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必修1 Module 1 My First Day at Senior High

Module 1

My First Day at Senior High

1.From his________look,I could see that he didn't believe what I said. A.amazing C.amazed 答案 C B.amaze D.amazement [


amazing“ 令 人 吃 惊 的 , 令 人 惊 讶 的 ” ; amaze“ 使 吃 惊 ” , 是 动 词 , 形 式 不 符 ; amazement“吃惊,惊讶”,是名词,形式不符合题意要求;amazed 意为“吃惊的;惊 讶的”。当被修饰的名词是 face,smile,look 等能表现人情感的名词时,通常用ed 形 式的形容词,故选 C。] 2.—WhydidPeterlookupset? —Hisbossaskedhimtoleave.________,hewasfired. A.Bytheway C.Inall 答案 D B.Byaccident D.Inotherwords [“老板让他离开”与“他被解雇了”所说的是同一个意思,所以空格处应填 In

other words(换句话说)。by the way 顺便说一下;by accident 偶然;in all 总之。] 3.Believe it or not, no bread eaten by us is so sweet as________earned by our own labour. A.one 答案 B B.that C.ones D.those


来甜。that=the+不可数名词,相当于 the bread。] 4.Swimmingismyfavoritesport.Thereis________likeswimmingasameansofkeepingfit. A.somethingB.anything C.nothingD.everything 答案 C [考查不定代词。句意为:游泳是我特别喜爱的一项运动。作为保持健康的一

种方式, 没有什么可以比得上游泳了。 something like 好像, 大约; nothing like 无与伦比, 没有什么比得上;anything like 像……那样的事,根本,全然。] 5.Always read the________on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine. A.explanations C.descriptions 答案 B B.instructions D.introductions


形式;description“描写”;introduction“引导;传入;介绍”。根据句意应选 B 项,指 药瓶上的“用药须知;服用说明”。] 6.Myparentsareagainstmyplan,andtheydon’thavetheleast_______ofwhatI’mtryingtodo. A.revision B.impression C.comprehension D.description 答案 C [由 My parents are against my plan(父母反对我的计划)可知,这里是说他们对 我正试图做的事情完全不能“理解(comprehension)”。revision 复习;impression 印象; description 描写。] 7.The audience were_______the performance of Lang Lang, a famous young pianist. A.impressed by C.interesting in B.impressed on D.expressed by

答案 A [be impressed by“给某人留下深刻印象,为??所感动”,符合句意。B 项介 词搭配错误; C 项应将 interesting 改为 interested; D 项中 express“表达”, 不符合句意。 ] 8.The allowance is only enough to________the most fundamental needs such as food and clothing. A.convey C.consist B.cover D.confirm

答案 B [convey“传达,表达”;cover“(足够)支付”;consist“组成”;confirm“证 实”。] 9.As I joined the big crowd, I got________from my friends. A.separated C.spared B.divided D.lost

答案 A [从空后的 from 判断,应用 separate 的过去分词形式作表语,表示“分开的; 分离的”。] 10 . TheinformationaboutthediseaseontheInternetisnotasaccurateas________obtainedfromthedoct ors. A.oneB.it C.thatD.this 答案 C [考查代词。that 可以代指前面提到的“the+可数名词/不可数名词”,本题中

代替 the information。 句意为“网上有关这种疾病的信息不如从医生那里得来的信息更准 确。”]

10. The microphone enabled them to keep in touch, ________—it made it convenient for them to contact each other. A.as well C.in other words B.in fact D.as a result

答案 C [as well“也”; in fact“事实上”; as a result“结果”, 都不符合题意。 in other words“换句话说”,符合题意。] 11.—He ought to have been warned of the danger. —________,but he wouldn't listen to me. A.Yes, he ought to C.So it was with him B.So he did D.So he was

答案 D [D 项意为:“他的确被(我)告诫过”,与下文“但不听我的”意思一致, “so +主语+助动词”表对事实的确认肯定,即“我确实告诫他了(但是他不听)”答语对回 话人的看法加以纠正。对方认为“他本来应该被告诫要小心的”对方认为没有警告他, 其实“我”告诫他了。 故不应用 So he ought to.而是对 he was warned of the danger 的确认。 而用 So he was.] 12.—I don't think we have met before. —Yes, once at a party, but we________. A.weren't introduced C.haven't introduced B.didn't introduce D.were not introducing

答案 A [introduce 是及物动词,后面需要有一个名词。本题中 introduce 后没有宾语, 所以用被动,意思是:但是没有给我们介绍。] 13.He________the club and________a lot of its activities in his spare time. A.took part in;joined C.joined;took a part in B.joined;took part in D.took part in; took part in

答案 B [句意:他加入了这个俱乐部,并且在他的业余时间参加了很多活动。join 表 示加入某组织或团体,并成为其中的一员;take part in 表示参加群众性的活动。] 14.Youmustreadthe________onthebottlecarefullyandtaketherightamountofmedicine. A.explanationsB.instructions C.descriptionsD.introductions 答案 B [考查名词辨析。句意为:你必须要认真阅读药瓶上的说明书,并且吃药要适

量。explanation 解释;instruction 说明;description 描述;introduction 介绍;序言。] 15.—Why is your father in such a hurry? —He ________for Beijing to attend an important meeting.The plane________at six. A.will leave;leave C.is leaving;will leave B.is leaving;leaves D.leaves; is leaving

答案 B [表示“出发去某地”时,leave 常用进行时表示将来;第二个空表示飞机在某 一时刻起飞,这是按照时刻表规定的,要用一般现在时。] II. 完形填空

When I was in junior high, the eighth?grade bully hit me in the stomach.Not only did it__1__and make me angry, but the embarrassment and humiliation were almost __2__.I wanted desperately to even the score!I planned to __3__him by the bike racks the next day and let him have it. For some reason, I told my __4__to Nana, my grandmother.She said, “Good __5__cause good results, and evil deeds cause bad results.”I told her, in a nice way, __6__,that I thought she was full of it.I told her that I did __7__things all the time, and all I got __8__was “baloney!”(I didn't use that word.)She stuck to her guns, though.She said, “Every good deed will come back to you someday, __9__every bad thing you do will also come back to you.” It took me 30 years to understand the __10__ of her words.Nana was living in a boardandcare home in Laguna Hills, California.Each Tuesday, I came by and took her out to __11__.I would always find her neatly dressed and sitting in a __12__ right by the front door. Moving my plate __13__, I took Nana's plate, placed it in front of me, and cut her __14__ into small pieces.I then placed the plate back in front of __15__.As she very weakly, and with great __16__, forked the meat into her mouth, I was struck with a __17__that brought instant tears to my eyes. Forty years __18__, as a little boy sitting at the table, Nana had __19__taken the meat on my plate and cut it into small pieces so I could eat it.It had taken 40 years, but the good deed had been

__20__.Nana was right. We reap exactly what we sow.“Every good deed you do will someday come back to you.” Notes: ①bully n.恶棍 ②humiliation n.羞辱 ③even vt.使相等④baloney n.鬼话 割 1.A.hurt 2.A.unnecessary C.difficult 3.A.hit 4.A.hope 5.A.thoughts C.deeds 6.A.of course C.however 7.A.good 8.A.in turn C.in order 9.A.but 10.A.meaning C.wisdom 11.A.bath 12.A.bed 13.A.aside 14.A.bread C.fish 15.A.me 16.A.satisfaction C.pleasure 17.A.drink 18.A.later B.meat B.or so B.her B.walk B.table B.in B.so B.bad B.meet B.proposal B.fail C.damage B.invisible D.unbearable C.inform C.suggestion B.reasons D.friends B.therefore D.though C.important B.in return D.in time C.or B.structure D.tendency C.dinner C.chair C.out B.vegetables D.meat C.others B.difficulty D.interest C.memory C.earlier D.regret D.before D.friends D.show D.room D.down D.and D.big D.ask D.plan D.suffer ⑤reap vt.收

19.A.always C.seldom 20.A.repaid C.forgotten

B.never D.sometimes B.repeated D.remembered

【语篇解读】四十年前,作为儿童的“我”经常受到坏孩子的欺负,每当“我”想要报 复的时候,祖母总是说, “好的行为会导致好的结果,坏的行为会导致坏的结果。”多年后 她的话得到了应验。 因为“我”小的时候她对“我”照顾周到, 现在生活几乎不能自理的她 也得到了“我”悉心的照料。 1.A [因为他打了“我”,因此首先是受伤疼痛。D 有一定的干扰性,suffer 的意思是“遭 受痛苦”,指肉体上的和精神上的,而 but also 后面的指精神上的,因此出现了重复。] 2. D [联系后文“我”要报复可知, 这种窘迫与羞辱是无法忍受的。 其他选项中, unnecessary

是“没有必要的”;invisible 是“看不见的”。] 3.B [联系空后的“by the bike racks the next day and let him have it”可知, “我”打算第二天 在自行车棚旁边与他会面,让他也得到同样的对待。] 4.D [联系前文的“I planned to__3__(meet)him by the bike racks”可以知道, “我”把计划告

诉了祖母。] 5.C [联系空后的“and evil deeds cause bad results”可得此答案。] 6.A 7.A 8.B [前后无转折或因果关系,因此用插入语 of course 最佳。] [联系全句可知, “我”一直在做好事却得不到好的回报。] [in return 的意思是“回报”。in turn 意为“轮流”;in order 意为“按次序”;in time

意为“及时”。] 9.D 10.C [前后为并列关系。] [花了 30 年的时间“我”才明白这句话的智慧。meaning 指“意思”;tendency 指

“趋向”。] 11.C 12.C 13.A [联系后文“我”喂祖母吃肉可知, “我”带她出去吃饭。] [因为是在饭店,联系空前的“in”和空后的“right by the front door”可得此答案。] [联系空后的“I took Nana's plate, placed it in front of me”可知, “我”把“我”的盘

子挪到一边,拿过祖母的盘子。] 14.D 15.B [联系后文的“forked the meat into her mouth”可以得此答案。] [联系空前的“placed the plate back”我们知道,在“我”将她盘中的肉切开后,再把

盘子放到她的面前。] 16.B 17.C 18.C 19.A [联系空前的“very weakly”我们知道,她非常艰难地把肉叉着放进嘴里。] [下一段是“我”对 40 年前的回忆,这段回忆让“我”流下了眼泪。] [联系空后的“as a little boy”可知,这是 40 年前的事情。] [显然,因为那时“我”很小,祖母总是为“我”切肉。]

20.A [现在祖母所做的好事得到了回报。联系空后的“We reap (收割) exactly what we sow (播种)”可以得此答案。] III. 阅读理解

“Snakes in the Gutter”can make an interesting game that can be played in school.For this, you need to make some of the children snakes.They have to stand in a line widely distanced from each other.To begin the game, you need to say, “ Snakes in the Gutter. ” After your announcement, the children try to get through the line of the snakes without getting caught.The kids who are caught by the snakes have to join the snakes' team.The one who keeps free till all the others are caught is the winner. If your school has a big enough playground, you can organize basketball, football and other such outdoor team games. Online games that help kids get skills in using the mouse and the keyboard are excellent games in modern times.To do well in image tracking games, kids need to decide quickly and correctly when clicking a moving thing. Vocabulary games are those of the best games to play in school.One of the exciting word games is building words from the disordered letters.Another game could be that of finding the spelling mistake in a given word.A game known as “Hangman”is played by giving a piece of information about the meaning of a word to the kids and telling them the number of letters in the words.

There can be many such games to play in school.Remember to design games that are interesting as well as educative.Games in school serve as the best way to develop certain skills in children, and they are also full of fun and excitement.So, get going! 1.In order to win the game “Snakes in the Gutter”, one should________. A.be caught as soon as possible B.stand in a line to act snakes C.keep himself/herself free till the end D.say “Snakes in the Gutter” before the others 2.By playing the image tracking games online children can improve their skills in________. A.finding out different pictures B.describing a moving thing correctly C.communicating with each other D.making a quick and right decision 3.What can we learn according to the introduction of vocabulary games? A.They are usually played at home. B.They are used to improve kids' translation skill. C.They can help kids learn more words. D.They can help kids make sentences. 4.The author's attitude towards games in school is________. A.unknown C.uncertain B.positive D.negative

【语篇解读】本文为说明文。文章主要介绍了孩子们在学校可以玩的多种游戏,这些游 戏既充满了乐趣,又能锻炼孩子的能力。 1.C [细节理解题。根据第一段的“The one who keeps free till all the others are caught is the winner.”可知,在“Snakes in the Gutter”游戏中,胜者应该尽力保持不被“捉到”。到游戏 最后, 其他人都被捉到了, 那么剩下的最后一个没有被捉到的人就是这次游戏的胜利者。 ] 2.D [细节理解题。根据第三段的“To do well in image tracking games, kids need to decide

quickly and correctly when clicking a moving thing.”可知,这种网络游戏可以提高孩子们 迅速、准确地作出判断的能力。] 3.C [细节理解题。第四段介绍了三种词汇游戏,由此可推知,这种游戏旨在帮助孩子识

记更多的单词。] 4.B [推理判断题。由“Games in school serve as the best way to develop certain skills in children, and they are also full of fun and excitement. So, get going!”可推知,作者对于学 校内的游戏是持肯定态度的。]


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