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名词性从句练习 主语从句练习 1. _________ he made an important speech at the meeting was true. (that; what) 2. _________we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. (whether; if) 3. _________is known to us all is that America is a developed country. (it; what) 4. It’s known to us all ________ water is a form of energy .(that; what) 5. It worried her a bit _________ her hair was turning gray. (that; what) 6. ________ makes mistakes must correct them. (who; whoever) 7. ________ the boy didn't take medicine made his mother angry. (that; what) 8. ________ we can't get seems better than _______ we have. (what; that) 9. _________is going to do the job will be decided by the Party committee. (who; whoever) 10. ______the house will be built will be discussed at tomorrow's meeting. (if; where) 11. _______team will win the match is a matter of public concern. (which; that) 12. _______we'll finish translating the book depends on the time. (that; when) 13. What I say and think ___ none of your business. (is; are) 14. It is vital to her health that she ________ this medicine. (take; takes) 表语从句练习 1. That’s ___ the Party called on us to do. (A. why; B. what; C. how; D. that) 2. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ____ I disagree. (A. why B. where C. what D. how) 3. Jane is no longer ___ she was four years ago. (A. what; B. which; C. that; D. when) 4. The problem is ____we can master modern science and technology in a short time. A. if B. that C. what D. how 5.–Doesn’t Mr. Smith live on this street? -No .This is ____Mr. Brown lives.(A. which B. where C. how D. that) 6.The traditional view is ____ we sleep because our brain is “programmed” to make us do so. A. when B. why C. whether D. that 7. ____ she couldn’t understand was ____ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. A. What; why B. That; what C. What; because D. Why; that 8. — I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. —Is that ____ you had a few days off? (A. why B. when C. what D. where) 同位语从句练习 Ⅰ.将下列各组句子合并为同位语从句。 1. Two thirds of all girls in Britain are on a diet. /The fact worries their parents and teachers a lot. 2. Teenagers should not spend too much time online. /Many British parents hold the view. 3. Time travel is possible. /There is no scientific proof for the idea. 4. Chinese students should be given more free time. The suggestion is welcomed by many people, especially kids in school. 5. The Queen of England was on a three-day visit in China./ We heard the news last night. 宾语从句练习 Ⅰ.时态填空 1. The radio says it _________________ (be) cloudy tomorrow. 2. Tom says that they ______________ (play) basketball at six o’clock yesterday evening. 3. I heard they _____________________ (return) it already. 4. Could you tell me who ______________________away the book already? (take) 5. Ling Feng told me he _________________________to the Great Wall several times. (be) Ⅱ. 单项选择. 1. The young man asked _____ it's summer or winter. (A. either B. that C. weather D. whether)

2. We don't know ______ they did it . (A. how B. who C. what D. which) 3. The teacher asks us ____ Jim can come back on time. (A. that B. if C. when D. what time) 4. Does anybody know ______ we will have a sports meeting this weekend or not. A. if B. where C. whether D. that 5. Could you show me ________? A. how can I get to the station B. where is the station C. how I could get to the station D. how I can reach the station 6. Please tell me _______. A. what does he like B. what he does like C. what he likes D. what he like 7. He says that if it _______ tomorrow, he _______ fishing. A. will rain, won't go B. rained, wasn't go C. rains , won't go D. rain , will go if / whether 练习 1. I asked her __________ she had a bike. 2. We’re worried about ________ he is safe. 3. I don’t know ___________ he is well or not. 4. I don’t know ________ or not he is well. 5. The question is _________ he should do it. 6. The doctor can hardly answer the question______ the old man will recover soon. 7. I don’t know _______ to go. 8.______ you are not free tomorrow, I’ll go without you. 2011-2012 年专四真题练习 58. Which of the following italicized parts is used as an object? A. What do you think has happened to her? B. Who do you think the visiting professor is? C. How much do you think he earns every day. D. How quickly would you say he would come? 60. Which of the following italicized parts is a subject clause(主语从句)? A. We are quite certain that we will get there in time. B. He has to face the fact that there will be no pay rise this year. C. She said that she had seen the man earlier that morning. D. It is sheer luck that the miners are still alive after ten days. 62. In the sentence ―The manager interviewed Jim himself in the morning‖, the italicized word is used to modify A. the object B. the verb C. the subject D. the prepositional phrase 65. Which of the following italicized phrases indicates a subject-predicate relation (主谓关系) A. Mr. Smith’s passport has been issued. B. The visitor ’s arrival was reported in the news. C. John’s travel details have not been finalized. D. The new bookstore sells children’s stories. 53. Which of the following reflective pronouns (反身代词) is used as an appositive (同位语)? A. He promised himself rapid progress. B. The manager herself will interview Mary. C. I have nothing to say for myself. D. They quarreled themselves red in the face. 57. Which of the italicized parts functions as an subject? A. We never doubt that her brother is honest. B. The problem is not who will go but who will stay. C. It is clear that the crime was done deliberately. D. You must give it back to whoever it belongs to. 58. Which of the italicized parts functions as an object? A. He doesn’t like the idea of my speaking at the meeting B. It is no use your pretending not to know the matter. C. Her falling into the river is the climax of the whole trip. D. My parents strongly object to my going out alone at night.

主语从句练习 1-5 :That; Whether; It; that; that 6-10: Whoever; That; What-what; Who; Where 11-14: Which; When; is; take (请注意大小写) 表语从句练习 1-5:BCCAD 9:BDAA 同位语从句练习:(略) 宾语从句练习: 1-5:will be; were playing; had returned; has taken; had been II. 1-5 D A B C(A) D 6-7:CC If/whether 练习 1.if/whether 2. whether 3. if/whether 4. whether 5. whether 6. whether 7. whether 8. If




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