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选修七Unit 5 Travelling abroad

选修七 Unit 5 Travelling abroad

注意: 1.仔细品味图中人物及简单文字,要结合真实的社会现象,不要作简单描述。 2.词数:150 左右。 3.作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名 In recent years, more and more high school students choose to study abroad. A

nd the hottest countries they go are the US, the UK and Australia. Besides, Canada is also a popular country. Those who go to study abroad vary from strong students to weak ones. It is said that the admission process for universities abroad is quite different from ours. They don ’ t have examinations like our College Entrance Examination, which is almost the only bridge leading to universities in China. What the universities see important in an applicant is not only their academic performance, but also their social skills. Of course, for some students, applying for an overseas school is a way for them to avoid Chinese examination, which to a large extent will bring them failure rather than success. Due to this, I doubt whether they will get real success abroad. Anyway, everyone has their rights to choose where to have their university education, abroad or not. If it’s a good choice for you, go for it. 背佳句 1.Those who go to study abroad vary from strong students to weak ones. 那些出国留学的学生 良莠不齐。 [赏析] 该句中使用了 who 引导的定语从句修饰先行词 Those,谓语动词使用了“vary from?to?”结构。 2. It is said that the admission process for universities abroad is quite different from ours. 据说 在国外大学的录取过程与我们的录取过程有很大的不同。 [赏析] 该句型是含有 that 从句的一个复合句,主语为形式主语 It,意为“据说??” 。 使用该句型时,that 从句谓语动词可根据需要用各种时态。be said 本身常用一般现在时,但 也可以用过去时。 What the universities see important in an applicant is not only their academic performance, but also their social skills. 大学所看重的不仅是申请人的学业表现,而且还有他们的社交技巧。 [赏析] what 引导的名词性从句在句中作主语,表语由“not only?but also”引导。

4. Of course, for some students, applying for an overseas school is a way for them to avoid Chinese examination, which to a large extent will bring them failure rather than success. 当然,对于一些中国学生来说,申请到国外的学校就读是避开高考的一种方式,(然而) 这在很大程度上给他们带来的是失败而不是成功。 [赏析] 该句使用了一个 which 引导的非限制性定语从句, 主句的主语为 “v?ing” 结构, 从句中使用了高级词汇“rather than” 。句式优美,值得借鉴。 单词拼写 1. He had painfully written out a first d_______. 2. Your present letter seems to c_______ the previous one. Please clarify. 3. The doctor strongly r___________ that he take a holiday. 4. Not having made full p__________, they put off the meeting. 5. China has a___________ natural resources, but they are still not enough for individuals. (draft, contradict, recommended, preparations, abundant) 6. My sister o_________ an important position in the Department of the Environment. 7. She is seeking a s_________ for the very man whose departure made her cry. 8. It's a great _________(安慰) to live in a family as an exchange student. 9. You should not be __________(支配) by the opinions of others. (occupies, substitute, comfort, governed) Ⅱ.完成短语 1.对??适应;习惯 2.就??而言 3.定居;安顿下来 4.适应,调节 5.继续干下去 6.相适应,相融合 7.不可能的;不值得讨论的 8.日复一日 get/be used to as far as one is concerned settle in adjust to keep it up fit in out of the question day in and day out Ⅲ. 完成句子 1. 我一直忙于学习,以至于都没有时间去搞社交活动。 I ______________________________work that I haven't had time for social activities. 2. 秘鲁有着多种多样的植物,从沙漠草到大面积丛林。 Peru has _______________________desert grasses to vast areas of jungle. 3. 我适应了新学校的生活,现在我感觉很自在。 I have got used to the life in the new_ school.________________________. (have been so occupied/busy with, abundant plants from, I feel at home now) 4. 这是她第一次离开自己的祖国。 It was the first time_______________________________. 5. 此外,他认为别人的想法并不是最重要的。 Besides,_________________________, what other people thought was not the most important thing. (she had ever left her motherland, as far as he was concerned) 1. recommend vt.推荐,介绍;劝告 recommendation n. 推荐,介绍(信),劝告,建议 表示“建议”时,常用结构: recommend+(sb‘s) doing 建议(某人)做某事

recommend+that? 建议??(从句用虚拟,由 “should+动词原形”构成) recommend sb to do 建议某人做某事 表示“推荐;介绍”时,常用结构: recommend sb sth(=recommend sth to sb)向某人推荐?? 【温馨提示】 (1) 力劝某人/强力推荐常用副词 highly,strongly 等,即 highly/strongly recommend? (2) 把甲介绍给乙,使他们相识,用 introduce;把某物介绍、推荐给某人或把某人推荐给某 人,应用 recommend。 (3) recommend 或 recommendation 后的名词性从句要用虚拟语气,即 should+动词原形, should 可以省略。 【活学活用】 (1) 老师曾建议我们看这部电影。 ① The teacher recommended that ①____________________. ② The teacher recommended us_________________. ③ The teacher recommended our__________________. (2) 我把它推荐给任何一位同学和老师,包括自学的学生。 I ______________any student and any teacher, including the self? taught student. (we (should) see the film, to see the film, seeing the film, recommend it to) 2. comfort vt.安慰;慰问 n.安慰;舒适 comfortable adj. 舒适的;舒服的;(人)安逸的,安乐的 uncomfortable adj. 不舒服的,不安逸的 comfortably adv. 安逸地 comfort?with 以??安慰;以??使舒适 comfort sb for 因某事安慰某人 【温馨提示】 comfort 作“舒适”讲时,是不可数名词;而指具体的某件事/人时是可数名词。如: You are a great comfort to your parents. 你是父母最大的安慰。 【活学活用】 1. 根据汉语意思完成句子 还有,当我想家的时候,房东家就是我家的替身,和他们在一起给了我很大的安慰。 Also, when I miss my family, ______________________________to be with. (it's a great comfort to have a substitute family) 2. 用 comfort 的适当形式完成句子 (1) Her husband was a great _______to her when her father was ill. (2) He has done everything he could to give his parents a _____________life. (3) After we lost the match, the teacher came up to us, _____________us with encouraging words. (4) The car is big enough to seat five people____________. (comfort, comfortable, comforting, comfortably) 3.substitute n.代替,替代品(者)vt.用??代替??;做??的代替者 substitute A for B(=substitute B with/by A) 用 A 代替 B substitute for 代替

as a substitute 作为代理人/代替品 make a substitute of 替换,取代 replace sth with sth 用某物代替某物 【易混辨析】 substitute,replace 这两个词都含“取代,代替”的意思,但用法完全不同。 (1) substitute 的用法是:substitute A for B,意为“用 A 代替 B” 。 (2) replace 的用法是:replace A with B,意为“用 B 代替 A” 。 【活学活用】 (1) 在现代社会中,人们用塑料做钢的代替品。 In modern society, people accept to__________________steel. (2) 他代替做这个办公室的打字员。 He _____________________in the office. (3) 我把名单上我的名字换成了你的。 I ____________your name _____mine on the list. (use plastics as a substitute for, substituted as the typist, substituted, for) 4. acknowledge vt.确认;承认;答谢 acknowledge sb/sth 承认/感谢/认可某物/某人或向某人打招呼/问候 acknowledge sb/sth to be/as? 承认某人/某物是?? acknowledge (doing) sth/that? 承认?? It's (universally) acknowledged that??是大家所公认的 acknowledge sb with? 以??对某人表示感谢 acknowledge a favor/help 答谢所受到的关照/帮助 【活学活用】 1. 同义句改写 (1) She is acknowledged as the best singer. She is acknowledged _____the best singer. (2) He acknowledged that he had done wrong. He acknowledged__________________. (to be, having done wrong) 2. 根据汉语意思完成句子 (1) 他告诉我说,首先,我不能把别人的话写下来而不表示感谢。 First of all, he told me, I couldn't write what other people had said_______________. (2) 台湾是中国的一部分,这是大家公认的。 _____________________that Taiwan is a part of China. (without acknowledging them, It is universally acknowledged) 【易混辨析】 acknowledge, admit, recognize 这些动词均含“承认”之意。 (1) acknowledge 通常指公开承认某事的真实情况或自己的过错。 (2) admit 强调因外力或良心驱使或经判断而明确承认,多含不情愿或被迫意味。 (3) recognize 作“承认”解时,系书面用词,主要指合法的或外交上的承认,也指公认。 用 acknowledge 或 recognize 的适当形式完成句子 (1) He walked along in the shadows hoping no one would ___________him.

(2) They _____________having been defeated at last. (recognize, acknowledged) 5. occupy vt.占用(时间,空间);占领; (oneself) 使从事,使忙碌 occupation n. 职业, 占有期间, 占有 occupied adj. 已占用的;无空闲的; 在使用的 keep sb occupied 使某人忙碌 be occupied with sth/in doing sth=occupy oneself with sth/(in) doing sth =be busy doing sth/with sth= be engaged in doing sth 忙于做某事 【活学活用】 (1) 这个座位有人占吗? Is anyone ___________this seat?Is this seat_____________? (2) 教师不仅要专心于教书,还要育人。 A teacher should _________________________education as well as with teaching. (occupying, occupied, be occupied (occupy himself/herself) with) 6. keep it up 保持优秀成绩;继续干下去 keep up 保持,继续 keep a diary 写日记 keep one's word/keep to one's promise 履行诺言 keep in touch with 与??保持联系 keep an eye on? 照看,密切注视;提示 keep up with 跟上;保持同步水平不落后 keep away from 远离;不接触 keep to sth 信守;坚持;坚守;不违背(诺言、计划等) 【活学活用】 (1) 你正在取得进步,坚持下去。 You're making progress.________________. (2) 如果雨继续下,庄稼会被淹没。 __________________________________, the crops will be flooded. (3) 他总是说话算数的。 He always keeps________________________. (Keep it up, If the rain keeps up/If it keeps raining, his word/to his promise) 7. fit in 相适应;相融合 fit in with 适合,符合; 适应;(使)与??一致 fit sb in 安排时间见某人 fit sth in 安排时间做某事 fit on 把??安上;试穿 fit up 安装;安放 be fit for 适合于 be fit to do sth 适合做某事 【活学活用】 (1) 拉里好像和别的孩子相处得不融洽。 Larry doesn't seem______________________________. (2) 怀特大夫说今天上午他只能再看两个病人。 Dr. White says ________________________more patients this morning.

(3) 继续保持下去,谢蕾。中国学生的适应能力强。 _______________, Xie Lei. The Chinese students fit in well. (to fit in with the other children, he can fit in only two, Keep it up) 8. as far as one is concerned 就??而言,至于?? as/so far as sth is concerned 就某事而论 as far as? 远到?? as/so far as I know 就我所知 as far as I can remember 据我所记得 as far as I see/tell 依我看 as far as the eye can reach 就视力所能及 (1) ____________________(据我所知), he will be away for two months. (2) _____________________(就这项规则来说), no one can find out where it comes. (3) _____________(依我看),you have done nothing wrong. (4) The railway reaches ___________________(一直延伸到下一个城镇). (As/So far as I know, As far as the rule is concerned, As far as I see, as far as the next town) 9. out of the question 不可能的;不值得讨论的 out of question 毫无疑问 without question 毋庸置疑地;确实地 in question 在议论中,在谈论中;有疑问,不确定 There's no question of? 做??的可能性简直没有 【温馨提示】 out of question 为 “毫无疑问的” , 通常作表语, 相当于形容词。 但若在 question 前加 the, 即说成 out of the question,则意为“不可能的” ,这点应特别引起注意。 10. in prison 蹲监狱 in the prison 在监狱里 in charge of 负责?? in the charge of 由??负责/管理 in church 做礼拜 in the church 在教堂里 in front of 在??前面 in the front of 在??前部(内部) in class 上课 in the class 在教室里 at table 吃饭 at the table 在饭桌旁 in possession of 拥有 in the possession of 掌握在??手里/被??占有 【活学活用】 (1) 股市依然低迷,我们不可能买得起新房子。 _____________________for us to buy a new flat now since stock market is still in low. (2) 他能够按时来是毫无问题的。 That he can arrive on time_______________________. (It is out of the question, is out of question, ) 11. In the high plains area is Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, on which boats can travel. 句型公式 完全倒装句:介词短语+谓语动词+主语+?? 【句式分析】 当表示地点的介词短语如 on a hill, in the valley, round the corner, at the foot of 等放在句 首,谓语部分为 be, stand, lie, sit 等,主语为名词,这时就可采用全部倒装。 【相关拓展】

副词/副词短语+谓语动词+主语+?? 如果副词或副词短语如 in, up, down, out, away 等位于句首, 动词为 come, lie, stand, walk, rush, dash 等,主语为名词时,常采用完全倒装。 【易错警示】 全部倒装必须符合三个条件:一是把介词短语、副词或副词短语放在句首;二是谓语动 词为 be, go, come, walk, dash,run, fly 等;三是主语必须是名词。如果主语为代词,则谓语 仍放在主语之后。如: Here comes the bus.公交车来了。 Here it comes.它来了。 【活学活用】 (1) ______________(远处那座大山的山脚下坐落着一个小村庄),which is my home town. (2) ____________________(孩子们立刻冲出了教室) as soon as the bell rang. (At the foot of the mountain in the distance sits a village, Out rushed the children) 跟踪训练 1. She has already thought about what she will do, _____her pop music career fade. A.would B.should C.could D.might 【解析】 B 省略了虚拟条件句引导词 if,should 前置。 2. I must have been a great to my parents in those hard days, for I never failed to live up to their expectations. A.achievement B.comfort C.disappointment D.support 【解析】 B 考查名词辨析。句意为:在那些艰难的日子里,我从来没有辜负父母的 期望,对他们来说我一定是一个很大的安慰。四个名词的主要含义:achievement 成就,成 绩;comfort 安慰,舒适;disappointment 失望,挫折;support 支持。由语意可知选 B。 3. His sacrifices for the country were never officially ,which made all of us feel discouraged. A.acknowledged B.appealed C.recommended D.evaluated 【解析】 A 考查动词辨析。句意为:他为祖国所做的牺牲从来没有被正式承认,这 让我们觉得很沮丧。四个选项的主要含义分别为:A“承认;(公开)对??表示感谢;确认” ; B“恳请,上诉” ;C“推荐” ;D“评估,评价” 。从语意的连贯判断选 A。 4. —I hear that a modern church is to be built near our school. —I'm afraid that it doesn't the surroundings. A.fit in with B.come up with C.keep up with D.get along with 【解析】 A 考查短语辨析。这里指的是要建的教堂和周围的环境不一致,所以要用 “fit in with” 意为 “与??一致(协调)” 。 B 项意为 “提出” ; C 项意为 “跟上” ; D 项意为 “与?? 相处” 。 5. you don't betray me, I'll do whatever you ask me to do. A.As if B.As long as C.Even if D.If 【解析】 B 考查连词辨析。句意为:只要你不出卖我,要我做什么我都愿意。 as/so long as“只要” ,引导条件状语从句,符合题意。As if 好像,似乎;Even if 即使,尽管,都 不合题意。

6. —Let's go for a picnic this weekend together with our classmates, OK? — .I love getting close to nature. A.I couldn't agree more B.That's all right C.Out of the question D.I'm afraid not 【解析】 A 考查交际用语。从后面的信息“我喜欢接近大自然”可知,答话人完全 赞同对方“周末与同学一起野餐”的提议。A 项用于完全赞同对方的建议,意为“我非常同 意” ;B 项用于应答致谢或道歉;C 项用于拒绝对方的请求,表示“不可能” ;D 项为委婉的 否定答复。 7. South of the river a small paper?making factory, which causes pollution to the river. A.does lie B.lies C.lay D.did lie 【解析】 B 本题考查倒装语序。South of the river 副词短语位于句首,动词又为 lie, 故用全部倒装。从上下文可知,这里说的是一般情况,故用一般现在时,排除 C。 8. I don't have money or time, , I can't accompany you to the Great Wall. A.in a word B.in other words C.in word D.in plain words 【解析】 B 考查短语辨析。in other words 换句话说。句意为:我没有钱也没有时间, 换句话说,我不能陪你去观长城了。in a word 总而言之;in word 口头上;in plain words 率 直地说。 9. The reporters surveys on the hot social issues are often attacked by some lawbreakers. A.conducted B.conducting C.are conducting D.to conduct 【解析】 B 本题考查非谓语动词。 此处需要非谓语动词作定语; 因 reporters 和 conduct 之间是主动关系,所以用现在分词形式。不定式 to conduct?表示将来的动作,强调一般情 况,不合适。 10.Having won a series of matches against Germans, Wang Hao and his partners, together with coach, waved their hands excitedly to the cheers of the crowd. A.admit B.acknowledge C.absorb D.consider 【解析】 B 句意:赢得了对德国队的几场比赛后王浩和他的队友、教练兴奋地挥手 对大家的欢呼表示感谢。 acknowledge 在这里表示 “就??表示感谢” 。 admit “承认” ; absorb “吸收,使全神贯注” ; consider“考虑,思考” 。 11.You used to sleep with the windows open, ? A.did you B.do you C.usedn't you D.use you 【解析】 C 本题考查含 used to do 结构的反意疑问句。used to do sth 的反意疑问句形 式用 usedn't/didn't,所以 C 项正确。 12.The old computer doesn't work. We must a new one for it. A.replace B.instead of C.substitute D.take the place of 【解析】 C 本题考查词语辨析。 此处需要动词作谓语。根据“电脑坏了”可推测, “我们必须换一台新的” ,故用 substitute;若用 replace 则应表达为 replace it with a new one. 13.He is always working hard. It's that he'll pass the test.

A.out of question B.out of the question C.in question D.of question 【解析】 A 本题考查含 question 的短语的用法。从 He is always working hard 来看, “他通过这次考试是没有问题的” ,故用 out of question. 14.It has been that I try these pills for seasickness. A.warned B.said C.recommended D.argued 【解析】C 考查动词词义辨析。 句意为: 别人推荐我试试这些治晕船的药片。 It has been recommended that?表示“据推荐,据建议” 。 15.I began to feel in the new school when I saw some familiar faces. A.at home B.at heart C.at will D.at sight 【解析】 A 根据语境:当我看到一些熟悉的面孔时,我开始感到舒畅了。feel at home “感到畅快、自在” ; at heart 在内心里(在本质上);at will 随意地;at sight 一见就。 提纲作文 一、写作指南 提纲作文要求考生根据所给的写作要求和提纲, 确定文章的中心思想, 然后紧紧围绕中心思 想展开写作,表达提纲的主旨。提纲作文形式多样,常见的有书信、通知、日记等,所选题 材比较贴近考生的实际生活。 1.试题特征 提纲式作文分为短文提示、要点提示和表格提示。第一种是用汉语给出一段短文提示,要求 考生根据提示写一篇 100 词左右的短文,所考查的形式灵活多样,比如人物介绍、地点介绍 等。 第二种是要点提示, 这是比较常见的一种写作方式, 此类题目用汉语提纲列举几个要点, 提出写作要求。 考生写作时要首先根据要点确定文章的中心思想, 然后围绕中心思想和要点 展开合理和适当的联想。第三种是表格提示,出题人用表格的形式给出要点,写作时考生首 先要将表格中的要点扩展成一个个完整的句子, 然后根据文章的中心话题和要求, 把这些要 点连句成文。 2.注意的问题 (1) 细读提示, 认真审题, 把握体裁。 审题应包括:①审体裁。提纲作文的体裁一般有书信、 报道、通知、日记等形式;②定人称;③定时态。 (2) 紧扣主题,组织要点。虽然提纲式写作题其“要点”似乎已经定好了,但考生仍要逐个 把内容要点完整地列出来。 (3) 选词造句,初步成文。在体裁明确、信息全面、要点清晰的基础上,考生根据要点和重 点词汇的句法功能、 句子的语法规则, 按照提示或说明中所提供的事实和情节发展的顺序选 词造句,然后将零散的句子排列成主谓一致、时态呼应、脉络清晰、合乎逻辑、内容完整的 短文。 3.写作步骤 中文提纲式书面表达是高考最常见的考查形式之一, 一般都有较多的文字说明, 这就在一定 程度上限制了考生的表述思路。我们可以从以下几个方面入手进行操作: (1) 仔细审题,明确要求 审读所给信息,弄清所要表达的内容,然后对所给信息进行整理,必要的时候可以针对要点 适当调整写作顺序,以使文章行文连贯。 (2) 明确中心思想 提纲类作文一般都不给出标题, 考生在写作时也不必要加上标题, 这就要求考生善于从提示

的情景中明确文章的中心思想及写作意图,并在此基础上确定习作的主题句、写作方向,以 及展开叙述的方式。 (3) 提炼要点 提纲式书面表达一般都只给出只言片语的提示, 而不是完整的表达。 此时考生就必须在大脑 中将各信息点补充完整,适时使用一些短语、句型以及各种从句。此时要记住, “有话好好 说,有话慢慢说” ,不要想着一蹴而就。我们有这样的体验,提纲式书面表达的写作中,我 们还没写几句,就感觉所有要点都已经表达完了。在写作中一定注意避免这样的情况,要依 据提示的情景将提纲中的每个要点表达清楚, 以使你的习作内容完整, 要点齐全, 内容饱满。 这就要求考生在写作时将提示的内容展开叙述, 用自己熟悉的英语词汇、 短语和句型来表达 内容,并在必要的时候添加一些细节,以使上下文连贯。 展开叙述的方式。 (4) 确保语言精练,语法正确 在提纲式书面表达的写作中,要注意抓住提示的信息,并注意适当进行发挥。表达中要注意 确定句子的时态与语态, 注意句式结构的正确和变化多样, 适当运用短语、 并列句、 复合句、 介词短语和副词等,以使文章饱满。 二、真题欣赏 假定你住在一个涉外小区。 社区委员会请你帮忙用英文写一封电子邮件, 将周末农家采摘活 动的安排传达给住户。 要点: 1.时间:下周六上午 8:00 至 11:00; 2.内容:采摘苹果; 3.报名:办公室,下周四下午 5:00 前; 4.提示:带帽子、手套。 注意: 1.词数 100 左右,开头语和结束语已为你写好,不计入总词数; 2.可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。 参考词汇:社区 community Dear neighbors, We are very happy to announce that? _________________________________________________ We are looking forward to your joining us. Community Office 【思路点拨】 第一步:审题看要求。本题要求写一封电子邮件,将周末农家采摘活动的安排传达给住户。 开头、结尾已经给出,审题的重点放在要点和要求上。要点有四项,注意有两项,注意的第 一项是重要的一项。理思路:理顺要点,讲清本次活动安排的时间、内容、报名的时间、地 点及本次活动的注意事项。 第二步:写作。可以先在稿纸上起草,用自己最有把握的单词、短语、句型去表达。要尝试 最简单的复杂句,比如用定语从句、宾语从句等,但句式不易过于复杂。要用一些恰当的连 词,使句与句之间、段与段之间过渡自然。 第三步:检查。作文写完后,最后要进行检查。重点放在要点、时态、语态、动词的数、单 词拼写、标点符号、大小写等。检查完后再抄写在试卷上,注意卷面的整洁。 【示例】 Dear neighbors, We are very happy to announce that our community is going to organize an activity for all the

community members. Next Saturday, we are going to pick apples in a village 20 kilometers away from our town, and all are welcome. We will meet at 8: 00 am at the gate, where a blue bus will be waiting. Our outdoor activity will last 3 hours, and we'll be back at about 11 o'clock. If you are interested, please sign up at the office before 5:00 pm next Thursday so that we will make necessary arrangements. We suggest that you bring a hat and a pair of gloves with you. We are looking forward to your joining us. Community Office 【好词好句积累】 1.announce that 2.organize an activity 3.pick apples in a village 4.sign up at the office 5.make necessary arrangements 6.look forward to 三、实战演练 假如你叫李华,为了培养同学们的英语学习兴趣,提高英语水平,你和你校的几位英语爱好 者在互联网上建了一个叫做 easyenglish 的网站。请用英语在校报上写一篇文章向你校全体 同学介绍这个网站。要点如下: 1.目的:培养同学们英语学习的兴趣,使学英语变得更轻松。 2.内容: (1) 丰富的英语材料:英语习题、外国文化、英语小故事等; (2) 网络英语聊天; (3) 展示英语习作、交流学习心得。 注意: 1.短文必须包括以上要点,可适当添加细节; 2.词数:100 左右。开头已经为你写好,但不计入总词数。 One possible version: Dear fellow students, I'd like to introduce you to a new website—easyenglish. com. The purpose of setting up such a website is to develop your interest of learning English and make learning English easy and enjoyable for us students. A wide variety of English materials are available in this website, such as English exercises, foreign cultures, English short stories, etc. And you can also enjoy chatting in English here with other English learners so that you can improve both your oral and written English. Furthermore, if you'd like to show your own English writings and exchange your English learning experience with others, this website is your best choice. Meanwhile, your English can get improved by being corrected by others. Welcome to surf this website and be a member of it!


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