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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料 课时作业(新课标专用)Book4 Unit2 Word版含解析

Unit 2

Working the land

Ⅰ.单项填空(建议用时 8′) 1.The boy lay on his back,his teeth ________ and his glaring eyes ________. (2011· 烟台调研) A.set;looked B.set;looking C.setting;loo

ked D.setting;looking 2.People are struggling________ pollution. A.for B.against C.to D.on 3.It is often said that ________ teachers have ________ very easy life. A./;/ B./;a C.the;/ D.the;a 4.—May I open the window to let in some fresh air? —________ A.Come on. B.Take care. C.Go ahead! D.Hold on! 5.He expanded________ his new theory. A.in B.into C.about D.on 6. Susan wanted to be independent from her parents.She tried ________ alone, but she didn’t like it and moved back home.(2011· 威海调研) A.living B.to live C.to be living D.having lived 7.—You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. —Well,now I regret________ that. A.to do B.to be doing C.to have been done D.having done 8.—Anything to say about the latest talk between the two countries? —________ A.No comment! B.Nothing to say. C.I beg your pardon? D.Go ahead. 9.The factory is equipped________ modern machinery and ________ the most recent techniques. A.with;uses B.on;using C.by;use D.into;to use 10. It’s acknowledged that the traffic accident was largely________ the driver’s carelessness. A.because of B.due to C.thanks to D.with a result of 11.For all these years I have been working for others.I’m hoping I’ll________ my own business someday. A.turn up B.fix up C.set up D.make up 12.Some studies even suggest that playing more________ bigger brains that are________ at reasoning and learning.(2011· 滨州月考) A.refers to;good B.turns to;better C.sticks to;good D.leads to;better 13.If your wages are small,you’ll be free ________ income tax. A.with B.about C.to D.of 14.________ in your class? A.Whom do you think is the tallest student B.Do you think who is the tallest student

C.Who do you think is the tallest student D.Who you think is the tallest student 15.—He will come tomorrow. —But I’d rather he ________ the day after tomorrow.(2010· 日照统考) A.will come B.is coming C.came D.had come Ⅱ.阅读理解 A (建议用时 7′)

Two years ago,the Funk family of suburban Chicago adopted a Chinese baby girl who had been abandoned on a sidewalk near a textile factory in Yangzhou. Last year,the Ramirez family of suburban Miami adopted a girl who had been abandoned a week later on the same spot. Both families named their daughters Mia.It turns out, a first name and Chinese heritage aren’t the only things the threeyearolds have in common.The girls’ mothers—Holly Funk and Diana Ramirez—met on a website for parents who had gone through international adoptions.After a lot of emails comparing photographs and biographical details,DNA testing proved the families’ suspicions: The girls are probably fraternal twins. “I was in shock,” said Ramirez,who lives with her husband Carlos in Pembroke Pines, Florida.“Well,now this is for real.” The Internet and Web groups revolving around international orphanages are increasingly being used to link adopted children with biological kin(亲属).The site that Funks and Ramirezes used has a membership of 137 people,with 15 sets of twins and 7 sets of siblings whose relationships have been confirmed. At a reunion at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport,Mia Diamond Funk and Mia Hanying Ramirez shyly surveyed each other,and then reached for each other’s hand. DNA tests establish an 85 percent probability that the girls are at least halfsisters.Scientists do not have a biological parent to test and reach a greater certainty,but given their ages and physical similarities,experts say it is likely they are fraternal twins. Douglas and Holly Funk hope to bring their Mia to Miami in October. Both sets of parents say they are committed to staying in touch and often let the two sisters talk to each other on the phone. 16.Both the adopted girls shared a first name ________. A.because they both came from China B.because of their physical similarities C.because their US parents suspected they were twins D.for no good reason 17.Why did the girls’ mothers meet on the Internet? A.To compare photographs of the two girls. B.To find the girls’ biological kin. C.To test their suspicions. D.To know how to adopt children. 18.Experts are still not 100 percent sure that the two girls are fraternal twins because ________. A.DNA tests are still not accurate enough B.the two girls were born in two different families C.the DNA of a biological parent is still missing

D.one girl was born a week later than the other 19.What Ramirez said in Paragraph 4 suggests that she ________. A.didn’t believe what had happened B.was surprised at what had happened C.didn’t want to accept the fact D.was pleased with what they had done 20.What would be the best title for the passage? A.Adopted Sisters Are Reunited B.Adopted Sisters Live Happily in the US C.Suspicion Turned into Reality D.The Stories of Two Families B (建议用时 8′)

The earth,moon,sun and all visible stars in the sky make up less than one percent of the universe.Almost all the rest is dark matter and dark energy , unknown forces that puzzle astronomers. Observations in recent years have changed the basic understanding of how the universe evolved and have indicated how little is known about the major forces and substances that shaped our world. Astronomers now know that luminous(发光的) matter—stars,planets and hot gas...accounts for only about 0.4 percent of the universe.Nonluminous components,such as black holes and intergalactic(星系间的) gas,make up 3.6 percent.The rest is dark matter,about 23 percent,and dark energy,about 73 percent. Dark matter,sometimes called “cold dark matter”,has been known for some time.Only recently have researchers come to understand the key role it played in the formation of stars, planets and even people. “We owe our very existence to dark matter, ” said physicist Paul Steinhardt.“Dark matter dominated the structure formation in the early universe,” Steinhardt said.“For the first few billion years dark matter contained most of the mass of the universe.You can think of ordinary matter as a froth(泡沫状物) of an ocean of dark matter.The dark matter dumps and the ordinary matter falls into it.That led to the formation of the stars and galaxies(星系).Without dark matter, there would be virtually no structure in the universe.” The nature of dark matter is unknown.It cannot be seen or detected directly.Astronomers know it is there because of its effects on celestial( 天上的 ) objects that can be seen and measured.But the most dominating force of all in the universe is called dark energy, a recently proven power that astronomers say is causing the galaxies in the universe to separate at a faster and faster speed. 21.We know from the text that ________. A.all visible stars are very important in the universe B.the basic understanding of the universe evolution was totally wrong C.dark matter is also known as dark energy D.dark energy makes up about three quarters of the universe 22.The text tells us “dark matter” ________. A.plays an important part in forming stars,planets and humans B.has been fully understood by researchers C.remains an unimportant force to the universe like dark energy D.has nothing to do with the formation of the universe today

23.“The major forces and substances that shaped our world” (in Para.2) refers to ________. A.luminous matter B.nonluminous matter C.dark matter D.ordinary matter 24.According to Paul Steinhardt,our existence today ________. A.depends mainly on dark matter B.has something to do with ordinary matter C.results from the formation of celestial objects D.evolves from the mass of the universe 25.Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A.Dark Matter or Dark Energy B.The Formation of the Universe C.Dark Forces Dominate the Universe D.Unknown Forces Puzzle Astronomers

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.B [考查独立主格结构在句中作伴随状语。teeth 与 set 两个词之间含有逻辑上的被 动关系,所以用过去分词;look 这一动作是 eyes 所发出,所以用 looking。] 2.B [struggle against 同……作斗争,符合句意。] 3. B [第一空表示“泛指”某一职业, 不需要用冠词。 而第二空短语 have a very easy life 意思为“过着简朴的生活”,需要用冠词。] 4.C [根据语境可知:去开吧,去做吧。所以答案为 C。] 5.D [expand on sth.详细说明某事。] 6.A 欢。] 7.D [regret doing sth.后悔做了某事。] 8.A [A 项,“无可奉告”。] 9.A [be equipped with...装备有……,且 and 前后形式应一致。] 10.B 11.C [turn up 出现;证明出;调大;fix up 修补;解决;set up 建立;成立;make up 编造;化妆。] 12.D [lead to 致使,导致;better 此处用来表示比较。] 13.D 14.C [do you think 作插入语应置于特殊疑问词后,且特殊疑问词作主语。] 15.C 得分策略 得分点16:“独立主格”结构的正确判断与运用 [经典例题] Seeing her father, the little girl ran to him, her schoolbag________ behind her. A.flying C.to fly 错因分析 B.flew D.was flying 有些考生会把后面部分当作一个句子,而句子缺少谓语动词,于是误选 B [考查非谓语动词的用法。根据句意可知苏珊尝试着过一个人的生活,但是不喜

或 D。其实,前后两部分之间是逗号,说明后面部分不是一个句子,而选项 C 表示一个还 未发生的动作,显然与语境不符,因此选 A 项。

[得分笔记] 在英语中,一般来说,非谓语动词作状语时,其逻辑主语就是句子主语。 如果它的逻辑主语不是句子的主语, 就必须在其非谓语动词之前加上适当的名词或代词。 这 样“名词或代词+非谓语动词”就构成了独立主格结构,在句子中作状语。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 16.D [推理判断题。两位母亲都给女儿取了 Mia 这个名字,后来在网上交流时才发 现两个女孩长得很像,因此断定两个母亲取名时是无意的,仅是一种巧合。] 17.B [细节理解题。从文章第五段中的“The Internet and Web groups...”可知答案。] 18.C [细节理解题。文章倒数第二段说科学家还没有女孩亲生父亲或母亲的 DNA, 因此不能作出确切的判断。] 19.B [细节理解题。从第四段 Ramirez 所说的话可以看出她非常吃惊,但还是相信 眼前发生的一切。] 20.A [标题归纳题。这两个姐妹分别被两个家庭收养,最终得以团聚。A 项最能体现 本文的中心。] 21.D [细节理解题。根据第三段最后一句中的“...dark energy,about 73 percent.”可 知,正确答案为 D 项。原文中的 account for 与 make up 同义,表示“占(比例)”。] 22.A [细节理解题。通读全文可知,近年来的观察改变了天文学家对于宇宙演变历 史的认识,也就是直到最近天文学家才认识到: dark matter( 暗物质 ) 又称为 “cold dark matter”,在宇宙早期结构形成的过程中起主导作用。其他选项的陈述都与原文不一致。] 23.C [推理判断题。根据第五段第二句话可知,暗物质(dark matter) 在宇宙早期结 构形成的过程中起着支配的作用。] 24.A 25.C [细节推断题。第五段第一句话告诉我们,我们今天的存在应归功于暗物质, [标题归纳题。全文的内容可以概括为:科学家最近认识到暗物质被证明是存 即暗物质决定了我们的存在。] 在的一种能量,这种能量正影响着整个宇宙的构成,并主宰着宇宙。] 得分策略 面对较难的阅读材料,该如何下手?(二) [经典例题] The latest research suggests that the key factor separating geniuses from the merely accomplished is not I.Q.,a generally bad predictor of success.Instead,it’s purposeful practice.Top performers spend more hours practising their craft.If you wanted to picture how a typical genius might develop,you’d take a girl who possessed a slightly above average language ability.It wouldn’t have to be a big talent,just enough so that she might gain some sense of distinction.Then you would want her to meet,say,a novelist,who coincidentally shared some similar qualities.Maybe the writer was from the same town,had the same family background,or shared the same birthday. This contact would give the girl a vision of her future self.It would give her some idea of a fascinating circle she might someday join... Then she would practise writing.Her practice would be slow , painstaking and errorfocused... The primary quality our young writer possesses is not some mysterious genius.It’s the ability to develop a purposeful,laborious and boring practice routine.The latest research takes some of the magic out of great achievement.But it underlines a fact that is often neglected.Public discussion is affected by genetics and what we’re “hardwired” to do.And it’s true that genes play a role in our capabilities.But the brain is also very plastic.We construct ourselves through behaviour.

76.The passage mainly deals with ________. A.the function of I.Q.in cultivating a writer B.the relationship between genius and success C.the decisive factor in making a genius D.the way of gaining some sense of distinction 答案解析 C 该文章相对来说比较难,但是考生如果抓住首段和尾段,就能很快找到 答案。 因为有关主题思想试题的答案往往会在文章首段或尾段总结时给出, 抓住首尾段的内 容可以轻松克服阅读材料太难的问题。本文为议论文,结构清晰。首段给出讨论的观点,第 二段和第三段列举了一个小女孩如何成为一位有天赋的作家的例子, 在末段再次重述成功不 仅仅取决于基因遗传,更多在于自身实践改变自我的道理。对于主旨大意题,考生应在了解 文章结构后,重点寻找与主旨相关的句子,进行深层阅读,把握住关键词。本文的主题可在 文章第一段中的第二、第三、第四句中找到。


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