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第一部分 词汇(教材 P1 –P6 , 红字为正确答案,斜体字也可能是考 点。 ) 1. Since his illness(疾病)he has been very . A. nervous B. irritable(易怒的,急躁的) C. restless

D. uneasy


me to your mother. A. Remember B. Remind

C. extra

D. up

4. You cannot fail to obey it .You can’t to do this. A. refuse(拒绝) B. deny C. resist D. withdraw

8. I didn’t to take a taxi but I had to as I was late. A. assume B. suppose C. mean(打算) D. hope

10. American football and baseball are becoming known to the British public through televised from the United States. A. transfer B. deliveries C. transportation D. transmissions(播送)

13. Operations which left patients and in need of long periods of recovery time now leave them feeling relaxed and comfortable. A. exhausted(筋疲力尽) B. abandoned C. injured D. deserted

15. By law, when one makes a large purchase, he should have opportunity to change his mind. A. accurate B. urgent C. excessive D. adequate(足够的)

16. In Britain people four million tons of potatoes every year. A. swallow B. dispose C. consume(消耗) D. exhaust

18. The computer revolution may well change society as as did the Industrial Revolution. A. certainly B. insignificantly C. fundamentally(从根本上) D. comparatively


20. I wish you would give me a more detailed of you trip. A. account(记述) B. advance C. accuse D. count

22. It will take us twenty minutes to go to the railway station, delays. A. acknowledging B. affording C. allowing for(允许) D. accounting for


25. We have been hearing accounts of your work. A. favored B. favorable(称赞的) C. favorite

D. favoring

27. When traveling, you are advised to take travellers’ checks, which provide a secure to carrying your money in cash. A. substitute B. selection C. preference D. alternative(替代的)

29. Changing from solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near it, and this produces artificial cold surrounding it. A. absorption(吸收) B. transition C. consumption D. interaction

30. I didn’t say anything like that at all. You are purposely my ideas to prove your point. A. revising B. contradicting C. distorting(歪曲) D. distracting

31. Those gifts of rare books that were given to us were deeply . A. appreciated(感激的) B. approved C. appealed D. applied

33. Mr. Brown gradually A. required B. inquired

a knowledge of the subject. C. achieved D. acquired

(获得的) 译文:


35. The violent of his youth reappeared and was directed not only at the army but at his wife as well. A. impatience B. character C. temper(脾气) D. quality

36. It is said that the math teacher seems towards bright students. A. partial(偏袒的) B. beneficial C. preferable D. liable

40. I suggested he should himself to his new conditions. adapt(适应) B. adopt(采纳) C. regulate D. suit


第二部分 完形填空(红字为正确答案,下划线部分也可能是考点。 ) 第 1 篇(教材 P6-P7) You wake up in the morning, the day is beautiful and the plans for the day are what you have been looking forward to for a long time. Then the phone rings, you say hello, and the drama starts. The person on the other end has a depressing tone in his voice as he starts to tell you how terrible his morning is and that there is nothing to look forward to. Are you still in a wonderful mood? Impossible! Communicating with negative people can wash out your happiness. It may not change what you think, but doing this long enough with them will make you feel depressed for a moment or a long time. Life brings ups and downs, but some people are stuck in the wrong idea that life has no happiness to offer. They only feel glad when they make others feel bad . No wonder they can hardly win others’ pity or respect. When you communicate with positive people, your spirit stays happy and therefore more positive things are attracted. When the dagger of a negative person is put in you, you feel the heavy feeling that brings you down. Sometimes we have no choice but to communicate with negative people .This could be a co-worker, or a relative. In this case, say what needs to be said as little as possible. Some times it feels good to let out your anger back to the negative person, but all this does is to lower you to that same negative level and they won’t feel ashamed of themselves about that. Negativity often affects happiness without even being realized. The negative words of another at the start of the day can attach to you throughout the rest of your day, which makes you feel bad and steals your happiness. Life is too short to feel negative. Stay positive and avoid negativity as much

as possible.
译文: 当你早晨醒来, 你一直期待很久的美丽的一天计划就要开始了。 这时电话响了, 你说 hello, 然后是戏剧性的开始:一个人在另一端,用他令人沮丧的声调告诉你他可怕的早晨生活,任何 事情都没什么值得期待的。此时的你仍能保持当初那美妙的心情吗?不可能! 与消极的人交流可以把你的幸福感一扫而光,它虽然不会改变你的想法,但这样长此以往, 他们会让你感觉到沮丧一会儿或很长时间。 人生跌宕起伏,但有些人被困在了错误的观念,生活没有幸福可言。当他们让别人感觉不 好时,他们就会很高兴,难怪他们无法赢得别人的同情和尊重。 当你与积极的人交流,你的精神会快乐,因此被积极的事物所吸引。当你与一个消极的人 交流,你就会有沉重的感觉。有时我们不得不与消极的人交流,他可能是你的同事,或是你的 亲戚,在这种情况下,你要尽可能少说话。当你明明感觉很好时却被这种人影响,你会将愤怒 发泄到消极的人身上,但是这么做只是降低你的水准,却并不会让他们感到羞愧。 消极的情绪常常影响幸福的实现。 从新的一天开始, 负面情绪就可以影响到你一天的休息, 这使你感觉糟糕,偷走你的快乐。生命太短暂了,要保持积极的态度,尽可能多的避免消极。

第 3 篇(教材 P9-P10) For many people today, reading is no longer relaxation. To keep up their work they must read letters, reports, trade publications, interoffice communications, not to mention newspapers and magazines: a never-ending flood of words. In getting a job or advancing in one, the ability comprehend quickly can mean the difference between success and failure. Yet the unfortunate fact is that most of us are poor readers. Most of us develop poor reading habits at an early age, and never get over them. The main deficiency lies in the actual stuff of language itself-words. Taken individually, words have little meaning until they are strung together into phrased, sentences and paragraphs. Unfortunately, however, the untrained reader does not read groups of words. He laboriously reads one word at a time, often regressing to reread words or passages. Regression, the tendency to look back over what you have just read, is a common bad habit in reading. Another habit which slows down the speed of reading is vocalization – sounding each word either orally or mentally as one reads. To overcome these bad habits, some reading clinics use a device called an accelerator, which moves a bar (or curtain) down the page at a predetermined speed. The bar is set at a slightly faster rate than the reader

finds comfortable, in order to “stretch” him. The accelerator forces the reader to read fast, making word-by-word reading, regression and subvocalization, practically impossible. At first comprehension is sacrificed for speed. But when you learn to read ideas and concepts, you will not only read faster, but your comprehension will improve. Many people have found their reading skill drastically improved after some training. Take Charlce Au, a business manager, for instance, his reading rate was a reasonably good 172 words a minute before the training, now it is an excellent 1378 words a minute. He is delighted that how he can get through a lot more reading material in a short period of time.
译文:对于现在的人来说,阅读已不再是一种放松的方式了。整日忙碌在书信、报告、商业出 版物、部门文件之间,人们已无暇顾及报纸杂志这些有大量语言涌入的介质。虽然阅读和快速 理解的能力在求职应聘中起着至关重要的作用,但不幸的是我们都是阅读能力匮乏的阅读者。 我们的绝大多数已经形成了不好的阅读习惯,而我们又无法去改变它们。最主要的缺陷存在于 语言自身的组成要素——单词。单独展开来讲,单词在没有组成短语、句子、段落的时候自身 有很少的含义。而不幸的是,没有经过专业训练的阅读者很少会读一组词。他们通常每次只读 一个词,并且经常重读。重读这种返回去读刚刚读过的内容的方式是阅读中一种最常见的不良 习惯。另一种不良习惯是唱读,即在阅读时放慢阅读的速度,不仅在口头上而且在内心里把单 词逐个分开来读。 为了客服这些不良习惯,一些阅读机构使用了一种称为加速器的手段。采用这种方式会将 页面的滚动条(或屏幕)以预先设置好的速度向下翻页。设置好的滚动条的翻页速度比阅读者 感觉舒服的阅读速度要稍快一些。从而会“拽”着阅读者。加速器强迫阅读者进行快速阅读做 词语连接的阅读并使得复读、默读在现实变得不可能。初始阶段,对文章的理解会因为速度而 牺牲掉,但是当你学着去读想法和概念,你不仅会读得很快,而且理解力也会有所改善。人们 发现进行阅读教学的成效会比其他的教学来得慢。以 Charlce Au 商业经理为例,他训练前的阅 读速度是对于常人比较好的每分钟读 172 个单词,而现在的他非常优秀每分钟可读 1378 个单 词。为此他非常高兴,因为在较短的时间内,他可以阅读很多的阅读材料。

第 5 篇(教材 P12-P13) In a telephone survey of more than 2000 adults, 21% said they believed the sun revolved(旋转) around the earth. An additional 7% did not know which revolved around which. I have no doubt that virtually all of these people were taught in school that the earth revolves around the sun; they

may even have written it on at test. But they never altered their incorrect mental models of planetary( 行 星 的 ) motion because their every day observations didn’t support what their teachers told them: People see the sun moving across the sky as morning turns to night , and the earth seems stationary(静止的) while that is happening. Students can learn the right answers by heart in class, and yet never combined them with their working models of the world. The objectively correct answer the professor accepts and the student’s personal understanding of the world can exist side by side, each unaffected by the other .Outside of class, the student continues to use the personal model because it has always worked well in that circumstance. Unless professors address specific errors in students’personal models of the world, students are not likely to replace them with the correct one.
译文:在一个超过 2000 人的电话调查中,21%的人说他们相信太阳围绕地球旋转,另外的 7% 的人不知道谁围绕谁转。我毫不怀疑,几乎所有这些人都曾在学校中学到的是地球围绕太阳转, 他们甚至把它写在考试中。但他们不会改变他们不正确的想象中的行星运转模式,因为他们每 天的观察都不支持老师告诉他们的理论:人们看到太阳在天空移动,早晨变成夜晚,和地球似 乎是静止的这个现象。学生能在课堂上用心的把这个正确答案记下来,然而从不会把这些答案 和世界的运转模式联系起来。教授所接受的客观正确的答案和学生的个人理解可以并存,双方 互不受影响。在课堂外,学生继续使用个人的观点,因为它总是在起作用。除非教授逐个具体 的纠正学生的错误观点,否则学生不可能取代他们的观点。

第 7 篇(教材 P15-P16) May Day came and I had three days off. After I finished my homework, I stayed at home with nothing to do. Just them my father came with a worried look on his face. He said he bought a new kind of medicine but couldn’t understand its English instruction. So he asked me to put the instruction into Chinese. I thought it would be better than playing computer games all day, so I accepted the work happily. I promised (许诺) to finish it in an hour and started the work on the computer. But soon I found it was hard to keep the promise. In May the weather was very beautiful, but I couldn’t go out . The tiring instruction was still waiting for me. After translating only a few words, I already lost interest in it. There were so many new words in the instruction in the instruction! How I wished I could go out and play football with my

friends! I counted the words again and again. I just wanted to give up. I felt as if two people were fighting in my mind. One said, “Don’t give up! Keep working hard, and you will do well.” But them the other said, “Go and play! It will be more fun than translating. Do your work tomorrow.” I stood up and would turn off the computer. But them I remembered what my teacher had told me, “Whatever you do, don’t stop halfway”. So I sat down and went on with it.
译文:五一节来了,我有三天假。我做完作业后,我呆在家里无所事事。这时我父亲脸上 带着愁容。他说他买了一种新的药物但是不理解它的英语说明。所以他要求我把说明翻译成中 文。我认为这要比整天玩电脑游戏强多了,所以我接受了快乐工作。我答应(许诺)在一个小 时内完成它,开始在电脑上工作。但很快,我发现很难遵守诺言。 五月的天气是很漂亮,但我不能出去。累人的翻译仍在等待我。翻译了只有几句话,我就 对它失去了兴趣。要翻译如此多的新单词!我多么希望我能出去和我的朋友踢足球啊! 我翻译一次又一次那个说明,我真想放弃。我觉得有两个人都在我的脑海中战斗。一个说 “不要放弃!继续努力,你会做得很好。 ” 但另一个说, “去玩!这将比翻译更有趣,明天在做 吧。“我站了起来,想关闭计算机。但我记得我的老师曾告诉我,“无论你做什么,不要半途而 废”,所以我重新坐下来继续翻译下去。

第三部分 语法 (红字为正确答案,斜体字也可能是考点。 ) 一、时态题 P33-P37: 1. We your terms carefully but to say that we cannot accept them. (现在完成时) A. are studying…regret B. have studied… are regretting C. have studied…regret D. have been studying…have regretted
译文: 我们把你的条款仔细读了,但很遗憾的说我们不能接受它们。

4. According to the timetable, the train for Shanghai at seven o’clock in the evening. (一般现在时) A. leaves B. has left C. was left D. will leave
译文: 按照时间表,去上海的火车今天晚上 7 点出发。

6. Mr. Harris said that he

to the supermarket before going home. (过去 C. would go D. is to go

A. will go

B. had gone

译文: Harris 先生说他在回家之前要去超市。

8. You

the difficulties when I finish telling you the whole story. B. will have seen C. will see D. see


A. will be seen

译文: 当我把全部情况都告诉你,你就会看到困难。

11. I a radio talk on Shakespeare when my uncle came home and started shouting at the top of his voice. (过去进行时) A. was hearing B. heard C. was listening to D. listened to
译文: 当我叔叔回家大声喊叫的时候,我正在听电台莎士比亚全集。

16. She reminded me that Bangkok the capital of Thailand. (一般现在时) A. is B. was C. had been D. have been

19. They believed that by using computers the production of their factory . (过去将来时) A. will already increase B. would greatly increase C. would be increased greatly D. will have been greatly

20. You won’t know if it fits you before you A. will try B. are trying C. try

it on. (一般将来时) D. have tried

22. As my mother

here before, I went to meet her at the railway station. B. has never been D. never was

A. had never been C. had been never

译文: 由于我的妈妈没有来过这儿,所以我去火车站接她。

23. Our team every match so far this year, but we still have three more games to play. (现在完成时) A. was winning B. has won C. had won D. wins
译文: 迄今为止,我们队每一场比赛都赢了,但是我们仍有三场以上的比赛要比。

28. No sooner had he sat down than the telephone . (过去完成时) A. rings B. was ringing C. rang D. hand rung
译文: 他刚一坐下来,电话就响了。

30. Mr. James

a city bus for over twenty-five years before retirement. B. drove C. has driven D. drives

A. is driving

译文: 詹姆斯先生在退休之前开了 25 年公交车。

二、被动语态 / 三、比较级、最高级 P45-P48: 1. ---Are you feeling ? ---Yes, I’m fine now. A. any well B. any better C. quite good D. quite better
译文:你感觉好些了吗? 是的,我现在好多了。

2. The experiment was easier than we had expected. A. more B. much more C. much D. more much

3. If there were no examinations, we should have at school. A. the happiest time B. amore happier time C. much happiest time D. a much happier time

4. This year they have produced grain they did last year. A. more bad B. a little worse C. much badly D. a lot of worse

10.This year they have produced grain as less; as B. as few; as C. less; than

they did last year. D. fewer; than


11. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced —— tractors in 1988 as the year before. A. as twice many B. as many twice C. twice as many D. twice many as
译文:自从新技术被引进以后,该厂生产的拖拉机是 1988 年前产量的两倍。

13. Which is A. good

season in Beijing? –I think it’s autumn. B. better C. best D. the best


15. Which do you like , coffee, tea or milk? A. the worst B. worse C. the worse D. worst

18. Diamond A. is found

in Brazil in 1971. B. has been found C. was found D. had been found

译文:钻石是于 1971 在巴西发现的。

20. My pictures until next Friday. A. won’t develop B. aren’t developed C. don’t develop D. won’t be developed

22. A great number of colleges and universities A. has been establish B. have been established C. have established D. had been established
译文:许多学院和大学都成立于 1949 年。

since 1949.

23. I’ll have to push the car to the side of the road because we leave it here. A. would be fined B. will be fined C. will being fined D. will have been fined

if we

四、非谓语动词 P55-58 2. There is no point about the poor living condition here. A. in complaining B. to complain C. of complaining D. complain
译文: 这里没有一点让人抱怨生活条件差的情况。

5. Is there any hope of the first prize? A. John to win B. John win C. winning John

D. John’s winning

7. The law-breakers deserve most severely. A. to be punished B. punishing C. smoking D. to smoking

12. , the negotiation went further on. A. With the first point agreeing on B. With the first point agreed on C. With the first point to agree on D. With agreeing on the first point

14. money, I decided to apply for the work. A. Short of B. Having been short of C. To be short of D. Being short of

17. His remarks left me A. wondered B. wonder

about his real purpose. C. to wonder D. wondering


22. He’s A. nervous

because he has won the prize. B. excited C. exciting D. to be exciting


23. adequate preparations, the scientists failed to clone Human Beings. A. Having not made B. Having made not C. Not having made D. Not making

25. , we started looking for work. A. All the money being spent B. All the money having been spent C. All the money spent D. Spending all the money

五、动名词 P70-72 1. If carefully ,the experiment will be successful. A. do B. does C. done D. doing

2. The research is so designed that once nothing can be done to change it. A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun

3. Mrs Brown was much disappointed to see that the washing machine she had went wrong again. A. it B. it repaired C. repaired D. to be repaired

7. I still remember to the Famen Temple and what I saw there. A. to take B. to be taken C. taking D. being taken

9. I couldn’t do my homework with all the noise . A. going on B. goes on C. went on D. to go on

10. You should understand the traffic rule by now. You ’ve had it enough.


A. explaining

B. to explain

C. explain

D. explained


11. While watching television, A. the doorbell rang C. we heard the doorbell ring

. B. the doorbell rings D. we heard the doorbell rings


12. It’s necessary to be prepared for job interviews the answers ready will be of great help. A. to have had B. having had C. have D. having

14. in a whit uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed

17. many times, he still didn’t understand it. A. Having been told B. Though to be told C. Having told D. He was told

19. I found I could easily make myself by using sign language. A. understood B. understand C. to understand D. being understood

20. I am looking forward to you. A. hear from B. hearing from C. heard from D. being heard from

六、主语、宾语、表语从句 P84-87 1. caused the accident is not known. (主从) A. That B. When C. Where D. What

3. fashion differs from country to country may reflect the cultural differences from one aspect.(主从) A. What B. That C. This D. Which

5. It is pretty well understood

controls the flow of carbon dioxide in

and out the atmosphere today. A. that B. when C. what D. How

7. surprised me most was that such a little boy of seven could play the violin so well. A. That B. What C. Where D. When

8. Tom will attend the assembly is not known yet. A. Whenever B. If C. Whether D. That

9. the boy didn’t take medicine made his mother angry. A. That B. What C. How D. Which

11. Some of my friends are interested in science, but none of them can tell .(宾从) A. when UFOs will appear next time B. why do horses know the way C. where was this kind of plant found D. how do elephants communicate

13. He wanted to know A. when will we have C. when would we have

the English party. (宾从) B. when we will have D. when we would have


15. Did Mrs. King leave a message? Yes. She wanted to know this Sunday. (宾从) A. who you would go shopping B. if you would go shopping with her C. that you will go shopping D. when will you go shopping with her
译文:王太太留口信了吗? 是的。她想知道你是否想在这个星期日跟她一起去购物。

19. Could you please tell me ? (宾从) Bus No.32 will take you right there. A. where is Henan Museum B. what Henan Museum is like C. how can I get to Henan Museum D. which bus I shall take to Henan Museum.
译文:你能告诉我哪辆车能去河南博物馆吗? 公交 32 路会带你到那里。

20. The traditional view is we sleep because our brain is “programmed ”to make us do so. (表从) A. when B. why C. whether D. that

七、定语、同位语从句 P97-100 2. I’m going to visit the school ago. (定从) A. where B. that C. which

my mother taught physics ten years D. what

3. In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person they could turn for help. A. whom B. who C. to whom D. from whom

6. The retiring teacher made a speech gift. A. which B. of which C. in which

she thanked the class for the D. that


8. Is this the factory A. that B. which

color TV sets are produced? C. in which D. in that made me very


9. Mother bought me a dictionary on my birthday, happy. A. what B. that C. who D. which

11. It was twelve o’clock

they finished the work.

A. since

B. which

C. that

D. when he spent his

译文:当他们完成工作已经 12 点了。

14. It was at the school childhood. A. which; that C. that; where

was named after a hero B. where; where D. which; where


15. Look at the watch. Don’t you see it is watch other day? A. as the same; as B. the same; as C. the same; which D. as the same; that

Helen lost the

17. The weather turned out to be very good, expect. A. what B. which C. that D. it

was more than we could

21. It is said that more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. This is the information has been put forward. A. what B. that C. when D. as

25. The order the prisoner be set free arrived too late. (同位语从) A. which B. whether C. that D. what

八、状语从句 P117-121 3. Why do you want a new job you’ve got such a good one already? A. that B. where C. which D. when

5. you’ve got a chance, you might as well make full use of it. A. Now that 既然 B. After C. Although D. As soon as

7. We’ll have to find the job, A. long it takes however

. B. it takes however long

C. long however it takes

D. however long it takes I

8. Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up could answer the phone. A. as B. since C. until D. before

12. The men will have to wait all day the doctor works faster. A. if B. unless C. where D. that

14. can you expect to get a pay rise. A. With a hard work B. although work hard C. Only with hard work D. Now that he works hard

15. John shut everybody out of his kitchen he could prepare his grand surprise for the party. A. which B. when C. so that D. as if

18. A good storyteller must be able to hold his listeners ’ curiosity reaches the end of the story. A. when B. unless C. after D. until


20. Sally worked late in the evening to finish her report read it first thing next morning. A. so that B. because C. before D. or else 26. You can eat food free in my restaurant A. whenever B. wherever C. whatever

her boss could


you like. D. however

27. Roses need special care A. because B. so that

they can live through winter. C. even if D. as


29. Several weeks had gone by I realized the painting was missing. A. as B. before C. since D. when


九、虚拟语气 P133-136 1. “I still haven’t thanked Aunt Lucy for her present.” “It’s time you .” A. do B. did C. had D. would
译文: “我还没感谢露西阿姨送的礼物。 ” “你应该这么做。 ”

3. It has been raining for a day, but even though it hadn’t rained, we by tomorrow. A. can’t get B. won’t get C. hadn’t got D. wouldn’t get


7. Why didn’t you go to yesterday’s meeting? I would have but I too busy working on the important experiment. A. had been B. was C. were D. am
译文:你为什么不去昨天的会议? 我本来要去,但是我正忙着做一个重要的实验。

9. The workers will go on strike if the demands they turned down. A. could B. would C. 不填 D. had

put forward are

11. Had the weather been good, the children out for a walk. A. had gone B. could have gone C. would go D. went

13. It’s desired that she to teach us at least twice a week. A. comes B. will come C. come D. may come

17. your address, I would have written to you. A. Did I know B. Were I to know C. Had I known D. If I should know

18. Don’t you think it is time you smoking? A. give up B. gave up C. would give up D. should give up

20. There was plenty of time. She . A. mustn’t have hurried B. couldn’t have hurried C. must not hurry D. needn’t have hurried

十、倒装 P141-144 1. Never in my life such a thing. A. I have heard of or seen B. I had heard of or seen C. have I heard of or seen D. did I hear of or seen

2. Seldom TV during the day. A. they watch B. are they watching C. have they watched D. do they watch

8. and caught the mouse. A. Up the cat jumped B. The cat up jumped C. Up jumped the cat D. Jumped up the cat

12. Never A. have I seen

such a wonderful place as Hangzhou. B. I have seen C. Had I seen D. I had seen


14. Little that she was seriously ill herself. A. Susan knew B. did Susan know C. knew Susan D. was Susan known

19. Now A. there is 20. Hardly A. did I reach

your turn to recite the text. B. has come C. comes

D. will come


the railway station when the train started. B. had I reached C. I reached D. I had reached


22. Rarely such a silly thing. A. have I heard of B. I have heard of

C. hear I of 23. A. Did

D. was I heard of


the rain stop, the crops would be saved. B. Should C. Would D. Will Professor Wang. D. Neither did


26. Albert Einstein cared little for money. A. Either did B. So was C. So did

30. he realized it was too late to return home. A. No sooner it grew dark than B. Hardly did it grow dark when C. It was not until dark that D. It was until dark that

十一、汉译英 1、她胆小的都不敢和街坊说话,更不用说面对全班发言了。 She was too shy to speak to her neighbors, still less speak to the whole class. 2、我们当代文明承认的目标就是追求舒适和物质享受:每天工作的时间越来越短;
每周工作日越来越少;以少的成就换取多的报酬,姑息宽容的理由越多,正当而实 际的要求就越少。

The aims of our present-day culture are avowedly ease and material well being: shorter hours; a shorter week; more return for less accomplishment; more soft-soap excuses and fewer honest, realistic demands. 3、多数问题已圆满解决,只剩下几个次要问题有待讨论。 Most of the questions have been settled satisfactorily, and only a few questions of secondary importance remain to be discussed. 4、因为石油深埋在地下,靠研究地面,不能确定石油的有无。 As oil is found deep in the ground its presence cannot be determined by a study of the surface. 5、据说在吉米.卡特当选总统后不久,他的顾问就建议应当降低税收,扩大政府开

Shortly after Jimmy Carter ’s election as President, his advisers were reported as recommending lower taxes and higher government spending. 6、法国崩溃之后,德国陆军大大超过英国,空军力量旗鼓相当,海军则处于劣势。 After the fall of France, Germany was in comparably stronger than England on the ground, about equally matched in the air, and gravely inferior at sea. 7、激光的妙处就在于它能进行机械加工而不必实际接触所加工的材料。 The beauty of lasers is that they can do machining without ever physically touching the material. 8、我们相信,年轻一代将不会辜负我们的信任。 We believe that the young generation will prove worthy of our trust. 9、各级预算都要量入为出,一是吃饭,二是建设。 In preparing their budgets, governments at all levels should make sure that they can make both ends meet and that budgeted expenditures cover both material and construction costs. 10、实现了上述目标,中国的综合国力和人民生活水平都将再上一个大台阶。 Fulfillment of the aforementioned goals will yield substantial progress in expanding China’s comprehensive national strength and improving the living standards of her people. 11、必须始终不渝地坚持两手抓,两手都要硬的方针,加强精神文明建设。 We must unswervingly give equal importance to economic development on one hand and to the development of socialist culture and ideology on the other hand. 12、听众的眼神可以表明,演说过于拖沓,演说者在某一点上讲的太多,或者在某

Visual cues from members can indicate that a speech is dragging, that the speaker is dwelling on a particular point for too long, or that a particular point requires further explanation.


But art history focuses on much more than this because art reflects not only the political values of apeople, but also religious beliefs, emotions, and psychology. 14、如果世界经济真的以 5 倍于现有的速度在增长,那么原材料的储备是否能充分

It remains to be seen whether the reserves of raw materials would be sufficient to supply world economy which would have grown by 500 percent. 15、第二个方面是全体社会成员(从政府官员到普通公民)都使用科学家们在工作

The second aspect is the application by all members of society from the government official to the ordinary citizen, of the special methods of thought and action that scientists use in their work. 16、一种普遍为人们接受的观点是,猛然的惊吓会止住一阵讨厌的打嗝,但许多人

One widely held belief is that a sharp fright will end a troublesome bout of hiccups, but many people prefer just waiting for them to go away as the “cure” is often worse than the ailment itself. 17、这种理论的核心是我们的环境同我们的才能、性格特征和行为即使有什么关系

That our environment had little, if anything, to do with our abilities, characteristics and behavior is central to this theory. 18、下面的事实是我增强了信心,敌人吹嘘几个小时后就能占领战略要地;敌人甚

And I take heart from the fact that the enemy, which boasts that it can occupy the strategic point in a couple of hours, has not yet been able to take even the outlying regions, because of the stiff resistance that gets in the way. 19、能量是生态系统的货币,只有当食物变成能量,能量再用来获取更多的食物以

Energy is the currency of the ecological system and life becomes possible only when food is converted into energy which in turn is used to seek more food to grow, to reproduce and to survive. 20、一朵庞大的烟云随着一轮巨日从地面升起。它起初是个巨大的圆柱,很快形成

A great cloud rose from the ground and followed the trail of the great sun. At first it was a giant column, which soon took the shape of a supramundane mushroom. For a feeling instant it took the form of the Statue of Liberty magnified many times.



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