for eight. A:OK. 2.A:I’m sorry. We are all booked up tonight./I’m sorry. We are quite full tonight. B:How long do we have to wait? 3.I’m sorry, but I have to cancel my reservation. *点菜 1.如果要直接点菜,可以这么说: May I have a menu, please? May I order a glass of beer? What kinds of desserts do you have? I’d like to have some orange. Please give me this one. 2.如果对当地的菜肴不熟悉,通常这么问: What is the speciality of the restaurant? Do you have any special meals today? What would you recommend? I prefer something light. 3.可以让同来的人替你点菜,或者点和别人一样的菜: I will leave it to you. I will have the same as that one. 4. 需要叫菜时,可以这么说: Please take my order. 5.如果不急于点菜时,可以这么说: Could I have a few more minutes? *饭桌上 可以这么评价菜: It smells good./It looks great./This looks delicious./My mouth is watering. It doesn’t taste good. It is spicy./It’s hot./It’s salty./It’s sweet./It’s too greasy./It’s too oily. I’m very fu ll./I couldn’t eat another bite./I have had enough. *付款 可以采用不同的方式来结账: Do you accept/take credit cards? Bill, please./Where should I pay? It’s on me./This is my treat./I’ll pay for it./I’ll treat you. Let’s spilt the bill./Let’s divide the cost./We’d like to pay separately. Keep the change./May I have a receipt(发票), please? 【小试身手】 补全 对话:从 A、B、C 和 D 中选择适当的句子完成对话。 Woman:This is a really expensive place. ________ Man:Don’t worry about that. It’s on me. Waiter:Good afternoon. ________



Man:Just the two of us. Waiter:All right. Follow me please. Here is our menu with the specials listed on the right. I would especially recomme nd the lobster steak. The lobster is very fresh. Woman:I think I will just have the soup and salad, please. Man:What are you talking about? Why don’t we both get two lobster steaks? It sounds great. Waiter, we’d like two lobster steaks. Waite r:Yes, sir.________ Woman:Medium rare, please. Waiter:And you, sir? Man:I will have the same as hers. Waiter:Anything to drink today? Man:Yes. I believe we will have two glasses of your best red wine. Waiter:________ Man:Yes, thank you. A.How would you like your steak done? B.How many people today? C.Very good, would that be all? D.Are you sure you want to eat here? Keys:DBAC 与感恩节有关的英语词汇 Talk Turkey:打开窗户说亮话,严肃谈某事 相传在北美殖民时期,一个白人和一个印第安人去打猎,事先说好了平分打到的猎物。 结果一天下来只打到一只火鸡和一只鹧鸪。白人心里想要火鸡,但又不敢直接说,于是对印 第安人说:“如果你想要火鸡,就拿去吧!鹧鸪虽小一些,味道却很鲜美;如果你喜欢鹧鸪, 我就拿火鸡了。”印第安人一听就明白了,于是针锋相对地说:“你一直讲火鸡,现在让我 也讲讲火鸡吧!”于是 talk turkey 演变成了“打开窗户说亮话,谈正经事,坦诚地说话”的意 思了。如:1.If you are willing to talk turkey, the problem between us can be easily settled.如果你愿 意实实在在地说话,那么我们之间的问题就可以很容易地解决。2.Generally he is an easygoing person, but when it comes to religious belief he talks turkey.一般来说,他是一个随和的人,但一 谈到宗教信仰,他就正经起来。 have a turkey on (one’s) back 喝醉酒 red as turkey cock 气得满面通红 swell like a turkey cock 气势汹汹的发作 Thanksgiving dinner 感恩节正餐 Thanksgiving turkey 感恩节火鸡 中国小吃,外国菜名 中式早点: 烧饼 clay oven rolls;油条 fried bread stick;韭菜盒 fried leek dumplings;水饺 boiled dumplings;蒸饺 steamed dumplings;馒头 steamed buns;饭团 rice and vegetable roll;蛋饼 egg cakes;皮蛋 100year egg;咸鸭蛋 salted duck egg;豆浆 soybean milk 饭类: 稀饭 rice porridge;白饭 plain white rice;油饭 glutinous oil rice;糯米饭 glutinous rice;卤 肉饭 braised pork rice;蛋炒饭 fried rice with egg 面类: 馄钝面 wonton&noodles;刀削面 sliced noodles;麻辣面 spicy hot noodles;麻酱面 sesame paste noodles 汤类: 鱼丸汤 fish ball soup;贡丸汤 meat ball soup;蛋花汤 egg&vegetable soup;紫菜汤 seaweed soup;酸辣汤 hot&sour soup;馄饨汤 wonton soup 大排档趣味英语翻译 烤串成了大家爱吃的街边美味,如果把烤串翻译成英文,还是比较有趣的,如果和你的



国外朋友去吃烤串,不妨参考以下翻译。 肉串 Skewer(lamb) 肉筋 Tendon(lamb) 板筋 Tendon(beef) 脆骨 Cartilage 鸡心 Chicken hearts 烧饼 Griddle savoury cake 小腰 Small kidney(lamb) 馒头片 Crispy bun slices 鸡翅 Chicken wing 大腰子 Big kidney(lamb) 骨肉相连 Cartilage&chicken 传统中文菜名的爆笑英文翻译 语言之间的互译本来就不是容易的事,要再碰上点本国特有的文化,简直有点翻译不通。 直译绝对行不通,意译又导致语义不明确。如何在这两者之间求取一个平衡,就成了非常难 搞定的事儿。想当年的鲁迅先生,虽然文才了得,但在翻译这上头,也做了个不尴不尬。可 见翻译绝非易事啊。 中国的饮食文化堪称一绝,许多烹饪方法与食材都是外国人闻所未闻见所未见的。所以 在菜名的翻译上,常常有笑话产生。前几年称北京旅游局对外发布了一个《中文菜名英文译 法》 ,将大部分的中文菜名英文译法统一起来,在各大饭店推广,以便外国游客能真的看懂看 全。这也算一件好事。具体到每个译法上看,有些菜名的翻译虽然是委屈求全,但要求更好 恐怕也有点强人所难了。毕竟,语言文化上很多精髓都是只可意会不可言传的。 下面就拿一些常见的菜名来看看。 1.直译类,这类比较简单 锅贴 pot sticker(这个翻译非常直接,锅就是锅,贴就是贴) 酸辣汤 hot&sour soup(又辣又酸的汤) 春卷 spring rolls(春天的卷) 柠檬牛肉 lemon beef 炒杂菜 mixed vegetable(混合在一起的菜) 叫化鸡 beggars chicken(乞丐鸡) 四喜丸子 four joy meatballs(四个快乐的肉球) 清蒸鱼 steam fish 火锅 hot pot(热锅) 烤鸭 roasted duck 可以看到以上一些翻译,没有涉及文化内涵,而仅仅涉及制作方法或者口味的,似乎比 较容易成功,而类似“四喜丸子”这样的菜名译法,看起来令 人忍俊不禁。 2.音译类 馄饨 won ton 叉烧 char shiu 炒面 chow mein 捞面 lo mein 炒河粉 chow fun 豆腐 tofu 麻婆豆腐 tofu 从这类翻译中我们可以看出中国文化远走他乡,在异国生根,被异国文化所包容接纳的 一面。 3.曲译类 中国菜名中一些非常有诗意的元素,用英文实在无法体现出来。 白云凤爪 chicken leg(鸡脚) 四宝豆腐羹 steam tofu soup(蒸豆腐汤) 游龙戏凤 chicken, shrimp, squid/mixed vegetable(鸡,虾,鱿鱼,杂菜) 炒素丁 vegetable roll(菜卷子) 鸳鸯馒头 shanghai buns(上海馒头) 雪哈红莲 bird nest red bean soup(鸟窝红豆汤) 百年好合 red bean fresh lily bulb(红豆百合茎) 在以上菜名中,有一些综合了中国历史、戏曲、民俗等方面的内容于一身,用英文根本 无法传递其中复杂的内涵,于是只好用所采用的食材来予以替代。而部分食材例如燕窝,英 文翻译为“鸟窝,鸟巢”,则让人觉得非常难以接受。



其实在翻译菜名的过程中,专家已经将其分别归类,大概可以分为这么几种:第一,以 主料开头。如“lemon beef”。第二,以烹饪方法开头,如“roasted duck”。第三,以口感开 头,如“crispy chicken”。第四,以人名或地名开头,如“ tofu”。 有一些菜名相对于从前的翻译,已经有了很大的进步,一些创造性的译法,也让人感觉 到了一丝幽默。比如“田园素小炒”成了“让素食主义者高兴的菜”。 形影不离的名词词组 1.king and queen 国王和王后 Inside the pyramid are the rooms for the bodies of the kings and queens. 金字塔内是国王和王后的墓室。 2.knife and fork 一副刀叉 My father put down his knife and fork and went out of the dining room. 我父亲放下刀叉,走出餐厅。 3.law and order 治安 It is our duty to maintain law and order.我们的职责是维持治安。 4.lock and key 锁和钥匙 常用于成语 under lock and key,表示安全的地方,在锁着的地方 Gold is so valuable that it is often kept under lock and key. 金子那么宝贵,所以常保存在安全的地方。 5.men and women 男男女女 Both men and women were invited.男男女女都被邀请了。 6.odds and ends 七零八碎 The room is filled with odds and ends.这个房间里充满了零零碎碎的东西。 7.part and parcel 重要部分 Nonalignment is the part and parcel of that country’s foreign policy. 不结盟是那个国家外交政策的重要内容。 8.pen and ink 笔墨,书写工具 The children write with pen and ink.那些孩子用笔墨写字。 双语健康名言 First wealth is he alth. 健康是人生第一财富。——Emerson 爱默生 Happiness lies,first of all,in health. 快乐首先在于有健康的身体。——G.W.Curtis 柯蒂斯 Care killed the cat. 忧伤足以致命。——William Shakespeare 莎士比亚 Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.早睡早起,使人健康、富 有、明智。——Benjamin Franklin 富兰克林 Health is better than wealth. 健康尤胜于财富。——Ray 雷 A healthy mind is in a healthy body. 健全的精神,寓于健全的体格。——Juvenal 朱文奴 One hour’s sleep before midnight is worth three after. 午夜前一小时的睡眠等于午夜后睡三小时。 ——Herbert 赫伯特 Prevention is better than cure. 预防胜于治疗。——Dickens 狄更斯 Sickness is felt,but health not at all. 疾病是可以感觉到的,但健康则完全不觉得。——T.Fuller 富勒 Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year. 健康是这样一个东西,它使你感到现在是一年中最好的时光。——Franklin P. Adams 亚当斯 Cheer fulness is the best promoter of health. 快乐最利于健康。——Thomas Alva Addison 爱迪生



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高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版选修8Module 1

高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版选修8Module 1_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高考...如果练习太难,学习者就可能感到很没信心。 ③ (牛津 P568)His parents tried...


外研版选修八module1重点知识与练习_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Ⅰ.单词...D.not failing 【解析】 B 句意为:我因为没能赴约不得不向斯密斯先生道歉。...


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