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Unit1 Friendship单元测试

高中英语 ——必修 1(Unit1 Friendship)
Unit1 Friendship 单元测试
I. 单词拼写 1. He knew there was a speed limit, but he i___________ it and drove very fast. 2. He felt u__________ about losing the m

oney. 3. It’s good for us to do exercise o__________ every morning. 4. It’s d__________ everywhere in the house. Can you help me do the housecleaning? 5. A s_________ of TV play is on Channel 1 these days. 6. The boy hid himself behind the __________ (窗帘) and looked out through the window. 7. Was it an accident or did David do it on ___________(故意)? 8. From the beginning, Paul made it clear that he would be _________ (完全地)in control. 9. The snow is very ___________(疏松)and there is a lot of air in it. 10. I did everything in my ___________(能力,力量)to help her. 11.Her relatives have come to America and ________________(定居)in Boston 12.We are on the _____________ to progress. 13.I haven’t fully _____________(康复)from that flu I had. 14.She put all her clothes in a big ____________(手提箱)when she traveled 15.An ___________(外套)is a warm coat that you wear in cold weather. 16.The number of ____________(青少年)smokers is on the rise in China, according to a report published in Beijing. 17. Let me give you a piece of _____________(建议) on how to learn English. 18. Seafood always _________________(不适合)with me. 19. He’s in a difficult _______________(境遇)and doesn’t know what to do. 20. We can ______________(交际)with people in most parts of the world by telephone. II.用所给短语的正确形式填空 add up; face to face; set down; calm down; go through; be concerned about; at dusk; hide away; in order to; no longer 1. We spent several days ____________ all related reference materials. 2. His income ________ to 1,000 yuan a month. 3. Please don’t ________ me; I’m fine now. 4. At last the wind ______________. 5. He ___________ a basket on the ground, washed his hands, and then sat down. 6. I can’t stand the pain ________________. 7. The thief _____________ in a friend’s house for several weeks after the robbery. 8. ____________ make his spoken English better, he practises speaking English every day. 9. The street lights come on ______________ and go off at dawn. 10. Maybe one day we could meet _________________________. Ⅲ单项选择 1. The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather ______ the helplessness of the crew at sea. A. added to B. resulted from C. turned out D. made up 2. It is everyone’s duty to ______ our school a pleasant place to learn in. A. find B. set C. keep D. make 3. Since Margot found it difficult to settle in a new place, she felt ______ that the family had to move. A. upset B. crazy C. happy D. easy 4. You boys and girls, remember to write your composition ______ you are told. A. what B. that C. as D. like 5. When I came ______ with the teenager hidden in the cave, I was surprised to find him _____covered with dust. A. face-to-face; entirely B. face to face; entire C. in face of; completely D. face to face; entirely 6. It was in 1969 ______ two Americans went to the moon by spaceship. A. when B. that C. at that time D. just then 7. To the parents’ worry, some middle school students are ______ computer games and completely forget their studies. A. crazy about B. very fond of C. concerned for D. serious about 8. The heavy rain made his business _______ a great loss. A. suffer B. suffer from C. suffering D. suffering from 9. The village is ______what it looked like when they settled their homes there 20 years ago. A. not any longer B. no longer C. no more D. not any more 10. In order to see better in the dark cave, they made a fire ______ light

A. give B. giving C. to give D given 11. I can’t find the address _______, but I’ll get it for you later. A. for a moment B. at the moment C. in a moment D. on the moment 12. I am tired _____ the partner I have been working with; he is too hard a person______. A. with; to get along with B. from; to be got along with C. of; to get along with D. of; getting along with 13. They became good friends during the war, and since then their lifelong friendship has______ tests of life and death. A. gone through B. got through C. stood up D. cleared up 14. _____improve her English, Jenny bought a lot of tapes for herself. A. So as to B. In order that C. So that D. In order to 15. Pack up the items you’d like ______ along and leave behind those you dislike ______ with you on your journey. A. to take; to take B. taking; taking C. to take; taking D. taking; to take 16. When I met her this morning, I went up to greet her but I ______ and she continued her way. A. was kept away B. was ignored C. was left alone D. was kept away 17. The little boy with an overcoat felt grateful _____ us for our letting him ______ the game. A. for; join in B. to; to join in C. with; join D. to; join in 18. Remember never to leave your dog ______. It might bite people around. A. lose B. lost C. losing D. loose 19. This is the very reason ______ he gave for his coming late to the meeting. A. that B. which C. as D. why 20. Some children are too selfish today. They should be taught to _____things with others so that they will show concern for others. A. live B. give C . share D. enjoy 21. That was the first time ______ I ______ face to face with the president. A. when; had come B. that; have come C. when; came D. that; had come 22. People in ancient times ______ series of important events so that we now have what is called history. A. went down B. kept down C. set down D. broke down 23. It is thirty years since my father ______ in love with oil painting so that he is a famous painter now. A. was B. fell C. enjoyed D. loved 24. The hostess left the money on the table _____purpose to test the honesty of her maid. A. with B. in C. on D. for 25. Good friends usually share the same interest and agree _____ most things but sometimes they also disagree _____ each other _____something A. on; with; to B. to; with; about C. on; with; on D. with; with; on Unit One Friendship 参考答案 单词拼写答案:1. ignored 2.upset 3.outdoors 4.dusty 5.series 6.curtain 7.purpose 8.entirely 9.loose 10.power 11.settled 12.highway 13.recovered 14.suitcase 15.overcoat 16.teenager 17.advice 18.disagrees 19.situation 20.communicate 选词填空答案:1.going through 2.adds up 3.be concerned about 4.calmed down 5.set down 6.any longer 7.hid away 8.In order to 9.at dusk 10.face to face 单项选择: 1—25 ACAAD BAABC BCADC BDDAC ACBCC



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