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1. 通过定义或释义猜测词义 一般可通过定义、定语从句等来确定需要猜测的词的词义,这类 词大多是专有名词、生僻词汇或短文中较为重要的词汇,为了让读者 能够正确理解它们,作者会作出定义和解释性的说明。 The Jet d'Eau and the Flower Watch are the main attractions every year for the tourists visiting Geneva. The Jet d'Eau has become the symbol of Geneva for a long time. This is a 140 meters high water monument with a rich history. Eight 13,500-watt projects light the grand column(圆柱) of the fountain in the evening. From early March until the second Sunday of October... Question: The “Jet d'Eau” in the paragraph refers to ________. A. the water fountain B. the English Garden C. a new scene with electric lighting D. the name of a famous watchmaker 2. 通过对比猜测词义 作者通常用 however, but, on the other hand, on the contrary, instead of, while 等表示转折的词形成相互对比、相互对照的效果, 考生可以根据这些词语推断所出现的需要猜测的词语的意思。 Now, here are some simple ways you can produce less waste at work. When you are at the copier, only make the copies you need.

Use both sides of the paper when writing something less important. Turn off your lights when you leave. Use a lower watt bulb 灯泡) in ( your lamp. Drink your coffee or tea out of your mugs instead of single-use cups. Set up a recycling box for cans and one for bottles. Question: The underlined word “mugs” is most likely to be ________. A. machines that makes coffee B. containers that can be used again and again C. paper products for tea D. something that can only be found in an office 3. 通过因果关系猜测词义 考生可以通过分析事件的结果,推测出可能造成这种结果的原因; 或者通过事物的原因,推测出其结果。 If left to himself, he would have whistled life away in perfect satisfaction; but his wife was always mad at him for his idleness (懒散) Morning, noon, and night, her tongue was endlessly going, . so that he was forced to escape to the outside of the house—the only side which, in truth, belong to a henpecked husband. Question: The underlined words “henpecked husband” in the paragraph probably mean a man who ________. A. likes hunting B. is afraid of hens

C. loves his wife D. is afraid of his wife 4. 通过构词法猜测词义 英语单词的构词法主要有三类:合成法、派生法和转化法。英语 单词很多是由词根、词头(前缀)、词尾(后缀)所构成的派生词。 词根是单词最基本的部分,表达单词的基本含义。在词根前面或后面 加前缀或后缀,可以引申或转变原词的意义。前缀改变词根的意思, 后缀改变词性。 I was on the way to a personal-injury accident in West Nashville. As I got onto Highway 40, blue lights and sirens (警笛) going, I fell in behind a gold Pontiac Firebird that suddenly seemed to take off quickly down the highway. The driver somehow panicked at the sight of me. He was going more than a hundred miles an hour and began passing cars on the shoulder ... and later I knew he had no license. Question: The meaning of “panicked” in the passage is related to ________. A. shame C. anger B. hate D. fear

5. 通过标点符号猜测词义 破折号通常起解释、说明、补充的作用;冒号有时用来列举事物 或加以解释;引号内的词语可能有特别意义;斜体字可能代表书名、 刊物名和歌曲名等等。

Why? The children of Heimaey are going to save young puffins—small black-and-white seabirds. Question: The puffin is ________. A. a kind of plant C. a kind of sea fish 二、 记叙文类 记叙文以写人、记事、状物为主要内容,包括故事、小品、通讯、 特写等。为准确理解文章内容,把握好作者的态度观点,在做此类阅 读理解时要注意以下几点: 1. 把握好记叙文“六要素” “六要素”指时间、地点、人物、事件的起因、经过和结果。抓住它 们,有助于把握文章的结构,弄清中心事件,更好地理解文章内容。 但是,有时文章不接交代“六要素”,需要根据上下文去推断。 2. 抓住线索,掌握布局 记叙文的线索, 是贯穿全文的一条主线, 它是作者展开文章内容、 安排情节的思路、手段。可以从记叙的顺序(时间的先后或空间的转 移)、 情节的发展和表达方式的变换等几个方面考虑。 只有理清线索, 才能对全文布局做到心中有数,把握好文章的结构特点,更好地理解 全文。 3. 综合归纳,明确中心 记叙文的中心是通过对人或事的描述来表达的。写人为主的,主 要是通过人物的言行进行分析和归纳;叙事为主的,主要是对事件的 B. a kind of sea bird D. a kind of cat

起因、经过与结果进行分析和归纳;以记叙为主,结合议论、抒情的 文章,其中心思想往往在议论、抒情的句子中点明。有些记叙文的开 头,往往开门见山地揭示中心思想。当然,更多文章的中心思想蕴含 在记叙和描写之中,需要仔细分析揣摩。 (1) Emmanuel Jal was eight when he was given a gun and trained to fight. By the time he was 13, he had been in two wars. Today, the former child soldier is becoming Kenya's hottest rap singer. His songs mix messages of peace with Jal's personal story. When war reached Jal's small village, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (the SPLA), ordered children to be sent to UN-run refugee camps (难民营) in Ethiopia. “Then we were taken away from the camp to the bush for training.” he says. Jal could only manage a small AK-47. They were really excited to learn how to use a gun. When the SPLA broke up, 13-year-old Jal and a group of 400 fellow soldiers decided to join the enemy. They believed they would be treated better. The boys carried enough corn and flour for a month, the time they thought it would take to reach safety. But, three months later, they were still marching. Human bodies were the only food to eat. “There was a night when my friend died and I

was persuaded to eat him the next day,” Jal says. “We had no choice.” But by the time they arrived at their destination only 12 of the boys had survived. Jal was picked out from the group of homeless children by Emma McCune, a young British woman who worked for the Canadian aid group—Street Kids International. She secretly carried Jal from Sudan to Nairobi in a suitcase aboard an aid flight. Today rap music is popular in Nairobi. Jal turned his interest in African music toward hip hop and singing to raise money for children's homes. 1. Why did the boys once eat their fellows? A. Because they didn't bring any food before the march. B. Because they were persuaded to do so by their chief. C. Because they couldn't find any other food. D. Because they were afraid that animals would take their bodies away. 2. By writing “They were really excited to learn how to use a gun”, the writer wants to show that ________. A. the children were very satisfied with their soldiers B. the children would like to be soldiers than stay in refugee camps C. the children were eager to fight for the SPLA

D. the children were too young and innocent 3. Jal's life had a great good turn after ________. A. he met Emma McCune B. he was sent to UN-run refugee camps in Ethiopia C. the SPLA broke up D. he finished the long march to join the enemy 4. What would be the best title for the text? A. A Painful Experience of Emmanuel Jal B. Miserable Lives of the Children in Kenya C. The Life of Children Soldiers in Kenya D. From Soldier to Rap Star 5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Before Jal was 13, he had been in three wars. B. They had eaten 12 boys when they arrived at their destination. C. Emma McCune carried Jal in a suitcase. D. Jal earned money by singing classic African music. (2) Strong icy winds and the sight of endless white snow are just two of the challenges people must overcome in the Arctic. But a 15-year-old girl didn't let these worry her. On April 15, Alicia

Hempleman Adams became the youngest person to walk to the North Pole. She completed the adventure with her PE teacher and two other companions. Each of them carried 40 kilograms of supplies. At times temperatures fell to -45 degrees centigrade during the 320-kilometer trip across Baffin Island in northern Canada. But it took them only ten days, two days less than planned. “It is a really good feeling, more of an achievement,” said Alicia after coming to the end of her Arctic adventure. “The wind was like a beast coming from behind us. The trip seemed endless and there was nothing: no buildings, no people, and no animals. Sometimes we had to walk across lakes covered with thin ice. It is really horrible looking back.” The girl also beat her famous father, David Hempleman Adams' time for the same walk. David is a top British explorer, who reached both the South and North poles on foot. He also set a series of hot air-balloon records and climbed the highest mountain on every continent. “It's a double-edged sword,” he said. “I'm very proud of what she has achieved but a bit miffed that she has beaten my time.” Asked if

there would be any future joint adventures, the dad joked: “I think I would be struggling to keep up with her now.” Alicia flew back to Britain last week where she faces the more normal task of returning to school. And she said her achievement would not necessarily mark the start of a career in exploration. “I want to try other things first,” she said. 1. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. Alicia walked to the North Pole with two other persons. B. Alicia's father accompanied her to the North Pole. C. Alicia went on with her study at school after her trip to the North Pole. D. Alicia had many adventures with her father. 2. We can infer from the passage that Alicia had planned to reach the North Pole on ________. A. April 10 C. April 17 B. April 15 D. April 25

3. What would be the best title for the text? A. A Brave Girl—Alicia Hempleman Adams B. Schoolgirl Walks to North Pole C. Father and His Girl D. An Exciting Experience to the North Pole

4. It can be inferred from the text that ________. A. Alicia will soon take joint adventures with her father B. Alicia will soon have another exciting adventure C. Alicia will have a competition with her father in exploration D. Alicia will be braver to face the difficulties in life 5. The underlined word “miffed” probably means ________. A. angry C. happy B. glad D. disappointed (3) Fat and shy, Ben Saunders was the last kid in his class picked for any sports team. “Football, tennis, cricket—anything with a round ball, I was useless,” he says now with a laugh. But back then he was the one always made fun of in school gym classes in Devonshire, England. It was a mountain bike he received for his 15th birthday that changed him. At first he went biking alone in a nearby forest. Then he began to ride the bike along with a runner friend. Gradually, Saunders set up his mind on building up his body, increasing his speed and strength. At the age of 18, he ran his first marathon. The following year he met John Ridgway and was hired as an instructor at Ridgway's school of adventure in Scotland, where he

learnt about Ridgway's cold-water exploits. Greatly interested, Saunders read all he could about North Pole explorers and adventures, then decided that this would be his future. In 2001, after becoming a skillful skier, Saunders started his first long-distance expedition towards the North Pole. It took unbelievable energy. He suffered frostbite, ran into a polar bear and pushed his body to the limit, pulling his supply-loaded sled up and over rocky rice. Saunders has since become the youngest person to ski alone to the North Pole, and he's skied more of the North Pole by himself than any other British man. His old playmates would not believe the change. Next October, Saunders, 27, heads south from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, a 2900-kilometer journey that has never been completed on skis. 1. What change happened to Saunders after he was 15 years old? A. He became good at most sports. B. He began to build up his body. C. He joined a sports team.________ D. He made friends with a runner.

2. The underlined word “exploits” (paragraph 3) is closest in meaning to ________. A. journeys C. adventures B. researches D. operations

3. Which of the following is the correct order of the events that happened to Saunders? a. He ran his first marathon. b. He skied alone in the North Pole. c. He rode his bike in a forest.________ d. He planned an adventure to the South Pole. A. a; c; d; b C. a; c; b; d B. c; d; a; b D. c; a; b; d

4. What does the story mainly tell us about Saunders? A. He is a success in sports. B. He is the best British skier. C. He is Ridgway's best student. `________ D. He is a good instructor at school. 5. What kind of person do you think Saunders is? A. Honest. C. Clever. B. Determined. D. Warm-hearted.

三、 说明文类

说明文涉及科技、文化、教育以及社会生活等各方面,其结构严 谨,句子结构复杂,是高考阅读理解中较难把握的一种文体。考生要 正确理解文章,除需掌握足够的词汇、较扎实的语法知识和一定的背 景知识外,还应熟悉英语文章的结构特点。 (1) Twenty-five years ago if you made a trip to the local library and searched for articles on global warming, you'd probably come up with a few from the leading magazines in the world. As an Internet search on global warming now shows, the subject has become as rooted in people's mind as Madonna or microwave cooking. With the possible exception of another world war, a giant planet, or an incurable disease, global warming may be the largest danger to our planet. For decades (十年) human factories and cars have sent billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and the climate has begun to show some signs of warming. If steps are not taken soon to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (二氧化碳) sent into the atmosphere, the result could terribly affect human life. We have already seen growing destruction, such as drought (干旱) and death in Sudan, flooding in Asia, bush fires in Indonesia, and fierce winter storms in central Europe.

The Republic of Maldives is barely above sea level. Its 250,000 citizens are scattered across 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean. A strong typhoon (台风) could spell the end for the entire country, as could continued rising sea levels. The entire population would have to be moved away as the country disappears under the sea. The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon that keeps our planet at a comfortable temperature averaging 60℉ . Since the mid-nineteenth century, however, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased nearly 30% because of the increased use of fossil fuels to run cars, heat homes and power factories. Without controlling, the amount of carbon-dioxide by 2,100 may increase by 30%—150% and could lift the average global temperature by up to 2.5℉ the next 50 years. in 1. With the first paragraph, the author intends to ________. A. scold people for not paying enough attention to global warming B. draw people's attention to global warming C. tell people how to search for the articles on global warming D. point out the serious effect of global warming 2. Global warming could affect human life in the following ways EXCEPT ________. A. producing more greenhouse gases

B. causing more floods C. making winter storms fiercer D. starting more bush fires 3. Why is the Republic of Maldives especially mentioned in the passage? A. Because smaller countries are easier to be affected by global warming. B. Because seaside countries are in danger of disappearing. C. Because it's necessary to rescue a country before the sea level rises. D. Because the serious result of global warming could end a whole country. 4. From the last paragraph, we can infer that greenhouse effect ________. A. can only affect the earth in an unfavorable way B. is something easy to control C. is caused by industrial activities D. will be good to us if it remains at a proper level 5. Which of the following is NOT the cause of green-house effect? A. Running cars. C. Building houses. B. Heating homes. D. Powering factories.

(2) Are you a SHEF? It's Saturday night—what is a group of friends to do? They could go out to a bar or pub, they could enjoy a good meal or they could go to a club. That's what may have happened a few years ago. However, new research has shown that three times as many Britons would rather stay in and cook a meal for friends than have a wild night out. These people are being described as the Stay Home and Entertain Friends (SHEF) brigade (队,组). Mark is an IT manager from Manchester and could be described as a SHEF. “I like to socialize with my friends, but going out every weekend can be really expensive. We've found another choice; head to the local pub for one or two drink, then go back to one of our homes for food, drink and some music. Much less trouble and more fun than going into the city center and struggling to get a taxi at 2 a.m.!” The in-crowd The survey also found that twice as many men as women associated romance with home-cooked, candlelit dinners with their partners, claiming that this was a perfect way for a great Saturday night.

According to another study by insurance company More Than, people are also turning to their homes as a source of entertainment and a shelter from the stress of modern living. The new “staying in culture is driving increased spending on home improvement and entertainment systems within the home. Many people in the UK have set up home cinemas with plasma screen televisions, satellite television and DVD players.” Maybe, soon the popularity of this trend of staying in will decline and going out will become the new staying in! 1. What would be best title for the text? A. Trends in Britain Are Always Changing B. Staying in Is the New Going Out C. Staying in or Going Out D. Stay in and Enjoy the Romance 2. A SHEF is a person who ________. A. is very generous to a friend B. tries to save money by having meals at home C. entertains friends at home D. invites a friend out for entertainment 3. It can be learned from the text that men prefer to stay at home because ________. A. they feel more pressure from modern life (等离子屏幕)

B. they like the romantic atmosphere with their partners C. they don't like to socialize with their friends at weekends D. their partners don't like them to go out 4. The author thinks that ________. A. the popularity of this trend of staying in will be increased as time goes on B. people needn't go out with everything at home C. people will have different trends at different ________ times D. the trend of staying in will stay fixed for a long time 5. The underlined phrase “staying in” in the last sentence of the passage probably means________. A. experience C. SHEF 一、 猜测词义题 1. A。 根据后面的释义 This is a 140 meters high water monument with a rich history. Eight 13,500-watt projects light the grand column(圆柱) of the fountain in the evening. 可以推出 Jet d'Eau 是“喷泉”(the water fountain)的名字。 2. B。根据 Drink your coffee or tea out of your mugs instead of single-use cups 可知 “mugs”与 single-use cups (一次性杯子) 相对, 因此可以推测出 mugs 指的是“可被反复使用的容器”。 B. force D. trend

3. D。从 Morning, noon, and night, her tongue was endlessly going, so that he was forced to escape to the outside of the house 可知,他妻子整天唠叨不停,为了躲避妻子的唠叨他躲到外面,由此 可以推断他是一个怕老婆的人。 4. D。根据常识可知,这位司机无证驾驶(and later I knew he had no license), 超速行驶 (He was going more than a hundred miles an hour and began passing cars on the shoulder),看见警车当然是害 怕了。 5. B。根据破折号后面的内容 small black-and-white seabirds 可 知 puffin 是一种体色为黑白相间的海鸟。 二、 记叙文类 (1) 1. C。根据第四段可知,Jal 和他的“小战友”们经过长途行军,在 没事物可吃的情况下,才被迫吃同伴的尸体。 2. D。作者描写那些“孩子士兵”领到枪时的兴奋,是为了表明孩子 们的幼小与天真。 3. A。根据倒数第二段可知,Jal 遇到 Emma McCune 后,被她搭 救带出国。 4. D。综合全文,主要讲述了 Emmanuel Jal 从“孩子士兵”到说唱 音乐明星的传奇经历。

5. C。通过文章第一段第二句话可知 A 项错误;由第四段最后一 句话知 B 项错误;由最后一段可知 D 项错误。 (2) 1. C。由最后一段可知 C 选项正确。 2. C。根据文章前两段可知,Alicia 在 4 月 15 日成功到达北极, 比原定计划提前了两天,简单推算可知,她原定于 4 月 17 日到达北 极。 3. B。综合全文,主要讲述了英国学生 Alicia 步行成功到达北极的 事情。 4. D。由全文可知,Alicia 在跨越北极的过程中,在极端艰苦的环 境中经历了严峻的考验, 这将有助于她勇敢面对将来生活中的种种困 难。 5. A。通过上文的 but 和下文的 that she has beaten my time 可知 miffed 最可能与 angry 同义。 (3) 1. B。短文第二段提到 Saunders15 岁生日时收到了一辆山地车, 这辆山地车改变了他。他开始骑车,并决心增强体质。 2. C。下文中谈到他了解一切关于北极探险的事情。由此判断: exploits 为 adventures 之意。

3. D。根据全文所述,正确的故事发展顺序是:他在山林中骑车→ 他跑第一个马拉松→他独自滑雪去北极→他计划他的南极之行。 4. A。综观全文,15 岁以前,Saunders 从不喜欢体育运动,15 岁以后,开始骑自行车,参加马拉松跑,独自滑雪去北极,并计划继 续向南极进发,这一切都表明 Saunders 在体育方面非常成功。 5. B。通过全文的叙述,我们可以知道 Saunders 是一个意志非常 坚定的人,这也是他成功的主要原因。 三、 说明文类 (1) 1. B。文章第一段作者对比说明关于“全球变暖”的报道急剧增多, 目的是引起人们对这个问题的注意。 2. A。“温室效应”和“全球变暖”是因果关系。文章第二段列举了全 球变暖的影响,据此可排除 A 项。 3. D。文章列举 the Republic of Maldives 的目的显然还是说明全 球变暖的严重后果,甚至会使整个国家消失。 4. D。文章最后一段说明,温室效应是一种自然现象,如果地球的 温度保持在华氏 60 度,人类会生活在舒服的气温中。因此只要不破 坏它的平衡,对人类是有好处的。 5. C。 文章最后一段提到了引起温室效应的一些原因, 其中 A、 B、 D 都包括在内了,只有 C 项没有被提到。 (2)

1. B。本文介绍的是英国的一种新休闲趋向:呆在家里娱乐。A 项 范围太大;D 项仅是文章细节;C 项表示不肯定意义。 2. C。文章第一段倒数两句说明,在家里招待朋友的人被称为 SHEF。 3. B。文章倒数第三段说明喜欢这种浪漫情调的主要是男人。 4. C。 从文章的开头和结尾可以推断出作者的观点: 流行趋势不是 一成不变的,而是随着时代的变化而发生变化。 5. D。 从文章最后一句可以推断出 staying in 的意思是“流行趋势”。



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2012年高考全国卷(新课标版... 高考英语总复习-阅读理解... ...高考英语总复习-阅读理解训练题07 高考英语总复习-阅读理解训练题07高考英语总复习...


阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 请阅读下列短文,从每题...英语:2007-2009年高考英... 57页 免费 山东2007-2012六年高考英... 7页 ...


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