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Lesson 92

Asking for trouble

Who is he? What is he doing?


? Why did the policeman ask the writer to the police station?

★ fast (1)adv. 熟(睡)(soundly) ? 他睡得很熟. ? He is fast asleep . ? = He is sleeping soundly . ? = He is sleeping deeply . ? (2) 快(rapidly 迅速地) ? 飞机远比火车快。 ? Airplanes can go much faster than trains . ? (3)牢固地 ? 他的脚牢牢的陷在泥里。 ? His feet were fast stuck in the mud.

★ ladder (1)n. 梯子 ? 请把梯子靠树放。 ? Please put up a ladder against a tree. ? 爬上梯子 ? climb up a ladder ? ←→ climb down a ladder 爬下梯子 ? 从梯子下面走过会带来厄运。 ? Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck . (2)(发迹,成功于)阶段、手段 ? 成功的阶梯 ? the ladder to success = the ladder of success ? 过河拆桥 ? knock down the ladder = knock away the ladder

★ shed ? (1)n. 棚子、小屋、存放地 ? 牛棚 ? a cattle shed ? (2) v. 滴、掉落 (shed – shed –shed) ? 当她听到他死亡的消息她就流泪了。 ? She shed tears when she heard the news of his death . ? (3)v.落叶,脱毛 ? 树在秋天落叶 ? Trees shed their leaves in autumn. ? (4) v. 散发(光、热,香气等), 放射、带来 ? 这女孩给身边的人带来快乐。 ? The girl shed happiness to people around her .

★ sarcastic adj. 讽刺的,讥笑的 ? 讥讽的笑 ? a sarcastic smile ? sarcastically adv. 讥讽地 ? Caroline讥讽地小声说到“真是个惊喜!”。 ? `What a surprise!' Caroline murmured sarcastically. ? sarcasm n.讽刺 ? irony n.反语,冷嘲;具有讽刺意味的事 ? 与 irony 相比,sarcasm 通常含有欲伤及对方 的意思。

★ tone ? (1) n. 语气,腔调 ? 她用低沉的口去气說話。 ? She spoke in a low tone . ? 她用恼怒的口气說話。 ? She spoke in an angry tone . ? (2) 音色、音调 ? 高[低]调 ? a high [low] tone ? (3) 色调 ? 群山呈现出各种色调的绿色。 ? The mountains are in several tones of green .

? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

1.asking for trouble 自找麻烦 make trouble 闹事, 捣乱、惹麻煩 不可以再给你的老师带来麻烦 You must not make any more trouble for your teacher. get into trouble 陷入困境, 惹上麻煩 have trouble with sb 与某人有矛盾 (谚)祸不单行 Troubles never come singly. His troubles are over. 他的苦恼已结束了(常指死去不久的人而言)

? 2.It must have been about two in the morning when I returned home. ? must have done 对过去事实肯定的推测 ? 昨晚你一定喝酒了。 ? You must have drunk last night. ? 3. I tried to wake up my wife by ringing the doorbell, but she was fast asleep, so I got a ladder from the shed in the garden, put it against the wall, and began climbing towards the bedroom window. ? try to do sth 试图做某事 ? wake sb up = wake up sb 叫醒某人 ? wake up to 覺觉醒 ? 最后他们才发觉事态严重。 ? At last they woke up to the seriousness of the situation .

? 4.I was almost there when a sarcastic voice below said, 'I don't think the windows need cleaning at this time of the night.
? ? ? ? ? ? need/want doing sth = want/need to be done 需要做某事、被需要做某事 教室需要打扫. The classroom needs cleaning . 这件衬衫需要熨烫。 The shirt needs ironing .

? 5.‘I looked down and nearly fell off the ladder when I saw a policeman. I immediately regretted answering in the way I did, but I said, 'I enjoy cleaning windows at night.' ? regret doing sth 后悔做过某事 ? regret to do sth 遗憾(要)做某事 ? 我没能帮助你,深感遗憾 ? I regret being unable to help you. ? 很抱歉的告诉你,史密斯先生卧病在床。 ? I regret to say that Mr. Smith is ill in bed. ? enjoy doing sth 喜欢做某事 ? 我喜欢坐在船上,什么也不做。 ? I enjoy sitting in a boat and doing nothing at all .

? 6.'So do I,' answered the policeman in the same tone. ? so do I ,当前面一句话的谓语也适用后一句 时,可用 so(肯定)开头,后面接倒装语序 。 ? 他读了很多书,我也是。 ? He reads a lot and so do I . ? 他能游泳,我也能。 ? He can swim and so can I .

? 7.'Excuse my interrupting you. I hate to interrupt a man when he's busy working, but would you mind coming with me to the station?‘

? excuse one’s doing sth ? =excuse sb for doing sth 原谅某人做某事
? 她原谅了他的迟到。 ? She excused him for being late . ? = She excused his being late .

? hate to do ? hate to do ? hate doing ? ? ? ? ?

不喜欢做 表目前这次不想做某事 不喜欢做某事,并且是一直的喜好

我不想打扰你,但我可以进來嗎? I hate to disturb you , but may I come in ? 我不喜欢在人家忙时打扰他人。 I hate disturbing people when they are busy . be busy doing 忙于做某事

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

8.'Well, I'd prefer to stay here,' prefer to do 更願意做某事 我更喜欢看電影。 I prefer to go the movies 他們宁愿儿子去上大学。 They preferred their son to go to college . prefer not to do 更(不)喜欢做某事 我宁可不要去那裡。 I prefer not to go there . prefer to do + rather than(to) do 宁愿作某事,而不 愿作某事 我寧願去看電影,也不願意待在家裡。 I prefer to go to the movies rather than (to) stay home . Prefer doing to doing I prefer going to the movies to staying home .

用于并列补充句和反应句的so与 neither/nor
? So和neither/nor用于并列补充句和表示反应的句 子时表示“也”,“同样”,so用于肯定句, neither/nor用于否定句(neither和nor可以完全 互换)。 ? 后面跟省略形式的分句,只有组动词+主语,也 可以是情态动词+主语。 并列补充句: ? John can speak French and so can I. ? John can’t speak French and neither/nor can I.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

并列反应句: 1.I went to a meeting last night. So did I. 2.I’ve got a new car and so has John. 3.He likes his beer and so does Frank. 4.You shouldn’t work so hard and nor should I.

? Recite the text ? Review the key points Remember the new words and phrases.



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