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高二英语非谓语动词专项练习 山东 贺成银 一、单项填空。 1.Is _____ possible for us to get a discount if we purchase tickets as a group? A.it B.that C.this D.what 2.The researchers have no other choice but _____ more cautious in the experiment. A.be B.being C.to be D.are 3.I heard the crowd _____ to laugh at the poor man who made a big mistake just now. A.begin B.to begin C.begun D.beginning 4.I didn't know how _____ English until I met you. A.learning B.to learn C.learned D.learn 5.I meant _____ a long letter and tell you all the things I was doing at school. A.to write B.writing C.wrote D.written 6.It took him a day _____ all the mathematics problems. A.solve B.solving C.to solve D.solved 7.Forming good habits to build your body is a choice to reduce the risk of _____. A.infecting B.being infected C.infected D.to be infected 8.Beethoven, the great composer of Austria was said _____ on paying a waiter in a restaurant for a dinner he had not eaten or ever ordered. A.to insist B.to be insisted C.to have insisted D.to have been insisted 9.CDC foretells that there will be more cases and more deaths associated with this new virus in the weeks _____. A.to come B.to have come C.coming D.come 10.Students _____ doctors could learn about the profession by volunteering in a hospital. A.hoping to be B.hoped to be C.hoping being D.hoped to being 11.She hurried home to fetch her bag, only _____ the key was in the locked car. A.find B.finding C.to find D.found 12. _____ in bed for nearly a month, he had a hard time passing the exam. A.Being ill B.Having been ill C.Be ill D.To be ill 13.Factories are not allowed _____ waste water into the lakes and rivers. A.to pour B.pouring

C.pour D.poured 14. All children should be let _____ what they can do alone. A.done B.to do C.do D.doing 15.His mother told him _____ others for food. A.to not ask B.didn't ask C.not to ask D.not asking 16.I did all I could _____ her from _____ by the angry animal. A.to protect; hurting B.protect; hurting C.to protect; being hurt D.protect; being hurt 17.The sinking boat is said _____. A.fixing B.being fixed C.to be fixing D.to be being fixed 18.When you have a good idea, why _____ it with your friends and insist on your belief? A.not shared B.not sharing C.not share D.not to share 19.He is too old _____ high _____ the best fruit. A.not to climb; getting B.not to climb; to get C.to climb; getting D.to climb; to get 20.Whenever I got into trouble, Polly was the first person _____ me. A.helped B.to be helped C.helping D.to help 21.I would rather _____ some fun now than _____ about the future. A.have; to think B.to have; think C.to have; to think D.have; think 22.Your voice must be loud enough _____ by all the people. A.to hear B.to be heard C.be heard D.hearing 23.He pointed out my past mistakes in public, making me _____. A.feel hurt B.feel hurting C.to feel hurt D.feeling hurt 24. _____ new challenges in the future, we students should lose no time to acquire as much knowledge as possible. A.To meet B.So as to meet C.Meet D.Meeting 25.I left my house early and stopped at a store _____ a newspaper. A.to buy B.buying C.buy D.to have bought 26. _____ his expression, he was telling the truth. A.To judge from B.Judged from C.Judging from D.Being judged from 27.I thought this project was worth _____, thought it was cancelled due to a lack of funds. A.supporting B.to be supported C.being supported D.to support

28. _____ with an experienced waitress for a few days, I was allowed to wait tables on my own. A.Worked B.To work C.Having worked D. Working 29.Many people find that jokes _____ on tragic situations are _____. A.basing; boring B.based; boring C.based; bored D.basing; bored 30.I remembered him _____ about chess before. A.talking not B.not talking C.not to talk D.to not talk 二、单句改错。 1.We can do nothing but to wait in the cold wilderness. 2.Disappointing about the examination results, the student sat there in stony silence. 3.Please remember bringing some warm clothes with you, for it is very cold in winter here. 4.The man will keep to try until he succeeds. 5.He thought the young woman wouldn't give him anything eating. 6.Your hair style needs to change. 7.I felt that my duty to leave college and take care of my sick mother. 8.We went fishing and swim almost every day last summer. 9.One day I got on a bus and found myself stood near some foreigners. 10.While climbed the mountain we enjoyed the warm sunshine and the beautiful view in the countryside. 11.Having bitten twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we chained our dog. 12.Every evening after dinner, if not tiring from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. 13.Facing with so much trouble, we failed to complete the task on time. 14.He was busy writing a story, only to stop once in a while to smoke a cigarette. 15.He hasn't found a room to live.


1.要做的最好的事情就是向专家求助。 ______________________________________ 2.他们每天花大约 8 个小时学习。 ______________________________________ 3.对她大叫是没用的,因为她的耳朵聋了。 ______________________________________ 4.他喜欢抽烟,因为抽烟使他感觉放松。 ______________________________________ 5.夫妻俩对于在哪儿过新年展开了争论。 ______________________________________ 6.如果给这些动物更多的自由,它们会生活得更好。 ______________________________________ 7.我害怕地盯着父亲,等待他的惩罚。 ______________________________________ 8.我相信你会请人解决这个问题的。 ______________________________________ 9.我是如此地害怕,结果情不自禁地哭了。 ______________________________________ 10.昨晚我经过你的窗户时听见你在唱歌。 ______________________________________ (摘自《考试报》 ) 《非谓语动词专项练习》 : —、1.A it 在此作形式主语。 2.C 3.A 4.B “特殊疑问词+动词不定式”可作及物 动词的宾语。5.A 6.C it takes sb. ...to do sth.为固定句型,其中 it 为形式主语,动词不 定式短语是真正的主语。 7. infect 与其逻辑主语 you 之间为被动关系且介词后要用 v-ing B 形式。 8.C insist 所表示的动作发生在 was said 之前,insist 与主语 Beethoven 之间是主 动关系。 9.A 动词不定式的一般式作定语表示将要发生的动作。 10.A 11.C 动词不 定式与 only 连用作结果状语, 表示出乎意料的结果。 12.B 13.A 此处为 allow sb. to do sth. 的被动语态。14. 使役动词 let 用在被动语态中时, B 作补语的不定式须带 to。 15.C 16. C I could 后省略了 do,动词不定式在此作目的状语,hurt 与其逻辑主语 her 之间是被动关系。 17.D be said to do sth.意为 “据说??”fix 与 the sinking boat 之间为被动关系。 18. why , C not do sth.为固定用法。19.D 20.D 当名词前有序数词修饰时,其后用不定式作定语, help 和 person 之间为主动关系。 21.D would rather do sth. than do sth.意为“宁可做某事, 也不做某事” 。22.B 此处用动词不定式作目的状语,hear 与 your voice 之间为被动关系。 23.A make sb. do sth.意为“让某人做某事” ,feel hurt 表示“感受到了伤害”,hurt 为过去分词 作表语。 24.A 25. 26. judging from 为固定用法, “根据??来判断” 27.A worth A C 意为 。 后用动名词的主动形式表示被动含义。 28.C 29.B base 与 jokes 之间为被动关系。动 词 bore 的现在分词用来说明事物的特征,其过去分词用来表示人物的心理状态。 30.B 二、1.去掉 to。 2. Disappointing 改为 Disappointed。 3. bringing 改为 to bring。 4.to try 改为 trying。 5. eating 改为 to eat。6. change 改为 changing 或 to be changed。 7. that 改为 it。 8. swim 改为 swimming。 9. stood 改为 standing。 10. climbed 改为 climbing。 11. Having 后加 been。 12. tiring 改为 tired。 13. Facing 改为 Faced 或去掉 with。 14. to stop 改为 stopping。 15. live 后加 in。

三、1. The best thing to do is to ask for help from specialists. 2. They spend about 8 hours (in)studying every day. 3. It is no use shouting out at her because she is deaf. 4. He likes smoking because it makes him feel relaxed. 5.The couple had an argument about where to spend the New Year holiday. 6. Given more freedom, these animals will live better. 7. Staring at my father fearfully, I waited for his punishment. 8. I believe that you will have the problem settled. 9. I was so frightened that I couldn't help crying. 10. I heard you singing, as I walked past your window last night.



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