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2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试
题号:05 科目:英语 阅读理解(分两节,共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 阅读下面短文,并根据短文后的要求答题。 It’s a classic image –a child hiding her head in her mother ’s skirts when she meets a stranger, or a student becoming speechless with a red face when the teacher asks his name .The person must be shy.You may be shy yourself,But shyness isn’t that common ,right? Wrong, ① It’s just that most people are shy privately.They appear confident on the surface,and in cocial situations they seem well adjusted ,Only 15 to 20 percent of us fit the stereotype of the shy person –someone who is obviously uncomfortable with other people. ② “It’s a feeling of self – eonsciousness,” says Rita Clark ,a payehologist,”Shy people feel nervous and ill at ease.They may tremble ,feel their hearts pounding,and have butterflies in the stomach,They worry about making a bad impression on people.”Shyness doesn’t necessarily show on the surface.In fact ,people sometimes think that shy people are cold and uninterested in other people when really they are just afraid to meet them. You may be surprised to know who is actually very shy,One well-known talk-show host ,whose show is watched by millins of viewer,has to plan pertormances down to the last detail – in order to appcar easy-going and confident! ③ “Other ’ privately shy’people include politicians ,teachers. And entertainers, says Rita.”These people act outgoing when they’re doing their jobs,but they’re very unconfident socially.You’d be amazed how many public figures fit into this type.” Where does shyness come from? Researeh shows that some people are born shy.About 20percent of babies show a strong feeling of unease when they see stranget or find themselves in Unfarniliar stumtion Some sentists feel that such shyness is mborn .Shy parents are more like to have shy children than outgoing parents,”Rita says,” ④ We know that Japanese students are much shyer than Israeli students.” If 15 to 20 percent of shyness is innate,how do other people become shy? Children may become shy when they enter school or meet new challenger,Adolescents may suffer from an identity crisis and become shy.Adults can become shy when confronted by problems like divorce or job loss.Whatever the reasons, shy people suffer from teasing and well meaning comments like, “Has the cat got your tongue?”They are often lonely and unhappy in social situations . But scientists say there is hope for shyness.Whether you are born shy or made shy,with patience and practice,you will be able to quiet the butterflies in your stomach. 第一节 根据短文内容,从 A、B、C、D 和 E 中选出最适合填入短文空白处的选项,并将序 号及相应答案写在答题纸上。选项中有一项是多余选项。 A. What exactly is shyness? B. And shyness can be culturally determined. C. Shy people get rejected sometimes in social situations. D. But he seldom meets people socially he is too shy. E. Shyness probably affects 40 to 50 percent of all people in North America. 第二节 根据短文所给的信息,用一个完整的句子回答下面的问题,并将序号及相应答案写 在答题纸上。 ⑤What does the underlined part in the last paragraph mean?
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题号:06 科目:英语 天空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 阅读下面的短文, 在标有序号的空白处填入一个适当的词, 或填入括号中所给单词的正确形 式,并将序号及相应的答案写在答题纸上。 As a wrestker(摔跤选手),I know how much fun it is to win,In fact ,there are few things that I enjoy ① ,However, I think it is important that we teach athletes how to love a sport and enjoy It for all it has to offer,Competitiveness is great,② sometimes the pressures of being the best can overload teenagers. I see and hear wrestlers day in and day out talk about how hard ③ is to love the sport because of the demands it takes to be the best. Pressure to win ④ (put)upon wrestles in many different ways. For example, our coach is a great coach, and I know that he cares ⑤ every one of his wrestlers, but every time that I walk out on that mat, I hear his words echoing(回 响)in my mind: “You are a West Lincoln wrestler; and you will win.”How can I ⑥ feel pressure to win, and pain after losing, with that in mind? So if I do lose, I go home and cry because I feel that I ⑦ (let) my coach and myself down. However, this doesn’t last long because homework has to be done, and I have to sleep sometime, ⑧ . Then there is the never-ending concern with making weigh for the next match. I remember how much fun wrestling was in eighth grade, even though I did not win a single match. I always loved practices, and I always thought they ended too quickly. I know I would ⑨ wrestling if I decided to quit. I just wish I could return to the ⑩ when making weight was not a problem and when losing did not matter as long as I gave 100 percent.



“经济学常识”模块(10 分)
A、B 两企业原来是规模相同且生产同一种产品的企业。国际金融危机发生后,A 企业进 行全面技术改造,引进国外先进技术和设备,提高生产的自动化程度,改进经营管理,企业 发展蒸蒸日上。而 B 企业只是作了局部的设备更新,生产效率提高慢,价格缺乏竞争力。企 业发展步履维艰。 结合材料,运用马克思的劳动价值理论分析 A、B 两企业的不同命运。 (10 分)



“历史上重大改革回眸”模块(10 分)
阅读材料,回答问题。 材料一:尽管当时很闭塞,严家弄又在乡下,像“戊戌政变”这样的大事,我们也不知 道,可是皇帝和皇太后“驾崩”就不同了, “地保”打着小锣挨家挨户地通知。 (注:严家弄,作者故居所在地,原为杭州城郊) ——夏衍《懒寻旧梦录》 材料二:维新党的计划太轻率了,太危险了,每一个步骤都需要一位强者的勇气??皇 帝的方向是正确的, 但是他的顾问康有为和其它人等都缺乏工作经验, 他们简直是以好心肠 扼杀了“进步”——他们把足够九年吃的东西,不顾它的胃量和消化能力,在三个月之内都 填塞给它吃了。 —— (美) 马士 《中华帝国对外关系史》 (1)材料一中“这样的大事,我们也不知道”反映了戊戌变法运动的什么情况?( 4 分)
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(2)结合所学知识,指出材料二中“皇帝的方向”是什么,分析为什么说维新派“是 以好心肠扼杀了‘进步’ ” 。 (6 分) 题号:11 科目:地理 “旅游地理”模块(10 分) 黄山、皖南古村落是我国重点旅游景区,下图是 2006—2007 年“五一”和“十一”假期两 地客流量变化图。读图并结合所学知识,完成(1)~(3)题。

(1)下列选项中,属于世界遗产的是(2 分) ①黄山 ②华山 ③皖南古村落 ④长城 ⑤丽江古城 ⑥衡山 A.②⑥ B.①② C.③④ D.⑤⑥ (2)与皖南古村落景区相比,请说明黄山景区客流量的特点与原因。 (4 分) (3)请说出皖南古村落的特色。 (4 分) 题号:12 科目:地理 “自然灾害与防治”模块(10 分) 2010 年 10 月下旬,我国东南沿海地区受到超强台风“鲇鱼”的袭击。图 1 为 10 月 22 日 12 时近地面等压线分布图, 图 2 是该日沿海某测站测得的风向和风速分时图。 读图并结合所学 知识,完成(1)~(3)题。

(1)10 月 22 日正值我国农历九月十五, “鲇鱼”促进了沿海省份风暴潮的形成,受影响最 明显的省份是(3 分) A.广东 B.福建 C.海南 D.山东 (2)22 日 16 时, “鲇鱼”中心位于这一测站的方位是(3 分)
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A.东面 B.南门 C.西面 D.北面 (3)台风在我国东南沿海区易引发泥石流灾害,可通过预警措施对其进行有效防范。你认 为泥石流发生前会出现哪些征兆?(4 分)

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