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【金榜新学案】人教必修2同步辅导与检测Unit 2 The Olympic Games【第三学时

The Olympic Games

第三学时 Using Language Reading, listening and speaking

Task 1 仔细阅读课文The story of Atlanta写出文章的段落大 意。 温馨提示:本文是记叙文,写摘要时要扣住人物、 事件、结果等要素。 Atlanta, a Greek pr

incess, said she would marry a man running as fast as she and kill him if he failed. Some men killed, Hippomenes went to ask the Greek Goddess of Love to help him win the race.

Task 2 仔细阅读课文The story of Atlanta,选择正确答案。

1.From the passage. we can learn that Atlanta________. (
A.was an American beautiful girl B.could run the fastest in Greece C.was a very determined girl D.could do anything her father wanted



2.Atlanta had to make a bargain with her father because she________. ( B ) A.wanted to marry the man she liked best

B.wanted to run and win glory
C.could run faster than others D.wanted to show her strength 3.From the second paragraph we can learn that____.( B ) A.nobody wanted to marry the princess

B.many men wanted to marry the beautiful girl
C.the man who wanted to compete with her were foolish D.Hippomenes also felt hopeless in marrying Atlanta

4.What does the word “bargain” in the first paragraph mean? ( C ) A.A thing brought for less than the usual price.

C.An agreement between two. D.Conditions. 5.According to the Greek Goddess of Love,we can infer that________. ( B ) A.Hippomenes was so clever B.Hippomenes could at last win the race C.Atlanta could fall in love with Hippomenes D.Hippomenes won without the apples

Part A Role Play 情景: Lisa 向Bob询问古希腊公主Atlanta的跑步招亲 的故事。 角色:Lisa and Bob 任务:请你和你的朋友分别扮演一个角色,根据中文 提示提出问题,然后根据课文内容互相问答问题。 仔细阅读The story of Atlanta, 回答下列问题: Q1. 阿特兰大是什么人? _______________________________________________ _________________________

Q2. 她擅长做什么? _______________________________________ Q3: 她想怎样选亲? ______________________________________

Q4: 她为什么要杀掉那些跑得不如她快的男人?
_______________________________________ Q5: Hippomenes会赢得比赛吗? 为什么? _____________________________________

Part A Q1. Who was Atlanta?

A1: She was a Greek princess.
Q2: What was she good at? A2: She was good at running. Nobody in Greece could run faster than her. Q3: How did she decide to choose her husband?

A3: She decided to marry a man who could run as fast as she. But if the man could not run so fast, she would kill him.

Q4:Why did she want to kill those who couldn’t run as fast as her? A4: She was so angry that she could not run in the Olympics and she wanted to make as many men as she could share her pain.

Q5: Could Hippomenes win Atlanta? Why?
A5: Yes. It was likely that he would win the race because he asked for help from the Greek Goddess of Love. The Greek Goddess of Love gave him three golden apples to attract Atlanta’s attention and make her slow down.

Part B Retelling 请用自己的话复述课文, 你可以参照上述问题及其 答案。 关键词: be good at擅长 marry 嫁, 娶, 结婚

ask for help求助 Greek Goddess of Love 爱神

______________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________

Part B Atlanta, a Greek princess, was good at running. Nobody in Greece could run faster than her, but she could not run in the Olympics. So she was very angry and got an idea that she wanted to marry a man who could run faster than her but if he failed he would be killed. Many people ran the race and were killed because they couldn’t resist her beauty. Then to win the race, Hippomenes asked for help from the Greek Goddess of Love, who gave him three golden apples to attract Atlanta’s attention and make her slow down.

1. But she was not allowed to run and win glory for herself in the Olympic Games.(P14)

词语链接 glory n. 光荣, 荣誉, 桂冠 glorious adj.光荣的,荣耀的,辉煌的 win glory for sb. 为……赢得荣誉

即学即练 选用上述词语填空。 (1)I do all the work and he gets all the________. (2)They had three weeks of_______ sunshine. (3)He made up his mind_______ his country. (1)glory (2)glorious (3)to win glory for

2....so Atlanta made a bargain with him. 于是阿特兰大与他讨价还价。

bargain n. 协议(特别指有交换条件者);廉价货,便宜 东西(可数) bargain v. 讨价还价,商讨条件 bargain with sb. over/for sth.

make a bargain with sb. 和某人讨价还价, 达成协议

strike a bargain=reach an agreement 达成协议

即学即练 完成下列句子。 (1)He________(与妻子讨价还价): “You cook and I’ll wash up.” (2)The businessman________(正和主人讨价还价) over the price of the horse. (3)Finally the two companies________(达成了协议). (4)Sometimes you pick up wonderful________(便宜货) in these markets. (1)made a bargain with his wife (2)was bargaining with the owner (3)struck a bargain (4)bargains

3.She promised to help him and give him three apples. (P14)

女神答应帮助他, 并给了他三个苹果。
词语链接 promise n. & v. 答应, 许诺, 诺言

promising adj. 有希望的, 有前途的
promise to do sth. 答应做某事 make a promise 许下诺言 keep one’s promise 实践诺言 break one’s promise 言而无信,不守诺言

即学即练 选用上述词语完成句子。

(1) 妈妈答应我,只要我考试及格了,就给我买辆新单
车。 My mother___________ if I passed the exam. (2) 没人相信他,因为他总是言而无信。 No one believes him because he always________. (1)promised to buy me a new bike (2)breaks his promise

4.Do you think Hippomenes deserved to win the race? 你认为希波墨涅斯应该赢得这场赛跑吗? 词语链接 deserve vt. 值得,应当(受到) deserve to do sth. 值得做某事

deserve doing/deserve to be done 某事值得(被)做

即学即练 完成下列句子。 (1)她积极努力,应受到奖赏。 She________ for her efforts. (2)她应该会成功因为她是最棒的。 She______ because she was the best. (3)他罪有应得。He ________ to be punished. (4)你的建议值得考虑。

Your suggestion deserves________.
(1)deserves a reward (3)deserves (2)deserved to succeed (4)to be considered/ considering

1.He caused his parents a great deal of________(痛苦). 2.While doing shopping,I wasn't prepared to______(讨 价还价). 3.I've never heard anything so________(愚蠢的)in all my life.

4.As a child he dreamt of future________(荣耀)as an Olympic champion.
5.We tried to stop the flames from spreading,but we knew it was________(无望的). 1.pain 2.bargain 3.foolish 4.glory 5.hopeless


Everybody said Jane was a (1)________girl. She was good at singing and dancing and she also did well in all her subjects. We liked her because she always (2)________. So once she (3) ________ to do something, she would do it well. If I was not mistaken, she never (4)________. (1)promising (2)kept her promise

(3)made a promise/promised (4)broke her promise

三、 在下列空格中填入恰当的介词、副词、或连词。
1.“You must follow the rules________ go away”, the boss said loudly.

2.I live in______ you rich people call a hut,________I think I live a happy life.
3.He often tells lies. That’s ________I want to dismiss him. 4.As we know, both the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics are held________ four years. 1.or 2.what, but 3.why 4.every

5.________a matter of fact, many countries want to host the Olympics.
6.It was in a secondhand bookstore______ I got this valuable book. 7.Apart______ playing football, I also like table tennis very much. 8.He failed again______ he tried his best to win the race.


6.that 7.from



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