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【金版新学案】2015届高考英语(新课标,陕西专供)大一轮复习讲义课时作业:选修6 Unit 1 Art(含答案解析)

课时作业(二十六) 选修 6 Unit 1 Art Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The money was collected for a________(特定的) purpose. 2.The magazine is intended to________(吸引) to working women in their 20s and 30s. 3.You made the wrong decision,and must face the________(后果) now. 4.They finally________(采用) our advice on how to finish the work. 5.What a________(巧合) that we were in the same hotel at the same time! 6.The purpose of new________(技术) is to make life easier,not to make it more difficult. 7.The company is excellent,and its customers have________(信任) in the quality of its products. 8.It is________(典型的) of the young man to think of himself before others. Ⅱ.情景对话 (2013· 陕西省咸阳市四校高三抽样检测) —Hi,Grandpa. —Well,Dick.__1__Are you home for your holiday?I didn’t expect to see you until next week.Come in and sit down. —Thanks,Grandpa. —__2__ —Pretty well.But I haven’t got my marks yet. —I’m sure you did fine.You always have.Oh,aren’t you out early?Your parents used to get out in June. —__3__But now there’s talk of making it longer.The professors say they don’t have enough time to cover everything. —I’m not surprised.__4__Are you going to travel? —A week or so.I’m thinking of a trip to Beijing, er...to see the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.I’m leaving a few days later. —Oh,that’s a good idea.__5__I have always wanted to go to China. A.This is a surprise. B.Tell me more about that. C.If only I could go with you. D.Well,how did school go? E.Oh,how long are you staying at home? F.How are you getting on those days? G.Mm,the school year is shorter than before. Ⅲ.单项填空

1. (2014· 安徽黄山高三年级七校联考)—Go out for what?Why not stay at home and watch the exciting basketball match broadcast? —________You promised to take me out for dinner. A.Great! C.Come on! B.Why me? D.Not at all!

2.(2013· 成都第三次诊断)Would you please________the survey report for us and see if there are any obvious mistakes? A.look around C.look into B.look through D.look up

3.(2014· 皖南八校第二次联考)Most people have________for certain colors,patterns or categories of clothing. A.talents C.excuses B.preferences D.responsibilities

4 . (2013· 安 徽 淮 北 二 模 )“I believe any________young man can go far in our firm.Congratulations!” the manager ended. A.aggressive C.attractive B.effective D.sensitive

5.(2014· 新乡市一中模考)________tomorrow,we should put off the match till next Friday. A.Should it rained C.If it would rain B.Were it to rain D.Had it rained

6.(2014· 湖南长郡中学、衡阳八中等十二校二次联考)In moments when you’re feeling down,read what you wrote previously,________will help uplift your spirits. A.that C.which B.it D.what

7 . (2014· 济南市名校第四次诊断性测试 )Your statement is too general.Could you be more________about what you’re going to do in the future? A.special C.vivid B.specific D.complex

8. (2014· 江西抚州五校第六次联考)Nowadays it is________of a young generation to take it for granted that parents should meet whatever they desire. A.typical C.special B.critical D.universal

9.(2014· 青岛高三质检)—I heard that he grew worse after taking the medicine. —Yes.He was________to it. A.permanent B.fragile



10.As a matter of fact,space flight is________highrisk job for Liu Yang and her partners. A./ C.a B.the D.an

11.—Are you going to spend the summer in Australia? —No, I________to go to Canada, but my children begged me to take them to Japan.I agreed. A.planned C.have been planning B.have planned D.will plan

12. (2014· 江苏三校 4 月阶段性考试)Out of the train________, whose determined daughter died of cancer after being accepted by Guizhou University. A.a woman stepped C.did a woman step B.stepped a woman D.a woman did step

13.________made us relieved was________all of those trapped on the island had been rescued after the storm. A.What;because C.It;that B.What;that D.It;because

14.(2013· 湖北孝感一模)Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it at her first________. A.intention C.attempt B.effort D.sight

15. Short and shy, Ben Saunders was the________kid in his class picked for any sports team. A.very C.last Ⅳ.完形填空 [建议用时 15′] B.only D.right

(2013· 黄冈 3 月检测) One day I was doing a big cleanup when I__1__a knotted handkerchief with an old dark brown coin inside.I took one look and immediately__2__an unforgettable time. In 1991,I spent five months in Niger,with sandstorms and great heat.Its__3__and beggars were my biggest and most constant complaint.Street beggars would hands,shouting “Gift!Gift!” One day,I__4__for neighboring Burkina to work in a health clinic. Arriving by taxi at our destination in Burkina,we began to__5__.In darkness,a motorbike with two men approached slowly.Without any__6__,one of them grabbed my pack as the motorbike swept close by.Within seconds,the two were out of sight,__7__up by the night. The bag had my passport,money,traveler’s cheques,a camera,an airline ticket and other continually reach out their

things__8__to me.I was in deep trouble. In the weeks that followed , I__9__guarded the rest of my valuables and regarded all__10__with suspicion.All I wanted was to leave this place. Then,walking through Burkina’s streets,I met with an old woman.“Gift!Gift!” she cried.I’d had enough.I was__11__of the country:its poverty,its thieves,the heat,and the dust.I told her angrily,“A thief stole all my money and now I can’t__12__out of your country.I cannot gave you anything.” The woman beggar listened attentively and__13__my words.Then she reached__14__the folds of her dress. “Then I will give you a gift, ” she announced.Kindly, she placed an old, dark brown coin in my hand.I looked at it in__15__.It was a very small amount of money,but for this woman,the coin__16__a meal.At that moment,I felt a shame.In spite of her__17__,she was able to give me something priceless. I saw then the__18__beauty of the people of Burkina , and appreciated deeply the quiet__19__of the poor.With the old woman’s gift,I hope never to part with the coin she gave me.With one small coin,she__20__my concept completely. 1.A.cared about C.looked for 2.A.presented C.recalled 3.A.traffic C.noise 4.A.headed C.stood 5.A.move C.hide 6.A.warning C.thinking 7.A.hung C.swallowed 8.A.obvious C.familiar 9.A.elegantly C.dependently 10.A.locals B.came across D.focused upon B.gave D.reminded B.dust D.climate B.struggled D.came B.unload D.pass B.planning D.arranging B.put D.cleared B.expensive D.precious B.cautiously D.frequently B.thieves

C.beggars 11.A.proud C.sick 12.A.get C.come 13.A.attended to C.thought about 14.A.for C.out 15.A.order C.serve 16.A.meant C.deserved 17.A.dirtiness C.kindness 18.A.updated C.broken 19.A.moment C.dignity 20.A.changed C.found Ⅴ.阅读理解 (2014· 山东烟台模拟)

D.men B.conscious D.aware B.run D.rush B.looked up D.wrote down B.into D.at B.vain D.shock B.made D.suggested B.poverty D.safety B.unfolded D.unexpected B.action D.life B.damaged D.accepted

If you’re in Florence,Italy,and see a man on a ladder wiping the dust off statues and buildings, don’t worry.It’s just Alessandro Ricci gathering material for his famous smog paintings. Ricci is not a common artist , because he used smog as the main medium of his artworks.Unlike other painters seeking fast recognition of their talent,he doesn’t really care about “being this big artist”.Instead he is more concerned about bringing attention to how much smog there really is in his home town and how it’s destroying both its monuments and people. Although he did take a couple of art classes a few years back,he is mainly selftaught, doesn’t work in a studio,donates most of his work,and refuses to play by the rules of the Florentine Art Gallery,which he considers corrupt.Alessandro Ricci believes selling his smog paintings will not only compromise his principles,but also contradict the very thing he’s trying to do—raise awareness about smog pollution in this city.

Alessandro lives with his parents nearby Florence,but almost every day he visits the streets of the city,and collects smog for his paintings.He gets it from several meters above ground,from clean surfaces like marble,plastic and stone,using damp pieces of cotton.Then he applies the smog directly onto a cloth and creates street scenes and reproductions of the very buildings from which he got the dangerous material.Finally,he seals his paintings with a natural resin (树脂). His actions helped win a small victory for the people of Florence,as in October 25,2012 the Duomo area of the city was made pedestrianonly.But there is still a long way to go,the artist believes,and only cleaning the thick layer of smog that has accumulated throughout Florence would take several years.Still,he continues to paint his unique smog artworks and let the people know how polluted the environment they live in really is. 1.What does the text mainly tell us? A.Florentine artist fights pollution by painting with smog. B.Ricci invents a unique way to paint buildings in Florence. C.People in Florence gather smog to create street scenes. D.Florence takes measures to improve the polluted city. 2.In what way is Ricci quite different from other artists? A.He lacks talent in art work. B.He cares little about fame. C.He hates all the art Galleries. D.He likes to do things at will. 3.Ricci paints his unique smog artworks aiming to________. A.fight government corruption B.advertise the monuments C.create more street scenes D.raise awareness about pollution 4.What is Paragraph 4 mainly about? A.The place where Ricci lives. B.The problem that Florence faces. C.The way Riccis paints with smog. D.The materials for his painting. 5.We can learn from the last paragraph that________. A.Duomo area of Florence has become more crowded with traffic B.Ricci’s action has brought no change to the people of Florence C.Ricci will continue to raise Florentine people’s awareness about pollution

D.Smog pollution in Florence will be completely settled in several years

课时作业(二十六) Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.specific 2.appeal 3.consequences 4.adopted 5.coincidence

6.techniques 7.faith 8.typical Ⅱ.情景对话 1.A 2.D 3.G 4.E 5.C

Ⅲ.单项填空 1. 解析: 考查情景交际。 根据空后的内容可知, 此处应用 Come on! 意为“得了吧”, 表示知道对方所说的话不正确。 答案: C 2.解析: 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:你能否为我们仔细检查一下调查报告,看看

是否有明显的错误。根据“see if there are any obvious mistakes”可知,此处应是“仔细检查” 的意思。故选 B.仔细检查,看穿。A.四下观看;C.调查;D.向上看,查找,好转。 答案: B 3. 解析: 考查名词词义辨析。 talent 才能; preference 偏爱; excuse 借口; responsibility 责任,职责。句意为:大多数人对于服装都偏爱某种颜色、样式或某个类别。 答案: B 4.解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:经理在结束时说,“我相信每个有进取心的年

轻人在我们公司都会得到发展。 ”aggressive 意为“有进取心的”; effective 意为“有效的”; attractive 意为“吸引人的”;sensitive 意为“敏感的”,根据句意可知,aggressive 符合语 境,故答案选 A。 答案: A 5.解析: 考查虚拟语气。根据题干中的时间状语可知,此处是对将来的虚拟。在虚

拟结构中,条件状语从句中的谓语含有 were,had 和 should 三个词时,可省去 if,将这些词 移至主语之前。 答案: B 6.解析: 考查定语从句。句意为:当你情绪低落的时候,读一读你先前写下的东西, 这会帮助你情绪高昂。which 引导非限制性定语从句,指代前面整个句子的内容。 答案: C 7.解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:你的陈述太笼统了。你能不能更具体地谈一下

你将来的打算?special 特别的;specific 明确的,具体的;vivid 生动的;complex 复杂的。

根据句意可知,应选 B。 答案: B 8.解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:当今,年轻一代理所当然地认为父母应该满足

他们的一切欲望,这是他们的典型特征。typical 意为“典型的,有代表性的”,符合句意。 critical 意为“批评的, 关键的”, special 意为“特别的, 专门的”, universal 意为“普遍的”, 均不符合句意。 答案: A 9.解析: 考查形容词词义。be allergic to 对??过敏,符合对话语意。permanent 永 久的,持久的;fragile 易碎的,脆弱的;delicate 脆弱的,容易生病的。 答案: C 10.解析: 考查冠词用法。句意为:对刘洋和她的同伴们来说,太空飞行是个冒险的 工作。这属于泛指,用不定冠词 a。 答案: C 11.解析: 考查时态。根据答语中的“begged” “agreed”可知,此处表示的是“过去” 决定去加拿大,故用一般过去时,A 项正确。 答案: A 12.解析: 考查倒装句。当表示方位、处所的副词或介词短语提前,并且句子的主语 是名词时,句子需要用全部倒装形式,所以选择 B 项。 答案: B 13.解析: 考查名词性从句。分析句子结构可知,第一空引导一个主语从句,因为从 句缺少主语所以要用 what 来引导。第二空引导表语从句,句中不缺少成分,故用 that 引导, that 在从句中只起连接作用,不作成分。如果选 C 项应该将 was 去掉。 答案: B 14.解析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:Shelly 为这次的生物考试做了精心的准备,因此 有把握一次通过。这里用短语 at one’s first attempt 表示“某人第一次尝试”。 答案: C 15.解析: 句意为:Ben Saunders 个子又矮,还很害羞,最不适合选进任何运动队了。 the last—the least likely or suitable 最不可能的, 最不适合的。 又如: She’s the last person to trust with a secret.她是最不可能保密的人。 答案: C Ⅳ.完形填空 语篇解读 作者来到一个贫困的国家, 这里的炎热、 沙尘暴以及满街的乞丐都让作者受 不了。 他遭遇的抢劫更使他厌恶这个地方。 但一个老乞丐听说了他的遭遇后送给他一枚旧硬 币,从此作者改变了对这个地方的看法,因为他看到了穷人的尊严。

1.解析: “我”在大扫除的时候偶然发现一个打着结的手帕。come across 表示“偶 然发现”,符合语境。 答案: B 2.解析: 的时光。 答案: C 3.解析: 前面提到 Niger 这个地方的沙尘暴和炎热,因此选 climate“气候”。 答案: D 4. 解析: “我”去邻近的 Burkina 那里的一家诊所工作。 这里用 head for 表示“朝?? 方向去”。 答案: A 5. 解析: 我们坐出租车到了那里, 就开始从车上往下搬东西。 这里用 unload 表示“卸 货”。 答案: B 6.解析: without any warning 表示“没有任何警告”,是固定搭配,符合语境。 答案: A 7.解析: 转眼间这两个抢“我”的包的人就消失在夜幕中。swallow up 表示“吞没, 淹没”,符合语境。 答案: C 8. 解析: 护照、 钱、 旅游支票、 相机、 飞机票以及其他对“我”来说都很珍贵的(precious) 东西都在那个包里。 答案: D 9.解析: 在接下来的几个星期里,“我”小心地(cautiously)保护着剩下的贵重物品。 答案: B 10.解析: “我”对所有的当地人(locals)都怀有戒备之心。 答案: A 11.解析: 这里的沙尘暴、炎热的天气、满街的乞丐,再加上“我”刚遭遇抢劫,这 一切都让“我”厌恶这个地方。be sick of sth.“对某物感到厌烦”,是固定用法。 答案: C 12.解析: 我的钱都被偷了,现在我连你们这个国家都出不去了。我给不了你任何东 西。 答案: A 13. 解析: 这个女乞丐仔细听“我”说, 然后想着“我”说的话。 think about 表示“思 考”,符合语境。 “我”看了一眼这个手帕里包着的硬币,立刻回想起(recalled)了一段难忘

答案: C 14.解析: 这里用 reach into 表示“把手伸进”。 答案: B 15.解析: 这个乞丐居然给“我”钱,这让“我”感到震惊(shock)。 答案: D 16.解析: 但是对她来说,这一枚硬币就意味着(meant)一顿饭。 答案: A 17.解析: 尽管她贫穷,但她却给了“我”无价之宝。poverty“贫穷”,符合语境。 答案: B 18.解析: 她的这番举动是“我”意料之外的,因此选 unexpected 意外的,想不到 的。 答案: D 19.解析: 这个老太太听说“我”的东西被抢了,于是给“我”一枚硬币,在她身上 “我”看到了穷人的尊严(dignity)。 答案: C 20.解析: 这一枚小小的硬币,彻底改变(changed)了“我”对这个国家的观念。 答案: A Ⅴ.阅读理解 语篇解读 本文是一篇记叙文, 主要讲述了意大利弗罗伦萨市的一名艺术家通过用烟雾 作画来抵制环境污染的故事。 1.解析: 主旨大意题。根据文章最后一段的总结和文章的整体理解可知,本文主要

讲述了意大利弗罗伦萨市的一名艺术家通过用烟雾作画来抵制环境污染的故事,故答案 A 符合文意。 答案: A 2.解析: 细节理解题。根据文章第二段的第二句“Unlike other painters seeking fast recognition of their talent,he doesn’t really care about ‘being this big artist’.”可知,他并 不在乎名气的大小。 答案: B 3.解析: 推理判断题。根据文章最后一句“Still,he continues to paint his unique smog artworks and let the people know how polluted the environment they live in really is.”可知, 答案 D 符合文意。 答案: D 4.解析: 段落大意题。根据第四段的整体理解可知,本段主要讲的是这名艺术家是

如何用烟雾作画的,答案 C 符合文意。A、B、D 三项均不是第四段的主要内容。

答案: C 5. 解析: 推理判断题。 根据文章最后一段的第二句“But there is still a long way to go...” 和最后一句“Still,he continues to paint his unique smog artworks and let the people know how polluted the environment they live in really is.”可推知,这名艺术家 Ricci 将继续从事这项活 动以唤醒人们保护环境的意识。 答案: C



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