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1. I’m calling about the apartment you the other day. Could you tell me more about it? A. advertised B. had advertised C. are advertising D. will advertise 2. I to my cousin’s birthday party

last night, but I was not available A. went B. had gone C. would go D. would have gone 3. Shakespeare’s play Hamlet _______ into at least ten different films over the past years. A. had been made B. was made C. has been made D. would be made 4. --- Do you think Mom and Dad _______ late? --- No, Swiss Air is usually on time. A. were B. will be C. would be D. have been 5. Hurry up! Mark and Carl _______ us. A. expect B. are expecting C. have expected D. will expect 6. --- So what is the procedure? --- All the applicants _______ before a final decision is made by the authority. A. interview B. are interviewing C. are interviewed D. are being interviewed 7. The famous musician, as well as his students, ________ to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Taipei Flower Expo. A. were invited B. was invited C. have been invited D. has been invited 8. The girl has a great interest in sport and ________ badminton classes twice a week over the last three years. A. took B. is taking C. takes D. has been taking

9. “What do you want to be?” asked Mrs. Crawford. “Oh, I ________ president,” said the boy, with a smile. A. have been B. am C. was D. will be 10. Around two o’clock every night, Sue will start talking in her dream. It somewhat ________ us. A. bothers B. had bothered C. would bother D. bothered 11. If nothing ________, the oceans will turn into fish deserts. A. does B. had been done C. will do D. is done 12. — Have you heard about the recent election? — Sure, it ________ the only thing on the news for the last three days. A. would be B. is C. has been D. will be 13. Every day ________ a proverb aloud several times until you have it memorized. A. read B. reading C. to read D. reads 14. — I don’t understand why you didn’t go to the lecture yesterday afternoon. —I’m so sorry.But I my homework. A.had done B. was doing C. would do D. am doing 15.Generally, students’ inner motivation with high expectations from others ______ essential to their development. A. is B. are C. was D. were 16. —Could I use your car tomorrow morning? —Sure. I ______ a report at home.

A. will be writing B. will have written C. have written D. have been writing 17. —What about your self-drive trip yesterday? —Tiring! The road is being widened, and we ______ a rough ride. A. had B. have C. would have D. have had 18. He was unhappy when he sold his guitar. After all, he _________it for a very long time. A. has had. B. had had C. has D. had 19. We are confident that the environment ______by our further efforts to reduce pollution. A. had been improved B. will be improved C. is improved D. was improved 20. We very early so we packed the night before. A. leave B. had left C. were leaving D.have left 21. I didn’t think I’d like the movie, but actually it _____ pretty good. A. has been B. was C. had been D. would be 22. — Oh no! We’re too late. The train _______. — That’s Ok. We’ll catch the next train to London. A. was leaving B. had left C. has left D. has been leaving 23. Hurry up, kids! The school bus _______ for us! A. waits B. was waiting C. waited D. is waiting 24. On Monday mornings it usually me an hour to drive to work although the actual distance is only 20 miles. A. takes B. is taking C. took D. will take 25. Jim a late night film at home when, right in the middle of a thrilling scene, the television went blank. A. watched B. had watched C. was watching D. would be watching 26. The water supply has been cut off temporarily because the workers one of the main pipes. A. had repaired B. have repaired C. repaired D. are repairing 27. Bob called to tell his mother that he couldn’t enter the house, for he ________ his key at school. A. had left B. would leave C. was leaving D. has left 28. The school board is made up of parents who ________ to make decisions about school affairs. A. had been elected B. had elected C. have been elected D. have elected 29. If we _______ now to protect the environment, we'll live to regret it. A. hadn't acted B. haven't acted C. don't act D. won't act 30. When I first met Bryan I didn't like him, but I _______ my mind. A. have changed B. change C. had changed D. would change 31. 1 felt very tired when I got home and I straight to bed. A. go B. went C. had gone D. have gone 32. A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Theatre Royal on 19th June and then

tours throughout Scotland. A. opens B. is opened C. will open D. will be opened 33.Eye doctors recommend that a child’s first eye exam _____ at the age of six months old. A was B be C were D is 34During the last three decades, the number of people participating in physical fitness programs ______ sharply. A was increasing B has increased C had increased D will be increasing



时态语态总结现在 过去 将来 过去将来 一般 被动语态 进行 被动语态 完成 被动语态 完成进行 被动语态 一般现在时 Do ;does Be done 现在进行时 be doing 现在...


时态语态表格。动词的时态和语态时态 一般现在时 The present tense 意义 经常性,习惯性的动 作,存在的状态,或客 观事实. 标志词语 everyday, usually, always,...


英语时态语态语法讲解_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。十分详细的英语时态与语法的讲解英诧时态不诧态语法讲解第一章 时态 句子中丌仅有时间状诧说明动作収生的时间...


各位烤鸭们现在开始认真学习语法吧 时态语态 一般 现在 过去 将来 过去将来 一般现在时 一般过去式 一般将来时 过去将来时 进行 现在进行时 过去进行时 将来进行时...


英语时态语态总结表时态名称 肯定句 一般 否定句 现 一般疑问 在时 简单回答 一 肯定句 般 否定句 过 一般疑问 去 简单回答 时现 肯定句 在 否定句 进 ...


Introduction: tense, voice, modal 英语动词时态语态、语气简述 --Introduction: tense/ voice/ modal 英语中,动词可以说是最为重要的词类,它们的变化最多。...


动词时态语态一、动词时态(一)一般现在时:do/does/am/is/are 1、 一般现在时表示现在经常发生或习惯性的行为或状态, 常与 usually, always, every day, ...

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时态 动词的时态语态 导读动词时态语态是英语学习过程中非常重要的一环, 也是语法学习中的一个难点。 本章 将十六种动词时态予以总结并进行比较; 同时归纳了...
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